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    Hz so good.

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    • My choice would be Cornwalls or LaScalas and a diy sub. 
    • I am girly with coffee also, at the very least one Truvia pack (has to be a little sweet) and preferably a little hazelnut creamer. No black cowboy coffee for me.    Restaurant work ? A guess with the food things you post.
    • That should be fun.   Good luck.
    • No it's the other way around, but then you can't burn my coins. I don't have money, just friends who want me to come see them when they are doing fun things.    If I had money I would move up to the Oregon area and just hang, oh wait 
    • I think he would have the same problem almost anywhere, Ron White was right, "you can't fix stupid". 
    • True, unless you can steal some ?  Really it can easily get better, you really need to find some to listen to for yourself, it might take a while but also listen to other speakers, Cornwall's, LaScala's and some of the newer reference speakers, anything model you can. You will know when you hear it............but it can still get better so the more you listen to the better off you are, it's cheaper than jumping through different models to find what you want. 
    •     Oh great, now I'm getting wpc envy, thanks, I'm to embarrassed to even talk about my puny little wpc now.     Clipping, unless you're filling a warehouse I think your way past having that part covered, either one of you.    One day I might try more power, but I would first have to fix the china cabinet in the back corner 34' away, it wants to sing along with different frequency levels when the volume really goes up, it mostly stops when you open the doors for some reason. So if the doors are open you know what's going to happen.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 years ago you could not talk about this stuff here, times sure have changed for the better. For those who were not here, trust me, jubes were the black sheep of the family to put it mildly.  This now makes happy new jube owners that much better to see, it's happening, just like people who originally heard them knew it would, if more people would just listen to them. 
    • This will give you a rough idea of what weather chances are in your area.   https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/news/ready-set-eclipse
    • Chicago Heights?  You are way north.  Here is an interactive map that will show you how far south you need to go.   http://xjubier.free.fr/en/site_pages/solar_eclipses/TSE_2017_GoogleMapFull.html
    • AA crossovers too, it makes it easier to recap or swap in ALK universals, etc.