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  1. I will touch base with you tomorrow.
  2. Yes- they are available.
  3. Lol- Nobody wants a trip to Idaho? I'm two hours from Sun Valley, Jackson Hole, Teton National Park and Yellowstone Park. Bring your haul trailer and I'll help you pack them in the original boxes.
  4. Price update... LOL- I'm surprised nobody wants a brand new set... Maybe I got the wrong color. At this point I have only listed them here.
  5. In case anyone wanted to know- Shipping through YRC from dock to dock to anywhere in the continental US would be around $150 to $350; however, the standard insured value would only be around $760 based on weight and size of the factory packaging. To add YRC's maximum insurance coverage of only $3,600 for a package this size, it would be another $600 or so. And... If you want it delivered to your house instead of the shipping company's dock it's also more. Factory boxes: Two bass bin boxes @ 42"H x 27"W x 34"D Two mid/high boxes @ 15"H x 31"W x 36"D Shipping weight with pallets is probably around 450 pounds (175 each speaker). Again- I'd prefer the buyer pick these up!
  6. I think you're right!
  7. Updated price! Also, in checking with shipping companies I'm not sure I want the responsibility of shipping these. I would be happy to post the dimensions of all of the original shipping boxes (which I still have in excellent shape) and shipping weight, but I would prefer local pickup. When I say these are perfect, I mean they are perfect! If you would like to have them shipped to you I would be happy to help as long as you make the arrangements yourself. I don't want any liability or bad feelings with a forum member if they were inadvertently damaged. I'm motivated to sell to try Jubilees, but I'm already taking a huge loss selling these. I'd prefer to have Khorns and Jubilees, but its cost prohibitive right now.
  8. Hey guys and gals! I'm seriously considering Jubilees. I was planning to go to the pilgrimage, but unfortunately my plans were wrecked due to work. I'm trying to find someone in Idaho/Wyoming/Montana/Utah within a few hours of me where I can demo. I'm in Sun Valley for the week (there's got to be a pair here) but live in Pocatello, Idaho. Thanks! Trent
  9. Bump
  10. I just researched it. Looks like mine are 1 and 2 of week 5. Yours are 1 and 2 of week 32. Didn't realize the serial numbers didn't continue climbing until your post.
  11. Pocatello, Idaho