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  1. Did you pressure the folks to hurry up and make yours? Not a call I'd make; rather it would be "take your time."
  2. Seems you've rather melded criteria. Assuming EDM means electronic dance music (a quick duckduckgo seems to confirm), it wouldn't be "re"production; and "female vocalist" doesn't cover much range apart from maybe Mariah Cary, but that's not really "real" either. For top to bottom "real" reproduction you're going to need a big pipe organ accompanied by a full ensemble including some esoteric percussion stuff recorded rather well. I don't have a recommendation and guess it wouldn't be your cup of tea if I did...
  3. The resistor is wrong at the autoformer. Rather than in series, it should be across some winding (don't know which at the moment).
  4. The results seem to meet my expectations... Never too nerdy; post your math.
  5. Thickness of the coating in and of itself wouldn't matter as much as the mass by itself. 1-1/2" of even tightly compressed goose down wouldn't achieve near the result as 1/8" of roofing material.
  6. Why would you want to avoid banging those woofers? They look very nice I'm thinking "busy bangin' something else."
  7. Just pickin' nits, but I believe the PT Cruiser (I called it PT Barnum for the longest time, but the looks grew on me over the years) was a Chrysler product. You should search the forums for posts by Jeff Medwin. You two should get along famously!
  8. Please also take a measurement at the 8 ohm resistor through both caps alone (no transformer attachment between them). The difference between the two "tweeter" circuit measurements should answer the speculation on my part. Thanks.
  9. I guess I thought the mid horn in the Heresy III was already a tractrix taper.
  10. I've never had the opportunity to, thus have not dicked with that, but have to believe if the horn is physically active like that there most certainly will be coloration imparted. As well, I'd surmise it to be a negative effect, but that's got to be dependent upon the horn/driver system as a whole. Can't imagine it would ever be desirable for faithful audio.
  11. Vibration of the terminals? Really any sort of problem? And airtight sealing on a bass-reflex cabinet? Way overkill. But it's your time and money, I guess.
  12. You mean do wear with each and every playing. Saw a Van Morrison "concert" show on AXS TV the other day and although I've enjoyed his "product" over the years, not so much the later stuff, and I switched channels before ingesting much of it...
  13. I'm confident the manual is quite meager. What does it say (if anything) about your question?
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