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  1. My LaScalla II's were demos and had some light scratches. I used a fine black Sharpie marker and just took my time touching them up. Only time I can notice is in direct sunlight(which I seldome have the blinds open) and at just the right angle. I say go the sharpie way first, you can always sand and re-paint if you feel it needs it after.
  2. tried to read that link but nothing came up, I'll have to assume that it exists beyond my plane of perception.
  3. I just seen this and thought, wow did he just " fake news " a quote on an audio forum lol
  4. I put Crites CT-120's in my LSll's after I blew a K-77M. They sound great and can handle more abuse.
  5. RadBlue

    Sophie Lloyd

    While she's good I have to admit I also dont realy like this style . Similar situation,while I like spanish guitar I'm turned off by flamenco style. To me it seems to lack musicality or more importantly emotion. I fall in the David Gilmore style fan
  6. RadBlue

    Is it now OK?

    Now that you speak the language we can make you an honourary Canadian. For you initiation, plz reply in this thread with the following 2 words. oooops, I meant:
  7. RadBlue

    Is it now OK?

    Ya the glare up there is insane, dont need them silly tinfoil thingy's up there.
  8. RadBlue

    Is it now OK?

    Yes they are, but as I just pointed out, It's all about the view
  9. RadBlue

    Is it now OK?

    Yeah, the view from up here is really good
  10. Actually I'd say 280f, or RF-7,or Cornwalls, or LaScalla's ...see the trend, BIGGER is BETTER 😁 ...also..welcome to the forums ..and when the Jubillie owners get here they will say just save for jube's then be done with it 😜
  11. I would go with the RP-260f as you can get great deals on them( being the older model) and put the money you save towards a second 10' sub. Having 2 subs will make a big difference.
  12. SIGH!! as a Canadian all I got to say is don't you moderators realize that nothing really entertaining happens here in Canada , and that we must watch U.S. politic's or come to your forums to get any decent entertainment. Plz think of us poor, bored Canuks before you drop the hammer on our entertainment.
  13. Just as an experiment, find someone with an andriod phone and see if the same happens, if not then its an Apple issue.
  14. This unit has been getting good reviews, I haven't heard it myself but I have the ERC-3 and love it. https://emotiva.com/collections/cd-players/products/erc-4
  15. Echo's - the live version from Gilmores Remember that Night Blueray Shine on you Crazy Diamond a lot of great versions Fat Old Sun, great live versions on Remember that Night and Live in Pompei (2016) Atom Heart Mother Time Comfortably Numb Animals..whole album …….sooooo many more, not even getting into Waters solo stuff...
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