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  1. Thanks that clarifies a lot. And no I am not biwiring the speakers. Just to clarify further, the metal jumpers and one set of wires for one R7II should power both the woofers and the tweeters (equivalent to having two sets of cables?).
  2. @wuzzzer Thanks for the response, the source was an flac file from my laptop. The speakers were set up through Audyssey. I do not have bi wire jumpers, that might be a problem. Though I didn't realize it would make that much of an impact.
  3. Hello everyone, I recently hooked up my RF7IIs, RC64II and two bookshelf speakers to a Denon x3400H. When selecting the stereo setting to test the sound from RF7s alone, the sound lacks distinct clarity and volume. I feel like the RF7s aren't getting enough power but Im not experienced in these matters at all. Any ideas what might be causing this? It might be the old wires Im using but when putting my ears near the bookshelf speakers, they sound pretty good to me. Thanks!
  4. I have the RF7 II in a 5.1 setup at the moment. 1.) Im not a true audiophile, so would an amp be necessary? 2.) Can I get by with just a receiver in the $400-600 range? (i.e Denon x3300w) I hear that Klipsch speakers don't need a lot of power to sound great. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the help! Seems like my other speakers are having the same problem but at different levels. The static is loudest on my RF7 and lowest on my bookshelf speakers. Possibly banana plugs and new wiring might be the solution?
  6. Hello! I recently bought a pair of RF7s and hooked them up to my old Yamaha receiver with some ten year old 16-gauge cables just to see how they would sound. Unfortunately there is a really loud static noise (audible from a distance) that is also likely distorting the audio making it not very clear. Is this an issue with the receiver, cable or a poor connection setup? The receiver was connected to my very old and cheap klipsch speakers in a different room which sounded quite clear just a few days ago. I seriously hope it's a setup issue and not the new speakers. Thanks!
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