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  1. I assume you are referring to Bucket List #'s ? You are welcome here whenever you decide to visit - but you might need to help with one of my #'s when I come the USA 😉
  2. Great tip Coytee! (PS - Coffee Cake - My fave. When you come and stay with me in New Zealand I will let you cook me one)
  3. @PrestonTom - thank you - I will do. Zig
  4. @dtel Apologies - I had meant to post this thread in Pro Audio. Feel free to shift it 🙂. With thanks.
  5. @rplace I think you have captured my sentiment exactly. Once the Jubes arrive I hope to be proficient enough and have the right gear to set them up quickly. Again, thank you for your words. Zig.
  6. @rplace Thanks! Very helpful! Yes, will get REW and Umic at some point, after my wife has finished thrashing me for buying Jubes. 🙂
  7. After my early dramas with the Xilica I purchased, I now have it up and running - feeding two Crown power amps - Macro Tech 2400 driving the bass section of the Altec 19's and a Power Tech feeding the K402's. Note this all still a 'dummy run' learning exercise until Jubes arrive...... It is not worth delving too far into all the improvements to the sound, but I will say that there is far more holographic detail and the bass has clarified to a remarkable, fast, lucid force. I'm tuning the PEQ by ear and with some basic measuring gear. Not ideal, but I am getting some decent results. Not "fearing" the Xilica is a big help - anything can be changed back - its pretty darn straight forward for the best part. I am interested in hearing what you guys are doing with gain settings. I am currently running the amps set at 12 o'clock on their own gain dials, simply because it a place to start, then using the Xilica's gain controls to fine tune. I have found that I need to have the Xilica gain settings at or above 0db or I lose a certain clarity that can't be brought back with PEQ. How do you guys regulate / choose the gain possibilities when you introduce the Xilica? is it best to have the amps dialed low and the Xilica dialed high? etc. Your comments appreciated. Next question, using X-Console, is there a way to 'copy' the PEQ settings you have dialed in for one channel, and 'paste' them to the another channel? Or do you just have to manually duplicate them? Many thanks
  8. You speak in riddles! I will let you off, Old Timer 😉
  9. You need a date with Ian Skennerton 🙂
  10. I'm not looking forward to shifting my Jubes between the door and the living room, when they arrive.
  11. Thanks @Dave A . That would be great. I can maybe look at the bass setting from other Jub owners. Much obliged!
  12. Thanks to all for the input. My compression drivers are the 1132's - I wonder if these PEQ settings for 691's will get me close enough?
  13. Well, after months of trying different things, tonight I heard Cornwalls the way I am sure they were intended to sound - spectacular! My friend 'acoustically divided' his room - for want of a better term. He hung some heavy drop-sheets half way across the room, set up a table tennis table behind this (in the new 'area' without the soundsystem in it) and moved his sofa closer to the Cornwalls. Suddenly, we have bass! I was measuring right down to 32hz no problem. Really impressive. The lift in the whole presentation is significant. I sat and just enjoyed everything we listened to for the first time. My mate seems pretty content - and I can see why. A good result. Thanks for your help and comments here - they've helped confirm we needed to work on the room harder. Cheers!
  14. Simply because my Xilica has Euroblock style connectors. People look at me funny when i ask for RCA to Euroblock connectors. Hopefully someone will be able to supply me with Roy's PEQ settings. I'm hoping for decent response at 40hz froma bit of room gain, and that should about satisfy me.
  15. Hi Dave. Thanks. The Xilica is working, but I am going to have to make up some decent interconnects - the first ones I made sound awful. The system on the whole gets noisy too, when I run two amplifiers, so I plan to make some infrastructural changes to get some dedicated power lines into my sound room. I'm sure I will work it all out. No troubles using the graphic equaliser, but I don't know where (and why) to start with the PEQ. Much to learn. I doubt I will ever sell the Jubilee setup. I have too great of a sense of loss all these years after selling Khorns. Plus I am more settled nowadays, not moving house every 6 months. I have some parts gathered for either a Cornscala (ish) build, or alternatively Altec A7-500's, using the pair of 511b horns I have. So I have some woodwork projects if need be. What horn subs are people running with the Jubes? I'm picking I won't need one, but you never know. Dave I think you said once you measured Jubes with decent response at 25hz in some rooms - did I remember that correctly?
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