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    • Curious, how much you sell it for? I never see any of these post when I'm looking for speakers

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    • I was wiped by 9PM last night and quietly disappeared for bed. We had quite a storm last night - woke up around 6:30AM and headed back home. One definitely misses part of the experience by only showing up for one day, but it was great to see everyone again, experience the evolution of the event, and to continue sharing my family with everyone. Big thanks to everybody for being so gracious and interactive with my 5yr old Adelaide - she had a blast and it was fun to watch all of you interact with her.   I packed up the camera gear before the live music kicked off, but here's my view of the day yesterday..                                                
    • Weather was great.... Rain, wind, lightning, and thunder were impressive.   This is one of the best pilgrimages in a while. Klipsch, KHMA, Christy, and Rodney did a hell of a job.   My favorite will always be the first I attended when Tony Reed just called us all together to meet at the museum and Trey got us tours etc. Amy Unger said hey we can't stop you from showing up but we can't promise or sanction anything... lol It was great fun. Thanks Tony. Thanks Trey.
    • Hi friends   I have a friend who is looking for a rc-64 cherry to go with his rf-63. Location Detroit area. Thanks.
    • http://www.klipsch.com/products/chorus-floorstanding-speaker
    •  The grills can't come off of the front on vertical cornwall's .
    • Greetings to all! Mark, I have been doing a little spinning and even visited the BS forum, a little bit so far. Posting here at times as per usual, which seem to come in spurts. Cheers to you and all my Irish friends. Missing my Stout, Dark, and Harp lately, so will have to remedy that. Looked back to my last offerings here, and have not found much to cause me remorse, when I imbided a bit the other evening. Of course, granted, I may not gone far enough toward the rear, as in retreat, Communication, at least for me, can be challenging at times giving a good back in forth, even for members I am more familiar with. To those and others I offer, no offense meant, and likely none taken. Speaking of retreat, I thought of the beginning of this now famous movie's opening, of which I may have only seen over the years maybe only twice. What with the convenience of Netflix, I am now watching yet again, along with Saul, of course.: