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  1. Frozmeister, I went with a custom stain to match my lighter wood furniture. Natural Cherry (like the Forte III) with lambswool grill. Counting down to the delivery date.
  2. Yes. My GT-102 is assembled with the volume knob option, so there wasn’t a need for pre-amp. The speakers were in the center of the shop with no walls or corners, so I’m unsure how that affected the sound. Cornwalls with GT-102 had smoother vocals and generally more textured than the Sonos amp they were originally paired with. I struggle to find the amazing bass many raved about. It could be due to speaker placement or the amp-speaker pairing. Last weekend, I placed my order for a pair of Cornwalls. Will thoroughly test the pairing at my place and report back - 2 to 3 months later.
  3. The build process pictures are really insightful on how these bad boys are put together. It is really a hard pick between the two! Let’s see what I end up with next in the coming weeks/months. Thank you all for the help!
  4. I’m about to purchase a new pair from my local dealer, but I’m torn between walnut and cherry. Personally I would prefer a light natural wood tone (something like Cornwall II in oiled oak) to match my furniture, but a little worried walnut will come in too dark like milk chocolates. Can’t tell much from pictures on Google as tone varies due to lighting. Can owners share some pictures of their personal sets (walnut or cherry) in natural light?
  5. @Frozmeister Glad I found your thread as I have the GT-102 as well and looking to purchase a pair of Cornwalls. My local Klipsch dealer had agreed for me to bring the amp down to audition the speakers. Really excited to hear the synergy of this pairing!
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