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  1. And here is a former thread on the R-12SW...
  2. On sale, right now at Costco. We have two of these in the rear of our theater. I like them so much, I bought another one today to go into a bedroom. Don't let this deal get away! $149.
  3. These are still available, from Sam's and even directly from Klipsch, at $249.00 US. I am considering buying this, but a bit hesitant based on the feedback on this forum. But really...how widespread are these problems? Certainly Klipsch has sold many (thousands?) of these, and there are only a handful of negative reports here. Or maybe wait for the Cinema 600 to go on sale, and just get that model. Or buy a competing brand...
  4. Thanks for the info. That answers my question, as I want something that will pass 4K video and audio through. Most of the soundbars I have looked at have multiple HDMI inputs, sometimes 3. With one output.
  5. Does this allow 4K pass through? Can I plug the HDMI in from the receiver, and then run it to the TV?
  6. $169 is a heck of a bargain. With free delivery. You won't get anything near this level of performance unless you want to spend $250+, and more. We absolutely love ours, positioned in the rear of our theater. It has made a huge difference in the overall impact of sound tracks.
  7. You can do that, but they won't likely drop any more.
  8. BACK ON SALE! At Costco, for $169! I might buy another one! Sale ends 4/4/21. Don't let this get away.
  9. This thread was / is about the R-12SW. When on sale for $169, we bought two of them. And we are extremely pleased with their performance, both on music and movie LFE soundtracks.
  10. I see the R-12SW is on sale a Amazon, now $220.89.
  11. Agree with the above, my RF-7 III’s have killer bass! No sub required when listening to two channel stereo music.
  12. Of the 18 Klipsch speakers in my home, only three of them (RF-7 III's / RC-64 II) were made in Hope, Arkansas. All others made in China. That is not to say China cannot make good speakers (or other high end products), because we love our RP-160M's. It is a matter of economics, and competing for survival in the modern world. My wife and I always buy Made In USA if that is an option.
  13. The R-12SW is back at $250. Both at Costco and Klipsch. I’m so glad a pair was snagged! These make all the difference in the theater.
  14. We have an elevator in our home, and this is what we always use when moving anything (RF-7 III's) that is heavy and/or bulky. No way would I attempt carrying large items up a stairs! So my subs got elevated before they got elevated.
  15. After living with the 4 subs for a short time, it is clear that more really is better! The bass line, along with LFE in soundtracks, is so smooooooth. All enveloping, each seat now gets the full impact. I thought my dual sub setup was good before, but now I am blown away with the impact of 4 subs. Don't know what took me so long to make the leap, but I'm glad I did. The difference is night-and-day!
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