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  1. yuichi solid wood horn speaker, Sac Calif

    These are on craigslist in North Carolina also...
  2. 4 ea K-78s [16 ohm k77s] FOUND A HOME

    I'm interested. Sent you a PM and E-mail
  3. HERESY H DR 12

    Found this elsewhere on the forum Good info if somebody searches for info on the heresy hdr 12 X. HERITAGE PRODUCTION NOTES & TIME LINES: 1. HERESY: 1957: The Heresy is introduced as a center channel for the Klipschorn. It is the first Klipsch speaker that does not require corner placement. This model utilized the K-1000 midrange horn. These are rare, and one example in the Museum in Hope is the rarest of all the Klipsch Heritage speakers. 1957 - 1959: Both 8" and 12" woofer versions were produced during this period. 1967 - The H-700 is introduced in the now familiar format using a 12" K-22 woofer (There were several variants used E, EF, K) K-700 horn; K-55-V mid-range and the K-77 (T-35 type Alnico magnet) tweeter. From this date through the end of the model run in 1985, various networks were used: Type C, Type E and Type E-2. All were variations on the same design. 1972-1973: The Heresy's name is changed from H-700 to Heresy.
  4. HERESY H DR 12

    Yes, this model was between the early 1000hz horn ones and the finish grade birch decorators. I believe the first year after they dropped the h700 name?
  5. HERESY H DR 12

    Everybody likes pictures, so here we go....
  6. HERESY H DR 12

    These are SHARP!
  7. HERESY H DR 12

    I love this vintage of stuff...