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    Modified LaScalas; using Fastlane Audio Fastrac horns, John Allen A-55-G midrange drivers, and Type AA crossovers using Jupiter Flatstack capacitors.

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  1. You wouldn't damage your speakers or your amp - it just wouldn't sound right (the highs would be too forward).

    Nice link. Looks like the umbrellas were designed by Ted Happold and Frei Otto. I can't remember where I got the Roger Dean reference. We all thought the figures floating down in parachutes were pigs, but they were sheep. I also thought they came from the exploding pig, but they were shot from cannons from the side of the stage. Funny how the mind works (doesn't). Seems Roger Waters doesn't think 100,000 stoners can appreciate lyrics while partying. This is funny, since we sang along with them on and off. To think that the fans aren't connecting with the music (which is what brought them there to begin with), shows some real brain damage. "The enormous crowds on this tour began to bother Roger as he felt the crowd were there to party rather then contemplate the music and the lyrics. At the show in Cleveland, someone climbed onto the giant cable that stretched across the stadium and carried the pig. On the bootleg, an announcer can be heard pleading with the person telling them If anybody has hold of the other line on the pig up there, please let go, its very dangerous. We’re trying to bring it back in from over the audience. Please! Please let go of the line if you have your hand on the line.” Ten days later in Montreal, the famous "spitting" incident would happen, where Roger, supposedly spit on a fan who wouldn't be quite, and from his experience on this tour came up with the concept for The Wall, feeling that there was a metaphorical wall between the band and the audience. This idea came to fruition on The Wall tour 3 years later when a 40 foot wall was gradually erected between the band and the audience."
  3. Hi Roy, Just curious, were you around when Bruce Edgar presented the tractrix horns for PK's inspection? I believe variations of these ended up in the Forte II and Chorus II. I enjoyed my Jubilees. If anything irritated me at all, it was that they rendered 90% of my source material unlistenable.
  4. SOLD - Walnut Klipschorns in Mass

    Those are really pretty.
  5. Well, now that I'm thoroughly confused. I thought the early stuff was all University? T35A University Spec Sheet.pdf
  6. Peachtree Nova 300

    The Reference loudspeakers are two-ways, the Forte III is a three-way. If you want truly horn loaded sound -- go with the Forte III. A two-way supposedly sounds somewhat smoother because it has one less crossover point, but I don't think that's necessarily true. The critical part of the music is in the midrange. With the RF-7 ii, the midrange is being produced by a pair of large cones. With the Forte iii, the midrange is being produced by a horn and a compression driver. These two sounds are very different! I would lean towards the Forte iii.
  7. Mono price tube amp with phono for $329.

    A real preamp section - that's a crazy good deal. Wow.
  8. Palladiums P39F in Expresso

    Love the full disclosure ... nice. If I had the extra money like in days past -- I'd be on my way to Miami. Good luck!
  9. forum

    lmao! :-) Seriously though, things have been so quiet that I'm going comatose -- I wonder where he saw the sniping?
  10. Trimming speaker wire

    No one is "pushing electrons over wire". Electrons don't "flow"... Electrons are excited and vibrate. They bump into each other and current "moves" through them as they touch each other. http://amasci.com/miscon/eleca.html
  11. Yes. Contact Bob Crites at bobcrites@gmail.com
  12. There is no difference. University T-35 AlNiCo round magnet -- rebranded with various Klipsch labels.
  13. Peachtree Nova 300

    Very good. It also will take 10 times the power to double the SPL. Often not discussed (at least not around here these days) -- are the effects of power compression.