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  1. Haha; GREAT! Now, maybe you can drop the kids somewhere
  2. Forgotten passwords? Most of you probably know this, but just in case If you use Google on a PC, go to "settings," then "passwords." Likely it will show Same with Firefox ... menu/preferences/privacy&security/logins&passwords/saved-logins/show-passwords.
  3. OK; seems this discussion is "going the wrong way." Question was "vintage" vs "modern." Have and "have had" many vintage (decent quality) amps/receivers and have always been very pleased with them compared to much more expensive modern systems. Think the original posting is a bit skewed ... i.e. older $1000 system vs $5000 new system. Certainly hope it is "a bit" better. Cheers, Emile
  4. OK; couple of actual pics ... Note ... I put the blue tape on power cord only to identify the unit in "closed" rack
  5. Hey ... it's not that bad ... 2+ hours maybe? (OK; that's one-way.) My wife just drove 11 hours (over 2 days) to go visit her sister. Luckily I got out of that trip.
  6. Hi @ferpromo... welcome to the forum. Nice job on the speaker restoration Pretty sure these are Cornwall ONE's (last production year 1985). Have a set of these and (used to ) run them with a Marantz 2252B ... GREAT setup, so I vote for your (SOLID STATE) Marantz 2270. They Dynaco ST-70 is a TUBE amp with different sound characteristics. Loved by many ... but I wasn't impressed by it Haha; other people will "chime in." Also had a Dynaco 120 and "gave it away." You have some nice McIntosh equipment ... not sure if it is "working." The 1700 receiver is a hybrid model ; the 2100 is highly regarded. I suggest you have these units checked out as they are worth some money
  7. Got some more inquiries ... thanks But, FYI, @carlthess40 committed to buying the sub
  8. Haha ... Gravitation. Gravitation is a textbook on Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, written by Charles W. Misner, Kip S. Thorne, and John Archibald Wheeler. Was required reading in (physics) Graduate School about 40 years ago and still is today. Too difficult then, even more difficult today ... I am on page 27 of 1272 total pages and am completely "lost." OK; going back to reading Clive Cussler's books now
  9. Carl, Thanks! It's "yours." But, to be sure ... bought this from Corey as a "B-grade." (But; it is 99.9% perfect.) Think I paid $599 plus $100 shipping. But do have the "bad" amp which is "almost" necessary as you know these amps often "fail." Haha; make it to my house before my wife comes back Cheers, Emile
  10. OK; one more on my "too much stuff" list. Luxmann R-115 amplifier (70wpc) Highly regarded ... OK; higher amp models are "superior." (Moderator; unable to post this in "Garage Sale." Appreciate it if you can "move" it.) Bought this to compare it with my Marantz 2252B/2240/1060 and Kenwood Basic M2A amps. Sound is really, really good. (Check out the reviews.) Paid $300 for it, but no longer use it No remote Probably will cost me $60 to ship it (edit; correction below), so think "$150" is a bargain Pic is from the internet ... will post actual pics if there is any interest. EDIT ... prospective buyer told me (8/23) it would be $85 to ship this (and will not get rid of it for less than $150) ... so; sorry, raised the "shipped" price to $235. Cheers, Emile
  11. OK; third item of my "too much stuff" list. Marantz 2252B in excellent condition. (Moderator; unable to list this in "Garage Sale." Appreciate it if you could "move" it ) Shipping will cost me roughly $60 so I think this is very reasonable for say $430. Bought this about 3 years ago off eBay. Power section was rebuilt and fully inspected/rebuild. Sounds wonderful ... but, was using it as a "fourth" stereo system which I never use PIc is from the internet ... haha; unable to take pics because it is in the "DARK." Will provide actual pics and more info if there is any interest Cheers, Emile PS ... also listed a 15" subwoofer (R-115SW) and a Marantz 1060
  12. OK; 2nd item of "too much stuff." Tried to list this under "Garage Sale" but was not able to do so (Moderator; if you can move this I'd appreciate it. Maybe unable because I just listed a Marantz 1060 ???) Bought this 15" subwoofer from "Corey" (Paducah Home Theater) about 6 months ago. Sounds great, but "overkill" for my SMALL stereo room ... Epic CF-3's are just fine for this small listening room. Item is in 100% (OK; maybe 99.9%) condition. Arrived with a bad amp which was replaced by Corey. (Have the "bad" amp which I will include.) Local pickup only. Sorry; threw away the box. Cheers, Emile
