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  1. The coils on the stock PCB are measured while on the board. IOWs, the mutual inductance is factored in. When you move them apart, oh never mind ... The wound wire is covered with enamel. Hopefully the fancy NASA whatever it is doesn't break it down. The wax coils are nice, but if you didn't match the DCR, oh never mind ...
  2. That's what I think. Didn't Al test this out here years ago?
  3. Can’t help if I I don’t understand.
  4. If someone would ask a straightforward question, I would be happy to deliver a straightforward answer.
  5. Amazing. I have no idea what you are suggesting.
  6. Me either. I hope his room is small.
  7. This step is important. Did you do it yet?
  8. Kind of stuff just aggravates me to no end. It's like being treated for cancer by a dermatologist. It's okay, right? I mean, they're both DOCTORS.
  9. Since you work for Klipsch, we had no way of knowing that. To the casual observer, it looked as if you were offering this until the other folks got up and running.
  10. Probably Steeler fans, so I don't think I can use them.
  11. He's already screaming, don't push your luck.
  12. @tigerwoodKhorns new parts get measured, followed by a tear down. I check the film thickness against some better caps along with the lead terminations. Speaking of which, Erse claims the leads are soldered. They’re not.
  13. Seems to me Klipsch is a little late to the party. I suggested an Authorized Klipsch Repair Center over 10 years ago! And guess what, a single link in this thread to a guy no one has ever heard of, and a limited time offer to do free work - doesn’t do anything to erode the trust and reputations of those who have been here for people, doing this work for over 15 years.
  14. I just pay a little extra and have the vendor do it for me. The caps are matched in pairs, within 2% of each other. This is easier for me since I don't buy in bulk. If you buy a lot like Bob does, you lay them out on a bench and start measuring them -- and pair them up.
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