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  1. I am located in Norway. Before ShyHorn I had two Seaton Sound Submersive. Imported them myself around five years ago. When I decided to Upgrade from Submersive I wanted to be sure it was a real Upgrade so I went all the way
  2. The picture is lying. I tried a wide setting when taking the picture with my phone and the image is stretched. Look below for a more accurate image. The top horn is a Klipsch K-402. The base horn behind in the corners are a ShyHorn, made by user TheShy in a Norwegian forum, with a 24" Precision Devices PD.2450.
  3. Yes, poor little thing!
  4. I'm happy to say that the NAD C268 is possible to get quiet using the adjustable gain knob. Set all the way down I have to put my head inside K-402 to hear hissing sound. When set to fixed gain (25db) there is hissing sound that can be heared in the listening position. Finally I can enjoy silent moments in music and movies Thanks again for all the help.
  5. I am using XLRs from the Xilica to the ATI. Muting some or all of the inputs and outputs did not make any difference in the noise. The NAD C268 is based on Hypex UcD which is known to be quiet. It has XLRs and adjustable gain. I hope these factors will finally get me a quiet setup. Thanks for your help babadono.
  6. I bought a NAD C268 used. Will receive it after Easter. I realise there is other things I could try but I have a plan with the two spare amp channels. I will come back with a update on how the NAD C268 works regarding noise paired with active K-402.
  7. I use a Heresy III as a center speaker. Previously the Heresy III was wired straight from the receiver with only a quiet hiss sound. I rearranged the cables tonight to make sure the hiss is not coming from bad wiring, and at the same time I connected the Heresy III via the Xilica XP4080. This made no difference in the hiss sound from the Heresy. In other words did not Xilica add noise. I guess the about 10db higher sensitivity from the K-402 is a major factor when it comes to unwanted noise through the speaker.
  8. Thanks for your input. I am afraid that sending the ATI for a check at a workshop for this issue will be a waste of time and money. "It's within spec"...
  9. Are you using your ATI amp with high sensitive speakers?
  10. I'm afraid I did not try. Let me try to understand. Short pins 2 and 3 of the input XLR. Does that mean the XLR going into the amp? How do I short it?
  11. Does anyone of you have experience with the NAD C268? Class D amp based on the Hypex UcD. Relatively cheap and you can choose between fixed 25db gain or variable gain mode between 14.5db and 34.5db. 80w into a 8ohm load is plenty for the K-402. https://nadelectronics.com/product/c-268-stereo-power-amplifier/
  12. I did not make my own XLR wires
  13. I'm a bit disappointed. It is a possibility that there's something wrong with my copy. I visited a guy yesterday who recently built four Anaview amps. He said it was very easy. Right now it's Yamaha pro and Anaview on top.
  14. The updated preset file did not make any difference. I borrowed a Behringer A500 and the hiss reduced. Very cheap amp. Gain in front at 12 o'clock, at max gain its the same hiss sound. I guess this is a amp/gain problem after all?
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