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  1. KPT-904 vs Klipschorn

    Cornwall’s are great, but they will not hold up to the 904’s! Period! I now have Jubilees which I consider even better than the 904’s, but I have owned KHorns, LaScalas, Cornwall’s, Forte, RF-7II’s, etc. So far, I haven’t heard anything that competes with the pro line.
  2. How loud can Klipsch speakers get?

    Well... my Jubilees will easily touch 120 dB in my 19 by 48 foot room. I love playing “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons for people. It will literally blur your vision if you stare at a fixed object- LOL!!! The maximum output is supposedly around 128 dB, but I don’t want to go deaf, or actually run the risk of hurting them or my ears. They will coast in the 110 dB range without breaking a sweat. Tonight it’s just Eminem’s new album (most of which was just too political) and now some Miles Davis at around 75 dB.
  3. Something Cornwall this Way Comes...

    Just finished a mid century modern console table. Started with a sequential serial number set of Klipsch Cornwall speakers ($1500-$1800 online), Walnut veneered in a waterfall style all the way around, finished with 8 coats of 100% pure tung oil, cured for two weeks then hand polished. I currently have these hooked up to a Sonos Amp, that receives TV input or Apple Music etc. It sounds amazing! Perfect for that MCM Audiophile who has everything...almost. Dimensions 71.5 X 16 X 31 3/4
  4. Something Cornwall this Way Comes...

    Interesting.... https://www.ksl.com/classifieds/listing/50665320
  5. Good center channel match for La Scalas

    I have used a single Heresy III as a center for quite a while. I’ve used it between a set of Heresy III’s, Fortes, Klipschorns and two pairs of LaScalas!!! I now use it between my Jubilees.
  6. Forte II vs RP280FA for movies

    A Single Heresy would be a near perfect match for a center between Forte IIs. I just lay mine on it’s side.
  7. Advice on turntables

    Don’t forget fixmydual.com. I’ve run a Project Carbon with an Ortofon Blue and a Denon DP-300F with an Ortofon Blue. I then decided to try a restored Dual 1219 turntable from fixmydual.com with a Shure M97xE cartridge. Any guess which turntable is between my Klipsch Jubilees today? A hint would be that I’ve sold the Denon and the Project. The Dual is built like a tank. It’s an idler drive just like the older Thorens tables. I believe you can get one with a new wooden plinth, dust cover and cartridge for under $600!
  8. Heresy III + sub or Cornwall III

    If you are looking for new/used Cornwall’s or Heresy’s a used pair of Forte I’s or II’s is still a great option. I’ve owned Klipschorns, two pairs of LaScalas, Cornwalls, Heresy III’s, RF-7II’s, RF-82 II’s, KLF-30’s and now Jubilees. What speakers do I no longer have that I actually miss? I miss my LaScalas and Forte I’s. The Fortes can benefit from a corner, but they don’t need them. If I were choosing between the Cornwall, Heresy or Forte without good corners behind them I’d go with the Fortes!!!! You’ll probably even find that a sub isn’t necessary with the Fortes. They are basically a slightly taller Heresy with a passive radiator on the back. And.... the drivers are up off the floor!!! Just trying to give you an honest no bullshit opinion.
  9. Heresy III + sub or Cornwall III

    Forte III!!!!!!!!
  10. Xilica XP-4080 help using a MacBook Pro for XConsole

    Chris I get the exact same message you do on my MacBook. I’ve run it on a PC and my MacBook and it’s identical.
  11. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    Do they need corners? No- not at all, but I am seeing/hearing excellent performance in frequencies below 40hz by cornerloading mine. If you check my REW screenshot on the first page you can see I'm hearing things very well down to 25hz which is pretty remarkable. 20hz can still be heard, but it starts to get pretty quite.
  12. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    The XD-4080 is expensive. The XP-4080 with less features (but all you need) is much cheaper.
  13. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    You can audition Jubilees at my place too - I'm happy to do it if you get near Salt Lake / Southeast Idaho. @babadono was the first to stop by and I think he was digging them. Regarding them being the Holy Grail of Klipsch speakers... I just haven't heard anything better. Every Klipsch speaker I've owned I always wanted more. I've owned and sold lots of pairs. These are the first "keepers." Anyone that has sold them that I know of needed cash, had medical problems or some sort of personal issue (divorce, etc.). I am not aware of anyone that has sold them to move on to something better. And that's why they will have a special permanent place in my home.
  14. Klipsch Jubilees and Roy's brand new Xilica Settings

    ^^^ Yep what Chris A said! My Jubilees smoke my Klipschorns. Jubilees are truly next level which is why they were going to be the replacement for the Klipschorn in the first place. I think I saw a quote that described the Jubilee as the best speaker Klipsch NEVER built- I think Roy may have said it. And officially the two-way Jubilee still doesn't exist. It's not on any price sheets, not on the website, etc. The Jubilee just exists as another option for movie auditoriums on the Pro site as a three-way design with no marketing for home use as a two-way whatsoever. My prediction; however, is that will shortly change as the word gets out. I think in total there are less than 70 people that actually own Jubilees with the largest increase in owners probably this year. I think the new active settings however change the game. I wouldn't be surprised if they become available with a passive crossover or available as active - maybe shipped with something similar to a Klipsch KDA-1000 with all crossover settings, delay, PEQ's etc. pre-programmed.