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  1. That depends... not all N95 masks have the exhaust valve. Those are the ones specifically not allowed. We have N95 masks for use at our residential homes, but they don't have the vents.
  2. They were in a parking lot. I agree, and the dealer was actually surprised by it as well. I don't know if he rode it home or not. I'm thinking not, or they brought it back on a trailer so he could stay with the GF. They were in Atlanta, and live just north of Chattanooga. It was over five years ago... The insurance company was willing to write it off and he got another. They said it would cost too much to strip it and repair it.
  3. Friend of mine (very experienced rider) dropped his Fat Boy, in a parking lot, doing about 5-10 mph. Nicked another bike. It fell over, crushed his GF's knee. Had it transported to the dealer... and they said the frame was bent too badly to repair, and the insurance was writing it off. It wasn't a happy day.
  4. Ugh.. we have 14 of our group homes (out of 25) under quarantine. It doesn't mean someone is infected, but that someone who has been to a house has tested positive. So all are quarantined until all test negative show no symptoms after 14 days (I think I have that right). Bruce
  5. Very nice Dave... Will be nice not having to sand so much. I think the finishing labor kept a lot of people from getting Dave Harris' horns. How wide is the mouth on these? Do you have a calculated or estimated Fc? Bruce
  6. I rarely play any, but with some possible adhd, "just in case I want/need to". 🙄
  7. Awesome! Mine came frome a pawn shop, had been used by a dj who didn't take care to clean anything. Still, they cleaned up nice (there were two in a dj coffin case). Cartridges were pabably toast, missing stylii on the concorde style ends. I bought an Ortofon Red on a mount... First day it didn't sound very good but it quickly changed for the good. Dead silent when running. Everything works. Other than the cost of the cart, it ended up being free. (Sold the other table and cheap mixer for what I had paid). Bruce
  8. Could there be the possibility that the woofers are out of phase? I would expect the Cornwall IV to have very satisfying bass. How long have you been playing them? Couple of days, a week, etc.? For the money you paid, they should be perfect. Bruce
  9. That's me! I can cut a board short two times... and leave a lot of sawdust.
  10. August 15, 2001... i guess I'm very rusty. The forums hadn't been up very long at that point.
  11. The La Scalas will be going to my older son, whenever we can arrange a trip up to North Carolina. If I can get rid of a few things (treadmill, some chairs that happened to be 'stored' in the room, etc.) The MWM cabinets could move farther apart and not make the room seem so crowded. While I could go back to something else, the bass from the MWMs is unbelievably clean. I would probably miss it.
  12. Marvel


    Saw one of those after work today. My new boss and I were walking out and a LOT of noise was coming out of it. I said "The trunk has a lot of distortion... must not be horn loaded..."
  13. That looks nice, Eric. Are all your rooms as sparse looking as this one (at least from this angle)?
  14. I think the answer is yes. The recipes are a bit different. China, being larger, has more regional differences. I think the food differences are like banjo music. Unless you listen a lot, it all sounds the same. 🙄
  15. That can get the body to move even faster...
  16. Love the Hydrangeas! We had lots of them for decoration at our wedding. Beautiful piece of property, too.
  17. They should have been doing some Tai Chi in that pic.
  18. Well, it's awful... The husband of the woman I mentioned earlier just passed away yesterday from Covid-19. Stay safe, everyone.
  19. Just the LS tops. Sounds pretty darn good. I've got some 2 inch drivers and Selenium horns to use when the LS go to my son.
  20. Oops, wrong pic...
  21. Grills are to cook on...
  22. Yeah, I agree, but it IS an orange shirt, but Victoria's Secret Pink brand of clothes.🙄
  23. I heard them singing... 'carrion my wayward bird...
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