  13. OK; one more pic so you can decide if it is "walnut" or ???
  14. OK; have too much "stuff." First item "up" is an extremely nice looking Marantz 1060. Had several of these units and was very impressed with them ... so; bought another one after I had sold the previous ones I owned Haha; traded it for a Uzi (about $1500). Added a wood case from Germany ($200) ... believe it is "walnut," but not 100% sure - possibly "mahogany," just do not remember see pics (chopped a bit to post below 2MB limits) Owned it for about 2 1/2 years ... has been "disconnected" for about 2 years, so may need a deoxit of controls. Unit is in excellent shape ... even has the original plastic face protector (see pics) ... of course not "usable" with the wooden case. $490 shipped which I believe is more than a fair price since shipping will probably cost me $60+. (Note; not sure if I should ship the case separately ... pls advise.) Note; this is the (rare?) model with "pre-outs." If you want to play with digital crossovers for this, I have a miniDSP 2x4 (not HD) which I can add for $40. Any interest, let me know. Cheers, Emile
  15. Horrible Hook up a decent source and amp and you will be very surprised I have a set of these (now used as rears) and they are awesome. Bought new xovers for them ... but never noticed any difference. Try them out first! Cheers, Emile
  16. Hi @Bobby2xs, Yeah ... had the same problem (almost) Tried various centers and was not impressed. Best solution was using 2 Heresies with a center Heresy on my TV setup. (Also hooked up are KPT-904's, but hardly ever use them for TV). Sound is excellent, and I am pretty sure you can "flip" the center without any sound problems. (Have my K-510 horns flipped 90 degrees and cannot hear any difference ) If you have enough room underneath the TV, that probably is the best way to go. If not, @Foxman's suggestion for Bob Crites' center channel is interesting - but not familiar with it But, my center Heresy was "underneath" the TV ... HAHA; in front of the fireplace. Even though we are in Florida and almost never use the fireplace, my wife was "not pleased." Went back to a phantom 2 speaker setup and have never missed the center Good luck ... keep us posted. Cheers, Emile
  17. Just an add-on for anyone having similar problems. OK, now have TWO Cisco 8742HDC and TWO Cisco 9865HDC boxes. The 8742's come with a 500GB drive (and 2 channel recording); the 9865's have 1TB drives (with 6 channel recording). 8742 can be upgraded to 1TB, 9865 to 2TB (and the drive formats automatically). ALL units talk together (whole house DVR) and HAHA, I can record SIXTEEN channels simultaneously and now have 4TB of storage. Yes, overkill but isn't that what we do with our Klipsch speakers
  18. Used to power my CW-1's with a Marantz 2252B (52+ WPC). More than enough power and GREAT sound quality. Highly recommended. Don't think you can go wrong with Marantz 22**, but for "main speaker" use I would recommend at least 50WPC with a low distortion rating. But ... delegated my CW's to rear speaker duty (hardly ever used) and now power them with a (vintage) Yamaha CR-620 (35wpc) - sound is probably "just as good" and these receivers can be found for $100. You may want to look at the better Yamaha CR-1020 (80wpc) or CR02040 (120wpc). Good luck!
  19. @JDR ... Good luck with the sale. These 1060's are GREAT sounding units; have had 3 of them. In case there is more interest in the Marantz 1060; I have one in absolute pristine condition (w/ mahogany case). Haha; even still have the plastic face protector Just do not use it anymore
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