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  1. mungkiman

    Klipsch laser badges on e b a y $30.

    I think that particular example is a forgery...
  2. mungkiman

    What I Got Today!

    Did you flip the glass?
  3. mungkiman

    Found: Bocce Ball Set

    Different game.
  4. I have a 60" 1940's Roper Town and Country, and it's the easiest stove I've had to clean so far. Heated the whole damn house when I first hooked it up, with 12 standing pilots.
  5. mungkiman

    Nurburgring hot lap in an Ariel Atom

  6. Who knew taxes could be so complicated?
  7. Since when are solutions helpful?
  8. Does this apply to the Garage Sale section?
  9. mungkiman

    Your first?

    12 Klipschorns 34 La Scalas
  10. mungkiman

    NHL Playoffs

    Anybody see coverage of the fan (at the glass) flashing the Capitals as they skated around with the cup?
  11. mungkiman

    Klipsch Gear

  12. mungkiman

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Oh, to be a wonder twin...
  13. mungkiman


  14. mungkiman

    1988 Klipschorns (signed set)

  15. It ain't Kanye...