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  1. Willand you are correct, the CXC will not read SACD's . As I said I made a mistake going down this SACD rabbit hole ( What happens when I havnt done my homework ) . I will just focus on the Hybrid cds that can be read by any redbook player like the CXC . So why not just keep using my Oppo 980H -- because my dac has no hdmi input . If this does not work out I have made a $600.00 mistake ... 🤑 Will know this weekend .
  2. Confused , yes I was also . After doing my homework ( research ) I have come to understand 90% of all SACD's are made also in hybrid on the same disk and the best part is Hybrids will play on all redbook players . For many of you this is no new's ,,but for this old analog dog living in this digital world it was a lesson .. 🤠 I have never really been dissatisfied with the sound from my Oppo,, but the output's are limited for 2 chl with hybrid cd's . The cxc will allow me to also compare other DAC's . Cornman
  3. Several good suggestions guys , thanks . I ended up getting the Cambridge Audio CXC transport. Ill post a review after some listening . Cambridge vs Oppo 980H , should be fun . 😄
  4. Scored a Cambridge Audio cxc , I will post a review after a listen . 😄
  5. Must have single coax output so as to work with my DAC .
  6. Thanks for the reply's everyone . Emile my Opo will play thru rca out if I put it direct to pre amp but I wont to use my better dac & its only input is SPDIF . The 980H can only send SACD signal thru its hdmi out . Guys the more homework I do on this issue of SACD's its apparent that 90% of those sacd's or also Hybrid's . So that open up opportunity in choices of players or in my case i just need Transport that has out's to match my DAC input (SPDIF) . Shopping around one interesting prospect is the Cambridge CXC , it will play Hybrid's and has the spdif output . MicroMara that Marantz is sweet but a little more then I wont to spend now . Willand I am in the Austin area & will research the Denon .
  7. Recently purchased SACD and Hybrid cd's that want play on my Oppo 980H . The oppo will play them but only thru hdmi output that my Electrocomplianiet ECD1 has no inputs for . So looking for a transport with s/pdif coaxial output . Will also consider buying quality SACD player with its own DAC Such as Cambridge Azur or what do you recommend . I almost bought the Cambridge CXU transport today but it only plays the Hybrid cd's . My other system components are Prima Luna amp and pre . Bi amping Cornwalls for bass only and Oris horns for mids and highs . Crown XLS splitting the signal & driving the bass . All thought and recommendations appreciated . Cornman
  8. I am late to the party here for Prima Luna . Great to see so many others agreeing with my ears,, PL makes great music ! Running both pre & amp of the Premium Dialog for couple years now . Have spent crazy money trying many different brands thru the years, the Pl 's stopped my searching .
  9. A true friend of the Klipsch forum and a hero in my eyes ,, RIP Bob .
  10. More of the finest quality audio gear passes thru Mr. Joe's hands then iv ever seen elsewhere . Another prime example here with this Welboren offering . Rock on Joe .
  11. I know some Americans in there 70's who have never voted for president there entire lives . They say" We citizens do not elect the President" !
  12. Like you said joe few escape the rapture of the Audio Bug ! I thought I had as well , went cold turkey for over 5 years the jumped back in with both feet . I find it interesting that you like the Will Vincent dynaco better than the one I sent you . But that's why we all go around & around in the search for our vision of audio perfection . Carry on my friend -
  13. Cornman


    Sure would like to hear them , but it's 1800 miles RT for me. but they sure are tempting .
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