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  1. Curious as to how they sound compared to other 6SN7 tubes?
  2. Hi Jim, Ok I have a little time for this now. This whole thing started when I wanted to find variants for the 6SN7 tube, my pre amp and my Korneff 45 amp uses them. Anyway with really great sounding 6SN7 tubes being super pricey and hard to find I started my journey. Long story short I found some really great sounding variants, while in the process I was talking to my friend Mark that owns Rogue Audio and he said I should try the 12AU7 tube as sub for the 6SN7!!! Mark knowing quite a bit about tubes told me that the 12AU7 was the closest tube he knew of to the 6SN7, So now I have another option. Using an adapter I started with what I had a NOS pair of RCA clear tops, they sounded pretty good but the highs were recessed a bit kinda like in the background. Then a NOS pair of Valvo 12AU7's and they were better, thena friend told me about the 5963 tubes. I got some and they were terrific but noisy so I started looing for some quiet 5963 tubes. I got a pair of Sylvania gold labeled 5963's and they were dead quiet and sounded fantastic!!! I talked with another friend about a trade for a pair of Tele's 12AX7's for his 12AU7's, I know all about the Tele sound and I like it, I been using them in my phone stage for 10 years. Meanwhile while waiting for the trade to happen I learned about the Amperex 7316 square D getter tubes, that alot of people in the know consider them to be the best sounding 12AU7 tube ever made!!! So the hunt begins as luck would have it I bumped into someone that had both the square D and the Halo getter versions of this tube. I got one pair of each from him and was and still am blown away at how good these tubes sound!!! They are almost too good if you can believe that!!! In summary the 5963's are cheap NOS matched $50, the 7316's are high dollar tubes if you can even find them. I checked with both of my go to tube vendors and was told they are looking for them too!!!! The square D getter tubes sound the best with the Halo getter tubes so close it's hard to tell them apart. The only thing left to do is compare them to the mighty Tele's. I am told that the 7316's were Amperex's answer to the Tele 802S tubes.....
  3. Well I don't really know nor do I really care about measuring anything that sounds really good!!! If it sounds terrific why measure???
  4. My 77 Khorns have the original woofers in them and they sound just fine to me....
  5. Rich, I already have a Korneff 45 and a new Decware SE84UFO!!! I will probably have trouble deciding on which one to listen to!!!
  6. Contact me I just finished trying many different variants of the 12AU7 tube and found some awesome results with some cheap tubes and some pricey ones!!!
  7. That's interesting he is building a 71A amp for me that will be ready by the end of this month!!! I am really looking forward to hearing this amp, it will be the last amp I ever buy!!!
  8. Update: Both tubes test as new and close together, anyone have a pair of Tele 12AU7 's to trade????
  9. I have a pair of tele 12ax7's to trade for a pair of tele 12au7's if anyone here has them??? I will test my pair and give results but, i already know they are good. These are my back up pair to another pair I have... Jay
  10. Well first I have a friend that has a few of his amps and he said they sound wonderful but, his soldering skill are very poor. All of his amps had to be gone through and repaired. He also doesn't color code the wiring something that is undesirable. Then on another forum I read more of the same from others that bought his amps. With that knowing the shipping back to Japan is $300 I decided against. Even though I really want one of his amps I am gonna get it done here in the states. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks Randy, I was gonna have him do it but after some research I think not....
  12. Hi Jim, No just been wanting to try one for a while now, I love the Decware amp....
  13. Thanks Rich, do you have any pics? Can you give me a few detail about it? What was the cost?
  14. I am looking for one of these amps to either buy or have one built, if anyone knows or has a lead one please let me know...
  15. I can recommend the Korneff 45 type amp with horn speakers, I been using one for years now. I also have a Decware UFO amp that sounds really terrific on my heavily modded Khorns!!!
  16. In my opinion you get more tube sound from a tubed pre amp than with a tubed amp....
  17. The tubes arrived a couple days ago, just waiting for the adapters now!!!
  18. My first attempt at replacing the 6SN7 tubes was to use the 6F8G tubes with an adapter, these sounded great and better than any 6SN7 I ever heard. After that I discovered the 6J5 tubes, I been using them with adapters for about 3 years now and they sound more linear than the anything I have tried... Only problem is most are very microphonic, so I am gonna try the 2C22 in the hopes that they will not be as microphonic...
  19. Seti, Are you using the 2C22's or the 6J5's?
  20. I been using 6J5GT tubes in my pre amp for a few years now with great results, now I am gonna try these 2C22/7193 tubes in the same place as I am told they are quite good!!! Anyone else here using these?
  21. The local tech called me yesterday with bad news, he said he could not fix mine so I will seek a second opinion....
  22. Wow!! Hard to believe that only two members are the only ones that still have this CP player....
  23. I agree, I still have mine too but recently it has an issue of some sort. It plays but no sound is coming out from it, so I brought it in for repairs.
  24. Reviving an old thread, how many here still have one of these players?
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