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  1. You might enjoy a free (when I downloaded it) smartphone app called Starlight.
  2. mungkiman


    If you right click on the gif in the new tab, you can select loop.
  3. Here's your chance: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Medura-21-Klipsch-Inspired-V2-La-Scala-Mini-Stereo-Set-Handcrafted-in-USA/264960091391?hash=item3db0da24ff:g:5VsAAOSw2sRfxoC2 Or in black: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Medura-22-Klipsch-Inspired-V2-La-Scala-Mini-Stereo-Set-Handcrafted-In-Maryland/264956363023?hash=item3db0a1410f:g:gmEAAOSwDXlfxnr9
  4. You could always take up sewing...
  5. I don't see it pictured at the link provided. There is a photo of the "rock" speakers but not of the Shorthorn, at least not that I can find.
  6. It will be interesting to see whether masks will be required for attending movies in the (near) future.
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