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  1. Deang's post in k-33-e vs k-33-b specs anybody have factory measured T/S data was marked as the answer   
  2. Deang's post in What can I do to upgrade my RF-3 II speakers? was marked as the answer   
    Order a new, replacement driver from Klipsch along with the crossover. The two together will probably cost just over $200 or so. The crossover will come with the terminal cup and attached binding posts. Start by getting it back to where it's supposed to be.
    Many don't understand how difficult it is to actually upgrade a driver - -it's not like you can just pick something you like better and plop it in - there are mathematical relationships, and they effect the crossover too.
    If you want improvement, replace the stock resistors with Mills non - inductive resistors and replace the two orange/red oval capacitors with some AudynPlus capacitors from www.partsexpress.com
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