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  1. This is funny, since you got rid of all those MW./MWMsingmes.
  2. Played this loud on the JBL 4311s tonight. DRs playing old rock on vinyl just sounds right. Rest in peace Christine McVie!
  3. I was very glad to get the plastic plumbing removed. Hope that part heals quickly for you Chuck.
  4. Almost every day we lose another one...
  5. That would be a 30 minute drive for me... I don't have near that much open wall space and no family to clutter up the space (just me and the wife).
  6. Let us know when yiu get the split off thread going... I'm learning a lot from CB and will follow and hopefully participate.
  7. A friend of mine had it done about 1 1/2 months ago. The doc who did it used no anesthesia. 🤯 He was hurting a lot for a couple weeks, but said it's working out great, with much relief.
  8. You can put the whip down... the horse is dead. I think we're all clear on the size of the cast frame K43E.
  9. If your LS Pro have the k-43 w/cast frames, they should look likes these that I had in my MWM cabinets (note that these are the same part number listed at The Speaker Exchange, and not an after market knock off):
  10. The link I provided wasn't a recone kit but the full K-43. Tom, If I were using these at home and you wanted to replace your K-33 woofers, I would stick with the K-33.
  11. I'm searching for a wind up record player, but my LPs won't last very long on ones I've seen.
  12. https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/original-klipsch-k-43-ep-15-woofer-121535-for-la-scala-industrial-version/ A bit more expense. They may also be the cast frame, which is what the K-43s were in my Klipsch MWM cabinets. They won't fit in a regular LS.
  13. The K-43 was in the pro LS and in the MWM cabinets. The upper bass is cleaner than the K-33. K-33 has been rated for 150watts for a long time. I don't know what the K-43 is rated at. Either way, a 25 wpc amp would drive you out of the house.
  14. He's got them about 5 1/2 inches out.
  15. Marvel

    Sit/Stand Desk

    Nice desk! My boss got a motorized stand up desk. He rarely lowers it to sit down. I think it's 60x30. He has three 24inch monitor l/c/r and a smaller monitor on top. He's very active all day (36 yrs old). I sit at my desk, but have a hand crank stand up behind me in my office. It's been covered in junk but I've been getting it cleared off and plan on rearranging my space. I've found that once I sit I tend to get side tracked at my desk. Most work is done at workspace benches in our workroom, where we mostly stand up. At 73, I'm really more comfortable standing.
  16. Hmmm... do you mean water based polyurethane?
  17. I'm not bickering, anyone can use whatever they want.
  18. If you replace the caps from JEM, the signature of the Heresy will be maintained. Anything else will not be the same. It doesn't mean they will necessarily sound bad, you amy like them better, but they will be different. Welcome to the forums!
  19. If they will come completely off, I would get a good, high resolution scan of them. Even 600 dpi would be fine, but 1200 would be great for archiving. Then, if the originals get messed up or too faded, you could have reproductions printed.
  20. Marvel

    Computer guys....

    I think it's more refined. Any OS has a learning curve. The MacOS does, it's strong point being the rather closed hardware it runs on. Also makes it cost more. The OS was pretty much a modified version of BSD Unix with a pretty face. Many linux distros, to me, are made different because they can be and people want to experiment. I want it useful, and have found Mint to feel very familiar. All the software I use pretty much installs easily, most with a simple run command. It's elegant enough, pretty enough, and does what I want it to do. Like Windows 10/11, you usually don't need to install special drivers for the hardware. It has gotten beyond what I call 'user surly software'. Windows 10x has too much it installs that you can't get rid of if you want to.
  21. Marvel

    Computer guys....

    You can boot the os from a usb and play with it/try it out.
  22. I've had a Stihl for quite a number of years... and I need to get it serviced. I have a good friend who works on all manner of tools, but I just haven't dug it out of where it's stored.
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