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  1. Emile

    KP-201's, Tampa, $200

    Just checked ... sold already
  2. Yes; have some of these UHD "smart" Samsung's in the bedroom and guest rooms. But ... hate it as they seem to "update" without any warning ... of course right when you are trying to watch something Guess they have to update their "spying on you" software
  3. Yeah ... started looking at OLED's, but my Panasonic Viera 60" Plasma is still working great. So; guesss the OLED's are as good as plasma's?
  4. We had an "account manager" with TD America. She lost a bunch of money (haha; OUR money) when the market went UP OK; switched to Fidelity and got $2000 plus free trades for a year Then my account manager started calling about great opportunities for our account ... haha; great opportunities for his pocket. Have been managing our accounts myself .... up 35% (easy to do in this market ). FYI; about 40% ETF's (Yes; Vanguard ETF's! ), 50% stock (AAPL. MSFT, AMZN, BP, etc) and 10% cash. I would not count on "money managers;" their interest is not "yours." Best of luck
  5. Emile

    CL: KP-201 (Tampa)

    @billybob ... oops; double posted this (much later). Sorry
  6. On CraigsList ... https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/ele/d/tampa-klipsch-kp-201-great-working/7021877640.html Not sure what version these are, but here are the specs for the KP-201 II ... https://community.klipsch.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=81708
  7. Emile

    CP-1 Pro Speakers

    Higher power handling with a different woofer ... slightly different xover ... fuses ... think that's all?
  8. Using "cheaper" Sennheiser HD-558's and think they are pretty good Of course, only use them 10 minutes/month so really have no clue (use my speakers 99% of the time as I need to "feel" the music). But, have seen very good reviews on the HD-650's. Good luck
  9. OK, let's get back to the speakers One of my neighbor's had a set of these KI-362's. Auditioned them and they are absolutely AWESOME! Sorry, never went to "low volume," but I am sure @Westcoastdrums is "spot on."
  10. YEAH One of my favorites is Dutch "munten drop" (translation ... "coin" licorice). Salty, fairly hard licorice ... never met an American who liked it
  11. Sorry, not familiar with the PRV drivers. But, if you are looking for 2" exit drivers, check out the B&C DE75 units I found on FleaBay ... just listed them on "Alerts."
  12. Resistance is futile .... haha; paid $500 for my "extra" set
  13. Found these on FleaBay ... they are listed as KPT-904 HF horns. 99% sure they are K-510's (old style; no mumps). See https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Horn-Speaker-KPT-904-HF-professional/123959263566?hash=item1cdc8c414e:g:6pIAAOSwSA9du4Kz . Seller has 2 available. One terminal busted ... supposedly works
  14. Hi @longdrive03 ... what material did you use for the grills? Made grilles for my KPT-904's from 1/4 inch plywood ... one stayed "flat," but the other one is badly warped Thanks in advance
  15. Kudo's for @wvu80 One of the most helpful people on this forum
  16. Drooling Would make a great LCR setup. Two 10" woofers and a 1" CD on a 6x10" tractrix horn. 48-20k Hz, so you will still need a sub Great buy as Crutchfield still sells these for $1650 EACH. Would get these if I did not have L/R 904's Probably can be shipped for a reasonable price (size is 17x15x12.5") GLWS
  17. Emile


    Don't know if you are in Florida ... to avoid shipping Here is another set in FL; north of Orlando - $500 ... https://orlando.craigslist.org/ele/d/casselberry-klipsch-quartets/7011437260.html
  18. Yeah ... as @Dave1290stated ... much safer bet to get Heresy's (or even RF7's). But if you can afford to loose $500, those McIntosh speakers might be fun.
  19. Sorry; no and no. Did hear a set of XR-6's which are a bit bigger and sounded awesome ... grilles on those are on a "hinged door." Interesting speakers ... would at least give them a "listen." But, watch out ... no idea if you can find any replacement parts. Certainly different than RF7's which you can buy anytime, any day Good luck Add-on ... but you will be missing "in your face" horns
  20. For those of us unfamiliar with them ... Crossover frequencies: 250Hz, 1.4kHz and 7kHz Impedance: 8 ohms Output: 89dB @1w/1m Power rating: 150w Size: 35-5/8"H, 17-1/2"W and 11-3/4"D Weight: 75 lb Sorry, did not find a freq range Sorry, no freq range sorry about the "rotted" surrounds
  21. Heresy's ... $2700 ... nice looking, but I'll pass
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