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  1. I just got this pair of Model H speakers. The label has "700" located above the cross hatch of the "H"? Through searching here I have been educated.... they are indeed Model h-700s? Model number is hand written as H-D-12 Signed by P-illegible- Gilley and J.D. Powell Serial numbers are 1E358 with what is an Eminence KP-22-E 12" woofer? The other cab is Serial number 1E368.... oddly it has an off white framed 12" woofer with a whizzer cone, but it has the KLIPSCH label, as do all the rest of the drivers?? Which are K55Vs and K77s. Type C crossover. Both cabs have been oversprayed in flat black, no grilles, no aluminumn edging..... appear to be simply plywood cabs but could have painted over remnants of a veneer?? But they are generally in pretty poor visual condition, chips, etc. The cabs look nothing like anything I have seen here. The Front "baffleboard" is flush with the cabinet sides and top/bottom. The PK plastic logo is in the upper right corner. Access through removing the rear panel via 8 screws. Sides extend to cover the backpanel side edges, but the top and bottom do not? There are handles installed on the tops, but clearly aftermarket and not matching. Its all very odd, cabinet wise?? I "thought" they were industrials...... perhaps not??
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