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  1. glens

    Super MWM

    3/8" is a tad too large, ain't it?
  2. glens

    Super MWM

    Until you cross-thread one and run the screw in with a power driver...
  3. God bless the great women in our lives! Mine ain't so much into audio, but she makes sure I don't miss a hot chick changing tops at a biker rally!
  4. But if you've got carpet (assuming wall-to-wall, and likely stretched in over pad), then you don't have a concrete slab floor anymore, acoustically. My stuff is in the basement. Bare (well, painted) block walls, they skimped several ways building the house, one of which was one (or two) too few courses of block, so the finished ceiling is hardly 7'. I took up the brand new cheap-*** ("flip-house") carpet from the main floor and glued it on the floor in the basement before we moved in. The stereo rig which also serves TV sound duty is on the end of a very long wall. Just the right combination of lively and dead.
  5. glens

    La Scalas and time alignment?

    Maybe the sonic qualities cause her to not care about appearance.
  6. I'm interested to hear why you classify you room as tough by pointing out carpet over concrete. In my experience carpet makes things very much easier.
  7. glens

    Heresy troubleshooting

    Depending on the makeup of the paint that had been used, likely you can get a chemical paint remover to get the last bit out of the voids and gaps. Beyond that remnant the cabinets look wonderful. I'd start 2:1 with the oil.
  8. glens

    Heresy troubleshooting

    Yeah, but you can always use that event as a benchmark. So long as you never do anything that bad again, you're golden, whatever it may be "this" time!
  9. glens

    Zxpc, de10, chorus bass bin

    You can plug the cap and coil values you have into an easily-found online crossover calculator, with the driver impedances, and see what the crossover frequencies calculate out to. You may well find you've got excessive gaps or overlaps. Also a calibrated USB mike and free software will show you what you've got for relative driver levels. Really, it behoves one to go about experimentation like this using such tools so you can correlate what you're hearing with data. It can cut much guesswork (and time) out of the process.
  10. glens

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    A year is still a year, they just seem shorter and shorter as you gather more of them under your belt!
  11. glens

    Klipschorn driver upgrades

    Mars was restored to a breathable atmosphere (a couple times now) as a result of interesting feed-the-brain tech too.
  12. My money would be on the results being even better.
  13. I fetched the manual for the current iteration of that Krell a bit earlier. They say outright not to use power conditioners. Interesting... Anyway, it's been my experience that the bass that slams you in the chest is a fair bit higher in frequency than is typically sent to a sub, so adding one (I have in the past) ain't gonna bring that to the table if it ain't there already.
  14. glens

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    Either I just got lucky or I don't know enough, but my NAD (my first) class D fires right up settled down.
  15. Or is it just the bass bins that are being swapped?