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  1. I have this terrific amplifier also. My case has a much lighter stain. These are rather rare to find. $ 1900.00 is a steal for this Amp. Don't pass it up.
  2. 8 Ohms - Where did you find the material for the grills and badges? I have La Scalas that could use an update. - Cheers -Joe
  3. $ 5,000.00 ? I wonder how much my Industrial Splits would go for in Washington.
  4. $ 900.00 ? Holy Smokes. These may be the most beautiful Cornwalls I have ever seen. Someone got an epic deal. I hope it was a forum member that is laughing his way home with these gorgeous pair.
  5. deep3shot

    Wtb khorns

    314 Carpenter has it right. Klipschorns may be your ultimate goal but don't discount the La Scala's. They have less bass but they sound like heaven and you'll save quite alot of that green stuff in your wallet. YMMV
  6. That is some serious Eye Candy. Wow. GLWS
  7. Asking $ 1500.00 for a pair of Cornwalls in these parts is quite a stretch. Posting one solitary pic is a sacrilege. I've purchased two pair of Cornwalls in the last 6 years +/- in very presentable condition for approx $ 600-$ 700. FWIW
  8. I have these also in my shop. Zero disappointments on these "B" Cornscalas. They're worth every penny.
  9. $ 1900.00 will get you a very good LaScala's with room for a modest sub.
  10. Nick, I'd like to purchase your Harman Kardon 630. I have left you an email. Joe
  11. PM message sent intend to purchase the HK 630.
  12. The value will depend on how well they are preserved in both appearance as well as their drivers and crossovers. If they have been updated all the better. That being said La Scala's are beautiful and sound terrific and are coveted by Klipsch fans. Price depends on where you are and condition. There are folks on this forum that have data on sales prices. Someone will chime in with good advice. Welcome to the forum. I hope you get your LaScala's
  13. It's customary to state an asking price on this forum. Those look terrific, good luck with your sale.
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