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  1. Anyone here ever build a larger midrange horn made from wood for the k-55-v?
  2. Does anyone know what the proper/industry name is for the T2A autoformer and where to buy it?
  3. MarkKrochuck


    Sorry, I meant for the lot.
  4. MarkKrochuck


    Would you take $300 shipped to Niagara Falls Canada?
  5. Single bridged channel (one amp for left, one amp for right). Damnnnnnnn shame you sold Jubilees and McIntosh gear.
  6. I would try to have at least 200wpc to run them properly. I run mine with my Bryston 4B amps in bridged mono (800wpc) at sustained extreme volumes and they stay pretty damn clean.
  7. Could have been the guy, I am not sure. He was trying to sell them for $160
  8. I was thinking about cutting a square hole in the k402 and inserting a tweeter
  9. Hi all, I recently acquired a pair of K-55-V drivers for $100 and was wondering what options (besides the k400/401) I have for horns. 1. stick with k400/401 (anyone have some for sale) 2. This horn from (abc) or (xyz) is actually better, cheaper, etc. 3. What happens if the k-55-v is mated to a k402 horn? thank you in advance.
  10. I run two Bryston 4B Pro on my Cornwalls (800wpc). I have also run the setup with a Carver PM2.0t (375wpc). @RadBlue runs an Emotiva XPA-2 (300wpc) on his LaScala’s and they sounded great. probably not what you would normally hear, just wanted to detail my experiences and would recommend either.
  11. @HPower thank you for the offer, definitely wouldn’t mind hearing the Lascalas and whatever else you happen to have set up. Do week days or weekends happen to work for you? I am in Niagara Falls so you’re about 2 hours from me. I don’t know if you’re able to DM on this forum or not but you could email me at class_audio@hotmail.com
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