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  1. Deang

    For Sale: ALK ES500 & ES5800

    The old man builds a beautiful network.
  2. Deang

    P Audio BM-D750 Compression Drivers SW Arkansas

    Same as the K-69.
  3. Deang

    Tweeter stopped working on RF-5

    Not my work. But, it’s an easy fix. The foil can be epoxied back down after the capacitors are properly secured and resolderd.
  4. Deang

    Best speaker for my space

    I think you should get a big *** pair of Magnepans.
  5. Deang

    SOLD: Ultimate Type AA Networks

    Yeah, I’m going to miss those. Enjoy!
  6. Deang

    F/S Dean's AA Networks and more

    The networks use Audyn Plus capacitors and Erse Super Q low pass coils. The autoformers are 3636. The primary cap is a 10uF, and they are tapped out to be 4 - 4.5dB down (the math puts it somewhere in between). The Klipsch stock setting is 3dB, so these split the difference between stock, and the -6dB that many seem to prefer. I was happy with how these turned out. Great deal.
  7. Deang

    1st gen RF-7 normal impedance?

    It hits 3 ohms at 100Hz and 10kHz. The majority of the curve is 8 ohms or higher.
  8. I used original Advents for many years, and even stacked them. They really don’t go that low (or that high). Frequency response, if sitting on the floor - is basically 45Hz to 15kHz. They start rolling off rapidly at 12kHz. They have a pronounced hump at 100Hz, that gives the impression of emitting low bass - but it’s not. I’m sure your sub goes lower. “More bass” is not lower bass. Buy the Forte III. It goes lower than the Paradigm, and uses compression drivers - and there is no substitute for a dedicated midrange driver for realism.
  9. Deang

    Pair of '97 Klipsch La Scala Speakers

    The AL-3 is a good sounding network with a solid reputation -- I'm pretty sure you're thinking of the Type AL (which some actually like). I would have said $1500 based on condition.
  10. Deang

    1st gen RF-7 normal impedance?

    Use the 8 ohm taps.
  11. Deang

    Forte III Impedance

    He’s showing that the newer networks have no autoformer. Classic Klipsch actually has a reputation for sounding outstanding with zero feedback amplifiers. Keep in mind that the absence of an autoformer does not guarantee a benign impedance curve. Klipsch seems to prefer series resistors instead of L-pads. Are there published curves of the amplifier? There are treble cut knobs - they don’t help at all? What preamp are you using? The front end is important. Try your new amp on some other speakers if possible.
  12. Deang

    Jupiter AA circuits... SOLD

    I couldn’t hear any difference between the Flat Stacks and the radial wound VTs. That’s why I had no issue with selling mine - I knew I could rebuild them if I wanted to. They do look cool though. All of the film and foils sound really good, and the Auricap XO has no trouble hanging with all of them.
  13. Deang

    Jupiter AA circuits... SOLD

    No, that pair went to Budman.
  14. Deang

    FS: K691 Drivers

    You can buy this driver new for less.
  15. Deang

    SOLD: Ultimate Type AA Networks

    Not really. I build to order. So if anyone wants a pair of these, I’d be more than happy to build them - but not at this price! If no one buys these within the next couple of weeks, I will probably pull the ad and keep them. A couple of more checks, and I’ll have the money for the other build.