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  1. Thank you very much for the cooking lesson:) So just a pitch of salt, how will that make up a creamy paste, any I missing something here ?
  2. I was able to pick up a pair of Klipsch KG4's the other days, 1984 vintage and wondered if I can sand down the tops that have some water damage to them or if the finish is too thin to bother with? Also any hints on a matching stain would also be very helpful! Any experience would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Looking for an original late 50's thu to the late 60's collectible condition Marantz 7c for personal use. Will also consider the "non" cabinet version as well. Will pay fair market value plus if the unit is in exceptional condition. Please contact me for a prompt reply!
  4. Here is the info off the speakers once the front grill was removed. Three speakers system HD-700 16ohm 200047 K22 3198 Made In Hope Arkansas 3198
  5. If anyone can help identify these I'd appreciate the insight. measurenents are: The speakers are 27" high, 24"wide and 16" deep. they have a table top and so whether original or not I couldn't tell, so if anyone can help that would be great.
  6. If anyone has a spare K-33 for my LaScalla around in good condition please get back to be with the information, for I'd like to get my set back up and running. Thanks
  7. I opened up the bottom of the LaScalla and put the meter on the bare pins and zero was the only reading I could get. Appears to be pooched?
  8. Well the readings are coming up 0 at the speaker and the leads off the crossover. what are my options for a match to this K33 driver? Much Appreciated
  9. Does the speaker need to have a audio source being supplied in order to take a reading as suggested above to check for the ohms?
  10. I picked up a nice set of Birch LaScallas for a great price but the owner said the one bass was not working. Can anyone suggest what I should look at to repair this one speaker? Maybe use a meter on something? I've attach a photo of the crossover should anyone have a suggestion maybe to replace anything on it? Much Appreciated
  11. Can anyone inform me of what this stamp is on my Klipsch Cornwall speakers and what it represents? The same id # is on both speakers on the right hand side of the rear of them. Much Appreciated.
  12. I'd like to buy a pair of Klipsch grill badges for my for a Cornwall resto project, any leads would appreciate or if someone has a set they would be willing to sell? Merry Christmas.
  13. I'd like to get a pair of Klipsch grill badges for my Cornwall 1's and would appreciate if someone could direct me please. thanks
  14. I have a pair of 80's Heresy's that I want to touch up. What kind of OEM black paint does Klipsch use on these the speakers? Thanks!
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