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  1. A week is about right for that capacitor type - between 10 and 20 hours. You noticed the difference in sound almost immediately, which of course makes sense because you changed the parts out. So, now you notice another change, and I know from experience that it's not exactly subtle. What makes more sense to you - something happened to effect the sound, or you "got used to it"? How is hearing a new change explained by getting used to something?
  2. I would look for someone who can write a coherent sentence or two without trying to BS you. The qualifications section is for the BS.
  3. Sorry Joe. Especially sorry that he was miserable.
  4. Another $20K and someone could be driving a nice Audi S7. This stuff just boggles the mind.
  5. I thought the LaScala sagged somewhere in that area, no?
  6. If anyone has done this, they haven't posted about it here. Internal volume between the cabinets is very close. Of course, there is a bit more to it than that. RF-7 Height, 45.8 Width, 11.6 Depth, 17.9 Weight, 94 RF-7 ii Height, 48.5 (with feet) Width, 11.6 Depth, 16.3 Weight, 87.1
  7. Deang


    The mids look like K-1132
  8. They do say you have to modify the cabinet.
  9. Interesting that Simply Speakers lists the woofer from the II and III as an acceptable replacement for the K-1089-AV. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-replacement-speaker-woofer-1064791.html or ... wait forever for some to show up on eBay.
  10. The HIII sounds much better than the HII. The upgrade kit was designed to take the II to the III. If they still have them, the part number for the kit is 1006972 You get a new tweeter, new mid/squawker driver, new woofer, and of course the crossover. The kit used to run $300 per speaker.
  11. I charged $825 shipped. $25 went to paypal and I paid almost $40 to get them from Dayton to Arizona.
  12. Even Mcintosh is in on the voodoo now. Wow.
  13. Maybe grab some Booker’s 2019-03 while you can - because once it’s gone - it’s gone forever.
  14. I saw that too, but I saw it on the Klipsch Owner's page on Facebook.
  15. Ha ha. A little bit of Piggyback today. I did some Booker's 2019-03 last night. My answers don't change, just the way I deliver them. 🙂
  16. It depends. Sensitivity higher than 105 - 106dB, and you will need an L-pad.
  17. Fully protected/hermetically sealed, film and foil in oil. Pretty fair pricing actually.
  18. @jwc Bourbon flavor chart.
  19. Yeah, I bet that's yummy. I figured it would be single barrel, but doubted that a store could pick their own barrel. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/johnmccarthy12/2017/04/04/how-to-buy-a-barrel-of-bourbon/amp/
  20. I stole this from another site: "A cap will behave like a resistor with a different resistance depending on frequency. the higher you go up in frequency, the lower the 'resistance' value of the capacitor. The cap across the woofer bypasses or shunts the higher frequencies, making the higher frequency voltages smaller. This makes less high frequency content available for the woofer."
  21. Some real marketing nonsense in that video. Only Roy makes any sense.
  22. Deang

    NFL 2019

    On another note, I belong to the Factory of Sadness, and I'm pretty sure the Rams are going to kick the shit out of us tomorrow night. Man, really need that defense to show up ...
  23. Deang

    NFL 2019

    AB is a pig. What a pos. He's done.
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