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  1. It's also frustrating to be, say, on page 7 of attachments, and being sent back to page 1 after confirming the deletion. Sure would be handy to stay on the same page. Even fixing that would be progress in my book...
  2. If you're using the overhang to run the river rock into, for a finished edge, a flat bottom will give you the same result if it's the same width...
  3. Why not just have a flat bottom?
  4. Small hands?
  5. Good for you. Better for them.
  6. It would probably appreciate that. Sorry you lost a friend.
  7. Not much of a poem...
  8. 1977. Correct. Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your "new" speakers.
  9. For the time being, I'm still a fan of Portland. Vibrant city separated by only 1 hour from either the mountain(s) or the Pacific. You could start the first Del Taco franchise in the city...
  10. Retirement should be pants optional...
  11. I'm also someone that benefits from walks. Most times when I find myself in a funk, no matter how deep, I'll walk on as many consecutive days as it takes to feel better. That strategy is also why I'm somewhat of an idiot, since I usually stop walking daily once I feel better...
  12. My sister was right...
  13. I'm a fan of the Jack Handey contributor at the New Yorker.
  14. Any chance you sold root beer with floating raisins on the side of the road during the summer of '73? That photo never could be developed...