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  1. K-55G and/or CT120 replacements

    I use both. An enthusiastic thumbs up for both.
  2. The B&C 120 retains the Klipsch sonic signature without the shrill quality of the K-77. I would be really bummed if they dropped this driver from their lineup.
  3. LSI woofers - K43 or?

    I’ve never seen a K-43 with a square magnet. I think those are K-33’s.
  4. Crossover Upgrade for RF-5

    I haven’t seen the RF-5 schematic, please post it. I’m not a “crossover expert”, just half decent at reverse engineering and building stuff. The schematic may say “film”, but all of those capacitors are metallized polypropylene. The orange capacitors are metallized epoxy covered ovals. They are loosely wound, and then pressed to flatten them out - which stresses the film. Please post the schematic, or simply list the capacitor and resistor values.
  5. Maggy question, xover

    In agreement with @JohnA Do you know the value of the capacitor?
  6. When you’re done with this one, work out a solution using the B&C de120 tweeter, which is an amazing driver.
  7. If you have an understanding of it, then you should already know what the benefits are. Again, I already answered the question ... Stop torturing yourself. Forget about it.
  8. I already answered that question.
  9. Jimjimbo made me do it ...

    I wish I would have sent the K-55's to Bob to be tested before I replaced the diaphragms. There was an obvious improvement when I first installed the Allen drivers, but after the diaphragm change out on the K-55-V's, not so much. There is a difference. They do curve ever so slightly different, with the Allen driver being just a bit smoother. I mean, it's not much, but it's measurable, so shouldn't be discounted. I did use the system every night for almost a week before putting the Allen drivers back in. Distortion: John Warren measured a K-55-M on a K-401 horn, and sent this to me via email ... "K55M on K401 horn, voltage to horn terminals set for 110dB at fundamental, 1m from mouth of K401. No filter on horn. The FFT triggers off input sinewave. FFT bandwidth to about 48kHz. Second and third order make up the bulk of the distortion. %THD shown is average of 5 samples. %THD+N is a smidge over 0.5%..." Al measured 1.5%, but used a K-55-V, and I don't know which one, or what condition the diaphragm was in. I think I've decided that 30 year old diaphragms should probably be replaced.
  10. Jimjimbo made me do it ...

  11. If you were using electrolytics or mylars, bypassing is an inexpensive way to improve the dissipation factor. Since you're using polypropylenes, I wouldn't bother with them. Don't mess with the coils. Use Mills resistors.
  12. FS Parasound A52

    The price is fair, but ... Amplifiers are not impervious to internal damage, and when they look like the object of rough handling - it makes one wonder how long it might really last.
  13. @willland How does that Yammy stack up against the Luxman R-117 (power aside)? I've been eyeing the AS-2000.