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    Talk about Klipsch Home Theater products and setups including Floorstanders, Bookshelf Speakers, Soundbars and more here!

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    Scratch that "low-end itch" with talk about subwoofers of all types.
    Hz so good.

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    Talk about our KMC Music Systems, Portable Systems, Computer Speakers and legacy iPod speakers here.

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    Talk about that sweet warm tube sound.

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    Solid-state ONLY posts here please. Keep that tube stuff to that "other" subforum. ;-)

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    • Thanks for the ideas! Crites doesn’t have them.
    • "Q:  How about break in time for drivers or new driver diaphragms? A:  Yes, and depends on the size of the driver.  Tweeter diaphragm probably break-in at a matter of seconds.  They are very low mass and move very little, so any break in would happen almost instantly.  Probably happened when the factory tested the diaphragm after manufacture. Midrange are a bit bigger and have a bit more mass.  Break-in is probably on the order of minutes with these. Woofers would take the longest.  I think that break-in on a 12 to 15 inch woofer would be less than an hour played at pretty good volume using music with a lot of low frequency content."   -Bob Crites   
    • That she is!  Have to dig some of her stuff out.  Was going to when you mentioned it the other day cause it's been a while.  Actually perfect for her.  She's good looking but she's a crooner not a singer.  Ya can't croon, sway, roll your eyes cause ur up there and no you sound good but really sound like crap to the gang ya know.  This has been brewing for about 4 years with her and we've talked about it and I always get an "I know."  She found out llast night.  When I rolled out this morning I wondered if I did the right thing.  Yea, maybe, maybe not but everyone there knows me.  2 minutes into it I blew a gasket.  Not sufferin anymore.  Lead guitar's son's biirthday so Gary was spot on, Scotty the bassman has toured w/Foghat and several other name bands so all it took for him was a full water glass full of Crown Royal    SHOWTIME for the gang.  Then her walking back up to sing and finish out the night after she butchered a couple number's earlier in front of 100 locals????  Done, time to break the news to her.  hahaha
    • Getting psyched already, the vid is a year old, players are currently relevant. Semifinals end with our game tonight probably.  Scorpions: Great band for a team-fight-song!      
    • Back when I had hbo I tried to watch it but only made it through a couple episodes for some reason. That one didn't "reel me in" like the other did. Heck after three or four episodes, the strings opening the show started to choke me up. The old soldiers commenting on the storyline had a lot to do with that too. I had relatives I never knew that were over there and did not come back. Heard stories of them as a kid.    
    • Have You seen "The Pacific"?
    • Coffee is a brewin and Imma movin.  "A New day is comng, sunny and bright..."  Won't be long and gonna kick off the weekend here in the hood.  Just for you two!  😂   A man's gotta do what he's gotta do @MicroMara!  Toodles brother! 
    • The "Band of Brothers" was my favorite war movie until "Saving Private Ryan" came out. Haven't been able to decide since. The episode that dealt with that battle siege was heart wrenching.
    • early afternoon here , 5 pm . Just finished some RCA Cableworks for some HiFi friends ...I´ll mean 4 Pair I had to built. However , weather isn´t that good here, windy , cloudy , too cold, gonna take a rest now and see you later .
    • True, but arguing about what other people cannot hear is futile, or hubris. I am willing to comment only on what I can or cannot hear myself. I am sometimes amazed by what others can verifiably hear ... and I have, on rare occasions, been able to similarly amaze others with what I could verifiably hear. Often it boils down to knowing what to listen for.
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