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  1. JoeM38

    Professional La Scala

    Parts Express.... your metal crossbar is removable and can go in the new plastic base.. Penn-Elcom H1024 PA Cabinet Handle ABS/Aluminum Penn-Elcom |Model: H1024|Part # 262-318 This recessed handle features an innovative design that is ideal for any P.A. cabinet or bass bin. In Stock Your Price $7.20 Part # 262-318
  2. JoeM38

    La Scala resonance problem

    Please.. let us know which are the better ones.
  3. JoeM38

    La Scala resonance problem

    Yes I have a couple pair. I listen to La Scala every day. The best response wise that I own is the BG industrial with the metal trim. They have very solid cabinets.
  4. JoeM38

    La Scala resonance problem

    I believe in the DSP settings Roy came up with for the lascala he had a 7 Db cut at 148Hz.I used to not use EQ but, I have moved over to the DSP/Pro speaker side...
  5. JoeM38

    La Scala resonance problem

    You could probably read for days about people trying to fix this and other lascala shortcomings....
  6. JoeM38

    La Scala resonance problem

    The Belle also has a similar frequency peak. I have not noticed a resonance in the Belle. I believe short sidewalls and factory mounted grills isolate any vibration.
  7. JoeM38

    La Scala resonance problem

    There is a large peak around 150HZ in the La Scala design old and new. Klipsch made the bassbin walls thicker on the II to help address the sidewall vibration.
  8. JoeM38

    La Scala resonance problem

    Stiffen the sidewalls and/or EQ the peak out.
  9. JoeM38

    Thanks Carl, Claudej, JoeM38..........Im Happy

    It's been a few years since I built these... I believe I used the Dayton DVC385-88 drivers, but I'm not sure. They were definitely not the cheaper Dayton driver. Two years ago I built A f20 subwoofer for my son's room and the DVC was no longer available so I used the Dayton rs390 for it.
  10. JoeM38

    Several Items for Sale, Amp, sub, cables, switch, +

    Not. I keep trying to get there. I don't believe there is really an end...
  11. Yup 8 18s. I'm going from 3 Tuba Hts.Two front and one rear. They had incredible output but dropped around 20hz. Me and my son knew some bottom end was missing at times. Scott at FI was awesome to deal with.
  12. Yes. The FI IB 318 seamed to be well regarded. I'm going with a pair of quad manifolds basement mounted.