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  1. Soldering Question

    ----------------------------------------------------------------***********************************************************-Make sure you get Electrical solder, not plumbing type as the latter cases corrosion in time. A good 60/40 will work, even better with a 2% or 4% silver. Obviously solid silver is a no go. Takes way too much heat to melt, think brazing. Ever find a spool and it's not labeled.. a good test to find out what it is.. Leaded solder will leave a shiner joint than the lead free which is dullish looking. Remember to get your parts to fit together as good as possible before you solder. Solder is made to just fill in the gaps and not be treated like a glue, jb weld etc
  2. Xover Build

    Correct.. parallel...
  3. Xover Build

    Bob's cast frame woofers, Dave's Cornwall Fastrac horn with K-51-V and Bob's CT120-DE120, Cutover 400-500 / 5800-6k.
  4. Xover Build

    Just started to build new crossovers for my Cornscalas. Some parts just laid out on board for placement purposes. After much research.. I narrowed it down to these caps which have all been matched to values and pairs. The board is 9x16.. Caps are the size of grenades.. Erse Super Q inductors ClarityCap CSA low Mundorf Supreme mid/high Jupiter VT mid/high 'Ill post as things progress. 2 beer job so far.. Ron
  5. Cap Question

    Sweet build! Those Jupiters sure are sexy...
  6. problem with my setup?

    <scratch> Another idea., do you have the latest firmware update installed? ron
  7. Cap Question

    thanks.. that's what I was thinking, appears to be nice cap at a good price point.
  8. Cap Question

    Hi All, I'm changing mid & tweet caps on my cornscala crossovers.(2nd order). Currently looking at Mundorf MKP Supremes or ClarityCap CSA. Has anyone used either of these for comparison? Or do you recommend something else? Help would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance~ Ron
  9. foil inductors

    I did purchase from PE two ERSE super Q 16awg 500w 3.0 mH solid core inductors. Out of the box. 2.9mH @1K Hz, 2.6mH @15K Hz, second one was 3.0mH @1K and 2.6mH @ 15K Hz respectively.
  10. foil inductors

    Dean, Whats your thoughts on Erse Super Q inductors and ClarityCap CSA CopperConnect Poly Cap 250V?
  11. Hum in Scott LK-48

    Better news. Here's a good link to 7199's : click on read here link in article. https://www.tubedepot.com/t/tubes/preamp-tubes/7199 I think I've got about 4 NOS Telefunken 6U8A's and numerous RCA blacklates kickin around. For the money, around $100, the Peak LCR45 meter is decent enuff.
  12. Hum in Scott LK-48

    hope it works out.. my rule of thumb is if it hums, usually cap related, if you hear crackling from your speakers, transistor related. I think you have those two main filter caps in middle of chassis under the cans. Sometimes they don't get replaced due to cost Original Mallory'? That Scott is a sharp unit. Good luck ! ron LCR meters are a good investment.
  13. Hum in Scott LK-48

    Will this thread help? https://db.audioasylum.com/mhtml/m.html?forum=vintage&n=114969&highlight=Scott+LK-48+7199&r=&search_url=%2Fcgi%2Fsearch.mpl%3Fsearchtext%3DScott%2BLK-48%2B7199%26b%3DAND%26topic%3D%26topics_only%3DN%26author%3D%26date1%3D%26date2%3D%26slowmessage%3D%26sort%3Dscore%26sortOrder%3DDESC%26forum%3Dvintage
  14. Buyer Beware

    lpad 2 cap .. I'm lying... hhmmmmm. ADMIN... Can you please delete this post....
  15. Forum Rules Updated

    One could use TOR or proxy their IP.