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    • It really varies from person to person on whether direct firing is better or not.  Obviously, you have direct firing currently. What do you feel is missing in your current surrounds?   Additionally, are you wall mounting the surrounds, or will they go on stands?
    • 1/4 pie a la mode sounds good to me.  
    • Took this one at our high school football game tonight.  
    • Exactly! Marantz, Mac, Sansui?   HB
    • No amount of debate is going to sway anyone's opinion here. Clearly there is more than one way to build a crossover that works.   My preference is an adjustable passive, I like ALK crossovers. Chris A is all about actives ( I have done it, It works!)  Time alignment has it's benefits, it's just more gear than I want to work with. Mikebse2a3 prefers a minimalist design. We have all heard them, they work.   All of these crossovers can sound really good if set up properly!   Can we all agree that Klipsch speakers are awesome regardless of crossover topology?   HB
    • Nice equipment but too rich for my blood.  Best wishes with the sale.
    • Hello, a few months ago I joined when I bought a set of SK horns for $300 that are awesome, but not perfect since they were built in 1972 and the parts are old but work well none the less.   I have decided to sell them and and with the new money I have a much wider variety of options here.    I would like to know the order of the speaker line.  I know the K horn is awesome and more awesome when they are in corners or have backs on them.   I am thinking about either some Altec Lansings locally or Cornwalls.   Please expain the differences between the versions of cornwalls to me.     Are the Cornwalls next in line in the Klipsch family?     Thank you,
    • Good Friday evening gang   I hope everyone's day/evening is better than mine, because mine went south just after i posted here this morning.   Wife drove a couple miles down to do her "River Walk" nature thing, i get a phone call from her telling me im taking her to Kaiser as soon as she arrives home. this i did. She stepped/Slipped on a wet rock, broken wrist in 6 places Nothing like the experience of an emergency room for 9 hours.....waiting.....   She is good to go now with pain meds and chicken soup.   Should have followed the Band to Portland, we had NO reason to come home. Next time we do just that.
    • $1550 for P17Bs, $360 for R-28Fs, $230 for Academy, $200 for KTDS, $475 for Bowers CM5, $0 for AR215PS... The latter two won't be in use until after moving. So coming in just south of 2500 now, gonna go up as I add subs, a pair of diy speakers, and utilize a second/third system in the future