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  1. F/S Altec Lansing VOTT

    Nice looking box! Tempting, but I'm trying to finance an infinite baffle project.
  2. F/S Altec Lansing VOTT

    These have the N809-8A crossover in the back of the cabinet..
  3. F/S Altec Lansing VOTT

    They are calling your name....
  4. F/S Altec Lansing VOTT

    A small town called Troy 27371
  5. F/S Altec Lansing VOTT

    I went and sized and rotated all my pictures and they still rotated when I uploaded them?
  6. F/S Altec Lansing VOTT

    Woofers are 421-8H SERIES II
  7. F/S Altec Lansing VOTT

    Horns 511B drivers are 808-8A
  8. F/S Altec Lansing VOTT

    For sale one pair of Altec lansing Voice of the theater speakers $750.I have had them for several years they work fine. It's time for somebody else to try them out for a while. I have accumulated way too many pairs of speakers... I live in the center of North Carolina.27371
  9. Woofer ID

    These are just some woofers I have on hand. I can build stuff with other peoples plans.. I should learn how to design a cabinet someday...
  10. Woofer ID

    For the next person looking.... To get T/S data all you have to do is email them asking for specs 'include all your sticker info' and they will send you a sheet. I sent them this info and they responded the same day. If you would please provide prams, T/S for this woofer? CA-115-95C-8 151241C 67-0726C 0018 L2 info@eminence.com
  11. I have cleaned some pretty dirty fiberglass LSI and just did a set of MWMs that thread is in the pro section. "special thanks to coytee". I used a scrub brush and a pot scouring pad along with bathroom tile cleaner and comet powder.. Both times I scrubbed very aggressively with no damage to the speakers. The Glass finish is tough. It is a project ...at times I felt like I was trying to clean a gravel driveway...
  12. Richard I thought all this stuff was free? I was just helping to get it out of your way. Sorry, I didn't give anyone money...
  13. Woofer ID

    Thank for the amazing information!!! Other than the obvious... Can somebody ID this woofer? T/S?