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    Hz so good.

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    • Unless yours will breake too:)   Any way mine arrived. Didn't hand a time to unpack it. But if it will confirm it's value, I'll probably buy 3 more.
    • I have a burnt board and cannot identify the resistors needed to repair it. Are there any photos or available schematics that have been shared? 
    • Medium format should give you more dynamic range in photos.
    • Is the amps still available?
    • I've found B&H normally the best for new with KEH the best for used equipment.  It's their mainline business. I'd put Robert's Camera Used Photo Pro https://usedphotopro.com/ right after KEH with Adorama and B&H behind them for used. There's also MPB camera https://www.mpb.com/en-us but I haven't used them enough to rank them yet.   I buy used with complete confidence from KEH or Roberts but make sure I read the Adorama and B&H ads and terms Very carefully.
    • I just remembered something  My recollection is that he was Jewish and he sang about Jesus 
    • Let's see what is going on.  How large is the room, what amp and processor with inputs available, is this for 2 ch , movies or both.  There is nothing magical about a XO point because it depends on how the system will be used.  My speakers go down into the 40's but, the XO is at 120. That is high and some subwoofers will be audible and localized. Then why set the xo so high. It is system dependent.  The sub is an 8 in. Klipsch and the speakers are Focal Aria.   Bass management is the right question to ask.  It is based or room size, seating distance , material source and genre (music vs movies or both). For good recommendations, more info.
    • But North Bay, CA, not Twin Lakes, WI.   And Vintage, at realistic current market value.   Also, OP lost his shirt before, this won't happen again.   And undisclosed previous owner who knew more than you.   Also analog, not the digital crap you listen to.   And OP has heard audio his whole life, so he knows more than you about these things.   Plus you're not a real Klipsch fan from back in the day....
    • I owned the Forte I and RF 7 I and II.  They were very comparable and may not be a good companions except for their purpose. The RF 7 is very versatile.  It is great with music and movies. The Forte can be used for movies but, the Heritage speakers are more design for 2 ch. listening.    I used both speakers with 12=200 watts amps, tub, Class D, Class A, Class A/B and no real different in enjoyment.  Don't buy speaker without listening if possible based on public polls.  This is an election year, lol.   Heritage and Reference speakers have their fans and it comes down to choice.  The main difference is in the midrange.  The RF 7's are closer to ear height and will have more body in the midrage and less dominant bass with the forte but, the midrange will be more on display.  Our hearing is geared toward the midrange but, music like body that the RF 7's deliver.     I eventually chose the RF 7 II over the Forte and sold them do to space. Still wish I had both.
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