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  1. Sounds like you need a new boat.
  2. The III also had steep slope networks. The III and IV use different midrange drivers. The horn may be different too.
  3. They may look like Klipsch designs, but don’t worry, he also isn’t affiliated with Klipsch in any way.
  4. Thanks for not sending it to me, I think I’ve had my fill of those. Don’t beat yourself up. Those things are a bear, even when you are used to doing them.
  5. They sent you a schematic with the kit, right? You will need to trace everything out. It sounds like the tweeter is being shorted, so start there and work backwards. Make sure none of capacitor leads are touching each other.
  6. Well, doing nothing isn’t exactly an option. Deb is my rock. I know where you’re at.
  7. Please share the link as you go out into the wilds. Craig hates charity but will just have to get over it. https://gofund.me/3a8539c7
  8. Start getting names from that group. ‘They’ also tell people there is no repair service for the old networks - which means they don’t know about Jim or me. They routinely send people to partsexpress when they don’t know what to do. There is some real irony here, but I am going to let it go.
  9. At the bottom of the page, after all of the analysis, John states: “A comparison between the round magnet frequency response simulation and square magnet is shown for Lcec =0.1mH. The model predicts that the low frequency response of the horn is extended by using the SQ magnet driver and, given the difference measured in the compliance between the two drivers, a result that should not come as a surprise. As the suspension compliance of the RD magnet driver increases over time by use (i.e. the so-called break in), the low frequency response should improve. It may also suggest that the factory response plot shown above was taken with a new, high compliance, RD magnet K33E.”
  10. Try not to over-think it. You’ll go nuts. I mean, look what happened to @John Warren https://northreadingeng.com/Klipschorn_model/basshorn_model.htm
  11. This thread/page has some measurements of the various drivers.
  12. Another user stated in another thread that Klipsch Parts said they had no K-33’s and sent them to Parts Express. You can get them here: https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-k-33-e-woofer-121501/ Klipsch only makes one model of the K-33. Current model supersedes the older model with the lower fs.
  13. Stay away from GRS. It curves terrible. Get K-33’s below. You will have to supply them with your serial numbers. https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-k-33-e-woofer-121501/
  14. Another popular mod is to shove a tennis ball in the mid-horn. j/k
  15. Apples and oranges once you use a swamping resistor and create a bandpass.
  16. Hundreds of hours of engineering went into getting that fried bacon sound just right.
  17. I have almost given up trying to get some to understand this. Really though, the aftermarket autoformers are the real culprit - since they 1) change the working inductance between the autoformer and the K-55, altering the 12dB/octave response, and 2) the attenuation levels for each tap are not exactly the same as the T2A.
  18. They can build more than an amplifier per day?
  19. Buy them. Since the backs of the AK-6 are finished, they don’t need to be seated deep into corners, just within 12” or so. If you can’t do that, can you supply them with some boundary reinforcement, say near a wall?
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