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  1. I'm not against using/having subs. Just don't want to myself. Currently have MWMs with La Scala mids. Tweeter is from a Kp-3002 (Klipsch horn, uses an Eminence psd:2002 driver klipsch labeled). The La Scalas will be gone in another week or so. Going to my older son in N.C. Until I get other stuff hooked up I'll put my Herey IIs in front. I don't even use the Klipsch for the tv. I have little jbl Monitor 25s serving duty there. BTW, if you ever get to hear some MWMs you won't be the same.
  2. Indeed, better yet, get subs. Done. That's great... if you want subs. Suprise! A lot of people, like me, don't want subs. So get over it.
  3. These would work great for an active system. My budget's shot for awhile or I would already have these.
  4. Dennis said the boost should be around the 31-31hz mark.
  5. I was going to run networking out to an outbuilding at our last house. I've got a couple boxes that convert cat 5/6 to fiber. We had a bunch of fiber we pulled out from work. That way I wouldn't have to worry about lightning hitting the ground and frying gear.
  6. Congrats! Never had any bourbon... went through a lot of Scotch, though. Glad you are still around here.🥃
  7. I want to hear what the results are from the ported boxes. He already has those done, other than staining/finishing.
  8. Thanks, wasn't paying attention. I think I have a bunch of the 5532s here somewhere.
  9. Always did the LS on the short wall, and they worked great. Nine foot ceilings a plus. Almost exactly the size room in our former house. I always sat about 10-12 feet back.
  10. Do you have the schematic for that circuit?
  11. Those came out really nice. How is the horizontal coverage with them rotated like that?
  12. Almost always black... just got it the habit when I worked in tv news in the 70's and 80's. If you spill coffee on yourself and it has creamer, it stain too easily. Plain coffee washes out ok. Also, no sugar, too sticky when one is clumsy, although it can taste really good.
  13. At first, my wife wasn't sure she wanted to have a celebration, but finally accepted it whole heartedly. We had about 25 friends with us at one of the newer trendy places in Chattanooga's South Side. It was a lot of fun (as it usually is when a bunch of Filipinos get together).
  14. @DizRotus This one came out the end of Sept. Love the Playing for Change releases.
  15. Welcome to the forums. Yes, still very respected and in demand. Location is always a determining factor, as well as condition. A couple of pictures of your speakers could also help determine value, but I believe you have to have five posts before you an post pics. Images are restricted to 2mb each. One of the members keeps a spreadsheet of sale prices that he has gathered over time. @wvu80 Dave should check in after a while with info. Bruce
  16. Mostly, because I tried to copy all of Dennis' posts, but they have been is some disarray. It seems more important to me now that he is gone. After I got a pair of La Scalas, I always wanted to do it, but I had zero shop space and almost no tools. After the wife and I moved, nothing really changed, but I sold the LS in 2014. Then, I found a pair sitting on a guys front porch. Paid $100, got them home and found I really only got cabinets (and one of those was a clone). ALL the parts were non Klipsch, and nowhere close to specs that would really work. Over time I got some mint K-33s from JWC (who had sold them to my older son).I still had the DHA2 crossovers from my old LS I had sold, as they had crossovers they wanted to use. I bought a pair of K-400 horns from someone, and used the EV 1828 drivers the were in the cabinets (Klipsch used those for a while and they sound fine). And I still had the Eminence APT-50 from Bob on the Eminence 100x50 horn. I was good to go, and they sounded great. Still do. However, I finally bought a small router and opened up the top of the doghouse. They I promptly put a cover on it so I could still listen. I got slowed down as I front mounted the K-400s, and they sit slightly away from the baffle, so I need to either caulk them , or modify them so they would fight flush and could be sealed easier. Long story is there are still plans to finish the mod. I would still need to close in the back and put the ports in and a few other things. Added to that was getting the MWMs, so you know which was easiest to do -- crank up the MWMs. I just replaced the LS woofers with the MWM connections and it sounds really good.
  17. I should upgrade mine. I'm still using some 10-11 year old Apple Airport extremes. I have one in each end of the house connected to my internet provider's router (each on a gigabit port). The whole house is covered pretty evenly. We only use the wifi for the cell phones and one laptop. Everything else is plugged in. TV is plugged in and the Firestick has a wired connection. The connection is pretty good. What shows here varies depending on where I am connecting.
  18. That's not what Dennis is saying... 31Hz, it's substantially louder (ported and eq), even without the eq it's much better.
  19. Or a more powerful WiFi router. Not sure what your regulations are there for wifi power output
  20. I would love to hear a pair setup somewhere. JBL isn't stupid, but those are really for a different market. I still like my 4311s. I just wish they were symetrical.
  21. 70 liters is still in the neighborhood of a wall cavity (begween two studs floor to ceiling)
  22. They've made big monitors for years. Big name studios used to have big monitors. They got smaller when people started recording more in their bedrooms and dens.
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