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  1. Deang

    Digital Audio Reclocker

    I want validation via double triple blind and deaf testing.
  2. Ya think? You later mention “basic soldering skills”. Could you please define what that means? The point is, people come here and are told that anyone can do it and it’s not that difficult, and to give it a go - so they do. You can’t imagine the crap I see on a regular basis that passes for “basic soldering skills”. To the OP - parts express has the widest assortment of parts. However, the kits that Bob sells are a very good value and you don’t have to hunt for the exact values - he has them all. When you move to doing your three-ways - maybe consider a capacitor like the AudioCap PPT Theta. Since the values you need are small, they really aren’t that expensive. Most people spend more on their interconnects.
  3. Deang

    Klipsch KLF-10 CROSSOVERS

    I haven’t had any emails via my Facebook page in some time. Even so, I don’t have any real interest in doing KLF-10’s.
  4. My last three jobs have been repairing work done by people who said, “Soldering is easy!” Use film and tin foil. Metalized capacitors are a compromise. You get one shot - do it right. Start with Audiocap PPT Theta and work your way up. Jupiters and Jensen PIO are at the top. If you can’t hear the difference between passive components - take up needlepoint.
  5. Deang

    Fact or Fake?

  6. Deang


    I’m on an iPhone. I’m rarely on a PC these days.
  7. Deang


    How do I capture this gif?
  8. What’s a KP-301ii? 🙂
  9. Deang

    Wanting to leave Goldenear for Forte III

    I owned some very nice Definitive Technology speakers similar in design to the Triton. When I went back to horns, I didn’t miss the bass - I was just grateful to have my midrange back.
  10. Deang


  11. Deang

    Pulled Going to offer in lots of ?

    Joe - don’t do this.
  12. Deang


    A rare request from me. I know these folks. Please help if compelled to do so. https://www.gofundme.com/swjhc-healing-hearts
  13. I stepped back somewhat after realizing my music and recordings would be eviscerated by a loudspeaker with the resolving power of the Jubilee.
  14. Deang

    Advice for Beginners....

    What about violins and such? Can a trained musician hear the difference between a Strativarious and some other high dollar violin?
  15. Deang

    Advice for Beginners....

    Can you hear the difference between different brands/quality of trumpets?