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  1. PS. I'll definitely be checking out that youtube video, thanks.
  2. I did end up purchasing the HD version. It will also allow me to also experiment with cutting off frequencies below 20 Hz. The mini and the umik arrived last week but I haven't been able to mess with them yet. Also printed off manuals and tip sheets for using it with Subs. Supposed to rain this weekend, time to read up
  3. Even watching concerts I choose the 2.0 audio option these days. I'm hooked on 2 channel now. (4 )15" subs due to the size of the room and (2) RF-7s driven by an emotiva xpa-2. RP-8000's are for sale.
  4. Thanks for the advice, exactly the feedback I was looking for in the subwoofer forum. HD it will be.
  5. Recommended by members here to balance my 4 subs with a miniDSP, thanks again for the advice. Upon more reading there are two versions and I'm getting conflicting advice when researching which to buy. Curious if any members here have experience and could help push me in a certain direction. No worries spending more for the HD but I also don't like burning money if I don't have too. 4 Klipsch Subs to balance are two R-115SW and two SPL-150SW. There will not be more than 100" difference in placement from main listening position. Thanks in advance.
  6. Holey Moley Batman!!! The difference was amazing, I'm at a loss of words to the improvement. I was in audio bliss. I did some adjustments to the sub gain settings just from listening and am now more excited about the idea of pursuing a Mini DSP to further fine tune them. One big revelation is how much louder the music is perceived at a lower dB now. Maybe louder isn't the correct word but I experienced the feelings of music at 85dB like I have never experienced before outside of a live concert. Brought tears to my eyes Moving towards 90dB was mind blowing. After they are good and broke in I'll have to fire up one of my favorite concert dvd's and break out the bic concert lighter. Need to get busy on those bass traps now
  7. Thanks for the welcomes and much appreciate the tip on the minidsp 2x4 NBPK402 & Kamidioblitz. Looks like I have some more studying to do. Not tonight though, RF-7's just got delivered today, a day late
  8. So I split the sub output 4 ways. Two new subs are in the rear corners, two original are still left and right on the soundstage. As far as my ears can tell it is a VAST improvement to the low end. Really notice the missing mid range now though with no amp powering the 8000s although the HK is pushing 80w RMS to them. Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 3 arrived last week and RF-7 IIIs arrive Monday. Next week will be going to Menards for some noise/fire insulation to build some DIY bass traps. Super excited to take this system up to the next level! Hope my wife doesn't divorce me
  9. Thanks for the reply. I've looked high and low and even found the tech specs, none list the sub output specs. I have a Fluke T+Pro electrical tester but all it is showing is continuity when I test the output. My multimeter is RIP. Need to get a new one. http://www.ascendacoustics.com/pages/products/elect/htreceivers/avr430.html 2 current subs are Klipsch 15" R115-SW and the 2 new ones are the Klipsch 15" SPL-150SW. I have ordered this splitter to try. https://creativeaudio.net/xd-aics-1f4f/?sku=XD-AICS-1F4F&gclid=Cj0KCQjw4ImEBhDFARIsAGOTMj8qTRJ2zRg7BguipXM-hELD3ROxTAn8feBbaDYGMhHO_KyHIzIcQI0aArkyEALw_wcB And the two new subs arrived today, woo hoo!
  10. Cornfused, these guys describe how splitting 3-4 powered subs off of one output is no problem. Starting at about the 7:30 mark. They even talk about how if your "average" AVR has two outputs they are parallel anyway which is the same has a Y splitter at around the 6:30 mark.
  11. https://community.klipsch.com/uploads/monthly_2020_03/73F0F103-ECBF-414E-9E95-63ED75C8AFC5.jpeg.67d28aa38a580089e2697bb0cf0fcc64.jpeg Here is that photo of what looks like 8000's and 7's as mains. That looks bad ***. Not sure I can budget powering my 8000's along with 7s though. Will probably just sell them.
  12. Thanks for the welcome, I'll be doing a lot of reading on this site tonight I have a lot of "stuff" on the walls and "stuff" all over diffusing. I have looked into diy bass traps for behind my listening area and something for the ceiling. I don't play the lottery so I guess I'll never get what I really want, lol I have about 5k or so left in my current budget after the two new subs arrive this week. That's what I thought Changes my perspective on how to power my planned setup with 7's. Thanks again. Sure I may have more questions after pouring over the site here some more.
  13. Newbie here to the site. Love listening to concerts on DVD and BluRay in 2 channel. Mostly rock and classic rock. Background. Started with a Harmon Kardon AVR 430, Infinity Primus 360 mains, Primus 160 rears and a 12" Infinity Primus Sub. Didn't know jack about subs and cranked the gain to the max. Blew the sub amp in about 8 months. Rebuilt the amp off of eBay and blew it again in another year. Learned how to operate a sub and bought a R-115SW Klipsch sub. Love it. Run the gain at about 11 o'clock. Last year bought a pair of RP-8000F and a second R-115SW, Sounds awesome but still want more. Listening room is my two car garage a.k.a. mancave. 26' x 30' by 10.5' tall. Just ordered two more 15" subs, SPL-150SW during the recent 25% off sale. Will have a total of 4 now. Also looking for a good deal on a pair of RF-7, but will probably get impatient and buy new. Can I keep splitting my single sub output on the Harmon Kardon to 4 subs? Splitting to two now and sounds fine. Will be looking for a good 2 channel amp for the 7's. Been reading about old Kenwood 220w basic amps. And just beginning to learn about bi-wiring, O my I have more to learn Bottom line I have learned that I have an "ear" for what sounds "good" and unfortunately only money improves that quality of sound. I envy those who can spend 15k plus on a single speaker as I can only imagine the bliss they emit. Weird question. What to do with my 8000's. I saw a photo where it looked like a guy had 7's and 8000's together as mains. Not sure how to balance with power but it was a cool picture. May just sell the 8000's as they are only about a year old. Sorry for the ramble. Klipsch fan now for life.
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