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  1. I use the Oris horns with my Cornwalls . Have owned Jubilees , and all the other heritage Klipsch horns . Have been a Klipsch fan since 1963 and will be for life .
  2. I got this Dac with the drivers listed above from friend & forum bro , loved the sound but the upgrade bug bit me so spent big bucks on the Perfect Wave Dac . So here is a wonderful DAC in sound an looks . The photos are poor & make the glass face plate look marred these are just reflections . its in excellent condition . Can also be used with your computer flies as with other inputs . $700.00 plus shipping .
  3. Purchased these about a year ago from another forum member too use in my Oris horns . Liked them so much I was no longer looking for that "better sound " , but was offered some Votiva drivers at a very good price I Like the Votivas But we all no the saying , the higher priced gear comes with smaller return . I am told these work very well in Open Baffle systems as well as horns . Excellent condition - $350.00 plus shipping for pair
  4. Right on Shiva , the site you linked describes the problem very well and offers a solution . I had seen that site that Babadono provide years ago but completely forgot about it . Thanks for bring it to my attention . This should help in selecting the better recordings by some artist . The Hoffman site that Rplace suggested has some nuggets of info to be found but takes a lot of reading & digging .
  5. Dirtmudd , thanks for link and your comments . But it makes me think I have not presented my question clearly . For me the issue of CD vs LP is a very different and subjective issue from my question . I am in my late 70's , so my hearing quality is diminishing . I remember back in the 1950's when I got my first Garrard turntable I thought I was in high cotton . 😁 . So i have had decades of listening & a proclivity to like the LP format but over the past 15 years as my gear quality improved I personally prefer the CD sound (if it is a Quality pressing ) And this is just one of those choices we all make based on our ears . For me the cd is way more dynamic and better fq response . I own TT gear and play it occasionally, often putting on the same recording in both formats both spinning simultaneously, switching pre amp source selector between CD and LP . A great way to compare the sound . Have owned a variety of cd player brands , there do vary in sound quality just as TT do . Definitely not trying to convince any one that cd is the Best format . The one your ears prefer is the Best for you . Seeking the best sound quality release in either format is my quest . Looking over the catalogs its common to have 15 or 20 releases of same album done by many different engineers and studio locations I have numerous releases that I enjoy - think its good music but rarely spin them because the quality of recording is so poor . As you say many or way over compressed , others sound like there is a blanket over the sound etc . I have a few CD's that are " Best Of " compilations , eg Bonnie Raitt, The Band , Steeley Dan and others . As you listen to the various songs it is often easy to hear the change in sound volume and quality from one cut to next, different studio and engineer . I am stiil looking over the links yall have provided , but so far they seem to be catalog listings in detail of all the various issues of each release but no grading system or review of Hi-fi quality .
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys . Dirtmudd I understand your point about "subjective " but This is not a choice question but an obvious & agreed on by most . The quality of a Rudy van Gelder or Tom Dowd (and others ) engineered recording far exceeds the average release . Subjective for me -example is I like Miles Davis music until he started into his Be bop phase . Others love it thats Subjective . The magnificent vocal harmonies are only partially reviled in there first release masterpiece " Crosby Stills & Nash" and thats a shame . I have heard on the Klipsch forum for the past 20 years " Garbage in - garbage out " and how true it is . Thats the small price we pay when we improve our systems - the more they reveal the more quality recording and the poorer pressings reveal them selves .
  7. I am looking for a site that will recommend the best sound quality recording for various cd issues . In some cases there are dozens of different releases of the same album thru the years with widely varying sound quality . Any one know of such a site ? I am tired of purchasing several copies of the same music just to find one with good quality sound .
  8. Sadly Joessporster no longer follows the forum . I have sent you a pm re: Tang Bang Drivers I can sell . But I see this is your first post so you may not be able to use the messaging system until you have more post .
  9. You might also consider a "Transport " only for cd's used with external Dac of your choice . I recently got the Cambridge and really like the sound with my PS Audio dac .
  10. Merry Christmas Rplace . Ill take them ,pm sent .
  11. Willand you are correct, the CXC will not read SACD's . As I said I made a mistake going down this SACD rabbit hole ( What happens when I havnt done my homework ) . I will just focus on the Hybrid cds that can be read by any redbook player like the CXC . So why not just keep using my Oppo 980H -- because my dac has no hdmi input . If this does not work out I have made a $600.00 mistake ... 🤑 Will know this weekend .
  12. Confused , yes I was also . After doing my homework ( research ) I have come to understand 90% of all SACD's are made also in hybrid on the same disk and the best part is Hybrids will play on all redbook players . For many of you this is no new's ,,but for this old analog dog living in this digital world it was a lesson .. 🤠 I have never really been dissatisfied with the sound from my Oppo,, but the output's are limited for 2 chl with hybrid cd's . The cxc will allow me to also compare other DAC's . Cornman
  13. Several good suggestions guys , thanks . I ended up getting the Cambridge Audio CXC transport. Ill post a review after some listening . Cambridge vs Oppo 980H , should be fun . 😄
  14. Scored a Cambridge Audio cxc , I will post a review after a listen . 😄
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