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  1. Well I suppose I could spin something up on the lathe.... will see what the K691 sounds like, in the first instance.
  2. Absolutely. It will only be for a bit of fun. I will save the fine tuning for once I have built the bass horns. The Altec XOs have a little bit of adjustment available by the L-Pads, but I am sure you are right. I also considered making some throat adapters for the K402s permitting me to bolt on the Altec drivers.... but it would be a wasted effort unless I could do it quickly. Even then, it would be a short term folly just for fun.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement! I've had discussions with a few of you via email and the forum here. By all accounts the new setup should be in a different league to my current Altec 19s - which I totally love. Seems like I won't be able to go wrong. In fact... I am going to run the K691's in on top of the 19's when they arrive - temporarily using the Altec network to drive them instead of the 811b horn and driver. That in itself will be an interesting experience. I will put up some pics. The K402 setup is a month or so away, so I am chafing at the bit, and working through plans for their arrival. Thanks again!
  4. Totally. I would only consider vertical bi-amping if i had four identical channels of amplification, hence the question. I could go out and buy two identical high quality stereo amps at this point for vertical, or buy just the one stereo solid-state amp and use it for the low freq in a horizontal bi-amp system, retaining my EL34s for the high-freq. This looks like it is the way forward.
  5. I have a pair of K402 / 691's on their way to me, as well as a Xilica 8080. I'm going to build SMWM's a-la DaveA. Currently I have a Prima Luna Dialogue HP Premium integrated that has inputs allowing me to bypass the pre-amp section of this amp. My thoughts were that I could grab a decent SS power amp to drive the bass section, and use the EL34-based Prima Luna for mid/highs, in a horizontal biamp system. How does this plan stack up? I see that many of you are operate vertical bi-amp systems using Crown amps and similar. Having had no opportunity to listen to any of this gear, I'm basically taking a leap of faith based on your experiences written out on this forum, so I am interested in your opinions. Am I wasting time considering horizontal bi-amping? Should I factor in a two-amp purchase and go straight to a vertical system? Maybe I am suffering from audiophile snobbery, but I am struggling to shake the belief that a PA-grade amp will do an equal or better job than a good EL34 amp up top, even if vertical bi-amping is a "better" way to do things. I am more than happy to be schooled on this though! Appreciate your thoughts.
  6. It's been nice knowing you DaveA !! 🚑
  7. I think they are fricken beautiful. Once my K402s arrive I am going to follow your lead. Awesome Dave.
  8. @babadono yes - please - looking for the 2-way. Cheers - appreciate your assistance.
  9. I am placing an order with the local Klipsch agent (I'm not based in USA) for a pair of K402 horns and K69 drivers. Can anyone please help confirm that the Klipsch part # for this combination is KPT-402-MF ?? We are not able to work from a parts manual for this, relying on emails back and forth. I just want to make sure I am not going to end up with the wrong setup, this would be an extremely costly and irreversible error. Thanks in advance.
  10. Obviously, Claude. Bob and I were discussing crossovers at the time. His comments, as I recall, were more around matching the (high) output of Faital HF200 / K402 combo with the bass bin section. He seemed to imply it would be be difficult to build a passive xo that would take care of this with a single MWM per side, but I may have misunderstood. I certainly am in the 'back seat' as you say. My interest in these projects (that I would love to duplicate) is hampered by massive gaps in my understanding, and trying to work out which is the best way forward when importing costly gear.
  11. @DaveA - do you plan to build two of the SMWMs for each side for a stack, like I see many of the folk here have with the standard MWMs? Or does this design mean that is not necessary? I talked to Bob Crites some time ago and he suggested a K402 really needed a pair of MWMs sitting under it, hence why ask. Thanks.
  12. Can I just jump in here and ask a dumb question: If one had a set of crossovers designed for MWM bass and K402 on top, would they require modification for use with this Super version? Thanks.
  13. I think I want to build a set of these.....
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