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  1. Thanks everyone for your help! I did buy the speaker. It was in better condition than I had expected. A bit dusty and some paint splatters, but I will try to get those off. I unhooked the internal amp and plugged it into mine and everything works! I'll probably still send in the crossovers and remove the volume controls, but happy with the purchase!
  2. Thanks everyone! I think it might just be worth the risk if I can get for a low enough price. I had planned on sending my existing crossovers in to Crites anyway. Randy - I am not familiar with the term DCR? What am I looking for? Joel
  3. Hi All - I have come across a local seller with a single La Scala (LS-BB) SN #7P896 with AA crossovers. From a google search, it appears to have been used as an organ speaker, as it has the amplifier mounted inside. The seller is a resale shop (not a fellow enthusiast or stereo dealer) and says it "is not working", but thinks that is due to the amplifier. There is also some damage to the cabinet (see pictures). My intent would be to remove or bypass the amplifier and use this as a center channel with my existing La Scalas. My questions are: Am I correct in assuming the amplifier built-in can be simply bypassed/disconnected? Will the physical damage to the cabinet have an impact on the sound, and would the correct way to repair be using some kind of wood filler? Given the condition and age (looks to be 1976), any thoughts on a fair price? Thanks everyone, always appreciate the feedback! Joel
  4. Not sure, I have to decide if I want to send in for a rebuild or buy new. New our decrease my "down time, but it is $200 more. Mine are from 1978, so not sure if the rest of the parts also need replacement from age.
  5. Thanks! It is helpful. I suppose I can try the new crossovers first and see the difference, and if I wanted to get the C120's later if I want.
  6. OK, so if I go that route, do I stay with the AA crossover or get the a/4500???
  7. Been doing a lot of reading on various forums and wanted to get an opinion from the fellow members here. I've got a pair 1978 LaScalas with the original innards. We use them as a home theater watching TV, movies, and sports (when not in a pandemic). Occasionally I will fire up the turntable and spend a few hours spinning some vinyl. I am considering making these modifications: A. New Type AA crossover from Crites with tweeter diaphragm replacement or B. New A/4500 crossover with the CT120 tweeters. Cost is about the same, so that's not much of a factor. I am leaning towards option B, but the purist in me says this changing too much from the intended original design. Like is a Chevy still a Chevy if you replace the engine? Would appreciate any thoughts on the topic...
  8. This is incredibly frustrating. I have asked support if they THEY won't make them, maybe they will give me the design to give to any of these 3rd party manufacturers that already make them for other brands.
  9. I also have the same issue, both ear cubs popped apart at the same time. I got a pair of those replacement ones and they don't have that "ring" that the originals have that mount to the headphones. I hadn't thought about cutting that ring off, I may give that a try.
  10. I currently have 2 KSW-12's (one front, one back) in my HT set-up with my La Scala fronts and Chorus II center. Curious as to if either of the 15" subs would add anything overt he 12's, and if so, are the reference ones any better than the KSW-15? I see a few KSW's on craigslist from time to time, and the R-115's are mostly new since they are the current model.
  11. Yes, they are nice! I do not have the desire at this point to sand and refinish, and I don't think they need it My question was more on what to use for regular cleaning maintenance...lemon pledge? Murphy's oil soap? Just a damp rag/paper towel?
  12. I picked up a pair of La Scala's tonight locally from 1978. The code says Birch Raw, but they are not bare wood now and I assuming they have been stained. Any suggestions on what to use to clean them up - any kind of furniture oil or polish? They are in pretty good shape... There are a few chips/nicks here and there that can be expected for speakers 40 years old...would be it wise try and "color in" the chipped areas with a matching stain?
  13. I am currently using 4 x KG 1.5's for my side/rear surrounds. I have had them for many years and usually just had them placed on the floor since I didn't have room for stands. New house, new room more dedicated for the theater set-up. Unfortunately our builder was being a pain so I couldn't pre-wire, but I may suck it up and do in-wall/ceiling. Any recommendations on models what would fit my set-up? In-wall vs. ceiling?? Thanks, Joel
  14. I have a pair of Chorus II's for my fronts and asked the same question about 2 years ago. I got a similar response at first (...another Chorus II),but others responded in a smilar way as you above! I patiently waited and watched criagslist for an Academy center, Forte II's, or Quartets. Lucky for me, about a week into my search, a really nice pair of Quartet's popped up for $275, which I jumped on. As it was a pair, I still have the "extra" one sitting off in the closet. Joel
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