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  1. Haha ... I did not figure it out till my mid 60's
  2. For consumer products it is pretty good. Just had a bad experience with pro parts
  3. Emile


    Love Amazon ... haha; the stock AMZN ... my best performer Don't buy much from them as their descriptions are usually poor
  4. Tom, Thanks ... but tried and tried and tried for about 3 months. Got promise after promise after promise ... but they never delivered on their promises/word. Horrible experience Gave up and threw my K-510 in the trash And yes, I AM TRASHING them for breaking promises. Just a terrible experience. (I hope they actually read this.) Bought Cornwalls new from them and have Heresy's, CF-3's, KPT-904's and several KG's. But I guess they don't give a damn Sorry, but I am really pi$$ed over this one Cheers, Emile
  5. Yeah ... they make promises, but then refuse to deliver on those. Even got "my case" up to the highest level - chief engineer. Very disappointing
  6. Good luck ... I got lucky ... then ran into the Klipsch Gestapo
  7. Sorry, but do not trust Klipsch to even send me a replacement after I take a hammer to my 501's I've spend months on this issue ... promises and promises, but never got anywhere
  8. Haha ... tried ... they said without any pictures of an actual damaged unit they WOULD NOT sell me any
  9. Yeah ... bought some 510's from Klipsch Supposedly in error since they do not sell these to ???? OK; gave away a set to Klipsch forum members ... had a single one left. Tried to get another one, but got refused, refused and refused (even when I gave my KPT-904 serial numbers and asked to upgrade from the "non-mumps" version). Haha; got many more "promises," but never any 510 horns. Very disappointing
  10. Emile

    What I Got Today!

    Haha ... have four 4K TV's (bedroom, office and guestrooms) ... but the Oppo 103 is in my main room which still has a 1080p Panasonic Viera Plasma ... picture is awesome; have not felt the need to upgrade
  11. Emile

    What I Got Today!

    Yes; think the picture quality is better Haha; had my Oppo 980 AND a Sony X800 (for blu ray) hooked up in my main system ... wife was never able to figure it out without an "assist" ... so ONE player will be easier (on her) So; took my old Oppo 980 to my stereo room ... think it's better than my NAD C542 player But; major pain in the a$$ ... have 2 preamps in this room ... of course I could not figure out anymore what goes where to where Oh well; trying to sell (give away) some stuff ... then I'll start from scratch Trying to sell a TEAC GX-77 reel to reel deck and a Marantz 1030. Anyone? Put it on CL ... not on Garage Sale since I really do not feel like "packing" it for transport. Cheers, Emile
  12. Emile

    What I Got Today!

    Oppo BDP-103 ... testing it with Kubrick's "2001." Think it is better than my old Oppo
  13. It's in the listing ... $2000. Zip code 48188 which is Canton, MI.
  14. You know you are getting old when you start watching this thread
  15. Emile

    What I Got Today!

    Darn Guess I'm lucky ... I'm about 6' 3" and the headrest hits my neck ... my ears are above it
  16. Sorry, no clue But ... tried to integrate 510/691 horns with a set of Forte's via DSP ... never succeeded ... the horns are just in a different league and blew the Forte's away Think you might need "more" than the LS bass bins. I have another set of 510's with the 904 bass bins (dual 15" woofers) - awesome sound. Cheers, Emile
  17. Emile

    What I Got Today!

    OK; got some "listening chairs" for my stereo room
  18. @wvu80 ... AWESOME ... as always
  19. Yes; but not a big fan of Roy. He gave me the run-around on K-510 horns ... got some from Klipsch ... then got forwarded to Roy ... with the message "I'll find you some" ... never heard from him again
  20. Guess I was lucky ... paid $650 for my CF-3's ... OK; paid extra for delivery Best money I've ever spend for speakers ... these things are pretty close to "pro" speakers
  21. Thought about a sub ... but these CF-3's go down pretty deep ... think they are much deeper than Forte;s even though the specs say no .... pretty close to my KPT-904 (although in a much bigger room )
  22. YES ... think they are AWESOME
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