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  1. You could use the B2, but you might have to flip the polarity of the tweeter, the midrange, or both. No way to know without REW and a microphone.
  2. Yikes. Confusion. I still do them, but there is now a very long line. I probably won’t be taking any more orders until the end of summer.
  3. I never thought of economics as being political, but I suppose it is.
  4. The economy has been grinding to a halt. There are supply issues, and now everything is taking off at the same time. Demand can’t be met and/or everything used to make things is going up.
  5. First it goes waaay up, like 20 ohms, then it goes waaay down and bottoms out around four ohms - and then up again, down again, and up again and then off the edge of the graph paper.
  6. Some sounds grow on you, no doubt about it.
  7. Unless they need an amp recommendation, then it’s McIntosh or Accuphase.
  8. No, sorry, I was referring to Benchmark’s stated specifications.
  9. I’ve heard good things about the Benchmark, but why are all of the measurements done at 1kHz?
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