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    • I did not want to anticipate, but exactly what I thought is now visible. When the drawer is extended with the weight of the Dual tt, this construction loses its stability. I would reconsider this
    • Execution is not perfect, but it came togehther well enough. If I pull the board all the way out it will hang quite a bit. For spinning, half way out is just fine, all out is for tinkering purposes.      
    • Sorry but, definition of a (hardheaded) bonehead? 🤲 😉
    • Today , 3rd.of october , we celebrate the 33rd. anniversary from the german re-unification . Time to say again " Thank you to our alley The untited states of America " and especially Ronald Reagan with his historical speech " tear down this wall " in Berlin  
    • How much for just the amp? Don’t need a preamp.        
    • [Continued from previous  post] Cinerama in our theater (Smilebox)   Looking toward the back wall. My wife built the diffusors, and eagerly put them up, along with shelves, absorbers, etc., and solved many  problems.  For a few films from the magnetic era I sit at the desk behind the couch so I can fluidly ride the Volume control to put back the orchestral and effects dynamics they compressed out, e.g., the ship splintering in Ben-Hur (1959, 70mm and 6 channel ultra dynamic stereo in a 70mm theater), and the music in several places, when they mastered the dialog too high, or the music & effects too low.  The volume control manipulations can’t be seen on screen. The Right Font corner. Looking down the right wall.  [ran into the 2MB limit again, I guess we don't need the left wall            
    • Here is Gary’s and Annie’s Music Room/Library/Home Theater.  Captions are below each picture.  The room is 25 ft by 16+. wide, with a sloped ceiling, highest in the rear, that averages 10 ft.   Full range Audyssey took out a few peaks, and we love the clarity, the convincing tonality, the clean transients, and the effortless, wide, dynamic range.  We think our sound closely resembles the character of the orchestras we have listened to “live.” Entering.   Annie and I deliberately did not fill the shelves with books, but put art objects and artifacts on them to provide diffusion and slight absorption.     The front wall.  The wall is covered in fabric, and hides the center channel speaker, which is a modified Belle Klipsch which is flush mounted in a bump-out sticking out of the other side of the wall.  Flush mounting gains us 1 to 3 dB in the bass, and some bass extension, as well.  It is a good timbre match above the 40 Hz Audyssey measurement says is the  F3. The Belle is raised so that the tweeter is the same height as those in the Khorns.  We put stock upgrades in the Khorns; they have the same guts as ones made in 2018.  The fabric on the wall is acoustically transparent, as is the projection screen.  With both fabrics in the way, we get about -1.75 dB at 16K.  Audyssey compensates for that.  The bump-out also contains a subwoofer, and quite a few diffusers.     The front wall with the 130" wide (not diagonal) AT screen down.  The screen height is such that someone with tri-focals can see the whole image through the tops of their glasses. Screen shot from the Main Viewing Position.  This is what Panavision & CinemaScope look like. [continued on next series I post -- ran into the 2MB maximum]
    • That is one point or there can be some DC/AC unbalance on AC side. It increases mechanical humm. In this case DC-Blocker circuit could be used. Some don't recommend this for power or integrated amplifiers.
    • All capacitors have some tolerance, for bipolar electrolytic it could be 5% or 10% or even more (depends on brand and model, check datasheet). So even if you buy 100uF you can end up with 90uF or 110uF. Not sure if there is a point for investing in MKT or MKP for woofer but if you can afford it then there should be nothing wrong with this. You can also parallel electronical caps (or any other) to lower ESR. So if you combine 3x33uF you will get around 99uF and 3x less est than with single cap. If you will be lucky then with 6x33uF and precise meter you will get two equal pairs. But I would not be worry on few % differences. Drivers alone are slightly different too so anyway you never know how you will end without precise measurements, and I did not heard on any speakers that have non symmetrical crossovers.  
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