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  1. No, I don't have any $1300 "cables" I use Supra Classic. Sometimes you have to look past the nonsense voodoo and just focus on the quality of a thing. Passive parts are much the same way. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/speaker-wire/supra-classic-1.6/bulk-cable-per-foot-15-awg/
  2. I wouldn't know anything about that ...
  3. You should probably change the batteries in those filters if you haven't done it yet. Dean
  4. Right. Some inexpensive wire is insulated with a poor quality PVC, which interacts chemically with the wire. It's hit or miss with the really inexpensive stuff. "I just spent $10,000 on loudspeakers and electronics." "A DOLLAR A FOOT!" This place kills me.
  5. 16 gauge lamp cord oxidizes faster than just about anything else (unless it's tin annealed copper), or terminated with a good connector and soldered. If it's bare wire, try stripping it back -- you'll notice how much lighter the wire is. A lot of oxidation will add resistance between the amplifier and loudspeaker. I'm no wire freak by any stretch, but I do prefer a good tin annealed copper with better than average insulation. Like I said, a little over a buck a foot. Not exactly break the bank stuff going on here.
  6. 40 years? You must be colorblind.
  7. He asked for a recommendation for a suitable replacement part, I provided one.
  8. I was at work just skimming the thread and saw "Lowes" and "Home Depot", and just assumed it was in reference to lamp cord, which isn't exactly unusual around here. I didn't even know they sold "speaker cable". With that said, if it isn't marked "OFC", it isn't. PVC insulation isn't all the same either. Things are usually cheap for a reason.
  9. Your projects scare me, lol.
  10. Those are very good prices for what they're selling -- as long as the insulation doesn't have off-gassing issues/chemically react with the wire.
  11. Did you really just call me "clown". You're not going last long around here.
  12. It's easy to get confused. With a switching amp, the transistors are either on or off -- which makes one think "digital". https://www.audioholics.com/audio-amplifier/the-truth-about-digital-class-d-amplifiers
  13. Lamp cord is not OFC and will oxidize. Oxides are non-conductive. Don't see much point in using this stuff long term if you're even remotely serious about the hobby. If you can't handle a buck or so a foot for something decent, take up knitting or something.
  14. You can use this. However, chances are the original coil is just fine, and has a bad solder joint. https://www.parts-express.com/jantzen-audio-015mh-20-awg-air-core-inductor-crossover-coil--255-022
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