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  1. Cornman

    Oris 150 Horns. SOLD........SOLD..........SOLD

    Yes, thanks to your EXCELLENT packing all arrived safely . Will get back with you tomorrow with some questions . Happy tunes to ya,.
  2. Cornman

    Passive pre-amp

    Moray do those dvd players have volume control on the remote , and enough output voltage to go straight to your amp ? If so it would save me a lot of money on the purchase of a new Oppo .My 980H is getting long in tooth . Is there some other advantage to the Oppo's ? Have loved my Oppo but big buck compared to the Sony .
  3. Cornman

    How much toe-in do you use

    l like your folding screen . is there a tv behind it ? Great idea to dampen those reflection's .
  4. I believe I have a couple of those vintage timers (as in the ebay add ) . Pm me if your interested .
  5. Cornman

    Looking For A Grounded Grid Preamp

    This Gon add has expired but did not sale but you can still contact the seller- https://www.audiogon.com/listings/tube-transcendent-sound-grounded-grid-2017-12-28- Here is another expired add but if you notice he has other items for sale so you should be able to contact them - https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649384102-transcendent-sound-grounded-grid-tube-stereo-preamp-with-upgrades-giant-killer-vgc/
  6. Cornman

    To Pre or not to Pre

    " I would bet somewhere between 75% volume to max would be the sweet spot. " My ears seem to agree with you Westcoastdrums at least in preliminary testing . Somewhere around 50% the signal seems not to be saturated enough. I would like to hear that confirmed by Oppo . Reassuring to hear that from you Dizrotus , I suspect there are several others with similar experience.
  7. Cornman

    Looking For A Grounded Grid Preamp

    There was one on on Audiogon a few days ago not sure if it still there, but I think they do show up fairly often at reasonable prices. Good luck
  8. Cornman

    To Pre or not to Pre

    I agree Pbphoto , Impedance matching seams to be one of the biggest issues and how unfettered ( original )has the signal become passing thru the pre . Shu the gain control was probably one of the reasons I never tried direct before . But my gear this time had gain control on both the Oppo 980H remote and the Latino Amp.so there was plenty of control. I am still trying to understand if there is any advantage too running the oppo at max output or is the quality still the same when i turn down the oppo signal strength .
  9. Cornman

    To Pre or not to Pre

    Thats been the question , at least for me the past couple months . Dont no why I never tried the direct approach before ( from source to power amp direct no pre ) . As I started to put togehter a system I ordered a few components . The B. Latino ST120 arrived first so not having a pre decided to give it a try with no pre .pushing the Cornscallas . Quickly I was smilling, and thinking these Lation amps and the Cornscallas are a good match -good synergy ,sounds dam good .A few days latter a BAT vk30 pre arrived and I thought things are going to really get good now . Wrong,,, the sound was smoother but lost a lot of bass and dynamics . Ten years ago or so , Mark our Juicy Music creator posted in a lively thread that was going on at the time about Why WE need a Power Pre Amp. rather then a passive . Wish I could find that post again . How many of you have tried direct and what was your experience ? I have not giving up on pre amps, I have two more pre amps ( Cary slp98p F1 and a Prima Luna Dialogue Premium ) on the way so more fun testing to be had . Hopefully one will take away some small harshness in some upper mid range fq . with out loosing bass and dynamics . If you have never tried direct, give it a spin you might be surprised, or at least its a good way to economically get started in separate components .
  10. Cornman

    Heresy vs. Cornwall

    My experience is the same as Jeff's . In fact I am surprised this thread went on this long . There is no comparison they are two different types of " jewels ", different seize, different cost .
  11. Cornman

    Oris 150 Horns. SOLD........SOLD..........SOLD

    Buying Joe's Tang Band drivers with horns for a start . Right Rudy we are blessed to be Texan's .
  12. Cornman

    Oris 150 Horns. SOLD........SOLD..........SOLD

    Yep the Cornman is up to his neck here in uncharted waters with the Oris horns . Had just gotten my Cornscallas all dialed in & bam . Had no plans to change speakers but the lure of the Oris was just too much to resist . Thanks for the deal Joesporster.
  13. Cornman

    WTB ---- ALK Crossovers for My La Scalas

    Also compare it with Bob Crites ,
  14. Cornman

    F/S BMS 4592-Mid pair $1150 shipped.

    Congrats Kevin, (you lucky rascal ) you beat me to those drivers. 😛