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k-33-e vs k-33-b specs anybody have factory measured T/S data

The Dude

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you need to get copies of the factory measured T/S data or you may get lucky and a member has measured them and will post. i was under the impression that the newer versions has a higher Qts. Best regards Moray James.

Found this I guess I had it the wrong way around Qts around 0.31 will yield the lowest extension with the lowest possible cabinet volume.

There may well be a number of different versions as you can already see.

Name: 15162
Type: Standard one-way driver
Company: Eminence Speaker LLC
Comment: K33E
No. of Drivers = 1
Fs = 34.46 Hz
Qms = 7.39
Vas = 301.7 liters
Cms = 0.268 mm/N
Mms = 79.47 g
Rms = 2.328 kg/s
Xmax = 8.2 mm
Xmech = 12.3 mm
P-Dia = 336.6 mm
Sd = 889.6 sq.cm
P-Vd = 0.729 liters
Qes = 0.41
Re = 3.39 ohms
Le = 0.96 mH
Z = 4 ohms
BL = 11.93 Tm
Pe = 150 watts
Qts = 0.388
no = 2.903 %
1-W SPL = 96.78 dB
2.83-V SPL = 100.5 dB

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1975: Transition to The K-33-B Woofer (CTS Brownsville

TX) square magnet

• 1975? - 1979: K-33-E (Eminence) and the K-33-B were

used interchangeably. square magnet

This is why I figured the B and Es would have been the same. Only way to actually tell is to see the specs on a b, but there may not be any out there. If what Ron has is 2 square magnet k-33-E then I should be safe with the 2 I all ready have. Unless I actually have Bs in my Cornwalls which I will have to check this weekend.

If what Moray posted have the round magnet or newer then it would make since why his may have different specs.

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Bogus numbers, won't work very well in a Klipschorn.

The 15162 numbers are correct for late 70's Klipsch product.

If you enter the numbers in either Hornresp (or BassBox v6.0 for the Cornwall), the simulations agree with the actual loudspeaker.

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Ok maybe I leave out the most important part, what I am doing(sorry its just what I do). I am going to build a pair of Dana Moores Jamborees. I have a pair of Crites cast frame woofers, and the woofers in my Cornwalls. As long as the woofers in my Cornwalls are K-33-e I could just purchase Ron's pair, which ever I need another pair of something. If the k-33-b is way different then the K-33-e to the point it wouldn't work(which I would verify with Dana) I would just stick with the K-33-e, or Crites cast frame woofers. Which is more then likely what I will do.

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From the www CW1526 T/S numbers for Bob Crites replacement woofer for the K33E.

Fs - 26.3 Hz

SPL - 97 dB

Xmax - 7.15 mm

Pmax - 150 W

Re - 3.36 ohm

Vas - 506.3

Bl - 12.49

Qes - 0.27

Qms - 9.93

Qts - 0.26

I don't know what is most important of picking a driver, the 3 things that stand out to me are FS, VAS, and QTS. Only thing that comes close with Bobs are the Fs's, is this all that really matters.

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K33 67-7720 67 for Eminence as manufacturer -77 for 1977 - 20 for 20th week in 1977 production.

The K33E in your garage sale is also an Eminence made in the 34th week of 1978.

So what is the difference between the two besides when they were made and one not having the "E"?

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