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  1. @byson1 I have a like new CXA-60 with very low hours that I am willing to part with. $500 plus shipping. Once I moved to IEMs I just stopped using my main system. We have five people in the house that all like different content and just prefer streaming on iPads and Laptops.
  2. I used to think there was a right answer but I've given up with that nonsense. There is no right answer. People just like different things and there is no way to predict what a person will prefer. Having tried them all, I've always preferred the Klipsch Type AA, but like Al once told me, "you're just one guy in one room", which is very true. At your listening levels, either network would work fine. They both sound good, but they do not sound the same. I don't have time for a side business right now. The pandemic has me remotely managing three junior engineers and two dozen projects. The resistor goes across taps 5 and 0, and the other end of the .20mH inductor also connects to tap 5. Run a wire from tap 0 to the grounding bar on the barrier strip. You can even slide it under a screw supporting any of the negative connections. You will need an L-Pad for the JBL. If memory serves (usually doesn't), you'll need to knock 3dB off of that thing.
  3. I just think maybe Carl got a hold of bad capacitor. I've probably used thousands of these things without a problem or complaint. Yes, the Audyn Plus is a better capacitor. It's better built and sounds better, but its 800Vdc rating make its a large part that often disqualifies it for most PCB work (at least the kind I do). ESR changes with dielectric type and frequency. Poly caps are normally in the milliohm range. Polypropylene is lower than Polyester, and electrolytics measure quite high.
  4. "ESR is the sum of in-phase AC resistance. It includes resistance of the dielectric, plate material, electrolytic solution, and terminal leads at a particular frequency. ESR acts like a resistor in series with a capacitor (thus the name Equivalent Series Resistance)." In a new capacitor, it is usually related to poor lead terminations. To measure ESR, you need an ESR meter.
  5. Sorry, missed the reference to that being in the HF. I saw the capacitance results, I didn't see where you measured ESR. This is weird for sure. One of those caps has to be bad.
  6. The 25uF is probably the shunt cap for the low pass. Since you notice it mostly in the highs, you might have a bad 3.5uF. You would need an ESR meter to know for sure -- or ... pull them again and solder your other 3.5 in there. The other possibility is your shitty soldering. 🙂
  7. Right, since a crossover is AC, there is no "ground". The right word is "common". Because of polarity, plus and minus are still important points of reference. Zero on the 3636 is the same as minus on the barrier strip. You can connect all common connections to the same point. Do not use Bob's chart to figure attenuation, it won't work with this particular filter. The original Super AA worked just like the original Universal, in that the common connection for the squawker was NOT connected to the barrier strip (network side). That 'minus' connection is made with the movable jumper. Here is the attenuation chart for the 3636 using this design. + - 0.08638 -21.27 X 4 0.09687 -20.28 Y X 0.10362 -19.69 2 1 0.10880 -19.27 5 Y 0.14519 -16.76 3 2 0.18325 -14.74 Y 4 0.20567 -13.74 5 X 0.20795 -13.64 4 3 0.24881 -12.08 3 1 0.25119 -12.00 1 0 0.29205 -10.69 5 4 0.29433 -10.62 X 3 0.35314 -9.04 4 2 0.35481 -9.00 2 0 0.39120 -8.15 Y 3 0.43952 -7.14 X 2 0.45676 -6.81 4 1 0.50000 -6.02 3 0 0.50000 -6.02 5 3 0.53639 -5.41 Y 2 0.54314 -5.30 X 1 0.64001 -3.88 Y 1 0.64519 -3.81 5 2 0.70795 -3.00 4 0 0.74881 -2.51 5 1 0.79433 -2.00 X 0 0.89120 -1.00 Y 0
  8. A good tech would just buy the rest of the network. 🙂
  9. Deang

    Covid19 redux

    So if one of your brothers or a friend hits your car, you would say, "Yeah man, my bro hit my car." Context, audience -- it does get a bit tricky, but you can generally tell when someone is just being plain old cringy.
  10. Deang

    Covid19 redux

    Anyone ever see Bill Burr's "What did you think he thought" segment?
  11. Deang

    Covid19 redux

    "Hey bro, what's up?" Is probably still okay, but it's on its way out, and probably should be. If I see you with a beer in my hand I might say it, but hey, I grew up in the 70s. Still for the most part socially acceptable. However, I would not say that to a Black person. That's the cue that it should go. "Some bro hit my car?" Is a convenient replacement word for another word.
  12. Deang

    Covid19 redux

    No. Nice try. I read it the same way Dave and Jim did. I knew exactly what he was saying.
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