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    Juicy Music Blueberry Xtreme
    SEP EL84 Tube amp
    Sansui AU 20000
    Denon 2900 SACD
    Music Hall 25.2 tube buffered DAC
    Squeezebox Touch
    Miracord Benjamin 40H
    LaScala's CT 125 tweets w/ Crites A/4500 Xovers

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    NAD 7600 PE
    NAD 6100 cassette
    Heresy I's inside
    Yamaha AW 650 outside

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    Maynard Built "Little Smoothies" mono block SET amps

    Yamaha CA 2010
    Yamaha CT 1010
    Denon 2900 SACD
    Music Hall 25.3 tube buffered DAC
    Squeezebox Touch
    La Scala Industrial Splits

    Living Room:

    Peachtree Audio Nova
    Squeezebox Touch
    Heresy II's

    Other System:

    Yamaha CA 2010
    Yamaha CT 1010
    AKG 701 Headphones

    Birch Klipschorns waiting for some corners

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  1. I have these Cornscala's. $ 1500.00 is an excellent deal for a buyer. Sit in front of these listening to your music and you'll wonder why you waited so long for these terrific speakers.
  2. deep3shot

    WTB ---- ALK Crossovers for My La Scalas

    That's what you call Deductive Reasoning. As you were.
  3. deep3shot

    First Impressions of The Three

    I just picked up a Three last week and I really love it. I've had zero issues with connectivity or anything else. I'm impressed by its sound and it looks terrific to boot.
  4. deep3shot

    Juicy Phono Pre-amp - ebay

    It's been a long time since I've seen a Tercel for sale. I'd love to demo one. Day dreamer, I am.
  5. deep3shot

    Klipsch KP-362/Pro version Chorus 2 - $499 (TAMPA)

    Someone's going to get a terrific deal.
  6. deep3shot

    SOLD! JWN (Jim Nicholls) Tube Power Amplifier

    Really cool amplifier. I dig that Beam Pentode doo hickey.
  7. deep3shot

    Klipsch anniversary poster- NW Chicago

    It appears that you can read.
  8. deep3shot

    Khorns Melbourne FL - $1800

    That's a pretty fair deal. The Khorns look very presentable and the ALK xo's are a considerable upgrade.
  9. deep3shot

    Klipsch Pro-ject turntable SOLD

    If still available I'll take it. PM inbound.
  10. deep3shot

    50 Years

    Clearly a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Charm School.
  11. I wish I were within driving distance. This is a steal for somebody on the east coast. GLWS.
  12. deep3shot

    This thing is awesome!

    That is a really interesting piece of history. Really cool.
  13. deep3shot

    KP600, KHJ/KPT402, KWO for sale.

    I completely understand that sentiment - I wouldn't let mine go under any circumstances. We have that in common. I've been looking for a second set of splits but they are elusive little bastards. Good luck with the rest of your sale.
  14. deep3shot

    KP600, KHJ/KPT402, KWO for sale.

    Are the LSI's Splits ?