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  1. Klipsch Cornwalls - $750 (ANTIOCH)

    You'll have to settle for a couple of drinks at Durty Nellie's
  2. Klipsch Cornwalls - $750 (ANTIOCH)

  3. Crites Cornscala D $1675

    LSI's will still reside in my shop. I'm going leave the Cornscala's here for awhile till winter passes then they'll take over for my cane grill La Scala's in my hide out at home.
  4. Crites Cornscala D $1675

    Worked out fine. I have used Uship before with good results. The people bidding on your shipment have ratings from prior shipments. These were a $ 325.00 all in from Maine to Chicago north burbs. I'd use Uship again.
  5. Crites Cornscala D $1675

    Just got them in last night via Uship delivery. Listening to Aja' through Maynards flea power SET mono blocks. Really great sound stage.
  6. SOLD I have had these for 6 years or so. In that time I have listened to these about 25 hours total. They sound as Cornwalls should. As is the case with most Decorators the original owners "decorated" them. With these it was a modestly talented stain job. Not too terrible but nothing that would warrant a magazine cover. They each have a couple of nicks / or minor scratch. Consecutive serial #'s: 11P086 & 11P087. If you think my price is evidence of my profound ignorance of the Klipsch Heritage micro-economy please confine your comments to a private message where we can curse each other a blue streak. In all seriousness, I would not be putting these up if I weren't taking delivery of a forum members Cornscala's later today. Can demo on tube and solid state high quality equipment. Local pick up Illinois / Wisconsin state line smack dab between Chicago and Milwaukee.
  7. Sweet amp. I'll bet this one sings. Good Luck with your sale.
  8. Crites Cornscala D $1675

    Will do.
  9. Crites Cornscala D $1675

    Those La Scala Splits will be playing music at the head and foot of my coffin during my wake. Then my son will take them and play music I am not excited about on them. JJBo you are a sh*t starter.
  10. Crites Cornscala D $1675

    I left a message yesterday in response to this listing but have not yet received a reply. If we come to a deal my Cornwall Decorators will have to go.
  11. Klipsch pro gear - central MN

    If the only way you can describe the sound of speakers is "loud" you are missing an opportunity to spark interest in buyers.
  12. SOLD Cornwall I $950

    Really great looking Cornwalls. Plus 1 on the brown tweed grills. If you were closure I'd request an audition and bring over a bottle of scotch. GLWS
  13. Klipsch Heresy loaded Credenza?

    Thanks for posting this teaman. I am a fool for mid century modern furniture.
  14. Klipsch Heresy loaded Credenza?

    Certainly! As soon as you give me yours. You're getting bored with yours right?