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  1. Emile

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    Close enough to stay inside ... actually -40C=-40F. Haha; 86F in Tampa Bay, FL
  2. Haha ... yes, better than your original listing price of $14,025,015
  3. Emile

    Refinishing raw birch Heresy

    Haha; if you can live with it as is, do it But if they are in plain view (or you have a WAF to consider), forget about all the half-a$$ed solutions. "When doing a thing, do it right!" Fill it in, sand it and re-veneer. Yes, will take at least twice as long, but the result will be at least four times better. Good luck! Cheers, Emile One more thought ... take it to an auto body shop and have them fill it in and sand it ... they've got the tools and should be able to do it quickly and hopefully cheap. Do the veneering yourself.
  4. Emile

    KLF-30 modifications

    AWESOME Quite a guitar, etc collection
  5. Emile

    Are these legit bottoms?

    I would be careful First, price at $3200 is "not great." Second, terminal connectors say "La Scala." ???? Good luck
  6. Emile

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Haha ... obviously since you seem to be one of the "knowledgable" fanatics. Have fun
  7. Hi All, Hoping to get some advise. Trying to duplicate the sound of my KPT-904's (OK; get "close" to their sound) for use in a small (12x12x8') stereo room. Have an extra pair of K-510's (w/ B&C 75 drivers) which I will use separately (via DSP) with these bass bins. Tried finding CF4's, but no luck. Still talking with a CF3 seller, but the guy is a major pain ... wants top dollar for a "version 3" set, which is the worst of the series. So; why not build a couple of boxes? Thinking ported/slotted, very roughly 18x16x36", of course with pro woofers. Would like the box to go down to say 40Hz. Upside is taken care of by the 510 horns, kicking in at 500-600Hz. Looking at Eminence Delta 12LFC ( https://www.parts-express.com/eminence-delta-12lfc-12-driver-4-ohm--290-464 ), but I am sure you may have better suggestions Just picked up a Crown XLS 402 (300wpc at 8Ohms) to drive them. OK; have NOT found any design plans and also NO calculator for dual woofer bins. Appreciate your help Many thanks, Emile Add-on ... yes, know you will recommend something like KPT-684's ... unfortunately just do not have room for those beasts
  8. Emile

    Cornwall's from Acousticsounddesign.com

    Awesome set! Love that rosewood Congrats!
  9. Emile

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Hi Bob, Welcome to the forum Certainly not a crazy idea Probably would work ... are you thinking of building a set? However, slowly starting to think trying to add "non-pro" Klipsch speakers is just going to be a mismatch with the 510/691 horns OK; the Eminence Pro woofers just arrived Will hook them up and let you know the results - withing a couple of days. Cheers, Emile
  10. Emile

    My new listening room/artist's studio

    Awesome place! Definitely "the space" for Grand MCM's Or ... if you are "not ready" for those, I would consider some smaller Pro speakers like the KPT-942-T. (I have the 904 version with the smaller 510 horns ... but haha, you have the room for the larger 904 horns ) https://web.archive.org/web/20130603050449/http://www.klipsch.com/kpt-942-t Sorry for spending your money
  11. Emile

    What I Got Today!

    OMG ... tasty
  12. Emile

    Heresy $70.00 Jackson Tennessee

    Haha ... long drive from the Florida beaches to Tennessee hills Was just "chiming in" and amazed at some of the bargains I see. Jeez ... I paid seven HUNDRED for mine (OK; for 3). Cheers, Emile
  13. Emile

    Heresy $70.00 Jackson Tennessee

    Haha ... $70 makes sense now
  14. Emile

    Heresy $70.00 Jackson Tennessee

    Ha; see what you mean But ... why would a spammer try to collect 5-10 email addresses via CraigsList?
  15. Emile

    Heresy $70.00 Jackson Tennessee

    Looks VERY good for $70 If I were closer I would take a look ... haha, with $70 cash.
  16. Bob Cries has the black fabric ... used it and it's very nice https://critesspeakers.com/speaker_fabric.html
  17. Emile

    cornwall 1 grills

    Haha Just take the grilles off ... and use them as a template for new ones .. very easy ... only need a circular and a jig saw - or someone can do it for you for $20. Then buy the covering material you want ... cheap at many places, but if you want the real stuff it's $80 (?) from Bob Crites ... https://critesspeakers.com/speaker_fabric.html . Staple and/or glue it ... SimplySpeakers.com has pretty good glue, but sure you can find it locally. Yeah ... $200 saved Cheers, Emile Add-on ... Don't forget to spray paint the wood. Haha; I forgot when I made a small pair of grilles for K-510 horns and had to do it "again." Also; the eBay guy used 1/4 inch mdf ... I build some grilles for my KPT-904's (bit larger than CW) using 3/8" plywood and it warps a bit
  18. Emile

    Klipsch KPT-456 SOLD

    Awesome I should have gotten them but just NO room left. (Have a pair of 904's.) Have fun with them!
  19. Hi EBEB, Welcome to the forum Have tried a bunch of amps on my Forte's Marantz 1030 (15wpc), Marantz 1060 (30wpc), Marantz 2252B (52wpc), Yamaha CR1020 (100wpc) and a Crown K1 pro-amp (350wpc). Actually preferred the moderate power of the Marantz 1060 ... to me it had the best sound. If you do not want to go the "vintage" route, have heard some of the new Yamaha's (not heard on my Forte's) ... like the A-S801 ... and was pleasantly surprised. Cheers, Emile
  20. Hi Rich; welcome to the forum OK; one more opinion Have Cornwall I's in my main listening room (as rears) and Forte I's in a small stereo room. The Forte's are "anemic" compared to the Cornwall's If you like to play your music loud, there is no comparison, Just ordered some PRO woofers to replace the regular ones in the Forte's ... OK; trying to get these Forte's to play "evenly" with K-510 horns ... very "knowledgeable" people on this forum have advised me that I might get "close" to Cornwall's using this approach Good luck! Cheers, Emile
  21. Emile

    Heresy III Raw $800

    Haha ... had me there Was wondering what those dual woofer , dual horn speakers were ...they looked very interesting. OK; stacked Heresy's ... still awesome
  22. 99.9% sure the Marantz 2270 will be great Had a Marantz 2252B (52wpc) on (800W) KPT-904's. Awesome, very detailed and loud enough for the neighbors to enjoy Switched to a Crown K1 amp (about 400wpc) and think (?) there is a slight difference ... tighter bass and better highs ... but would have no problem putting my 2252B back in Sorry; no clue on the Outlaw ... but's it is "only" 110wpc ... may get you "1dB" extra, but not much more than your Marantz. Cheers, Emile
  23. Emile

    Klipschorns with Fortes?

    Pretty sure about this ... if I'm wrong someone will certainly "chime' in. If you run speakers opposite of each other, the sound waves start cancelling (and/or reinforcing) each other. If you change the speaker wiring on the back ones (red wire to black post, black to red) it will negate this problem. Have fun
  24. Haha ... you already know you are going to buy these Good luck negotiating a better price
  25. Emile

    Klipschorns with Fortes?

    Haha ... why not? I have KPT-904's up front and Cornwall's in the rear (on a separate amp). Don't use the rears often, but sounds incredible If you do, remember to chance the phase on the rears to avoid "cancellation." Haha; just buy another set for your office Cheers, Emile