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  1. SACDs use DSD(Direct Stream Digital) format. The only way to " transport " this format to an external DAC is via HDMI. Therefore the recieving DAC must be DSD capable and have HDMI input. What you can do is go into your OPPOs audio settings and under SACD Playback change the setting from Auto or DSD to PCM. Since most dvds use PCM you can use the toslink or coax.
  2. iPurifier2 USB Type B Digital Noise Filter: Amazon.ca: Industrial & Scientific Is something like this what yer thinking of. From what I've heard if your DAC has built in jitter filter/re-clocker these are redundant
  3. Cool thnx for the info, I wondered what that update contained. Gonna go check it out.
  4. Looks like one of the RF-260/280 versions, driver size would tell which. Also noticed the binding post jumpers are missing makeing the way they have them hooked up wrong. The jumpers off is for bi-wiring/amping , they need the jumpers on for the setup shown here. If the jumpers are lost its no big issue as you can just use a short piece of speaker wire to bridge the black to black and red to red.
  5. Fried the voice coil, I replaced with a Klipsch driver I purchased from Speaker Exchange.
  6. I recently replaced the driver in my R115sw. To remove the ring just slip a putty(or butter) knife between the rubber ring and he wood an pry gently to lift a bit of it out, then you can easily just pull the rest out. Its a pretty solid rubber ring so hard to dmg it with just a little care. The screws will be easily seen once its out. After removing the screws you may need to pry a bit on the woofer edge to get a start on it to get it out. Be careful removing driver as once the magnet slips off its mount the full weight drops, its a heavy magnet and hard to control when just holding by the rim edge. The issue is that the wire leads that connect to the amp are a bit on the short side and if the driver slips from your hand and pull very hard on the connection to the amp. You may want to unscrew the amp plate on the back and disconnect the leads there first as the amp is much lighter and easier to handle. I made a new longer lead to connect amp and driver just in case I need to remove it in the future. Once everything is screwed back together, the rubber ring can be re-inserted and easily pushed in with your hand.
  7. I'll let you know when I get them
  8. Earlier this week I seen link to some nice Klipsch logo's ( Custom Engraved SOLID COPPER Klipsch Speaker Badge Logo Emblem Pair | eBay ) here in another thread, and thought they would look great on my LS II so ordered a pair. After I made the order I started thinking about some logo's LSII specific so I reached out to the seller ( audiotagsiowa ) and ask if he would make a matching set with Lascala II on them. Here is what he came up with ( Klipsch LaScala 2 Solid Copper Custom Engraved Speaker Badges PAIR | eBay ) I asked for them without the PWK logo as it was already on the other pair. Burton was great to deal with and is open to do custom work. He told me he had a hard time getting the light right for the photos but says the colour is just like a new penny. I think these look sweet and just wanted to point them out ( and the seller) to others here.
  9. My LaScalla II's were demos and had some light scratches. I used a fine black Sharpie marker and just took my time touching them up. Only time I can notice is in direct sunlight(which I seldome have the blinds open) and at just the right angle. I say go the sharpie way first, you can always sand and re-paint if you feel it needs it after.
  10. tried to read that link but nothing came up, I'll have to assume that it exists beyond my plane of perception.
  11. I just seen this and thought, wow did he just " fake news " a quote on an audio forum lol
  12. I put Crites CT-120's in my LSll's after I blew a K-77M. They sound great and can handle more abuse.
  13. RadBlue

    Sophie Lloyd

    While she's good I have to admit I also dont realy like this style . Similar situation,while I like spanish guitar I'm turned off by flamenco style. To me it seems to lack musicality or more importantly emotion. I fall in the David Gilmore style fan
  14. RadBlue

    Is it now OK?

    Now that you speak the language we can make you an honourary Canadian. For you initiation, plz reply in this thread with the following 2 words. oooops, I meant:
  15. RadBlue

    Is it now OK?

    Ya the glare up there is insane, dont need them silly tinfoil thingy's up there.
  16. RadBlue

    Is it now OK?

    Yes they are, but as I just pointed out, It's all about the view
  17. RadBlue

    Is it now OK?

    Yeah, the view from up here is really good
  18. Actually I'd say 280f, or RF-7,or Cornwalls, or LaScalla's ...see the trend, BIGGER is BETTER 😁 ...also..welcome to the forums ..and when the Jubillie owners get here they will say just save for jube's then be done with it 😜
  19. I would go with the RP-260f as you can get great deals on them( being the older model) and put the money you save towards a second 10' sub. Having 2 subs will make a big difference.
  20. SIGH!! as a Canadian all I got to say is don't you moderators realize that nothing really entertaining happens here in Canada , and that we must watch U.S. politic's or come to your forums to get any decent entertainment. Plz think of us poor, bored Canuks before you drop the hammer on our entertainment.
  21. Just as an experiment, find someone with an andriod phone and see if the same happens, if not then its an Apple issue.
  22. This unit has been getting good reviews, I haven't heard it myself but I have the ERC-3 and love it. https://emotiva.com/collections/cd-players/products/erc-4
  23. Echo's - the live version from Gilmores Remember that Night Blueray Shine on you Crazy Diamond a lot of great versions Fat Old Sun, great live versions on Remember that Night and Live in Pompei (2016) Atom Heart Mother Time Comfortably Numb Animals..whole album …….sooooo many more, not even getting into Waters solo stuff...
  24. Glad your up and running now :). I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest Apple was the heart of your issues, I avoid Apple products like ..well... COV-19 ( too soon ? ). I suggest you should install Tidal ( the app not the BLUOS app) on your laptop or PC. While I do use a tablet and phone for BLUOS, I was born of the generation that pre-dates the one that was born with a smart phone genetically attached to their hand, so find good 'ol mouse n keyboard best for doing searches and making playlists.
  25. Goto Apple store and get the BLUOS app for your phone. Install it then run and follow instructions Also, first off, make sure phone is connected to your home wifi. sent ya a PM in case you get stuck and cant get Blusound on the horn
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