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  1. Sounds good and right to me. I don't know about the iteration of Fortes you had back in the day, but I feel the current production version sets the standard for modern speaker performance in their price range. It would behove you to check in to them.
  2. The lead(s) from output B to the subwoofer are picking up an induced voltage, likely from a power cord. When you turn on B, amp on or off - doesn't matter - so long as A is on and there's a load on it, as was said above the speaker snubs the induced voltage (you could try turning A off and it likely would act just like it does now whatever any other combination). Try putting some twists in the wires feeding the sub or at least route them so they don't run alongside a power cord. If that doesn't get it, check for a potential between chassis of the amp and sub.
  3. Used to joke about him maybe being Oscar's son... I see he's still bouncing and delivering the same. Not that it's bad in and of itself, just gets a bit tedious is all. No denying the boy man is talented.
  4. In his defense, I get nothing, too. It starts out looking like something might render, then nothing. Perhaps you being a member there, and having a necessary cookie to send them is a factor?
  5. I hate it when that happens... What do you mean, specifically, by "cracked?"
  6. And the added weight, though miniscule, is going to account for at least some change in driver characteristics (though perhaps miniscule). If the magnet end has a (screened) hole through which you can poke a nicely-rounded-over piece of #14 solid copper wire, you can gently prod the tear closed and back up the installation of a patch. You could glue on a piece of black paper cut in the shape of an eye patch, or whip up a "bandaid"-looking patch...
  7. I had to look that up. It appears as though Mayer is more of the impetus than an addition. Interesting. Does he still deliver the vocals in the (too) same way as he's always done, or does he change it up a bit now?
  8. glens

    Super MWM

    That would've been a couple years prior to my cherry getting popped, but even when I started (opting for Slackware) one had to be pretty savvy or get that way to use it. Not like today... Trying to use Microsoft Windows is now like trying to use a calculator with an "=" key
  9. glens

    Super MWM

    The menu for conversions is Shift 5 "Convert". Only one more button press unless yours are unshifted. If you get a few minutes, give it a whirl. I guess it's mostly 41-compatible. The thing about the real hardware is it's as pocketable as a smartphone. And seeing both the x and y stacks is hard to downgrade from.
  10. I think our AT&T DSL was upwards of 190 kb/s (bits, not Bytes) down but was very asymmetricral. Maybe 25 up. The thing I hate worst about them is a few years ago they had me drive an hour each way to spend a few hours taking tests, then sit for a couple hours waiting for an interview for a field tech. position. After some time had passed I called the guy who'd called me to do that stuff, checking on the status of the position, and he told me it had already been filled before they had me do all that! They merely wanted me for "pool" fodder... I asked him "Where do I send the bill?" and that was the end of that. Got a fiber feed now, 100 Mb/s +, symmetrical.
  11. He wants to hear yours without traveling there to do so. Have you addressed "connectivity" to the shop?
  12. The video don't need to be hi-res, just the audio!
  13. That horn doesn't require any frequency response shaping?
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