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    Hz so good.

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    • Sp what sort of libation, if any, did PWK drink?  I recall Tony gave him some Irish whiskey, as seen on the museum site.  Bush?  
    • The RP-402S would make a fine surround speaker.  This is the type of speaker most people would use for a side surround since it doesn't fire directly into your ear.     There are two basic types of center speakers, the MTM Mid-Woofer-Mid, also known as a D'Apolito design.  It's placed on its side usually because it goes under a TV where there isn't much space.  The Klipsch uses four woofers in a MMTMM configuration.  The extra two woofers give it more off-axis sound.  The extra two woofers are typically more efficient so you don't need as much power as an MTM design.   If you want to see what Klipsch speakers can do you will want them as L/C/R, Left Center Right.  You can use Klipsch speakers as side surrounds and rear surrounds but they won't give you that "wow" factor like the L/C/R will.   Get the best center speaker you can afford, then put similar sounding L/R speakers.  The best Klipsch has to offer for Home Theater is the RF-7 III and the RC-64 III.  These will "wow" you.   If you can go with the Reference Premier (RP) these will also give you that "wow" factor at a reduced price over the RF series.   I hope that helps.   Welcome to the Klipsch Forums.  -Dave
    • Happy Fathers Day Gents!
    • Send me a list of list of Alan Parsons ,,Supertramp,Ponk Floyd  
    • I will summon @dirtmudd for the Prog albums 
    • I am finishing off my Jazz weekend with another classic album  Great Sunday evening spinning ( AU time )    Live at the club ( but I have that read the venue was actually at the capital studios in LA in front of an invited live audience )    A lively and enjoyable jazz album that puts a smile on your face just by listening to it    Artist - Cannonball Adderley  Title - Mercy Mercy Mercy    
    • I have a friend that claims that he and his wife were having a hard time conceiving a child and so they went to this clinic. Nurse ratchet handed him a cup and said she needed a sample and pointed at a room. He went in there and said he looked around for some motivation and couldn’t find any. He was in there a while, came out and handed the cup to nurse ratchet and she took it, looked in it, and said, “I wanted a urine sample”.
    • remember what show it was?   maybe it got cool after i moved?  it’s definitely NOT a food city.  i couldn’t handle the isolation -- my brother’s illness just sped up the departure. glad you’re on the mend.  i was a week away from shoulder surgery when i had a bad asthma attack. doc gave me prednisone and it got rid of the inflammation in my shoulder, first time in a year i could lift my arm above my shoulder -- so i cancelled the surgery.
    • Grandma took three fingers of water for her highball.  She’d only have one or two.  
    • the DJK (RIP) vented La Scala mod if adding about 2 cubic foot to the back chamber and tuning to ~33Hz should look pretty much like the sim below.  A final qts of ~0.31 for the woofer after inductor DCR and amplifier source impedance are factored would fit the 6th order reflex treatment closer.  
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