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  1. So, if a few or more get into a heated exchange, the thread gets locked -- but if a crowd uses someone as a punching bag, that's okay? I love a good fight, but that's not what this is. Lock the thread.
  2. Done right, that sure does look cool.
  3. When a thread has outlived its intended purpose, it really should be locked. In the meantime, I'm doubling down on zip ties.
  4. Without curves or an existing crossover schematic to extrapolate from, it's a swag. Use a 1.25mH, terminate the rest of the network with resistors, and measure. I don't know how your 2a3 amps would do with this.
  5. Totally agree with ODS123. A rare moment indeed!
  6. IF the additional cost is truly "minimal", IF it has lower distortion at the volumes you normally listen at, and IF it's compatible with the network you want to use - then go for it.
  7. https://solen.ca/products/inductors/standard-inductors-12awg-2-05mm/s122-7/ DCR needs to be below .4. 12 AWG is the correct gauge in an air core. However, It's complete overkill for the low pass. The stock part is perfectly fine.
  8. -3dB is the Klipsch stock setting for the A and AA. I do a lot of -6dB. Some order them that way, and some get that recommendation from me if they have bigger rooms or tend to lean on the volume a bit - or if they just straight up tell me the mids are too forward for their tastes.
  9. I wasn't trying to bait you, I just wanted clarification. I honestly can't think of anyone around here that has gone down that rabbit hole -- that's a crazy amount of money for a part. What you call "fancy", I call "voodoo". I build with, and point people to film and foils as opposed to metalized. You can completely recap an AA filter using film and foils for less than $225. Fully protected film and foils are more, but it's not a requirement for great performance, just longevity. I totally agree with your last statement. I have turned people away after hearing what their equipment list consists of. On more than one occasion I've recommend Bob and a new receiver or integrated.
  10. Every thread ever started related to wire ends up like this.
  11. He keeps saying it. I keep asking. I never get an answer.
  12. Nothing a zip tie can't fix.
  13. Yes. I cross the streams. I'm sorry.
  14. I'm having a hard time believing that Roy didn't shoot for flatest response possibe. I'm inclined the blame the testing methodology.
  15. You do if you use a quarter spool of solder on each solder joint.
  16. Anyone can do it. You just need OCD, a little bit of Bourbon, and a weekend.
  17. What's a "fancy" capacitor? Or, what makes a capacitor "fancy"?
  18. I have three really well recorded CDs that I use for listening tests. I've been using them since the mid 80s. Changes are pretty obvious to me, even overnight. But I'm talking crossovers and equipment -- not wire. The only time I heard a difference with wire was when I tried some five 9 silver speaker cables.
  19. We could do real time soldering. I would be happy to do it -- just have to find my propane torch.
  20. Should have bought better looking crossovers ...
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