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  1. The KPT-402-MF part # is mid frequency range to be used in a three-way setup with tweeter. It used to come with the 1133 mid driver on it. I'm not sure what driver is used currently.
  2. KPT-402-MF was a factory mid range. K-402 horn with K-1133 driver. It was good for 128db 350Hz-10khz +- 3db. KPT-402-HF was a factory mid/tweeter. K-402 horn with K-1132 driver. was good for 126db 500hz-18khz +-3db.
  3. No, but thanks. I'm trying to round up 4 matching drivers for a KP600 horn box. It came with K-46 drivers that are no longer available. Roy said that the K-45 would work in its place. I have a mix of both... I want four matching approved drivers.
  4. I am checking availability trying to get 4 matching woofers k46-1546/k45-1545 or if I need to buy new from Klipsch. please Pm with model# and picture and price to 27371 troy NC if you have any available.. Thank You...
  5. If you say it's good than it's good. Thank you!
  6. 402/69 I would high pass the 402/69 at 600HZ and low pass the bass bin at 500HZ. HI PEQ 1.48K 3 -4 PEQ 1K 6 -1 LoShelve 4K 12 -8 HiShelve 13.2K 12 6 LR 24 600HZ KP904 LOWPASS CROSSOVER 500 Hz Linkwitz Riley 24 dB PEQ1 270 Hz Q: 2.2 Gain: +2 dB PEQ2 620 Hz Q: 5.5 Gain: -3 dB
  7. The KPT-942 is a 904 bottom with a 402 top 1132 driver. crossover looks to be about 550HZ KPT-942-Data-Sheet-v04.pdf
  8. Here are some eq settings for home use of the 402/510 with different drivers and bass bins. Copy of Jubilee settings for all variations using Dx38.xls
  9. I bought Michael Colter's stacks and I am working on overhauling them. I'm looking for replacements for a few k46/1546 drivers. I do have one k-45/1545 in there. I have all new 18's recommended per Klipsch k-47-ep2 part#121812 to install and I'm looking to match the 4 15" drivers. I don't know if Klipsch would have old stock, or recommend a newer driver that they sell like the "k-1545-k" maybe as an updated replacement? I would like them to match and be Klipsch approved.
  10. @Chief bonehead Are k-46 drivers available or is there an alterative driver that can be used in the KP600s?
  11. I have looked at their kits a numerous times. lots of great reviews.Looks like a fun project.
  12. I have had a few PMs about shipping. If I ship it Peter P. will have right of first refusal. He has been trying to get me to ship this for a year now...
  13. I'm not sure on shipping.. I would hate for it to get damaged. If you aren't in a hurry.. We go down to The Villages every year about November..
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