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  1. I had mine assembled by Victor, but the insides did not look much more complex than the GT-102. Based on a full set of Gold Lion tubes, bass is tighter and highs had more sparkle than GT-102. Switching to a set of Psvane T-II gives you the same warm bass and treble as GT-102, but more pronounced mids. [edit] I just switched in the Psvane T-II and the mid range is significantly more satisfying than the Gold Lions. If you are also into headphones, I’m happy to report that the Elekit sounds good on headphones too. Compared to Schiit Mjolnir II with Gold Lion 6922, the Elekit give you a wider soundstage and more bass. This is the perfect amp for bass light headphones in my opinion (e.g. Grado SR225e, Beyer DT880, etc). Sound quality between the GT-102 and TU-8600R isn’t day and night, but the Elekit is more refined by a hair. Throw in the headphone output and tone control via tube rolling, this is one versatile amp. GT-102 is a great amp too. Good sounding, cool running and virtually no warm up required. Instant gratification for weary nights.
  2. These are my Cornwall III, pictured with Elekit TU-8600R. The Akitika GT-102 is a pleasant sounding amp. Clean and detailed is the first description that comes to mind. In comparison to the Elekit, it sounds slightly warmer and has a little more bass but not as tight. I prefer the GT-102 with a slightly brighter sounding speaker. Currently they are driving a pair of JBL Studio 530s.
  3. I don’t trust the amp powered on alone in the house. Will just have to wait it out. Meantime, the kids can listen to whatever songs they want.
  4. I think there was a little more bass yesterday. They’ve got about 5 hours so far. Eager to hear them evolve in the coming weeks and how they will reproduce the energetic drums of DRUM TAO in my living room.
  5. A bit of details if it matters. My living room is 13 x 10ft. Speakers are placed on against the long wall, toed in. There is a small sofa between them. The speakers are driven by a 9w SET amp. Saw another thread on bass cancelling out each other, so I’ll do some experiment over the weekend with one side connected to see if that’s the case. Any other suggestions are welcomed.
  6. Thank you all for your kind comments! Certainly a pleasure to look at. Sound wise, I really don’t know. Piano or other string instruments sound good on them, but anything with drums (think Rock genre) don’t sound impactful. One would think the 15” woofers will shake the house, but at low or medium volume, I struggle to hear much bass. Is this the correct behavior of a new set of CW? How many hours of run in would be appropriate to hear the speakers in full glory?
  7. Just wanted to thank all who had responded to my question earlier on color options for CW III. I’ve just received my set yesterday. Went for Natural Cherry and lambs wool linen grill cloth. Likely one of the last sets of CW III rolling out of the factory. A pic it still sitting in the foam packaging.
  8. That mid horn looks good and should sound gorgeous... 😍 A jaw drop moment for folks about to receive their new Cornwall IIIs, like me. 😭
  9. Frozmeister, I went with a custom stain to match my lighter wood furniture. Natural Cherry (like the Forte III) with lambswool grill. Counting down to the delivery date.
  10. Yes. My GT-102 is assembled with the volume knob option, so there wasn’t a need for pre-amp. The speakers were in the center of the shop with no walls or corners, so I’m unsure how that affected the sound. Cornwalls with GT-102 had smoother vocals and generally more textured than the Sonos amp they were originally paired with. I struggle to find the amazing bass many raved about. It could be due to speaker placement or the amp-speaker pairing. Last weekend, I placed my order for a pair of Cornwalls. Will thoroughly test the pairing at my place and report back - 2 to 3 months later.
  11. The build process pictures are really insightful on how these bad boys are put together. It is really a hard pick between the two! Let’s see what I end up with next in the coming weeks/months. Thank you all for the help!
  12. I’m about to purchase a new pair from my local dealer, but I’m torn between walnut and cherry. Personally I would prefer a light natural wood tone (something like Cornwall II in oiled oak) to match my furniture, but a little worried walnut will come in too dark like milk chocolates. Can’t tell much from pictures on Google as tone varies due to lighting. Can owners share some pictures of their personal sets (walnut or cherry) in natural light?
  13. @Frozmeister Glad I found your thread as I have the GT-102 as well and looking to purchase a pair of Cornwalls. My local Klipsch dealer had agreed for me to bring the amp down to audition the speakers. Really excited to hear the synergy of this pairing!
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