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  1. Might be late to chime in but.. IIRC the HD allows for greater adjustment range when it comes to time alignment of the channels. Time alignment of the channels is not singularly a solution to overcome variation in distances from subs to listener, but also can help overcome other undesirable effects of the room on your resulting sub curve. More adjustability will never hurt you. If you haven't come across it already, there is an excellent youtube video on subwoofer alignment by Home Theater Gurus. MUST WATCH material for setting up and optimizing multiple subs with REW and the MiniDSP unit.
  2. You're sitting in a null. Most likely a vertical room mode, and perhaps even close to or within a Length mode and/or width mode. The fact that the bass returns when you stand up is telling; you're getting vertical cancellations at ear height, along with possibly other horizontal cancellations at your listening spot. That's why your bass is sounding anemic with those Cornwalls. That may also be why the lack of bass is less noticeable with the JBL's. When you're listening to those, the bass driver for them is at a different height, and the vertical room mode is probably less of a factor. Contrary to popular notion, It's POSSIBLE, that raising up your cornwalls a couple feet MIGHT actually improve bass at your listening position. Unless you have an absolutely perfect room, and your main speakers are highly-capable, it's my opinion that you really can't rely on JUST 2 mains to get ideal/flat bass response. What typically happens is exactly what you're describing. The optimum placement for stereo imaging, results in poor placement for the bass drivers to interact with the room (and your listening position), and since all frequencies are coming out of those same 2 boxes, you can't move the bass producing drivers to the locations that work BEST with your room and listening spot. Enter the benefit of subwoofers. The ability to place them wherever they work best in nearly any listening arrangement (within WAF limits, of course). One option is to try rearranging your stereo listening configuration (Listening position and speaker placement) to different areas of the room (if possible), or a different room all together. Try shifting your listening position a few feet forward or a few feet back (again, if possible). Try turning your entire listening arrangement 90 degrees in that end of the room. You'd have to experiment, by ear, until you've managed to shift your listening spot out of the null. Not particularly easy. 2 decently capable 10 or 12 inch subs, placed properly, aligned, and EQ'd would likely do absolute wonders for what kind of sounds you can experience. I say 2, because again, the ability to place, align, and EQ 2 subs is guaranteed to get you better (flatter) response than just one larger one. You can't fight room modes with size. You fight them with quantity and placement and/or the use of bass traps. This is especially relevant for non-ideal listening rooms.
  3. The bass that's lacking at your listening position... Does it exist elsewhere in other areas of the room if you get up and walk around?
  4. If you have a UMIK-1 and REW you can measure the response in the crossover region to see which settings give you the smoothest signal through the transition. OR just experiment by ear.
  5. Put on your favorite reading slippers and go to it. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/2958528-guide-subwoofer-calibration-bass-preferences.html https://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/795421-official-audyssey-thread-faq-post-51779-a.html
  6. For stereo recordings, it's 2 speakers and subs for me. If it's background music for a party, I don't mind using expanded, enhanced, or multi-channel stereo for a bit more sound coverage.
  7. Move couch? Put speakers on something to lift them up higher? Is the couch actually blocking portions of the speaker that matter most in terms of direction-ality (Mids/tweets)? I'd be reticent to the notion of replacing floor speakers with book-shelvers as well. I'd probably figure out a way to raise the speakers. Make a heavy pedestal for them of some type. Don't imagine you'd have to lift them by more than 6-8 inches to get your critical sound path back. Trying to accommodate a theater in a small room with furniture that's actually livable can be a challenge..
  8. Took 2 weeks dealing with a minor house disaster, but finally have all my connections made. Things are sounding pretty good before even setting up the subs and getting all the room correction dialed in. More to follow.
  9. Thanks! Suppose if there's one thing I've learned through all these hobbies it's that I'm pretty good at talking myself into buying stuff... Fun days ahead
  10. SR6013 should be on its way, arriving mid-week, so that's happening! Also went down the rabbit hole of AVSForum Posts and HomeTheaterGurus videos on Subwoofer setup/calibration/alignment. This video was like a revelation for setting up multiple subs! Timely that it just came out within the last month, but man.. I wish I could have watched it years ago! The concept of sub EQ I understood but the concept of "alignment" was lost on me until seeing how it applies here. The knowledge here and a MiniDSP would have saved me loads of work. So as of 2 am this morning, also on the way is a MiniDSP 2X4HD that will take the place of my Behringer EQ. It's going to be a fun couple of weeks in my living room
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