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    • Hey there guys looking at possibly getting some atmos speakers to go with my system. My current system is RF7iii's and rc64iii up front with an Emotova XPA3 running them. Running RS62ii's for side surrounds off of a denon 4400h. And a SVS pb13 ultra. Now I am currently looking at possibly adding just the fronts for now since I dont have a wall in the rear and dont want to hang them either. Later on I will get rears if needed. So my question is is it worth going with a pair of Atmos speakers up front? I was looking at either the r-41sa or the rp500sa. Looks like between the 2 the 500's are the better speaker. But any opinions would be awesome. Thanks as always.
    • Not sure if I have presented this album before  Still testing the Puffins new Beta firmware    On first impressions by looking at the cover, one would think it is a classical record  This record has been given in parts an interlaced Prog treatment and it’s one I would highly recommend to all following this thread to have a listen  Love the horn speakers on the cover 😎 Artist - Andrew Lloyd Webber  Title - Variations   My album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Andrew-Lloyd-Webber-Variations/release/1971920
    • BTW with the PDF you have the basic parts needed.  The transformer is from Avel Lindberg. The chassis was eBay.  You can find a lot of great examples.  The caps were mouser or parts express. The outlets. Keep it basic.  Homedepot. 
    • I have the deep core and the Equicore. The deep core paired with equicore with 6 Hubble duplex outlets are the for the source/pre. The deep core can vary the impedance between neutral and hot and stoped dc. I can’t hear the difference but a reviewer I trust swears buy it. The pair of deep core+ equicore is my front end duty setup for Quietest a operation. The power amps are into a equicore to.  It’s a 15amp version of what I’ve been using. I did add an emi/tif filter to each but that’s me being anal retentive and overkill.  
    • I have the old fashioned budgie, works pdg.
    • Testing the main new firmware features of the Puffin phono amp on Jon Anderson’s LP  And on the next album that will be posted soon    Lets start with  Grade - it is a vinyl grading system while playing the record  So the software takes in all variables and displays the result in real time    This album was rated at A but on occasion it fluctuated from B+ to A  On Discogs I rated it as VG+ — so I was pretty good on a visual and playback check  ** Although you may get a lower rating on albums - it may just mean that the record needs a good deep clean    Magic - this is a pop and crackle minimiser that only activates when a pop is detected and reverts back to normal  This means that turning on the feature does not mute the record in it’s entirety    On this record I have very few pops and then only in between tracks  In my listening - the magic feature reduces the loudness of pops so it’s not distracting to the ear  So in that context - I found that it works as described by Parks Audio   
    • FWIW.  You may recall the old trick for removing candle wax from a table cloth. Put down a brown paper bag material and apply a clothes iron.   WMcD    
    • That Puffin just keeps sounding better and better!  Thanks for that Paul.   The more I listen to this the deeper it draws me.  Been a long time since that has happened.  Put together so darn well in EVERY way!  Always great to see any artist reach another level in a package of their work.      
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