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  1. Never thought I'd see the day where people are wetting themselves over a dollar Mylar cap. Too funny.
  2. It’s because they’re stacked film and foil. It was a great part. Film and foil will always sound smoother and cleaner than metallized. I was of course joking with the “if I can’t hear it, they’re lying” comment - but I do think the differences in capacitors using the same dielectric and build are grossly overstated.
  3. I hate that site. If I can't hear it, they're lying.
  4. I stopped when the pandemic hit. I haven't had anything since last March. I started teleworking and they made me responsible for the junior engineers, so I had to give it up.
  5. I follow Steven (Youthman) on YouTube. He had a pretty good video of him troubleshooting the problem. Steven swapped tweeters, networks, etc. I think Randy was just saying it was process of elimination. Most of the time it will be a capacitor related issue. We are just saying don't call yourself a repair center if all you do is send out capacitor kits.
  6. Nice catch. No, I was wrong. I was thinking Type B.
  7. The tweeter on the AA is attenuated by the T2A.
  8. Uh, no. They always run a diagnostics test. That's how they get the code.
  9. What Al taught me. Now, this is using 1 kHz. I have no idea what Klipsch is using/doing.
  10. The reason given for not shipping wasn't "in my expert opinion". It was - don't want to risk having them damaged or lost in the mail. Anyways, back to the capacitor measuring thing: I've asked the question(s) numerous times, both here and on the Klipsch Owners Group page on Facebook. On Facebook, I tagged Trey with some questions, and never got a response. Last year, Trey posted a picture of him measuring a new 2.0 uF Mylar, and the tester in the background showed an ESR of 2 ohms, which I would consider terrible. However, I could not tell what frequency he was using for the test. I even posted a picture of Al's ESR on a 33uF Mylar, which came out to .026 ohms. So, the answer from me would be "I don't know" - and I have simply given up expecting a response or straight answer on the matter.
  11. That's why I built from scratch. All of the parts are measured/tested by the vendor, and I just had to assemble. If the end user had an issue, I had them send the networks to my warranty center. I thought all caps sounded the same and that we were hearing things. Good to learn that I was right all along.
  12. Yet when Youthman tried to ship his networks, he was told not to, and was just sent the capacitors. It could just have well been an autotransformer failure. I'm basically retired from doing this kind of work, so I'm just speaking as an observer.
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