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  1. Think this is reversed No air leak should mean if I push on the woofer, the passive will move ...
  2. Too far away from me ... but ... are these really better than Heresy's?
  3. I have a Crown K2 that I use with my KPT-904's ... absolutely awesome. But, it may be a bit too much power for your CF-4's, unless you stay away from max volume The K2 has 1/4 inch and XLR inputs ... used 1/4 inch before, but it broke off inside the amp ... now using a RCA to XLR adapter ($5 online). Using a Kenwood Basic M2 amp (220wpc) with a C2 preamp on my CF-3's. Pretty sure that's all the power they need ... haha, have had them up to 120dB's Good luck with the search
  4. Good price ... someone get these fast
  5. Did my kitchen and bathroom counters with granite. Used polishing pads (?) to take the cut edges to the same "polished" levels. Sorry, but do not recall exactly what "sizes" I used, but here is an example ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Diamond-Polishing-Pads-4-inch-Wet-Dry-8-Piece-Set-Granite-Stone-Concrete-Marble-/254316981112?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c10#viTabs_0 Sorry for the extra work but thought you may want to try it as you seem to be a perfectionist
  6. Haha ... not a Springsteen fan either Wife bought us tickets for a concert many years ago ... she went with her girlfriend; not me
  7. OK; suggesting a Crown K2 ... usually about $400
  8. Yeah; looks great! But think it is stone Note to @314carpenter ... looks great ... your workmanship is awesome But, if I am right about the tops, the edges look like fresh cuts. With some polishing wheels you can make them look the same as the "polished" edges. Haha; more work
  9. $200, no bids yet ... 220wpc ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/large-heavy-KENWOOD-BASIC-M2A-STEREO-POWER-AMP-AMPLIFIER-A/123902522325?epid=1953338364&hash=item1cd92a73d5:g:hjAAAOSwB3pddxTN One more ... $400 ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kenwood-M2A-Power-Amplifier-Fully-Tech-Serviced-working-great-220w-ch-in-8-ohm/113863716728?hash=item1a82ce6f78:g:pbcAAOSwF3ldYDGU OK; reason for listing these ... have one (with a Kenwood Basic C2 pre-amp) on my CF-3's ... these amps are very, very good and way underrated ... haha, therefor still available at reasonable prices
  10. Since no one is responding, I'll be the first. Seems they are usually advertised at about $1500+ ... but believe that's high. IMHO $1000 is fair (if in good condition). Good luck with your search
  11. The RP-280F's supposedly go down to 32Hz. I would try to set your amp at 50Hz first ... after that you can "play" with 40Hz, 60Hz and higher Yes, both for movies and music Have fun
  12. Might be amazing with dual R-115SW's ... but really don't think it's necessary for the small room. Was talking about the crossover settings on the subwoofer itself ... BUT, if you are using LFE from your amp, your amp "sets" the crossover point. Set it (in your amp) to say 10-20Hz above your L/R speakers and listen. My R-115SW is set to 50Hz (on the sub) since my speakers go down to 35Hz. If I turn it up higher (like your 120Hz) it starts interfering with my speakers and the sound is horrible. Good luck
  13. Yes, smartphones are annoying But it's mostly people that think they are "smart" by using them
  14. Haha; don't know how much you want to spend The Sony UBP-X800 is rated highly for both sound and video. Street price about $150, but no audio out, only HDMI. Had one and thought it was pretty good. Sold it because I needed audio out to hook it up to a vintage system. (Sony also has an X1100 ? with audio out but it's about $600.) Do a little searching ... recall a discussion about players and JimJimbo (???) swears by a cheap $35 Sony Got an Oppo BDP-103 to replace the Sony and think it is excellent
  15. Not sure we fully understand ... you might try to add something to your question OK; not sure if 2-3 smaller subs would be better than a 15" one. The 15" sub will certainly "dig deeper." FYI, have a R-115SW in a very small (12x11x8) stereo room and it sounds pretty good ... and no room to add more Check your crossover setting ... best setting depends on your "other" speakers. I use 50Hz as I play it with CF-3's which go down to 35Hz. Cheers, Emile
  16. Well, I better clarify this ... no need to come "out of the closet." Closets are for subwoofers only anyhow
  17. Yeah ... was looking ... but just have no room for it
  18. No clue, but since it comes from both the woofer AND the tweeter, I do think it is your source. Also; do you hear it from both speakers or just one? Congrats on the KG4's ... used to have some and thought they were great
  19. One more ... steel tornado shelter ... about $3-7K depending on size
  20. Interesting Sure @joessportster has seen this "manual for building an earthbag shelter" ( http://www.earthbagbuilding.com/articles/akiohowto.htm ) but thought it might be interesting to those reading this post. But ... question if this is necessary These shelters seem to be constructed for earthquakes, etc. I am sure they can take Cat-5 hurricanes (w/o the water). Joe is in North Carolina; no clue what the maximum winds are ... 100mph? Seems like a conventional structure would be sufficient. Since Joe has good drainage and lives on a hill, how about excavating 4 feet, build a "box with a door," and add a slanted roof? Haha ... make it nice so Joe can put his stereo inside
  21. Yeah Bought a "sawzall" and went crazy Actually, enclosed a lanai with about 5 double doors and made doors from windows in several bedrooms. But ... was about 15 years ago when we all did "covers," before "impact glass" became popular Jeez; should have spend the extra dollars back then
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