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  1. I cannot express how durable and reliable NAD amplifiers and integrated units are. About 10 years ago I went to pick up a pair of Forte's and I negotiated for a NAD 7600 Power Envelope for and extra $ 250.00. This integrated has been in my unheated garage all this time. Whether the temperature is 95 degrees or 15 below zero it works just fine. NAD makes some terrific gear. Good Luck Jayu969 on your sale it should sell fast.
  2. That's terrific deal for Forte II's
  3. I have never listened to the Pro CP-1 so I cannot opine on their sound. On the other hand I have owned Cornwalls for several years and enjoyed them a great deal. It is difficult to imagine that the Pro CP-1 pair are 2.7 times better sounding. YMMV. If you can be patient you may be able to find a pair of Cornscala's for $ 1500.00 +/- and they out perform Cornwalls by a long shot and it aint close.
  4. Emile - I'm hoping you will post pics of what you did with the console. Please open the top and show us! I'm jealous.
  5. 2G is a very fair price for this set up.
  6. 30G ? .....Nope. If it were made of better high grade veneer finishes it would be more appealing.
  7. Sweet Jaby Beezus this is one fine looking Marantz. That case is a masterpiece. I'm not in the market for more gear but someone is going to pick this up quick. GLWS.
  8. That Klipsch walnut table is a handsome piece for certain. I was lucky to snag one from member a year ago or so. Keep looking on Epay or other sites. Good Luck!
  9. I've had a couple pairs of Cornwalls that I powered with a 6 watt +/- SEP amp. My experience was any volume more than half way up was incredibly loud. You may want to consider lower wattage as many tube amps have surprisingly high serviceable power. In any event good luck with your new amp, I hope you enjoy it. Other forum members much smarter than I will likely chime in with well reasoned advice. Cheers, -Joe
  10. That Fisher is in stunning shape. The cabinet is outstanding. All full on gear here so I can only offer my drool. Good Luck but I doubt you'll need it. As you were.
  11. It amazes me that people post a CL add with so little information and such a terrible picture that includes a bike tire pump on top of this La Scala. This ad is a glorious abandonment of effort. No pic of other dusty speaker, tags, 2nd serial number. You name it ; it isn't there. If laziness were people this dude's ad would be China.
  12. If these Khorns are yours this post belongs in the Garage Sale section.
  13. I have these Cornscala's. $ 1500.00 is an excellent deal for a buyer. Sit in front of these listening to your music and you'll wonder why you waited so long for these terrific speakers.
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