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  1. Cali and Florida ... https://www.healthline.com/health-news/why-do-california-and-florida-have-similar-covid-19-case-rates-the-answer-is-complicated#Confounders-abound
  2. If you replace the 47uF with a 33uF, you can use them in a Cornwall.
  3. It looks as if a single series resistor has been used to pull the compression driver down. We don't have a complete picture, in other words, we don't know why a 5 is in there instead of 6. For example, did they go to a different driver? If the driver is the same, then the 6 will bring the horn down more. You may or may not like it.
  4. Some guy once said, "Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial." The cabinets are not super rigid for a reason. There is a Dope from Hope on that. I will see if I can find it. The things I never messed with are the cabinets, ports, woofers, and low pass elements in the filter. This is all mathematically aligned and I can barely balance a checkbook. Even though it's the mods section, I would be careful to suggest mods that might have someone putting a contract out on you.
  5. Right, it's a different sound. The dynamics of horns spoil you, but I think they also make you less sensitive to other things that make listening fun.
  6. I did dose 1 of Moderna on Friday. By Saturday afternoon I had a low grade temp of 100 and felt pretty achy all over. Since I usually hurt everywhere all of the time anyways, I thought maybe I had just overdid at the work the day before. By Saturday night I was pretty miserable and was doubling up on the Advil and Tylenol (which I take together). Sunday morning it was mostly gone but I felt really fatigued. So, I fall into that 3% that has a moderate reaction. This type of vaccine may be new to the market, but they have been working with it for years, and as they say, never let a good crisis go to waste. I think it's pretty cool. Get your shot. https://www.modernatx.com/mrna-technology/science-and-fundamentals-mrna-technology
  7. They are getting on in years. I would only replace the capacitors -- leave everything else alone.
  8. 7" diaphragm. Wow. I might buy a pair and use them as woofers, lol. Impressive.
  9. The K-79 is 3dB less sensitive than the K-77, and the de-120 is even hotter still. So, I don't see how you can just drop it in without padding it down some.
  10. If you see a 5, use a 5. If you use the 6 instead, what you hear will depend on where in the circuit it is located.
  11. You should measure a coil while it’s on the board, both inductance and DCR, and match it.
  12. When the weather breaks I will probably visit Cory. I’d like to hear all of the new stuff.
  13. I’m guessing here, but it might be a Torx bit #20 Yes, the networks are on the back of the terminal cups. Just check to make sure there isn’t anything obviously loose. I wouldn’t go any further than that. Aren’t these still under warranty?
  14. I think the pictured networks are the AK-5’s from the 60th Anniversary Editions. Those are probably not available. Note the rebranded Bennics and one less resistor in the low pass. This adjustment was made because they sealed the backs up. I was told this by Mark Kaufman. This picture is also an AK-5, but on one board with Mylars. These may be available. This is the network part of their normal install in the newer sealed back designs. The comment above about the tweeters being different might be true, I think they might curve a little differently. Seems I remember @Chief bonehead alluding to this.
  15. The AA’s I built you will work without having to make any changes.
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