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  1. If Atlas can't help, you can get 1/8" neoprene sheets and cut them out.
  2. It's good you got new woofers, the Peavey Black Widows aren't very spectacular. What is the compression slot width for the FH-1? It's wider than the 3 inch slot in the La Scalas, yes?
  3. When I transported LaScalas in my Blazer, and later in my Subaru Forester, I bought a sheet of 1/2 inch mdf, and cut it to fit between the wheel wells. I was able to easily slide the speakers in on an old wool blanket, as there was a smooth surface from front to back. If all the drivers are on the back of the baffle, I would put the speakers on their fronts so all the driver weight is against the baffle and not hanging. Just my two cents.
  4. 19 children and 2 adults, the shooters grandmother was also shot before he went to the school. She is in the hospital. Another sad day.
  5. I guess it's just the way it looks in rhe pic.
  6. What's the grill fabric over the jbl horns? Could you get out the wrinkles with a very careful use of a heat gun? Many synthetics will shrink with heat applied.
  7. No telling how distracted you were... 🙄
  8. I have a pair of HIIs, love them very much. I also trust Roy's work on the HIV, even though I've not yet heard them. My HIIs are in a rather large room, Had LS and MWMs in there and they were superb... just pulled you in to the music. It's all good when the music is playing.
  9. It looks like he has the klipsch drivers still on the stock k-400 midrange horn, and Altec drivers on the Altec horn. If all components are in working order, I would try a lower offer but also be on the way to pick them up.
  10. Although you would have to wire these, the price isn't too outrageous. 10-150kHz +/- 0.2 db https://www.don-audio.com/LUNDAHL-LL1527-transformers From someone I've come to respect (no, it's not djk): There still seems to be a lot of confusion about balanced outputs. To be clear, a balanced signal is just two wires; the ones connected to the hot and cold of the source. The third wire, the cable shield, is just that, it is a shield. It is not a signal conductor, it does not carry signal current and it is not even needed for the signal to successfully reach the other end. The confusion arises because nearly all electronically balanced outputs are in fact differential and they produce equal and opposite signals relative to analog 0V. For balanced operation, the fact that the two signals are referenced to analog 0V is immaterial. The only thing that matters is the voltage between the hot and the cold. What does this mean in the context of hum loops? Well, if you have a balanced source and an unbalanced receiver, to avoid a hum loop you want to avoid connecting the ground of the sender to the ground of the receiver. To do this you add a transformer at the receiver. Its secondary connects between signal and ground of the receiver. Its primary connects to hot and cold of the sender. There is now no need to connect the screen/ground at both ends, and hence no hum loop.
  11. Look up jensen-transformers.com They hae ransformers to do that
  12. Over on the vinyl thread, Mark (Sputnik) posted that he went to see the Sons of the Pioneers. As a group, they've been around a long time, with different members. I'm glad to still have Canadian Ian Tyson still around. This incredible video has him in a video about those who went to fight in Europe during WWI. Tyson's father was among them, and it ties the story together.
  13. For our Canadian brothers and sisters! I know this is a youtube video, but I'm glad that Ian Tyson is still around. He's 88!
  14. It was SNOWING?
  15. Kyocera made thin piezo speakers in... 2013. https://www.engadget.com/2013-08-29-kyocera-piezoelectric-film-speaker.html
  16. The incredible Mark Knopfler. At first I thought it was a bad video from a cell phone... NOT! Turn it up!
  17. It missed our house, but there was some rain in the area this afternoon. We've had beautiful weather all week.
  18. A stunninly beautiful room (and the rest of the house surely matches...). Just Wow!
  19. That would work, but the signal would be affected by each speaker's crossover. Putting woofers in parallel/series would have a more predictable result.
  20. I recently let go of some large Klipsch, and have temporarily hooked up my Heresy IIs in their place. Not happy with them at all. But I went from dual fifteen inch woofers in horns on each side back to 12 inch direct radiators. Still, after a few weeks I moved the Heresy IIs about 2 feet further apart and they sound much better. Just don't give up on the Corns. Fiddle with placement... a little change can make a huge difference. And welcome toe the forums.
  21. Exactly... Faital has around 6-7 1.4 inch drivers, which extend to 18k-20k B&C has a few as well... Radian has 12 1.4 inch drivers some with beryllium diaphragms... Even Eminence has a couple. Some are very high priced, but there are a lot of options.
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