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  1. The following information came from www.klipschcorner.com, which I think is gone now. The information on that site came from Jim Hunter and the historical archives which he maintains. In January 1968, the K-33-P (CTS Paducah KY) was adopted. In 1975, Klipsch transitioned to the K-33-B (CTS Brownsville TX) From 1975-1979, the K-33-E (Eminence), and the K-33-B (Brownsville) were used interchangeably. Here's a good way to compare (Crites woofer included). CW1526c (Crites Woofer, Cast) K-33-E/B (Klipsch Square Magnet) K-33-E (Klipsch Round Magnet) Fs = 26.3Hz Fs = 27.0Hz Fs = 34.46Hz Re = 3.36 ohms Re = 3.5 ohms Re = 3.39 ohms Vas = 506.3 Liters Vas = 343 liters Vas = 301.7 liters BL = 12.49 BL = 9.8 T*m BL = 11.93 Tm Qms = 9.93 Qms = 8.5 Qms = 7.39 Qes = 0.27 Qes = 0.68 Qes = 0.41 Qts = 0.26 Qts = 0.633 Qts = 0.388 Mms = 75.5 g Mms = 106 g Mms = 79.47 g Xmax = 7.15 mm Xmax = 6.67 mm Xmax = 8.2 mm Cms = 0.486 mm/N Cms = 0.305 mm/N Cms = 0.268 mm/N ? Sd = 890 cm² (13.5" diameter) Sd = 889.6 sq.cm I was told Klipsch stayed with the K-33-E with the higher Fs because they made a change in the back chamber to accommodate it. By the time Eminence got the round magnet version to work right with the original, lower Fs -- Klipsch no longer needed it since they had dealt with the problem on their end, and weren't interested in reverting back.
  2. What does your budget look like?
  3. What he meant was, how are you feeding it a signal - does the integrated have a sub out or pre out?
  4. I would like to know more about microphones and placement. I have never heard a pair of Klipschorns sound so anemic.
  5. I don't see the issue here. He has a nice spot on either side that will accommodate the Cornwalls perfectly, and a seating arrangement almost directly in front of them. 95% just want to set up their loudspeakers and listen to music. Where's @Coytee I'm surprised no one suggested four Jubilees and a rack of Crown amplifiers. 🙂
  6. That sort of helped. I clicked in the area where it should be, and I got a pop up telling me it was disabled and wanted to know if I wanted enable it. How Weird. Thank you!
  7. Chris is right. Yeah, don't do that.
  8. Hmm. It doesn't look like I have an inbox.
  9. There is a setting that I can change that allows people to PM me, but I can't figure out how to PM someone.
  10. Funny watching this tube discussion while I’m eyeing a 50 lb. heater from ATI. I got lucky with my sub integration, but I really want bass management. So something like the Anthem STR looks interesting. I’ve come full circle almost.
  11. You can find all of those schematics in the “Klipsch Crossovers” thread, which is pinned at the top of this section.
  12. Those cans aren’t PIO, they’re Mylar film in oil. Polyester would most closely approximate their performance. Do they sound the same - I honestly don’t know (since I’ve never heard those cans in a new state). Mylars are inexpensive. I would go that route before experimenting.
  13. Sorry, missed the big Heritage reference. Yes, they still use the Atlas PD5-VH. The new Heresy, Forte and Cornwall use something different, maybe the PRV D290Py-s? I think they all might use Celestian tweeters. Steeper slopes on the filters allow for lower crossover points. You get more protection for the tweeter, a bit more power handling, with lower distortion.
  14. They also use different drivers and horns that allow for that.
  15. We have a nice one here. The interconnects they sell cost as much as my house. Music Direct and Crutchfield have liberal return policies - so you get to listen in your own home.
  16. Well, my statement was in the context of room acoustics. The Jubilee works in a smaller room because of good pattern control, so everything isn’t splashing off of the ceiling and sidewalls. Some acoustic foam on the sidewalls does improve imaging. So while they do a great job of “getting out of the way” - you can never not notice them, because well - there they are. I’m back into good monitors again, and they also do a good job of “getting out of the way”, and since they don’t dominate the room visually, they are easier to forget about. The context here is SMALL room: 14’ across and I’m 8’ back - and yes, I used to have Jubes in this room (though I sat 13’ back). It would be fun to revisit them.
  17. Looks like that end of the room was made for them.
  18. Lol. EMI is what you get when you cross the streams. Speakers disappearing vs a room disappearing was a joke, but not quite.
  19. Some people want the speakers to disappear, others want the room to disappear - or is that the same thing?
  20. I turned it off and now I can’t figure out how to turn it on. Yes, I’m a dolt.
  21. That’s kind of a steal. Some one must have needed their meth real bad.
  22. Man, I have so much not to say. Lol
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