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  1. Deang

    New caps and break in

    I have no patience for any of this!
  2. All of the replacement tweeters that people are using also run on the high side through that area - so the AA works well for those too.
  3. “Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.” ― Robert A. Heinlein What a great sig. lol.
  4. Deang

    Belle’s placement/lack of bass

    Two Klipschorns or Jubilees in the corners, and a Belle for the center would work nicely - that’s a massive space you’re trying to fill. 95% of music won’t require subs, but if you do movies - then you’ll need a couple.
  5. Deang

    Belle’s placement/lack of bass

    Yeah, I can’t imagine a more terrible setup. The Belle Klipsch will never be able to “pound your chest”, that is just not that speaker’s forte. Klipschorns can, but within limits. You could also stack LaScalas. If that hole is your only option for listening, then get some treatments on the walls and floor, toe them in, and sit on the edge of that area. You can also adjust the crossover to dial that midrange back to stop the earbleed at the volume levels I have a feeling you’re listening at.
  6. Well no, it wouldn’t be. They are, after all, different loudspeakers. To understand what I’m talking about, you would have to pull the Mylars and sand cast resistors, and replace them with higher quality equivalents. Measuring with a microphone probably wouldn’t reveal a difference, but you can sure hear it.
  7. For that kind of money it better be. Yowza.
  8. No 1uF in that network unless they were paralleling it with another 1uF to make a 2uF. There are three 2uF capacitors in the tweeter section of that network.
  9. Deang

    Klipschorn listening distance

    I have no idea what the latter part of that statement means! I understood Budman. I was referring to Claude's post.
  10. Deang

    Klipschorn listening distance

    No argument from me about the benefits of sitting close, I've been doing it for well over a decade -- and the Jubilee does an amazing job with that.
  11. Deang

    Klipschorn listening distance

    Information delivered over a quiet dinner in a Jazz bar in Indy - with a wink.
  12. Deang

    Klipschorn listening distance

    The information I provided came from Jim Hunter.
  13. Deang

    Klipschorn listening distance

    It's a bifurcated bass horn, and you need to be at least 12 feet back for the bass to sum properly. Pulled away from the walls, response drops off rapidly at 100Hz.
  14. Deang

    First Watt SIT-2 / Danley SH 50

    Sounds like he’s really high on the SIT-2.
  15. He said “not too much more expensive”. 🙂