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  1. Deang

    Recapping Xovers 1977 La Scalas

    Richard Hovland went his own way, but Alex continued on. You can still get Musicaps, and they're actually better than they used to be. https://uptoneaudio.com/products/musicap-film-and-foil-capacitors The PPT Theta is excellent, and reasonably priced. Fully protected film and foils are the most expensive.
  2. Deang

    khorn bass bin solution??

    That's a reasonable argument. Khorns sound mediocre in a small room if you can't turn them out.
  3. Deang

    Heresy II lack of highs?

    You did a really nice job on those.
  4. Deang

    Klipschorn driver upgrades

    If you listen at earbleed levels or have a room the size of a barn -- yeah -- that's a nice upgrade.
  5. Deang

    Klipschorn driver upgrades

    ct120s and the Allen 55s from Bob or a pair of the soldered lug drivers @jimjimbo is selling in the garage sale section. the spring loaded terminal types are 20dB down at the crossover point. going to one of the other drivers is pretty audible.
  6. Deang

    khorn bass bin solution??

    You did it wrong, but you probably don't want to hear that.
  7. Deang

    Heresy III w/ integrated amp?

    I'm using the Cambridge CXA60 with some Radian Coaxials which have the same sensitivity as the Heresy III. Trust me, unless you live in a barn, it'll get plenty loud enough. I've owned a lot of integrated amps over the years, the CXA60 makes my top three.
  8. Deang

    overdriven amplifier

    Scroll down to “amplifier power required” https://www.crownaudio.com/en-US/tools/calculators
  9. Electrical first order isn't the same as acoustical first order. http://www.audio-focus.com/THIEL2/PDF_Thiel/techpaper_general.pdf
  10. Understand some, but not all. Still pretty interesting. A slower pass tonight when I have more time.
  11. Deang

    New Deang AA's with Jupiters

    For the low pass, the only nice thing about the CFAC is that you get lower DCR compared to the same gauge in a standard wire air core. Personally, I'm fine with steel laminates in the low pass. The DCR is lower and they cost less. It's a win-win. The Werner C-core is an impressive unit. However, I'm convinced that any difference I heard (slight) was related more to the differences in marked attenuation (compared to the units we normally use around here) than any other supposed advantage of the C-core. However, I can't be 100% certain of this. Please review the following thread if you haven't seen it already. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/c-core-auto-transformers.516061/#post-6714319
  12. Deang

    New Deang AA's with Jupiters

    Usually just means things don’t sound as compressed - a bit more relaxed. “Black background”. Over time, what you are listening for is how well the loudspeaker gets out of the way.
  13. Deang

    KP-301 KP-3.0B Crossover

    Tap 4 is 3dB down. Yeah, I thought it was cap coil cap coil, but it’s not. Could be very much as you say. Hey, I just build this stuff. Interesting.
  14. As far as skin effect goes, yes. As for Q, Litz rules.
  15. http://www.acdcaudio.net/tubes-technical/skin-effect-in-audio