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  1. Except that's a Vanity
  2. Hey Byron - Welcome to the forum. I do still have and enjoy the Shorthorns. They cleaned up nicely and Klipsch was kind enough to provide me with what I was told to be the very last of their cane fabric.
  3. Store it upside down. You're welcome.
  4. That sounds about right to me. I'm no tax guru and this should not be construed as tax advice, but it is my limited understanding that taxes on 1099-NEC earnings will be much (+15%) higher since you are now responsible for paying both halves of the employer and employee payroll taxes that apply to wages. If, however, the income in question is sporadic (neither reliable nor periodic), it can instead be reported in box 1 on the "Other Income" line of Schedule 1, Form 1040: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1099nec.pdf
  5. Great sale price! https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/lagostina-tuscan-collection-enamel-cast-iron-dutch-oven-white-4-qt-1429673p.html
  6. These were made in the spirit of a Klipsch Shorthorn and offer a passing resemblance, but, other than that, there is nothing Klipsch about these. Not even the cabinets. But, if they sound good and you like the price...
  7. It doesn't seem unreasonable that, given the huge increase of reported cases (nearing 850,000/day) combined with the drastic shortage of 'official' testing, the daily case numbers might be low. On top of that, it is being reported that the at-home test results are not being counted, and surely there are asymptomatic people not being tested. Estimates are merely guesses, even when educated ones, but I doubt anything 'sinister' is happening here by association. My opinions, of course.
  8. The most recent information I have seen also suggested 25 hours of protection from Omicron, when one of two people is infected and both are wearing non-fit tested N95 masks. It is further suggested that protection is greatly extended if both masks are tightly sealed. This is one of the primary reasons I wear N95 masks with behind the head straps instead of behind the ear straps, since (for me) the mask can fit tightly without ear fatigue. YMMV https://www.wsj.com/articles/cloth-face-mask-omicron-11640984082
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