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  1. Did you call them? They usually can’t advertise a discount but can tell you over the phone if they can sell them below retail. I had a gift card and got my receiver from world wide stereo and they gave me a good price off of retail for it. But I had to get the price over the phone.
  2. Batman is not Bruce Wayne but @MetropolisLakeOutfitters, now you know the true identity of Batman. I got an Svs pc-12 plus and Klipsch the one from him, great prices. He’lol send you a quote and then you buy it because it is too good to pass up. So be careful!
  3. Don’t think retail, only Batman knows the true price !
  4. Short answer is yes. Especially if you already have the upgrade bug. Once you get the 8000s then you will think what about the RF-7 IIIs, just get them and be done with upgrading. I went from the synergy F3 the older model of yours to the RF-82 IIs and at first it was more clarity and an upgrade. Then, I realized I wanted more. I endend up getting the RF-7 IIs and was glad I did. Just a larger sound and incredible bass out of those dual 10” woofers. Now, I sold the RF-82s at a slight profit so it was no big deal. Just get the higher model, you will be glad you did.
  5. Doesn’t look like it is available near me. I’ll be ok watching it on my system 😀
  6. Thanks for the heads up, says it will be on Netfix on Nov. 27th.
  7. It really won't show it in the specs, but the tweeters were redesigned. The new tweeters use a rubber material instead of plastic to reduce noise resonance. I really haven't had a good opportunity to compare the new to the old, but everything I read say they are smoother sounding. I don't know if it is only the material they changed, may be they changed the crossover too to make them sound smoother? The good thing is you do have both versions. Maybe you can comment on a comparison of the two. Im curious of the difference myself.
  8. Not much sound comes out of the back so I would suggest putting the RS-62 on the side and RS-52 in the back. Most tracks are in 5.1 so you can get a better use with this arrangement. Really, I feel it is just personal preference which ones you use and decide to keep. The new reference premiere speakers have a new rubber horn. It really doesn’t matter too much if the surrounds matching the front speakers. With that being said, if you can hear a difference between the old horn design vs the new design, then you may like the new horn more and want to get another pair. If it sounds about the same to you, keep the RS-62 and RS-52 because you will have a bigger speaker and better surround effects. I love my 4 RS-52 IIs with my RF-7 IIs.
  9. Newest picture. #dogsloveklipsch I post more on FB because there is no photo size restrictions and just thought I would share. Nad 777 v3 and SVS sub are amazing upgrades.
  10. That’s why you have to pay attention to the model number. They bring out Black Friday only TVs that look the same, but are actually a different lower model so the sales price is not really a sale. They still have the same TVs they usually do mixed in and can have good sales on those too. You have to be careful witch are witch. Some TVs are on sale at there lowest price or close to the lowest price.
  11. I got a Panasonic 55” plasma from a sweet old lady moving to England on FB market place with 6 months of a 5 year geek squad warranty remaining for $250! The only thing i can suggest is keeping an eye out on slick deals especially since Black Friday is coming up. They always are looking for the best deals on the new oled TVs.
  12. I like 60 hz for my RF-7 IIs, they can handle it and the rest of the lower bass is directed to the sub. I have a similar set up with the RF-7 IIs and and SVS pc12 plus subwoofer.
  13. You are not alone, I felt like that for 10 years with my Onkyo and audyssey. Once I moved to Nad with Dirac calibration, problem solved. It is a night and day difference. I’ll give you an example, watch the beginning of Star Wars Last Jedi and there is this scene where a ship flys by and shakes the counter and it is all coming from the center channel. With audyssey, it sounded so quiet and uneventful. With Dirac, there was a rumble and bass and clarity. I actually took note of that scene where as before it didn’t sound like anything special. My only advice with audyssey that helped the issue because I was reading the FAQs and really couldn’t find a solution is to play with the microphone height. I know they say to put the mic at ear level, but also look at the center height. Ear height was higher than my center speaker, and when I lowered the mic to be in line with the center, it went from audyssey setting the center to -12 to -10, closer to the front mains. My front were set to -8 each so I bumped up the center to -8 to match and it helps. You can also play around after audyssey runs and increase the center a few dB to your liking. Also, I find audyssey can over correct, so look to see if there is something audyssey is trying to correct for. Maybe a bad reflection point? Good luck.
  14. Welcome! I’m in central Florida as well. I have the RF- 7 IIs paired with a NAD 777 v3 and an SVS PC-12 plus cylindrical sub, similar set up to what you want. Great choice! Love mine for movies, shakes the house for sure. Music is great with the NAD and RF-7 combo for sure. In the back I have 4 Rs-52 II surrounds and it is fantastic. Talk talk to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters, I got my SVS sub from him and he has the best prices around, especially on the new RF-7 IIIs and Forte IIIs. Only other thing your can consider that comes to mind is the Forte III
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