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  1. Welcome! I’m in central Florida as well. I have the RF- 7 IIs paired with a NAD 777 v3 and an SVS PC-12 plus cylindrical sub, similar set up to what you want. Great choice! Love mine for movies, shakes the house for sure. Music is great with the NAD and RF-7 combo for sure. In the back I have 4 Rs-52 II surrounds and it is fantastic. Talk talk to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters, I got my SVS sub from him and he has the best prices around, especially on the new RF-7 IIIs and Forte IIIs. Only other thing your can consider that comes to mind is the Forte III
  2. So far so good. I got a umic 1 mic and a stand and ran Dirac live. Like the sound so far. I was considering the Marantz 8012, but ultimately decided to go with the Nad. My main deciding factor was I had an Onkyo 805 with audyssey xt and I noticed some things I liked, and didn’t like. I liked how it seemed to envelope the more and the sound seemed to extend from speaker to speaker and have a wide soundstage and good transitions. What I didn’t like was audyssey always setting my speakers with high crossovers, and the surrounds and center seemed to lack bass. Also, it seemed to quiet the speakers too. Sometimes the surrounds were hard to hear because the front over powered them, or it quieted the front too much because of a bad reflection point. Then, it always set the center way too low. This is with me going from the synergy, to reference, to RF-7 IIs and a dorm room, to an apartment to a house over 10 years. Different rooms, different speakers, always had these quirks. So, I thought about the Marantz but it would just have audysse xt 32 and thought why not try Nad with Dirac. It instantly seemed to solve my issues. Nice and clear center channel with good bass. The ships zoom by in Star Wars and has bass to it. My sub was having trouble with the low notes in the DC or marvel movies and now it sings and shakes the house. I kid you not I was shocked with the kick *** dts intro. The bass was crazy good. The highs are so controlled on the Klipsch and it has like a bounce to the high notes. I thought I would miss the power of my Onkyo 805, but it was noting without proper set up. The Nad I’m listening at lower volumes because the center is clear and properly adjusted. The surrounds have great presence. Music is more enjoyable to listen to. The Onkyo had a more in your face bright sound, where the nad is more controlled on the highs. I was reading on there site it may have to do with the power the Nad has. Hope that helps with your decision. You may want to check eBay as I have seen safe and sound selling the 777 v3 refribished or world wide stereo is where I got mine and they will give you a price over the phone. Just check to see how close it is in price to the 758 before you purchase.
  3. Amazing beginning DTS MA intro ....shook my whole room.
  4. Bill, You are welcomed to take a listen if you are ever in the area. I was reading this review and it compared the Anthem to the NAD. It seemed to indicate the NAD was a little more beefy in the amplifier and plus all your praise about it helped make my decision. https://www.soundstageaccess.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/904-nad-t777-v3-av-receiver
  5. I won the $200 gift card from youthmans channel a few months back and upgraded from my Onkyo 805 to the NAD 777 v 3. Right out of the box it was clear, balanced and did great with the highs on my Klipsch and my room. Love the fans at the bottom, runs super cool compared to the Onkyo 805 which could fry an egg. Hardest part of the set up was syncing to my computer to confirm I had the latest firmware...after that, set up was quick. I ran Dirac. Didn’t notice a huge difference because out of the box it sounded great to begin with. Noticed difference instantly from the Onkyo 805 because the NAD got the center and surround channels right from the beginning. So far, awesome purchase. Thought I would share.
  6. The beginning rain scene....great bass and awesome surround effects and thunder
  7. It’s funny. Everyone liked the RF-82 IIs more then the Best Buy Synergy series but when I got them, the high end drove me crazy. When I upgraded to the RF-7 IIs the top end was a lot better and didn’t bother me. It really is personal preference. If you can listen to both, that would be best. I have the RF-7 IIs and like them a lot. Big sound and great look.
  8. Trying to be like Tasdom....
  9. 1st thing on my wishlist if I get a new house ! Needs room for a popcorn maker too!
  10. I agree. I found IT to be very enveloping sound especially the beginning rain scene. Also, haunted hill house had amazing sound. The ghosts banging felt like it was coming from all over even above. I just have a 7.1 system, no atmos.
  11. Den of thieves, super 8, IT, a quiet place, clover field and haunted hill house on Netflix just to name a few
  12. I thought I was going to see your name Bill as the one that picked it up !
  13. Keep in mind that is an amplifier and you will still need an avr to drive everything. For example: Marantz 7011. It has audyssey xt 32 room correction and should be enough power to hold you over. Then you could add a second sub and amplifier down the road. Of course there are other brands like Dennon, Anthem, Nad, Yamaha Onkyo that have similar models. Do you have any Avr currently?
  14. 😮 good luck! They look gorgeous
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