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  1. I know some Americans in there 70's who have never voted for president there entire lives . They say" We citizens do not elect the President" !
  2. Like you said joe few escape the rapture of the Audio Bug ! I thought I had as well , went cold turkey for over 5 years the jumped back in with both feet . I find it interesting that you like the Will Vincent dynaco better than the one I sent you . But that's why we all go around & around in the search for our vision of audio perfection . Carry on my friend -
  3. Cornman


    Sure would like to hear them , but it's 1800 miles RT for me. but they sure are tempting .
  4. Cornman


    Dave do these have the ribbed cones ?
  5. Thats fantastic news Rudy so happy for you and family . That shows um how Texans handle it . 🤠
  6. It was likely Coytee has been playing with the volume knob again and overtaxed the elect grid ! 😁 MERRY CHRISTMAS to all ***
  7. I agree on the B J web site, some one from that company needs to listen up . I also tried to order some of there cables , finally gave up in frustration with there site & moved on to Amazon . !!
  8. Cornman


    Try member Davis he had a pair for sale he is in the Dallas area .
  9. I have been basically content with my Crown XLS1002 with the built in DSP for my bi-amp system . But it does limit my ability to try different amp's for a possibly better bass. So that in its self makes it worth while to give these little XKITZ's a try for me especially at this price point . Thanks for calling these to our attention & the informed review Joe .
  10. You want need the HP model ! The stock tubes are way better then most . Its one of best of dozens I have owned . The matching PL Dialogue Pre amp is like bread & butter with the PL amp .
  11. Cornman


    I loved that one CECAA, almost spilled my brew laughing so hard . But I got to say as a One eared Jackalope that "scratches plastic with a rock " and love it , that this Prima Luna gear turns the Music ON . When I got my Dialogue models I said to my self - "At Last " GLWS Joe
  12. Cornman


    Nice catch Joe . I think you should write gear reviews, you have heard more amps then any one else I know of .
  13. Great price on some priceless music . If I did not own most all of the same cd's I would jump on this ! GLWS
  14. Good advise Emile . Summer sales are usually slower,, then add on the Trade wars & Stock market fall & you have perfect recipe for a down market . Thats ok this fortuneatly is not a distress sale. I have just been going thru so much gear lately I am just in the habit of moving on . Me being almost as old as Emile Avitar I only have one music room and only one good ear to listen with ! 😀
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