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  1. We had copperheads in the yard at our old house...
  2. Nice pics, Mark. Which camera did you use for these?
  3. IIRC, Mike, who works/worked for Shure had at least heard or built one. Can't remember his user name.
  4. I had early morning blindness. Thanks for pointing it out...
  5. Schu, are you looking new or used? If you are ok with used, I would checkout KEH Cameras in Smyrna, GA.
  6. What's the top one? The scales are interesting.
  7. Those are a professional version of the Cornwall. The k-43 woofers can be found. https://www.itishifi.com/archives//2018/11/klipsch-cp-1-aka-industrial-cornwall.html
  8. Molly T and Golden Highway...
  9. It should never have mattered, Michael, but it did for too many people. Unfortunately it still matters to some. I'll stop before I get in trouble.
  10. I have to check some other info. I think this is my paternal grandmother (the youngest in the front), with twin sisters on the right side, with her and older sister on the left. She was born in 1898. [corrected]
  11. I was thinking about this... My GGGrandmother was a teenager during the US Civil War and lived past the end of World War II.
  12. If you aren't comfortable doing it, find someone who is. I don't know if @Deang would do it for you, but you would have to ship it to him.
  13. I removed the woofer first. Lay the cabinet on it's back when you remove the screws, it's heavy. You have to remove the connections from the woofer, tweeter and mid driver. Make sure you mark the connections. And take pictures. I used a cheap red fingernail polish when I removed mine to replace the caps. You will need a good solder sucker as well. You have to remove the 3 screws that mount the printed circuit board to the cup. Then remove the solder where the binding posts poke through the circuit board. (Red Arrows) It was a pain to do this as a small jumper from the post to the board kept falling out when the solder was heated up
  14. Marvel

    La Scala

    You could put Duratex on them so they would match.
  15. 6N1 is a Chinese copy of Russian 6N1P. The 6N1P is available many places. https://tubedepot.com/products/sovtek-6n1p-preamp-vacuum-tube https://www.audiozomba.com/product/amplifier-tubes-6n1-tube-equivalent-6n1p/
  16. A two channel Jensen IsoMax is over $200, with amazing specs. Yes, more than most lunches.
  17. I've had a few boxes of things in my office from when my daughter moved out of town. One has papers detailing a lot of the family past. Lots of photos, although I also have bunches at home. The front row (adults) starting from the far right. Paternal great grandfather, great great grandfather, great great grandmother, great grandmother. My great great grandfather passed away in 1923 (born in 1843). His wife was born in 1849, died in 1946. I have some older pics from a studio that are in excellent shape.
  18. Or get some transformers... but they could be pricey.
  19. The 6N1 draws a lot more current, so they aren't exactly interchangeable.
  20. Molly Tuttle and Tommy Emmanuel did a tour together in the UK, and stopped in a Guitarist Magazine. They talked about their styles and picked some. Sheeeeesh, my phone almost catches on fire when the play.
  21. Look up the Clementine amp. It's a single chassis stereo amp that can be built for 6L6 tubes (one per side) Designed by Shannon Parks, it's on DIYTUBE.COM. If you can't find on already built, you can surely find someone to build one for you. They aren't an expensive build. http://www.diytube.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4893 Or get a new one... the Nobsound amps get pretty good reviews. https://www.ebay.com/itm/134760961309?itmmeta=01HTTQX9V60JWW7P5NPN6GMK78&hash=item1f6061151d:g:dR8AAOSwroNk~SQA&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA4AMe2Tm%2FEWzYvm%2BpltS%2Frwss31vrkJJ1nPpgHhYosr9fEt50KGtTMF8hjYHrYI6jpAOjW31uSaFuMIBzeOAu7xeKo%2FVD48YUg8uVuojnx9O1B4abGQzEoWTA9UylkJz%2B5A74SJKbZ3NVqRHBgy81JaviUsK%2FHM2hvgNqMJHyuaRN2CFXQOX47euSyTF2WrLSk6lXCrn4Riy%2BjzvDgnJ7soydVXlW4ua%2FV4Li1F8lDwOnO4LLAq2xfKrqDx%2F6l8MQClSnkwMBvzf7gHT9DKLVYDiW5Uabz6xNXllVECctJFT1|tkp%3ABFBM1J3119Zj
  22. You'll probably have to take a drive. I pretty much grew up in Peoria, and finally made it back to my 50th HS reunion. It had changed a lot (in a good way).
  23. Same here... very good service with shipments through them.
  24. He's not been on since March 16.
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