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  1. All the above listed xovers are junk. The Klipsch A is the best for listening, The real Klipsch AA has the 18dB slope for the EV T35(K77) and 2x $30 each 1N3996 z diodes for protection to piss off the neighbors SPL.
  2. lascalas very little bass

    There you go a good subwoofer or two and you will not need the LaScala let alone any one or two Klipsch speakers.
  3. Cap Question

    waste of money for sure snake paste/skin
  4. Cap Question

    Sorry to OP lucky5115, moderators should not show booze bottles, that have no connections to capacitor guestions.
  5. Cap Question

    Then ask a question and get a reasonable response, it is all for fun in the Klipsch Forum.
  6. Cap Question

    With some 10127 posts it is reading comprehension/understanding the meaning of words in a sentence that has gone astray.
  7. Cap Question

    Sazerac Company, Inc. makes a good poision. dulls reality and helps liver atrophy.
  8. Cap Question

    have no value in older PWK networks.
  9. Cap Question

    Really? Care to explain that? here we go..... As I perceive - the woofer and order (cap+coil =2nd or coil only =1st order) start the chain in the balance. Call it slope 12dB/6dB, then the rest has to align with this bass bottom. The mid/high caps Q and circuit has to build the rest of the chain to to complete the facade or reproduction. The caps ESR lets us tame/boost the mid or high levels to balance the the reproduction. The difference in cap sound is ESR = dull to clear + plus level (loud/soft). Woofer inductor Q makes the woofer louder by reducing rising highs or not as a start in the chain. Not my opinion but reality.
  10. Cap Question

    The cap Q is ad nauseam - in reality the inductor Q makes makes the speaker alive or a dud.
  11. If you could have just one speaker for the rest of your life . . . . If you do not already have this speaker(s) for the last 40+ years, what is your problem? Bad creative visualization or what? Please explain why you do not have you want?
  12. Cap Question

    I always wondered why - when I cranked it up to Piss off the Neighbors, the woofers blew up but the high pass section sounded better!