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  1. Marvel

    Super MWM

    Those measurements, as has been said, already look pretty good. You always have to look at those and then listen to a LOT of music you are familiar with. Bruce
  2. Marvel

    GSG Devastator

    So weird... maybe because I was using my phone. Thanks!
  3. Marvel

    GSG Devastator

    Thanks Carl. I just haven't found them yet. That helps... How large a space would could this be used in, do you think? I'm thinking of a performance space
  4. Marvel

    GSG Devastator

    @LTD02 i haven't been able to find the phyzical dimensions anywhere... how big it this? Bruce
  5. The 400c probably has a high impedence output, and plugging it into a pice of ss gear with a 20 kohm input can cause a huge loss of bass. Going the other way - ss pre into the high input z of the st-70 will work fine. Bruce
  6. I already use some equipment with the euro connectors. A lot easier than soldering xlr cable ends. 😁
  7. Is the price lower on the new ones if you get the euro connectors? I would think they would be. Sure be cheaper on cables.
  8. Marvel

    GSG Devastator

    Says the man with the monster Klipsch horn sub... 😁
  9. Thanks Ian... I'll get everything downloaded tonight. Thanks also to CWF, for the link to the French site. I've downloaded other stuff from there over the years.
  10. It is quite possible that the woofer just had a connection that has come loose. Most of the woofers in these have accordion paper surrounds, which will just about last your lifetime.
  11. I do hope that Dr. Lessard is off enjoying his work somewhere in the world. I've searched off and on for him for years now. Plus, I still thought of building the Seth monoblocks (not likely at this stage of my life), but I can't find the schematics and drawings that Magnequest used to host. Bruce
  12. The stock LS Industrial in that style would have another piece of 3/4 inch on the bottom, that would cover the access to the woofer. There are a bunch of screwws around the perimeter holding it on. They used a gasket material, that will have dried out changed to a very sticky substance. A heavy scraper/putty knife may need to be used around the edges until yu can pry it off. You may just have a wire loose on the inside. The midrange drivers, from your pic, look very similar to the EV 1828R drivers I currently have on my LS. The stock Klipsch K77 tweeter driver was made by EV as well. The cabinets look like they are in nice shape. Bruce
  13. Always... Latitudes. Almost always been good designs, but they are very good.
  14. If the audio accompanying the video is actually the output of the cartridge while playing on that turntable, the must have done something right. Pretty cool, anyway.
  15. We put SSDs in all of our work computers. As much as we can get away with it, we put linux mint on everything. No fluff and stupid games installed. Libre Office. Mint will usually install drivers for whatever hardware you have. Performance is always better that Windows, security is far better. btw, Lenovo has some nice stuff. So are certain models from Dell, HP. Bruce
  16. Looking back through this... what kind of cable/wire are you using for the connections? Bruce
  17. Thanks. I should have know that, considering how long I've been on here. Nice!
  18. LPads are designed to have the same input and output resistance over their range of rotation. That's what they do, while changing the level of the signal that goes to the particular speaker.
  19. If you want a rant, how about this... Change your signature so it doesn't take up a third of the screen for NO purpose. Thank you, and now back to our regularly scheduled programming...
  20. I am guessing that is the wrong answer... funny though.
  21. I think a lot of speakers built from scratch don't use pro woofers. They aren't a requirement afger all. The k510 does use 2 inch exit drivers, which narrows the field.
  22. A lot, and I mean a LOT of studio monitors are built to go verticle or horizontal. BTW, usually tweeters on the outside.
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