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  1. Well, you could start by looking at the places that waited too long, and compare them to the places that didn’t. There is no doubt as to how how bad it could have been. Wuhan was on lockdown for 76 days. They are now getting ready to lockdown Hubei.
  2. Flu deaths were between 30 and 60K - over the course of an entire year. So far, we have 15K deaths over the course of a couple of months WITH closing down half the country and guidelines in place.
  3. First, you need a test that stops kicking out false negatives and false positives 50% of the time. Then you need aggressive and extensive testing. If you aren’t doing that, then the only numbers you can really trust are hospital admissions and deaths.
  4. You most certainly will. You'll go in there and die miserably like the rest of us. 🙂
  5. Lol. I’ve been buried for months. I’m ready for a long break. Btw, they’re only “affordable” if you build them!
  6. You can build an affordable pair if you use electrolytics in the low pass, Mylars in the high pass, and Sledgehammer steel laminates.
  7. Yes, and no. As Dennis used to say, “there’s no free lunch.”
  8. I think so. There were quite a few of them.
  9. Actually, it was JBL that first used the swamping resistor and an autotransformer together.
  10. Let's create a baseline here so everyone is somewhat on the same page: K-55 with no horn, 110dB K-55 on K-400, 107dB Combo on tap 4 (stock), 104dB Combo on tap 3, 101dB On tap 3, you are an additional 3dB down from the stock setting, but you are 6dB down from the unattenuated K-55/K-400 combination. The setting you prefer will depend on many factors. 1) your hearing, 2) your room size, 3) the room itself, 4) how far back you sit, 4) how loud you normally listen (equal loudness curves). I only build 6dB down if the customer requests it. What I build and normally send out is 4dB down, using a 3636 autotransformer and a 10uF capacitor. I've compared the swamping resistor method to changing the value of the cap many times. The microphone says they're the same but they do not sound the same. I never did develop a clear preference. Since I didn't have a preference, it just made more sense to use a smaller capacitor size and increase the quality of the part. It also means one less part that you don't need. I see no difference on a practical level between EQ, DSP, L-pads, or autotransformer adjustments. It's whatever a person prefers.
  11. Anyone following this craziness? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4692156/ "A critical determinant of the infection risk posed by a deposited pathogen will be the organism’s ability to survive on a surface. Many pathogens, including Shigella, E coli, C difficile, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus, and norovirus can survive on surfaces for weeks or even months. These pathogens can also be present in vomit or stools of infected persons."
  12. If it doesn't present any further danger to the patient, then why not try it -- because it sure beats the alternative. Half the drugs I ever did for various issues were off-label.
  13. You need a thread count of at least 600, folded over twice, and it needs to be somewhat fitted. It would capture roughly 55-65% of particulate. Mostly effective if a person is asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic - to protect others. What happened to the idiots and naysayers? Did they finally get a clue or are they dead.
  14. I’m not taking on any work right now. I’m burned out. Take @JohnA ‘s advice and loosen and tighten all of screws on the barrier strips on the network. After 20 years in storage, it’s highly likely that this is where the problem lies.
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