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  1. Obviously no room treatments. Problematic.
  2. The best sounding system would be $5000 worth of room treatments, a pair of Heresys and an AVR.
  3. Deang


    @colterphoto1 May know how to get a hold of him.
  4. Deang


    No discussion of the values, and the schematic doesn’t show up in his post anymore.
  5. Also known as “false corners”. Mine were pulled against my khorns with threaded rods and wood blocks.
  6. What does performing live music in an orchestra have to with playing recordings on a pair of loudspeakers - besides nothing. Live production and reproduction are not the same.
  7. Deang

    WTB ---- ALK Crossovers for My La Scalas

    3dB additional drop in the midrange should be pretty audible - no? Next step would be changing the tweeter section to AA configuration. What tweeter are you using?
  8. Good bass in my tight basement too. Room gain pays dividends.
  9. Klipsch hit a home run with the LaScala II. Excellent sounding loudspeaker.
  10. I think I'll just argue that the loudspeakers were value engineered, which is obvious by their construction, drivers, and crossover components. That doesn't mean they don't sound good -- they do. That was the genius of PWK -- but they are far from perfect.