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  1. If you've had the same insurance company for a while, and your credit rating has improved during that time, you could be eligible for a reduced rate. At least ask them to run the numbers. I saved several hundred dollars for the same policy with the same carrier this year...
  2. He should repost them, as the listing expired...
  3. I think those were used in the KPT-684.
  4. mungkiman

    Speaker Covers

  5. Your post encouraged me to search for history on the transition between K-5-J and K-400 mid horn lenses. Apparently, that happened during both '63 and '64. My ignorant guess is that this distinction ushered in the alphabet...
  6. I've been wrong before, but isn't the K-45K a 15" driver used in the KPT series?
  7. July 29, 1955 was the last day for the four digit serials (i.e. 1811). After that the "number- letter-serial" system went into effect (2 August 1955). The first "number-letter-serial" speaker was produced on the 2nd of August 1955; that serial number was 1A812.
  8. Maybe Heathkit? http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/4931-arheathkit-as-2-double-cabinets/ What's inside could be anywhere from Altec to Knight.
  9. mungkiman

    A$$ Removal

    Lumps, apparently...
  10. He was in the sweet spot, apparently...
  11. Using another metric, my property taxes are almost 1% of the (perceived) property value. Portland, OR.
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