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    • Thanks Chuck and Steve.  My wife just sent me a picture of the incision this morning.  It'll make your stomach turn.  We're still waiting to hear back from the Drs. office.
    • Drive 100 mph on the interstate (with the right conditions Ex: traffic, road, experience, machinery, etc) and I don't care. Drive 10 mph over posted limit in a residential (or equivalent) and one should suffer a triple fine.
    • I'm sending a well-wish to Amy, Carl. I hope your day at work went well, too. SSH
    • Not into tailgating. Because I don't know what's their hurry, I usually look for a place to let them pass.  I did some work in Texas, more than once. It was the first time that, on a 2 lane road with a shoulder, people would ease over and drive on the shoulder to let someone pass. Not sure if that courtesy is still practiced there, but it never caught on here. 
    • Carl, I can't put a 'like' on your posts about Amy, but I'll put her in my prayers. Blessings. Chuck
    • I have not heard from folks, so these bass bins are still up for grabs.  These are going to be perfect for someone. 
    • 85 db 'average' measured how, and over how long of time span?    I'd probably be a good candidate for tube amps. I rarely utilize a watt I suppose.    You can tell a sound man's car, it's the one with the stereo turned OFF on a Sunday morning after shows. We relish silence. As I sit here typing this on a quiet Thursday morning when you'd think I'd be enjoying my music on one of many stereos throughout the house - it's dead silent here.    Yeah, I need to sell some stuff.... 
    • Yesterday I got most of the paining done and I am really happy with the results. I sprayed the bottom with truck bed liner for added scratch protection but did not like the look of the texture on top of the fiberglass. Its hard to see in the photos but it looks kind of like lizard skin. So instead I just went with Satin Black enamel and really like how it cleaned up the cab.   Here is the cab masked off to spray the bottom:       Once the bottom dried I sprayed the grill and rest of the cab with the black paint.       Pro tip- The rattle can spray gun is a game changer. The paint flows much smoother and you wont wear out your pointer finger after a few passes:     Also get one of these. They are about $30 but its money well spent. I can paint all day and not smell a thing. In fact, you forget that paint even smells until you take it off and get nuked with fumes.           I am going to route the new motorboard plate today with the duplicator bit and get that painted. The polished trim is going on as well and maybe the driver installation. My Parts Express order with the new caps and chip amp etc is coming this Saturday so I am definitely going to get the soldering iron fired up and hopefully have the project done and rocking by Sunday. I think I am going to get one of those red rider wagons to put it on and walk around town with a Slurpee.   
    •     oh now there's a CAPITAL idea!  never thought of that.  that's friggin' awesome