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  1. Not answering your question, but ... I have the KPT-904's with the 510 horns (same driver). My xover (in the 904's) is setup for the horns, so no problem and no need for bi-amping. But ... the 904/942's came in many different varieties ... check out the xover first. You can always bi-amp and/or DSP later. (Your horns need very little power, but the bass bins love big watts.) Used to drive them with a 52 wpc Marantz 2252B and the sound was great ... upgraded to a Crown K1 (400?? wpc) and it was a major improvement! I do have a 15" subwoofer, but hardly ever use it. And, think your garage setup (door!) would introduce more sound problems than improvements with a sub. Love your system. Good luck! Cheers, Emile
  2. Concur with many of the selections here But, want to add Carlos Santana and Brian May ... maybe not the "best," but their sound is always distinguishable.
  3. Think I had KP-301's but not really sure But, I would take any PRO speakers over the regular series ... they just sound better/fuller/more refined/etc. For some more info, see Oops ... that is "your" post from 2 years ago. Guess you did not buy them back then
  4. Yeah ... all dimensions are "off" ... mid-horn does not "fit" ... makes me wonder if the woofer(s) are just front mounted ... nice build though
  5. Sorry ... not checking in too much Road trip FL to IL to visit my wife's mother for a couple of weeks
  6. Haha; room enough Used to have CW's besides a fireplace on a 12ft wall ... replaced them with KPT-904's
  7. Haha ... no; been working on my "honey do list." Three new computers, new plantation shutters, new front door ... bigger job than anticipated; 4 ft wide door replaces a "small door" plus side light. Cheers, Emile
  8. Another vote for CF-3's (or the slightly larger CF-4's Probably my favorite Klipsch speakers, excluding large Pro speakers.
  9. Yes; old postings and pics remain on file ... when you reach your limit (2MB?) it will not allow you to upload any more ... have to delete old content
  10. Very decent price ... bought mine for $350, but that was 2 years ago. If the seller is including the stands it is a bargain
  11. Oil at MINUS $32?? So; when will gas stations start to pay "US" when we fill up?
  12. Free, but I'm sure they require a Fidelity account
  13. I use Fidelity's Active Trader Pro app on my PC ... blindingly fast trades
  14. Believe it is $2T via the Coronovirus bill and $4T via the Fed.
  15. Nah ... played it a couple of times with market up, TVIX low ... made about 20% each time, but did not have enough "balls" to hold it through the day. Did not buy any today
  16. Well ????? Dow up 11.4% and I sat on the sidelines OK; waiting for "day 2."
  17. Look at https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/funds-and-etfs ... you'll find some "opposite" ETN's
  18. Italian Air Force with Pavarotti's Nessun Dorma https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8114549/Italian-airforce-plays-Pavarotti-singing-Nessun-Dorma-incredible-air-display.html
  19. OK; removed from "here." Put it on FleaBay ( https://www.ebay.com/itm/223947470536 ) and it's up to $220 with 6 days to go
  20. OK; "guilty." But at least I made it into the "3 people" club.
  21. Awesome! You made a killing! I bought TVIX at $200 and sold it the next day ... then bought it at $300 and sold it 20 minutes later Unfortunately I did not have enough "balls" to buy a large lot
  22. Excellent worldwide chart and updated info on https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
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