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  1. Hello everyone, Just a quick update, I ended up with the following => Cornwall IV + Lumin D2 + Primaluna EVO 200 Integrated And the sound was good. Like very good when using Tidal. But the Lumin was somehow noisy (tiiiiiiii once in a while in the upper horn which was very annoying). Then I added a dedicated DAC in between the streamer and the amplifier (DENAFRIPS ARES II bought 2nd hand) and...the sound is SO MUCH better. That's insane how everything improved dramatically. And no more noise, the speakers are now silent. I think the Cost/Performance ratio of ARES II is very high. And the DAC inside the Lumin D2 (Wolfson8741) ultimately cannot be compared (it's a streamer so not big surprise). Also I must add one last thing: I do not know how the Lumin app works on Tablets, but on smartphones...UX is terrible when using Tidal. The buttons are tiny, the app does not quickly display what matters, the volume isn't pair with the phone's physical buttons...I will be interested to know your experience when it comes to this app cause just for that I am considering Roon...
  2. Dear all, many thanks for your precious feedbacks. I have received the Cornwall IV and they are HUGE haha. I plugged them on and spent the entire days playing tracks (basically fused with my chair). A note on the burning period, I can hear from running them how the sound gets better if I compare to a week ago. For now I am driving them with a cheap Denon AVR with Spotify connect and cables I would be ashamed to display. But even so, sound shows potential. The next step is to decide what will be the rest of the system. I came up with this list of potentials, considering: - Music first, meaning how "practical" it could be to just have a easy to use system (I am mostly on Spotify Connect at the moment) - TV on speakers too! Cause why not using these cool speakers for everything if that's possible? - "It's good enough" feeling, or how it makes sense to buy and keep for years as I would rather not planning to buy and look for the next best things in the coming years - As less components as possible, homes in HK are small, it's just wiser to go for an integrated amp So here is my list, feel free to share your opinion if that makes sense to you: CV4 + Naim Uniti Atom with HDMI CV4 + AURALiC VEGA G1 / Bluesound Node 2i (Optical input for TV) + Option to add a DAC (DENAFRIPS?) + Primaluna EVO 300 Integrated CV4 + AURALiC VEGA G1 / Bluesound Node 2i (Optical input for TV) + Vinnie Rossi L2i SE with DAC
  3. Same here, I am waiting for a pair of CWIV and still hesitating between the practicality of a Naim Uniti Atom or investing for long terms on a Streamer/DAC + Integrated tube amp. Quite curious what were your options Rockrubber, and if you tested and confirm the Atom sounds as great as described above with the CWIV.
  4. Hello! Happy to connect here. Just a short message to say that I enjoy listening to music and wanted to invest in speakers I could keep. So I bought a pair of Cornwall IV. And well, they are coming home in a month and I just don’t know what to plug on it. I listen to Jazz, pop, electronic and classical music. I like good bass and I am not searching for the most neutral neither transparent sound. Overall, good experience minus listening fatigue if I may avoid it. For a while, I thought it was “smart” to buy a good tube amp with no DAC as the technology can change. But a solution like a Naim Uniti Atom was also interesting for other practical reasons. -> Anyone tried the Primaluna EVO300 integrated amp with the Cornwall IV? -> What kind of streamer / DAC could I pair the Klipsch with if with a tube amplifier? I will mostly listen to Spotify Connect and Tidal. And hope to plug my TV on this DAC if that’s relevant. Would you be kind enough to share your experience in few words? Cheers from Hong Kong, Julien
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