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  1. Hello I'd be interested in a cabinet for my C26, would you sell just o e? thanks ken Gold
  2. I'd prefer a plug and play repair, but will listen to what people have available. Would a replacement pair from a pair of Cornwall 1's with the square back be usable, for a set has been offered?
  3. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with a pair of K77's I can use in my 1985 Heresy's. Maybe would also consider CT125's? Thanks
  4. I'd appreciate some help in determining the manufacturing date on the II's? It doesn't appear to follow the way I'm seeing some of the other postings. Much Appreciated. Ken HII Oak Oil sN/09000331110 41532 41533
  5. If anyone can supply some insight into what manufacturing date of this pair is, I'd really appreciate the help, doesn't seen to coincide with the standard serial guide. 00340013 and 00340014 Much Appreciated
  6. I am in the midst of deciding on whether I should buy these Cornwalls from 1983 and I am trying to identify all of the speakers it came with and the crossover network it is using. Will they need a crossover rebuild or replace the crossovers soon. Is it possible these are what is referred to as 1.5's? I have attached some pictures.
  7. I'd appreciate any help in finding a way to pull out a center dome cone on my K24 woofer on a recently purchased Heresy II's. Also, one is sounding rather offer, so could this be influencing the sounds aw well, any help would be greatly appreciated.,
  8. Washington,Idaho,Montana, all states that would work for local pick-up, I look forward to hearing from you Ken
  9. Hi group, if anyone in Canada or northwestern USA looking to sell a pair of Cornwalls, please get in touch with me, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks Ken 403-993-5918
  10. I'm not sure when these were manufactured, from reading resources would it be 2000 ,5th month?, Seem not correct for vintage Heresy II's Serial Number 056297264 and 056297265 Any help would be appreciated. Ken PS: These are new old stock never opened :))
  11. Can someone please help me find a replacement solution for a torn Klipsch Forte ii rear speaker. Any help would me much appreciated.
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