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  1. mungkiman


    Here's a guess...
  2. https://nyti.ms/3dsSjx4
  3. Apparently, Poland makes a 192 proof vodka, Spirytus https://drizly.com/liquor/vodka/stawski-luksusowy-192-proof-spirytus/p68164
  4. mungkiman

    Corona Virus

    21 people per square mile is 20 people too many...
  5. mungkiman

    Friday Update

    Getting closer... Happy Friday.
  6. If you've had the same insurance company for a while, and your credit rating has improved during that time, you could be eligible for a reduced rate. At least ask them to run the numbers. I saved several hundred dollars for the same policy with the same carrier this year...
  7. He should repost them, as the listing expired...
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