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  1. Thanks @Racer X. Packed it in an Onkyo AVR box and it fit perfectly with the preformed Styrofoam panels. UPS must have dropped it from (my estimate as a Physicist) at least 2 meters or forcefully thrown it to the floor And I am sure they will find a way to disallow my damage claim Oh well
  2. Update ... Teac R2R was shipped to Mike and arrived badly damaged ... thank you UPS If anyone needs a "parts" Teac X-1000R let me know.
  3. Oops; forgot about his amp. Yes he will need some more power Yes; let's humor those people
  4. Haha; downsized from Heresy's L/R/C and rear Cornwall's to L/R RC-7's and rear RB-75's. OK; using them as surrounds only, but actually think it is an improvement.
  5. OK; "finally figured it out" also. Guess you are keeping your "surround" system as is and looking at Heritage speakers for your 2-channel set-up. Do not get "too impressed" by the Heritage sound. Yes; they are very good (and have many fans on this forum), but there are many alternatives. For example, I just changed my 5.1 surround from Heresy's L/R/C and Cornwall rears to a simpler RC-7 (L/R) with RB-75's in the rear. Actually think it sounds better (for surround sound). And yes, while Heresy's sound good, I do not think they are even close to my CF-3's (in another room). Added note; have never been impressed with Forte's - had some and tried adding K510 and JBL horns to them; result was that the Forte's just sounded "anemic." So, for your 2-channel stereo I suggest going "pro." Like LS Industrials (OK; they are Heritage), or KPT-904's, or JBL (like the 4722 setup that @Westcoastdrums has for sale), or JBL M2's (great speaker, but WAY overpriced). Or, look at CF3/4's. FYI, have KPT-904's with a JBL HF 4722 section (replaced the K510 horns) and they will blow away any Heritage speaker. Good luck in your search. Cheers, Emile
  6. Jeez ... it has FIVE metal 10" reels At $75 each that's $375. Plus 13 prerecorded 7" tapes at $30 each ... $390. Plus extra hubs at $80. Plus remote at $80. Haha; total is $925. Guess I sold the R2R for MINUS $375 ... good enough to give it a full service
  7. Well; seems it was sold to @michaelwjones . Will keep it posted till the deal goes through Paid about $1400 for it Think it will be 100% with a $2-300 service. Haha; just did not feel like having to individually sell tapes/accessories Cheers, Emile
  8. $550 plus shipping. Will ONLY do this for about 2 days as I will start working on it Saturday.
  9. Yes; supposedly the CR**40 series is better. However, read they "fail" on a part which is NOT replaceable.
  10. Yamaha CR; models 620, 820, 1020
  11. Thanks @Marvel Will troubleshoot/disassemble next week
  12. Have a Teac X-1000R in excellent condition - cosmetically 9.5/10, operation 8?/10. Sold it last week for $1000 However, buyer brought it back as it had some minor problems. Forward full speed did not fully engage (slow first, then speeding up) and 7/10 speed switch did not fully "catch." Probably just because unit had been sitting for about 2 years without any use. Think it may need a service to get the grease and belts redone. Will include (aftermarket) remote, extra hubs, about 12 prerecorded 7" tapes (Chicago, BS&T, Santana), 3 full 10" tapes with metal reels, etc. Haha, on FleaBay prerecorded tapes go for about $40 each and metal spools for $70+. Just thought I'd try here first to see if anyone is interested. If yes, send me a PM. Have about $1400 into it, but willing to sell it for much less. Other option is to send it to a repair shop and then sell it for market value. Cheers, Emile
  13. Insanely low prices KG5.5's for $75; KG4.2's for $100; KG2.5's for $75 Unfortunately I have too many speakers already
  14. Heard the JBL 4367's at a local pro audio shop a couple of months ago. Was impressed, but not enough to spend $8K each on these as an upgrade to my system. Running KPT-904's (DOUBLE 15" woofers instead of a single in the 4367's) with a JBL 4722 HF section (32" horn instead of a 20"?? one). Thought my system was better Yes, these 4367's are good but terribly overpriced My last exposure to (underground) Jubilees was about a year ago. From memory, the Jubes "won."
  15. Did @rszoke get these yet? Note; double checked as I thought these had 8" woofers - NO; 10" See http://images.klipsch.com/Brochure_971100_Legend_635164772957368000.pdf
  16. OK; if you want SUPERIOR sound, get these from @Westcoastdrums ...
  17. One more suggestion ... RC-7. Not sure how they integrate with Belle's, but just got a pair for use as L/R and with the bigger 8" woofers and 1.75" CD they are awesome
  18. Nice Marantz stuff! Yes, Cornwall's but also will suggest CF3/4's - smaller footprint and IMO equal or better than CW's. (Haha; NOT a Forte fan.) All can be found used for about $800-1500. Good luck
  19. Emile


    Not familiar with the bass bins, but know they are equal (or better ?) than KPT-904's. As for the horns ... they are AWESOME As close as one can get to K-402's Am using these horns on my KPT-904's (replacing K-510's) and it is a massive improvement. And, if the wife objects to the horns, you can build a box for them to match the bass bins ...
  20. Haha; got a call back with "drop it off and we'll check it out ... could be 2+ months to get the parts."
  21. Thanks; emailed service center near me
  22. Pretty sure it does. The multi-zone setup is for multi-zone speakers "out." Yes; all CD/DVD decks are set to PCM Think zone-2 pre-out is just DEAD It's a no go with HDMI inputs and also no go with AC RCA inputs. Note; RCA inputs work on zone-3 Used zone-2 pre-out to send a signal (from HDMI 1-3 only) to my Crown/KPT-904's. Since I'm pretty sure it does NOT work anymore, planning on just hooking up my main DVD player (Oppo) direct to the KPT's via RCA. Haha, less buttons to push for the wife. Anyone know of any affordable (and less than 16" depth) AVR's that have HDMI to pre-out transfer? Paid $600 for my Onk 4 years ago, but NLA. Only need 5.1. All I can find is a Yamaha RX-A6A which is too deep (and too expensive at $2300). Have not checked out Denon, nor Marantz (hate that little porthole). Cheers, Emile
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