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  1. Walnut. Perfect condition. Used for about 4 months for TV speakers. Changing back to floor standing. Pickup in or around Belton, TX 76513. $355.
  2. I'm open to reasonable offers but have only had one offer so far. It was just too low ball. I'm not in a hurry to sell and will work with a buyer but I'll also keep it rather than give it away. 🙂
  3. We are moving and downsizing so I'm selling off most of my theater equipment. Keeping a UPA-200, a pair of RPM-600 and a Denon receiver. Selling two more pair of Klipsch-RP-150M and RB-62ii and a projector, OPPO DVD player and a 2 channel Sony receiver. No where to put them and really not much time to enjoy them with all of our new challenges and opportunities with the move.
  4. The used market is really weird!! I thought this amp would sell quickly with multiple offers, yet I haven't had one offer here or on Emotiva. Other pieces that I wasn't even sure would sell, have sold fast. Go figure!! 🙂
  5. The RPA-2 is one of the best amps ever made by Emotiva. It is a true dual mono bloc with 2 separate power sources. Very musical but powerful enough for any movies. And those blue meters are just awesome!! $525 OBO shipped to CONUS.
  6. Basically a brand new speaker. $375 local Houston, TX.
  7. My current front speakers are RP-160s. My last two pair of speakers were Forte 1s with Crites changes and RP-280s. For some weird but satisfying reason, the 160s sound better than either of the other two. They are more open, balanced and even seem to get louder quicker. Same room, same electronics, etc. To me that seems strange but I guess it's a function of many variables, including room acoustics.
  8. cgolf70

    FORTE 1

    Speakers are sold!!
  9. cgolf70

    FORTE 1

    They are still available. 2 people said they were coming to look at them Tuesday but check with me when you get here.
  10. cgolf70

    FORTE 1

    Pair of Forte 1s for sale. Local in and around Cypress, Katy, Houston, TX. Crites diaphragms and crossovers installed last year. Sound is unreal from these speakers. Asking $595.
  11. It would be too much and risky to ship from Texas. Thanks.
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