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  1. JoeM38

    Several Items for Sale, Amp, sub, cables, switch, +

    Not. I keep trying to get there. I don't believe there is really an end...
  2. Yup 8 18s. I'm going from 3 Tuba Hts.Two front and one rear. They had incredible output but dropped around 20hz. Me and my son knew some bottom end was missing at times. Scott at FI was awesome to deal with.
  3. Yes. The FI IB 318 seamed to be well regarded. I'm going with a pair of quad manifolds basement mounted.
  4. JoeM38

    Single 1978 La Scala for sale

    To get to the inside...
  5. Hey now... I just twisted it a little bit. He is wearing a neck brace though?
  6. JoeM38


    somebody wants to pick these up.. Lower price... $150.00?
  7. JoeM38

    Single 1978 La Scala for sale

    Somebody needs to get this.. It won't be on the market much longer.
  8. JoeM38

    Thanks Carl, Claudej, JoeM38..........Im Happy

    I am glad you are enjoying them. My son sat down in the living room last night after we got set back up without them and said the drums are gone dad.. It is amazing what a difference the lower reinforcement does in a system. the MWMs don't do drums near as well without the subs...
  9. Getting rid of the TUBA HTs was a big leap of faith toward the Infinite Baffle project. They are very solid performers. My wife commented that I might regret it and shouldn't have sold them yet. I certainly hope the IB lives up to its reputation and is an worthwhile upgrade... I have a lot of work to do and a few holes to cut so I can get the IB up and running. It was nice meeting you. I will be sure to let you know when I'm done and dialed in so you can come check it out some weekend.
  10. JoeM38

    Sell pass B-1 Buffer / pre-amp

    You have a P.M.
  11. I will have to check. I didn't know that was an option. Looks like two of them have gum. I didn't notice any on mine...
  12. Thanks! these are the ones that had extra wood glued on, so you know how they looked. I felt they came out very presentable. My wife would rather have some Bose cubes...
  13. I'm already running MWMs with three Tuba HT's in this room, two in front and one in the rear.You are correct that I am chasing diminishing returns with my interest in doubles and the infinite baffle subwoofer, but it also frees up room for K402s.The price and or effort goes way up for just a little bit better ..... I believe most in this audio hobby know all about this...
  14. My wife likes the minwax red mahogany stain on the birch plywood..