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  1. Thanks Chris,feel free to continue.To be more specific,I was more interested in the overall sound staging capabilities of the Reference Premier line in both book shelf and floor standing speakers.
  2. In the positive reviews of Klipsch speakers that I have read,most say that the left to right sound staging of them is quite good,expanding past the speakers themselves.However,I have also read in Klipsch reviews that being horn speakers,they lack the depth/front to back imaging of other models. What say you all?
  3. I would think that any of the cheaper stereo receivers and integrated amplifiers from the major brands would be up to the task. These would include Sony,Pioneer,Rotel,Denon,NAD,Onkyo and Yamaha.
  4. Does bi amping any Klipsch speakers make them sound better?Meaning,in terms of sound staging,bass response,etc.Given the high sensitivity of these speakers,would this be amplifier overkill?
  5. Re,harshness: I first became aware of this when I was over at a friend's house where we were listening to some of his later Maynard Ferguson cds via his pair of Klipsch R-620s.The trumpets sounded rather screechy but nevertheless I became hooked on the Klipsch sound for that,"being right in front of the band" feeling became addictive.The stuff Maynard recorded from the late 70s on were very fusion heavy and his trumpet section seemed to being frequently hitting the high notes for the sake of doing so,but perhaps that became his intended trade mark.Because I have alot of big band cds in my collection,I am looking for smoothness in the high frequencies in both a cd player and in floor standing speakers which is why I will be adding a dac to the disc player. I do like Maynard Ferguson but prefer his albums from the late 50s into the mid 60s and the 5 trumpeted Stan Kenton orchestra who also had 5 trombones and 5 saxes.[!]
  6. Just kidding,but who knows,Klipsch may make available more of their product line to Costco further down the road,perhaps with some of their lower priced book shelf models.
  7. Does Costco sell Heresys at a discounted price? If so,I will get a membership to their shopping club!
  8. I have an Oppo I use for movies but i still want just a cd only player.In addition to all of the above mentioned models I am also adding to consideration the Audio Lab 6000 cd transport,the 800 dollar model made by NAD and the Tascam 500 which is a professional model but excels as a home unit.The latter is according to the proprietor,Vladimir of North Country Audio who used to sell them though the business may have closed recently.With any of these cd players under consideration,I intend to connect a Mytek Liberty dac that retails for 1000 dollars,a real giant killer for the price,I have been told.The addition of the Mytek dac will be to smooth out any harshness in the various cd recording I have,increase the sound stage in width and depth and improve bass definition.
  9. To go with a pair of 6000f speakers i intend to acquire,what would be a good cd player to go with it,perhaps a player on the warm side to tame any harshess comeing from the horn tweeters.My budget for a new cd player is anywhere from 600 to 900 dollars,a grand to stretch it to the max.I have an 80 wpc NAD integrated amplifier that even though i bought it in 2001,it still works great,and have never had any problem with it.
  10. I am considering getting a pair of Klipsch 5000f speakers but according to an owner of these who posted a review on Crutchfield he said they could not be connected with banana plugs as the binding posts do not provide for that.Or,could it be that the caps on the rear binding posts need to be simply peeled off to allow for banana plug connections?If so,is there room enough for average size banana plugs or is a smaller pair needed?Similar question for speaker cable thickness.
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