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  1. 2 questions I would ask the seller. Was it the deluxe rebuild and how is the volume/power switch. The deluxe rebuild will allow for quick easy bias adjustments and the 222c I had, had a volume switch going out. The volume switch issue is why I sold it. Would love to have one again, but just dropped coin on a music festival this last weekend.
  2. I was at a concert this Saturday and wasn't able to watch. Last update was beginning of second quarter at 0-0, I thought my Huskers had a chance. These Huskers are getting close, however, it may not be close enough for a bowl game if they don't' get it together. It may be the end for Frost if they don't, but we'll see.
  3. Looking at the specs and capabilities, for $1300, that Integra DRX-3.4 is no slouch. Going to wait and see what updates the bring with a newer PRE/PRO as it appears that the current model doesn't offer Direct.
  4. The last paragraph answers my question, guess I should try that reading thing more often.
  5. Wouldn't those all technically be considered Klipsch products? May have to consider something from the Integra line when the main system needs updated.
  6. Check on Room Acoustics: Absorption, Diffusion, and Soundproofing on Facebook. Lots of info on there.
  7. The Dude

    Slow Forum

    When posting a few minutes ago the "saving" part of the post seemed to have been frozen for some time. Eventually the post saved and posted.
  8. Run to Costco, get you 2-3 maybe 4 of these https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2021/09/costcos-beer-advent-calendar-is-back-for-2021/ Have a beer daily, once the Jubilees arrive, finish off the remaining beer for the Jubilee you've been waiting for.
  9. I've got 2x4 horizontal blocking going up the wall at at either 12 or 18 inches going out about 4' from the corner. Both front and side walls are covered with 1/2" osb and 1/2" drywall. I didn't have a way to test before and after, so can't confirm the difference it made.
  10. Mike, I will give these a chance and have subscribed. As I have the attention span of a gold fish, I am curious if these are long and drawn out or quick tips that can be read in a couple of minutes. Room acoustics and treatments is something I would like to tackle this winter. I have been watching and trying to learn as much as possible. Some of the theories seem basic, but some seem to get over my head. At times I wish I could pay someone to come in my room and tell be what I need to build and where to put it for optimal use. Thanks for taking the time to continue this discussion.
  11. I would request pictures of the data tag to ensure they are not B-stock. If they are, I bet one could do better as far as pricing goes. Just a thought for anyone looking. If they are A stock, then not a bad price.
  12. You could also look for a Klipsch KLF-C7 or Academy. Both have been known to work well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284441476935?hash=item423a087f47:g:jLcAAOSwPkthNovw https://www.ebay.com/itm/304141449321?hash=item46d03e3869:g:wdMAAOSwT5dhItFL
  13. Not a bad price, whish I had the extra cash right now as this is something I am looking for...maybe someday. GLWS.
  14. I can tell you that this wasn't for a Klipsch crossover. So if he advertises that he uses sonicaps for THEIR crossovers, then they should have here as well or at least been up front about why they didn't..
  15. If I tell a customer that I am putting brand A in for a part, it better be brand A. If not, it better be explained and pricing re negotiated, I don't care if works. It sounds as they miscommunicated that these networks will use a different brand of components and why the price increase for Sonicaps.
  16. First pair of Klipsch I owned is a pair from 79' in BB with a walnut stain that I paid $350 for. Unfortunately they were dropped on their way from Seattle to Omaha, so both of them have corners that are dented in the back. Replaced the caps with Sonicaps, swapped out the black grills with some burlap, and add some angled risers from Crites. I have plans to refinish them, but for now they are daily drivers in my office. I was fortunate enough to purchase a third Heresy from the same year and only a few serial numbers off, paid $150 with shipping from Davenport IA. That single is being used as my center channel between 2 Cornwall IVs (used to be Cornwall Is from 81). I've always said Heresy's for the right price are hard to beat.
  17. Check out the niles apc- 2 and ac-3. The apc is a current sensing switch and the ac3 is a 12 volt trigger. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  18. Sorry, re read your post and if I understand, you are asking if you can use the zone 2 pres for your rear surrounds? Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  19. I had the 515. Had zone 2 pre outs that I used connected to an amp, worked great. I know my Integra has the option to use either pre outs or rear surround as zone 2. Both options worked great, I think you should be fine. Any chance to get a picture of the back side? Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  20. That's not apples to apples and you know it. You are comparing b stock 3s to a stock 4s with updates and you stated 2 years ago. Lets be real and provide facts. I purchased B stock 4s this year for not much more than your 3s.
  21. Wow, good to see PSG around, haven't seen you here in minute. I always enjoyed reading about you room. Hope you are doing well.
  22. I couldn't get on Friday or Saturday, didn't check yesterday, but this is the first I was able to. I was beginning to think there was a new secret handshake that I missed out on.
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