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  1. Chief Bonehead- we are dying to get your Xilica settings for the Jubilee with the K-691!!! Someone close to the factory please help him carry a Jubilee over to the anechoic chamber!!! Lol Loving the speakers Sir!!!
  2. Out of curiosity were there any GEQ's on the input side? If not I could actually email you the file with the GEQ's and you could try it again to see if you liked It any better. I'm just curious if it would change it from sounding so flat.
  3. No I use a pre-amp. The Xilica is just the crossover, time alignment, and tweaks (PEQ's). It goes between the pre-amp and amplifiers.
  4. That won't hurt them one bit. You could put an amp on them with double that. How loud they were playing would come into play long before you threw enough power at them to hurt them. In other words your ears would bleed before they would. And it is amazing how different they sound based on their environment!
  5. If you are connected to the amp via XLR cables (which is what the Xilica uses) then balanced. If you are running an RCA adapter and connected to the amps using RCA's (which you probably are not) then unbalanced. Stereo if you are using all four channels. (Mono if you are using each amp as a single channel monoblock, which you wouldn't be in this application). Here's a setup for running your amplifiers vertical which I prefer. (Right amp for the right speaker, and left amp for the left speaker). I used the left side of each of my amps to power the K-691's, and the right side to power the bass bins just to keep things easily organized. Input 1: left channel from your preamp Input 2: right channel from your preamp Output 1: left channel bass bin output -> Right input on left speaker amp -> to the left LaScala bass bin Output 2: left channel HF compression driver -> left input on left speaker amp -> left K-691. Output 3: right channel bass bin output -> right input on right speaker amp -> right LaScala bass bin. Output 4: right channel HF compression driver -> left input on right speaker amp -> right K-691. Double check your connections one by one following them from the beginning to the end to make sure the correct drivers are wired to the correct amps, etc. (OR) You can designate one amp to the bass bins and one amp to the K-691's and just use left and right as they should be, but I prefer vertical so you have a little more poop for the bass bins from the amps.
  6. You're absolutely right, but I don't believe it's going to cause drivers to fail as long as his connections are right. If he's just checking it out what could it hurt? If someone knows the time delay for the LaScala bin over the 402 he could try it. It's probably a lot less than mine.
  7. The school in the 70's and today.
  8. This the auditorium they were installed in that was built in 1939. They were behind the iron grills up high on the sides of the stage.
  9. These Klipschorns were installed in Pocatello High School around 1978 where they were used until a couple of years ago. An acquaintance, and fellow Klipsch fan, ended up with them. They are mint!!! AA crossovers and all drivers work. Sweet decorators. I've included pictures of the speakers and where they were installed. They were replaced because they had no bass. Could it be because there were no false corners behind them? Lol. Pocatello High School was built in 1892, but burned down. It was rebuilt and the auditorium where these speakers came from was built in 1939. Search Pocatello High School and check out the cool ghost stories!!!
  10. Sure, no problem. I'm not sure how your setup will respond. As long as you have a K-691 driver and a Xilica it should work fine as far as not hurting anything. As for how it sounds? Not sure where the crossover point is for the LaScala bin, what the time delay would be or how they will respond, but you can't hurt it as long as your connections are correct. Here's Chris A's connections: Chris A- "Note that the connections to your Xilica are: Input 1: left channel from your preamp Input 2: right channel from your preamp Output 1: left channel bass bin output (to your amplifier) Output 2: left channel HF compression driver " Output 3: right channel bass bin output Output 4: right channel HF compression driver " If it doesn't sound right Chris A can straighten it out from a raw reading using REW and the UMIK-1. Trent
  11. Mike, Hopefully you didn't have to manually enter the settings. Which brings up this offer- If anyone needs the Xilica settings Chris A helped me with let him or me know. We would be happy to share if you wanted to play with them. Trent
  12. I am very happy, and very pleased with my setup and the way it is performing! There is a place in Boise called The Stereo Shoppe. It's much nicer than any stereo store I've ever come across- even in other states. They have two very nice listening rooms- one with very nice McIntosh gear and one with a very nice Integra Atmos setup. Everything used separates in their primary listening rooms. Both rooms are well over $100,000 I'm sure. Heck, the McIntosh room has like $30,000 speaker cables to the front mains which are B & W 800 D3's!!! That being said, I'd put my current Klipsch Jubilee/Emotiva/Parasound/Xilica/Yamaha/Oppo setup up against anything they've got at this point! And personally, I don't know of anyone first hand that has a nicer setup that I've actually seen or heard in person. I know tons of people that built unimaginable theaters in their houses and then suddenly got cheap when installing the gear!!! Chris A made the magic happen without ever stepping a foot in my house! His instructions were easy to understand and the results are breathtaking. He also left me with the knowledge that I could probably come pretty close to duplicating it if I absolutely had to. I guess you could say he was able to do it "blindfolded" and taught someone to fish. I sincerely appreciate his help and value is knowledge and willingness to share. If I'd hired someone to do this it would have cost a small fortune and I probably would have learned nothing. Sincere appreciation is noted!!!
  13. They sound unbelievable! I love it!!! Chris A- I'll email the final REW sweep to you and my Xilica settings salted to taste just so you have them.
  14. Yes. I was getting almost identical readings from both speakers in my room. Trent