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  1. For the HF section of that coax ...
  2. You add up the cost of the parts and then triple the price. Or, cost of parts plus $40 an hour for labor.
  3. No, but 1910 is not single batch, and is consistently rated lower than the 1920. Really enjoying this Jefferson's- what a surprise. All Boubon is good, right?
  4. I don't see what the fuss is. I have a limited release single batch of Forester, and still prefer the 1920.
  5. Which Voyage JC? I have bottles of 17 and 18. I also like Jefferson's Reserve, which is what I'm drinking today (taking a break from the rye).
  6. OP has vanished. Also, I agree with Tom. Imagine that!
  7. If they're AA, then first order, first order, third order - for use with Klipschorn, LaScala, and Belle. You can use any of the stock drivers, and A-55-G and CT120 replacement drivers from Bob.
  8. The Fc or cut-off, is the lowest frequency the horn is capable of playing. That looks like Dave Harris' horn for the Cornwall, it looks too small to be the Fastrac LaScala or Al's Trachorn. I believe the Fc of that horn is 384Hz. With that driver, and a 6dB/octave filter, your crossover should be at least a half octave above cut-off, or, 600Hz. Crossing over too low will increase distortion, and puts the diaphragm in a constant state of distress.
  9. Folks at Cambridge not afraid to say "bullshit" - in that nice British kind of way.
  10. I think some are conflating Al's ESNs with something like the popular and more conventional LR-4 alignment. These are two very different things! I see alot of correlation between room size, power levels and the type of network a person prefers. The AA is certainly not the end all in design sophistication, but it does sound very good to a lot of people - and it's a safe build for me, as I've never received a single complaint since building them, while I can't say that about other designs. Tweeter protection: tough call. While the K-77 isn't very robust, it does seem to withstand anything except an act of sheer stupidity, or a junk piece of gear. I add the diodes if I'm asked to, or if it's obvious to me the person is going to drive them to insane power levels.
  11. The idea is to sit and enjoy two or three, not to be the town drunk - which I only do on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  12. Where was the microphone placed when you took the measurements? I think 400Hz is too low with that horn. You're sitting right on top of the Fc.
  13. Does anyone known anything about this thing. An ex Klipsch engineer in the owners group on facebook said it had an alnico magnet, and klipsch couldn't get them made anymore because alnico was being sourced through the russians - which stopped sending it to the united states. I've seen pictures of the thing, and the magnet looks the same as the old K-33-E square magnet version.
  14. It would take care of my retirement money problem, which is probably what happened here - a sizable payout to prevent a lawsuit.
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