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  1. I do miss the passion and energy of these old threads. Never was much of a bass freak, and like the LaScala just as it is. They work very well in modest sized rooms with two good corners (of course).
  2. Deang

    Duh Raiders….

    All are not created equally, and all are not judged by the same standard(s). If you haven’t noticed this, you haven’t been paying attention. As for Bible verses, this one comes to mind: To whom much has been given, much will be required.
  3. Deang

    YouTube TV.....

    I use it during football season, then I dump it. Like Schu, I do more YouTube than anything.
  4. Because he doesn’t have a Chorus II to measure the complex impedance of the low pass.
  5. With that music, my Bluetooth set up would give them both a run. lol.
  6. Well, they're not "copper", they are anodized aluminum. So, probably just a difference that can be attributed to the anodization process.
  7. Most of us who have been around here for a while avoid all of their Bluetooth/wireless/powered products.
  8. This is the third time in as many days that I've seen this. The original universal would work with the Klipschorn, LaScala, and Belle Klipsch. There was a different network for the Cornwall, and that network could be modified to work in the Heresy. Now there is one network that works in all of them? I have a table of values that Al sent me when I was building this stuff for him. The cap/coil combinations should change based on the loudspeaker you're using the networks in. Just curious -- did you specify Heresy when you ordered them? Anyways, the Universal is more detailed with sharper boundary presentation, but the sound isn't nearly as cohesive as the Klipsch networks. Many of us have went the ALK route, only to return home.
  9. I don't use a Klipsch approved electrolytic for the midrange capacitor.
  10. Rope caulk. After you mount the driver and it presses out, use an exacto-knife and carefully remove the excess.
  11. I think you should have the amp checked out by someone.
  12. They did some movie clips and music. They used the matching subs. If I stumbled across three for that price I would gobble them up.
  13. Are you sure you aren’t driving them too hard - either too loud or beyond what your amp is capable of. The older Reference stuff could be a bit obnoxious, but this last iteration sounds really good as is. I use Mills resistors and the Bennics or Daytons work well for this kind of stuff.
  14. I heard them in Indy. Great set up. They’re expensive. So, 1000-1200 for three of them is a steal.
  15. P.audio https://usspeaker.com/paudio bmd740-1.htm
  16. More like buying an old Harley that needs work. It’s rare for someone to start replacing parts on a new loudspeaker.
  17. I've never noticed date stamps on those, but then again, I never looked for them either. Here is what I have from my notes. "Prior to 1971 Klipsch used surplus PIO types (decades old) that had glass hermetic seals, these type seldom fail. After a short (failed) experiment with Mylar types new PIO types were obtained, but the seals do not look to be glass hermetic, and they fail (after a couple of decades of use)." -- DJK "The older oil caps were WWII military surplus, and were hermetically sealed. Those have a much better life than the ones Klipsch had custom made for them in the mid 70s (and later). I've seen PIO WE oil caps from the 30s still be OK, they're hermetic with glass seals too. PIO Vitamin Q caps are hermetic with glass seals." -- DJK "Prior to 1971 PWK used whatever cheap surplus oil caps he could get his hands on. After that stock was exhausted he went to some cheap Mylar caps. Those were so dreadful he had new oil caps made. Later he moved back to Mylar." -- DJK DJK (Dennis) used to be a Klipsch dealer. I'm looping in @Marvel on the question of whether Dennis knew PK or not. I just don't remember. Whether in an old post or during a phone call, Dennis told me PK had barrels filled with parts on the factory floor, and employees would dig for what they needed. Some built crossovers at home for extra money. He told me all of the capacitors were from surplus left over from the war. "Surplus" would be NOS in this context - not old used stuff.
  18. First rule of gun safety: All guns are loaded.
  19. You can drive either loudspeaker to ear splitting levels with 200wpc. Go with quality of power, not quantity.
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