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  1. Show us your great photography thread!

    Too many. 400'?
  2. Anyone do one of those DNA tests?

    My father has had the surgery twice. Can't wait...
  3. Anyone do one of those DNA tests?

    I don't even lick envelopes...
  4. Rectilinear?

    Apt descriptor...
  5. Heresy HIP w/Glass

  6. Lost at sea

  7. World Series

    I thought we spelled it with a "W."
  8. Friday Update

    The same crane that can lift 100 tons above it's head can only lift 1.5 tons at 100' from the pin.
  9. Friday Update

    Just another crane day. This time with a 100 ton crane.
  10. Wood experts - Drying 2x4 fir wood in the desert

    Can you not buy kiln dried wood where you live?
  11. These are......interesting...

    I have '73 La Scala K447 speakers. Access to the doghouse is through the top, same as these.
  12. Belle Klipsch Speakers for sale

  13. Chainsaw Question

    Having never used a power sharpener, I'll vote yes...
  14. Heresy III - $500 - Eugene, OR. - Possible Scam Warning?

    The scam is up to $600. Beware: https://eugene.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-heresy-iii-speakers/6325452251.html
  15. Cornwall CD-BR

    Photos will help determine value, as will location. BR stands for Birch Raw, although many consumers add their own finish.