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  1. Shows to be sold, So who here bought it all?
  2. 1. You know you want them. 2. Thanks! 3. No drivers.. 4. Troy NC. (If you want them they are yours)
  3. I can't believe its been about five years. I have certainly enjoyed them. I just moved across town this summer and they are currently just sitting in the garage. I intend to go a different route with my theater build in the new place. You can feel free to come get them for the exact same price I paid you. I did clean them up a bit....
  4. The KPT-402-MF part # is mid frequency range to be used in a three-way setup with tweeter. It used to come with the 1133 mid driver on it. I'm not sure what driver is used currently.
  5. KPT-402-MF was a factory mid range. K-402 horn with K-1133 driver. It was good for 128db 350Hz-10khz +- 3db. KPT-402-HF was a factory mid/tweeter. K-402 horn with K-1132 driver. was good for 126db 500hz-18khz +-3db.
  6. No, but thanks. I'm trying to round up 4 matching drivers for a KP600 horn box. It came with K-46 drivers that are no longer available. Roy said that the K-45 would work in its place. I have a mix of both... I want four matching approved drivers.
  7. I am checking availability trying to get 4 matching woofers k46-1546/k45-1545 or if I need to buy new from Klipsch. please Pm with model# and picture and price to 27371 troy NC if you have any available.. Thank You...
  8. If you say it's good than it's good. Thank you!
  9. 402/69 I would high pass the 402/69 at 600HZ and low pass the bass bin at 500HZ. HI PEQ 1.48K 3 -4 PEQ 1K 6 -1 LoShelve 4K 12 -8 HiShelve 13.2K 12 6 LR 24 600HZ KP904 LOWPASS CROSSOVER 500 Hz Linkwitz Riley 24 dB PEQ1 270 Hz Q: 2.2 Gain: +2 dB PEQ2 620 Hz Q: 5.5 Gain: -3 dB
  10. The KPT-942 is a 904 bottom with a 402 top 1132 driver. crossover looks to be about 550HZ KPT-942-Data-Sheet-v04.pdf
  11. Here are some eq settings for home use of the 402/510 with different drivers and bass bins. Copy of Jubilee settings for all variations using Dx38.xls
  12. I bought Michael Colter's stacks and I am working on overhauling them. I'm looking for replacements for a few k46/1546 drivers. I do have one k-45/1545 in there. I have all new 18's recommended per Klipsch k-47-ep2 part#121812 to install and I'm looking to match the 4 15" drivers. I don't know if Klipsch would have old stock, or recommend a newer driver that they sell like the "k-1545-k" maybe as an updated replacement? I would like them to match and be Klipsch approved.
  13. @Chief bonehead Are k-46 drivers available or is there an alterative driver that can be used in the KP600s?
  14. I have looked at their kits a numerous times. lots of great reviews.Looks like a fun project.
  15. I have had a few PMs about shipping. If I ship it Peter P. will have right of first refusal. He has been trying to get me to ship this for a year now...
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