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  1. BobG was Bob Gassel. He worked for Klipsch for 14 years. https://www.twice.com/industry/audio-veteran-bob-gassel-63-dies-7885
  2. The measurements actually look okay to me. What am I missing?
  3. There are some things Klipsch does very well - over the ear headphones isn't one of them. So much better stuff out there for the same amount of money.
  4. Not ideal, but will still sound outstanding.
  5. Not unless you have a lot of material that drops down pretty low (pipe organ, etc.)
  6. You're close. Point-to-point with the parts I use would require a board the size of my kitchen table.
  7. There is no bypass coil (coil and cap in series). It's a two-way, with a third order tweeter filter. The polyswitch is before the first cap in the tweeter leg.
  8. You caught me before my edit. The EIMs sound better than the Jubilees using my music, which is greatly compressed and generally not mixed all that well. The Jubilees rendered a lot of my music unlistenable. Good recordings sound great, bad ones sound worse than horrible. I'm sure the wood box costs peanuts. The better question is how much did I pay once I added this custom cable from Japan.
  9. I use to own Jubilees. I now do almost all of my listening with Klipsch x20i IEMs.
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