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  1. In my opinion you get more tube sound from a tubed pre amp than with a tubed amp....
  2. The tubes arrived a couple days ago, just waiting for the adapters now!!!
  3. My first attempt at replacing the 6SN7 tubes was to use the 6F8G tubes with an adapter, these sounded great and better than any 6SN7 I ever heard. After that I discovered the 6J5 tubes, I been using them with adapters for about 3 years now and they sound more linear than the anything I have tried... Only problem is most are very microphonic, so I am gonna try the 2C22 in the hopes that they will not be as microphonic...
  4. Seti, Are you using the 2C22's or the 6J5's?
  5. I been using 6J5GT tubes in my pre amp for a few years now with great results, now I am gonna try these 2C22/7193 tubes in the same place as I am told they are quite good!!! Anyone else here using these?
  6. The local tech called me yesterday with bad news, he said he could not fix mine so I will seek a second opinion....
  7. Wow!! Hard to believe that only two members are the only ones that still have this CP player....
  8. I agree, I still have mine too but recently it has an issue of some sort. It plays but no sound is coming out from it, so I brought it in for repairs.
  9. Reviving an old thread, how many here still have one of these players?
  10. I have it on my phone now, it works pretty good.
  11. Go to the main Klipsch page you will find it there...
  12. The T5 II are the ones I am looking at...
  13. Are these ear buds really any good? Does anyone own these and can speake to their quality?
  14. Here in New Orleans we have two decent FM stations, WWOZ Jazz and WTUL is the local College station. I have a rooftop antenna with a rotor been there for years, I never use the rotor anymore because I have it adjusted to pickup these two stations perfectly. I am using a Kenwood KT 5020 tuner I think it came in at # 10 in the great tuner shootout back in the day. Anyway it drags the stations in crystal clear and it sounds good to me, I don't listen to a lot of FM usually to warm up and cool down my system or when we have guest or cooking.
  15. I usually buy from Brent Jesse or Andy at Vintage Tube Services, for the 45 look for some used EML's best sounding 45 I ever heard..
  16. Thanks Edgar, I found a video looks like it is a star type head..
  17. What tool is used to adjust the bias on the Yaqin amps?
  18. I am looking for a CD player with good playback sound quality, budget is $300....
  19. Well I am not familiar with all the decks named so you will have to tell me which ones are 2 track that do 15ips?
  20. I was just wondering how many here enjoy the sound quality produced by a 2 track R2R deck? Also the type of music you listen to on your deck? I have two Otari MTR 10's and absolutely love the sound quality of these machines!!!
  21. So that would make them 8 ohm speakers, correct?
  22. So it's a small room so I guess anything from say 5 wpc would be good?
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