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  1. For what its worth to you - I have had great success using a tubed pre's with SS amp . It almost always warmed up the sound. The trick is finding a pre that does not hum and has output sensitivity matching your amp . There are so many good pres to choose from . I am using the Primaluna dialogue now but once had a $300.00 modified Conrad Johnson that was just killer what a mistake that sell was . Do lots of research and listening , good luck,, let us know what you end up with .
  2. Cornman

    Electrocompaniet ECD1 Upsampling Dac SOLD

    Pm sent from Joe to Joe...
  3. Cornman

    Inspire Mono Blocks - Sale Pending thanks Paul

    For sure Richie, I did that first thing this morning . My displeasure was never intended as an insult, for I had always found Dennis a most friendly & agreeable artist . I am particular about my sound an its my routine to buy 3 or 4 different brands to try, keeping one & returning or reselling the others . The Inspire amps have such a good rep I already have an offer but will need more listening time now that I have got it better dialed in . As for mothering ,no worries there at 75 I am still childish enough to use some good mothering ! LOL 😀
  4. Cornman

    Inspire Mono Blocks - Sale Pending thanks Paul

    Ok guy's ,, late last night I found the source of my sound problem . My system is bi amped with crown amp pushing bass. I found the input sensitivity of the Crown & the Inspire's to be way different . The Crown has a high & low choice of input resistance , I reduced to the low setting & also lowered the cutoff point 80 hz . Eureka - there it was all the ugly - reverb,, 'tin can" , sound was gone . So now I need to start over & reevaluate the sound & my choice to sell or not . As RichyBb said below - good advise . Thanks to all the members for there support & suggestions .
  5. Cornman

    Inspire Mono Blocks - Sale Pending thanks Paul

    Understandable Pallpoul , several other members here use The Inspire amp & highly recommended it , that was part of my decision to go with Dennis . There are a couple of things in play here - First & probably most relevant is the fact that my taste in sound does not always coincide with other people . For example I just sold the Cary SLP98 F! pre amp to Joesporster & my friend Kevinmen love this pre as do thousands of others but for me it was just too dry so I went with a differnt brand . Thats just me and also one of the great things about this hobby - we build systems to suite us ! Over the past hour I have changed the driver tube & that helped but the biggest improvement came from changing the crossover point on the Crown DSP for the bass cut off point - that has made it much better. But for now I am so upset (angry) with Dennis's response to my query - Could I give you $300.00 to except a return . He replied he was in disbelief & that ever one loves his amps & there would be no refund even at a profit . He is certainly entitled to set his business policies as he wishes but he is not entitled to tell me what I am hearing and what I like . So even if I adjust them enough to like the sound I dont know if I can live with them - he has left me a really bad taste .
  6. Cornman

    Inspire Mono Blocks - Sale Pending thanks Paul

    Correct Shu - SEP with Auto bias . Pallpoul , I am using Oris Horns with Cornwalls for bass bins .
  7. Received this pair of custom made Amps from Dennis Had today . Waited for 12 weeks for them to be built & paid $2,900.00 for them . But unfortunately there just not my cup of tea- possibly incompatible with my other gear . Either way it makes for a Bargain for someone else . Ouput tubes are 6550,, with two types of drivers come with set of 6sn7 and 6sl7 - your choice for different sound and one pair of 5ar4 rectifier's . Yours for $2,600.00 with free shipping . Any questions, please ask .
  8. Cornman

    Jazz CDs for sale

    Nope only a Xcell page .
  9. Cornman

    Jazz CDs for sale

    Attachment - NO woorkie .
  10. Cornman

    WTB/WTT NBS pre

    PM sent ..
  11. Cornman

    YouTube Music, Concert & Klipsch Videos

    Thanks for the music guys, it opened some old and some new doors for me . 😀
  12. Cornman

    Will Vincent Dynaco ST 70

    Thomas, I own the Latino St120 amp with auto bias, it is great . As AV guy said above compare the components . Will has been around a long time & is a dealer with a good reputation but the sound is all about the components and design . Another nice feature of the B> Latino is you can choose to have a Pre amp or not - just strait from source to amp - the amp has a volume control . I will be receiving my new Dennis Hadd Mono Blocks this week and may put the Latino amp on the market, if interested send me a pm .
  13. Phil Leash also used that same phrase in his book - "Stating a theme and taking it for a walk in the woods".  Searching for the Sound: My Life with the Grateful Dead
  14. Cornman

    New... not New Old Stock

    vivatubescom I purchased two Psvane12au7 from them . They are located in USA.
  15. Cornman

    CORNSCALLA conversion all parts - SOLD

    Sure do Ryan, if you have questions or need more info PM me .