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  1. I wouldn't consider $350 a pair "a considerable investment" ... for this hobby, that's peanuts. Here are the choices: 1) Old spring loaded version -- single piece phase plug. 2) New Atlas PD5/ Klipsch K-55-X -- single piece phase plug. 3) 1981 version of the Atlas K-55-V, two piece phase plug design. 4) EV K-55-M, two piece phase plug design, no suitable diaphragm replacement available. 5) Allen A-55g, two piece phase plug design. Brand new, no hassle, no surprises, measure great, sound great.
  2. RF-7 III amp pairing

    You're using Spotify - a marginally acceptable source. Just buy an affordable Class D amp and be done with it. A NAD 3020 will do nicely. http://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=NAD3020&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-ebSBRC8ARIsAGuxJIooHDGSUdkJ9GueOOUtJ3ySUoi6CJVJ9CBu3nlu0_WUgn4zSpxbGXoaAsNjEALw_wcB
  3. That's interesting, and something I've was always been curious about -- since my dual phase plug K-55s are loaded with damn near 40 year old diaphragms.
  4. You guys do know that Klipsch lost the mold to the K-600, which is why they used the K-700 in the Cornwall III. How do you "lose" a mold -- and then instead of having a new one made -- you're so freaking cheap -- you just decide to use the itty-bitty K-700. Yes, I've been drinking - AMA.
  5. lol. I felt kind of bad -- hadn't checked my email in over two weeks -- like I told Bob, why bother, all I get is tire kickers and silly questions. Yes I've been drinking.
  6. I got his email on 12/31. It's an exact copy of the K-600 -- he just doesn't have it on his website yet. I think it's cool that he does this stuff.
  7. I think it's cool that Klipsch is willing to let this thread go, I mean, it is a competing product - so yeah, everyone should play nice. The new Heritage networks cross over at 4.5kHz, so why would Klipsch need a driver that goes to 6kHz? They also have a long standing relationship with Atlas - so why upset the apple cart? I mean, what if they sever their relationship with Atlas, and then five years from now, this new driver is no longer available -- then what? A big part of running any business is risk assessment -- so if that's a factor -- I totally get it. I really like the driver, it sounds better to me than the K-55-V dual phase plug versions that I've had. The driver is available for all to try -- I suggest that you give a pair a whirl if you can afford it.
  8. Well, it's got that big logo on it that says "Crites", lol. It's Bob's copy of the K-600. It's a nice casting. He even has them powder coated.
  9. In the low pass: AK-2 uses 4mh/140uf AL-2 uses 4mh/136uf basically identical In the midrange: AK-2 uses T5A/-6dB and 4mh in parallel with the K-55-M AL-2 uses T4A/-4dB and 5mh in parallel with the K-55-M Tweeter sections are identical I would imagine the midrange sections to sound quite different. Interesting.
  10. How loud can Klipsch speakers get?

    That's insane. Well, you always were a bit on the crazy side. :-)
  11. I guess I just didn't understand the question then -- why would you want to run a LaScala network in a Klipschorn, or visa-versa?
  12. Earphone Advice

    I was really hoping you would like them.