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  1. What a shame! Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  2. I usually run my speakers in the short wall. I would try them on the long wall and see how you like them. I have a friend that has 3 La Scalas in a room have the size of yours and they sound great. You are going to love them! Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  3. That is one of the options I want to try...another is 3/8" of both. Sent from my SM-G985F using Tapatalk
  4. I received some prekerfed 1/4" from amazon the other day, and I put it in the new jig...it appears to be much easier to get exactly the same as the jig is when bent. I can actually press it by hand fair,y easily to get it perfect, where as the 3/8" needs to be clamped very tight to get it perfect. We will see how it goes later this month when I start forming them. Cost wise for someone who doesnt have the ability to kerf the mdf...the preferfed is about $100 for enough to make 2 horns 1/4" thick. This time we are going to try Bondo in the kerfs. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  5. I am going to try a experiment with my Mini MEHs. I am planning to try different thicknesses of material. I have 3/8" Birch plywood, 3/8" MDF, and 1/4" MDF. I might go as thick as 3/4" thick to see if the horn thickness makes a difference. All testing will be with REW only. I do not have a accelerator like he had. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  6. I have thought about that, as I could then put my compression driver amp below the speakers too. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  7. My room is 19' wide and with them angled in to where they are aimed right at my ears...center image is right on the money and the sound stage extends to the sides of the MLP. So I have about a 180 degree soundstage... I like it because you are emmerced into the music. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  8. Can't say as I built my MEHs to be that way to fit in the corners and be floorstanding (I wish I wolud have made them taller so the horn throat would be lined up with my ears though). My Center is the normal way, but it is mounted on a short stand that angles it upward to the mlp. Here is a pic of one next to my acoustic panel. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  9. I am able to get mine a few inches from my corner bass traps by running mine on their sides. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  10. Are they the ev dh1as kr dh2? Your post says dh2 but the thread says dh1. My friend is running the ev dh1as in some ev horns that I believe are the 940s... he crosses over at 500hz to his La Scala bass bins as I recall. They run up to about 17k, and he runs I think a 10db shelf around 12k. I can contact him and get the specifics if you like. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  11. PM me your email.. I have it on my hdd. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks, I made a quick one out of bendable 1/8" plywood, and it worked...I am making a jig that when the 2 square sides are in it... I will be able to trace out the other 2 sides to cut the angle (To be sure.) I hope to be that far by the end of the month. I just got some 2'x4' prekerfed wood off of Amazon, and it appears to be perfect for making the horns. I can try out a 1/4" horn and keep adding layers until I have the thickness I want. I also am making a new jig that was cut on a CNC so my curves will be much closer to perfect. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
  13. I think he is trying to put them end to end. Sent from my SM-G985F using Tapatalk
  14. No duty on items under $200 to the USA as I recall.
  15. I built some Icepower amps...way overkill in power, but not too expensive and sound great for the money. The amp cases are all Chinese ebay cases. The 2 big ones are Krell ksa clone cases. Sent from my SM-G985F using Tapatalk
  16. Sorry, but no...in my last setup we never did a before acoustic treatment measurement, and in my current setup we will be, but currently my system is still down while I am rebuilding the amps, and configuring the speakers for one amp per woofer. I hope to have the amps done soon.
  17. You could always take orders from the forum and ship them.
  18. In my last house I used the mirror trick and did my first reflection points for the side walls and the ceiling with 4" of Roxul R60. We also put 2" Roxul on the front wall, and had a bass trap in all 4 corners and the rear wall with Roxul R90...it was right on the edge of being too dead. I had a friend of a friend over 1 night and we listened to Steely Dan Aja and he said it was the best he had ever heard outside of the studio. He was a musician and also had his own studio...plus he was in the Studio when Steely Dan recorded Aja. We really loved that old 2 car garage room in a room build. Now i have a room that will be impossible for me to ever get to sound the same, but at the same time the cubic feet dimensions are 4 times larger, and walls, ceiling and floor are all concrete, windows, and marble. I def have a much livelier presentation that sounds like a club, now. Hopefully I will be able to get the reflections down more with my panels and rugs...we will see when I tune again.
  19. Reserved for future progress
  20. Step 2 I brought the wood to a friends shop and he cut the pieces to the exact size needed and squared them up for me. Next he showed me how to use the saw to cut the kerfs and demoed some cuts for me. Several hours later I had one sheet of 3/8" Baltic Birch plywood cut into 8 pieces and kerfed. Next I had my friend cut me some templates from the modeled piece I had made. I know now that we should have used both halves of the cut as I will explain later. When I got home I made the jig and stupidly installed the pieces in a couple of inches thinking it would give better clamp clearance when in fact what it did was create a bow in the horn side! I then made a couple more pieces and installed them at the edges. I clamped up a horn piece and everything went well, until I went to glue the kerfs and notice I could not get into glue very well due to all the clamps required. I then decided I needed a top portion to due the clamping properly and have good access. This is where I needed to have the exact pieces that would have been the 2nd side of the template cuts. I tried my best, but my cutting was not quite as good as I wanted so I made the jig anyway and used some scraps to shim the top part to get as perfect as possible for the bottom jig. It is about a fingernail thickness off at some points and perfect on the rest. Now the next part is to make the horn thicker. Originally I was going to use Rocker prekerfed MDF and UPS managed to destroy or lose 2 shipments from Amazon to Laredo Texas. I decided to give them another try as I think they are actually the best option because... 1: all perfect cuts 2: kerfs already cut so much time is saved 3: about $30 for enough to do 1 speaker horn 1/4" thick What I am going to do is take the 1/4" (if It makes it) and add it to the woofer side of the horn (most likely just for the bendable part of the horn). If I need more strength were the woofers are I will add a layer of non kerfed MDF for the woofer area only. Now what I did when I was gluing up is to use some old duck cloth to prevent my pieces sticking together but I will be using waxed paper from here on out. Now gluing takes along time as the glue keeps settling in as it cures, and Bondo is much easier IMO and dries faster and is rock hard which is much better for getting the project done quicker too. Now if you go with Bondo and want to veneer the horn you will need contact cement. My situation might have the horn sticking out like my larger MEHs, and if I do that I will most likely get some bendable plywood and use it only for the bent part of the backside of the horn which will be sticking out, and then I can veneer with peel and stick veneer on top of the plywood finish.
  21. Everythjng went so well with the k402MEH, and it sounds great, but I felt it would be nice to have one that was just a bit smaller for my surrounds (or if it sounds good enough use it for my fronts, and make a sub to go under it, and move the k402s to the surrounds). I also have wanted to build a wood version, so I decided to build a mini that is made out of wood. I have a spare k402 that is just laying around in the garage, so I took it and modeled the short side of the horn. My intent is to make the horn square instead of rectangular to make it smaller...which I am thinking might work out better for smaller rooms and WAF. I started with a piece of 1/8" plywood and cut it to the size required to go from the compression driver mounting flange to the part where the mouth switches to a 90 degrees change. I then got some double stick tape and clamped it to theside of the horn. Next I started cutting small pieces of MDF with different angles to fit together like a puzzle. Once I had enough of them that matched and went from the flange to the mouth of the horn...I glued and clamped them to the plywood (still attached to the horn). I let it dry for a couple of days and then pulled it off of the horn. It was not exactly easy as I had used 3m double stick take and ran 2 strips the full length of the horn, but it came off undamaged.
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