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    Hz so good.

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    • there were 2  brands of amps  in the Lascala  ,  the Rodgers and the Allen mono 100wpc used in Churches , in both cases , PWK must have given his approval -    
    • The purple is positive, the blue is negative. I respectfully suggest you get a friend to label this for you, may save you some frustration.
    • While I have the greatest respect for PWK., and his many contributions to audio. The fact is,  he was in business to sell products. In business, if one desires to stay in business the cost to produce a product is ALWAYS a paramount concern. That being the case,  it is no secret that Klipsch,  has and still does select products on the basis of meeting both COST and PERFORMANCE. No one at Klipsch or VOXX or ? could possibly know my desired parameters, my room situation, my system components. Therefore NONE of them could possibly KNOWINGLY install an amp on my behalf. Its that simple, what someone may have done in the past to please themselves, has ZERO BEARING on the TOPIC at hand
    • The K401 midrange mouth is too small, that's the root cause, and the topic has been discussed in this forum for years. This is why the Jubilee uses a much larger midrange horn. 
    • Rogers Organ did the added power amplifiers
    • PH had highest new COVID-19 cases in Southeast Asia during surge — ex DOH chief The Philippines had the highest number of daily confirmed new COVID-19 cases in Southeast Asia during its recent surge of coronavirus infections attributed partly to the more transmissible SARS-CoV-2 variants, former Health Secretary Dr. Esperanza Cabral said Saturday. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1429072/ph-had-highest-new-covid-19-cases-in-southeast-asia-during-surge-ex-doh-chief    
    • Looking For A Bed For Daddy Lolo: Inside The Philippines' COVID Crisis Eighty-year-old Nardo Samson, a retired policeman, lay dying in the back of a makeshift ambulance. It was nearly Easter. A surge in coronavirus cases triggered yet another lockdown in the capital Manila, where a confusing patchwork of quarantines to contain the virus persists. His family's race to save him is part of a larger tableau of the pandemic in the Philippines. Relatives desperate to save a critically ill loved one are left to fend for themselves https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/05/07/994187886/looking-for-a-bed-for-daddy-lolo-inside-the-philippines-covid-crisis
    • https://data-bass.ipbhost.com/topic/742-riccis-skram-subwoofer-files/
    • The Cary SLI-80 signature will sound slow and lush. The Line Magnetic 518i I had at the time whipped it soundly. I'd look elsewhere if I were you.   Shakey    
    • As you know a lot of great amps out there. One of my amps is a Will Vincent ST70 IMHO it will bring your speakers up about 4 notches, Clean highs no harshness Huge mids with excellent deep Bass.  I can listen for hours on end. Just my two cents Rich
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