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  1. My current fav test song is Diana Krall’s “No Moon at All.” Give it a go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Listening to Weather Storm on Spotify myself! Nice demo piece thru my CW II’s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I’m glad to hear from another Hegel user. They’re very rare right now here in the US. I’ve never heard tubes, but am hoping to soon. The H90 makes my Cornwall’s sing. Sweet spot seems to be between 55-65 volume.
  4. Great point. I did purchase a Cambridge CXR120 and have been auditioning it for a few weeks. Very nice, but just thinking I was still missing something on the 2-channel side. So going back to integrated Amp.
  5. Do I live in the village? Very impressive setups you have!
  6. Auditioning the Hegel H90 as it just arrived!
  7. Ok I’m interested. I’ve been on the website. Which one do you have??
  8. Just did some wuick research on the QS Integrated. Wow! Beautiful and well equipped. That will go in the back of my mind. Does it have a nice tube warm sound?
  9. I’m thinking I’m going to get into tubes later. So SS for now. Onboard Dac preferred. Have never had a separate Dac, but open to options. Listening habits are Diana, Norah big band, acoustic guitar, country, jazz strings and anything with great strong vocals.
  10. I’ve git $2K to spend on my 2-channel system. My speakers are Chorus ii’s Crites mods. Love them! I have 2 amps to audition shortly: 1. Hegel H90 2. Peachtree Nova 300 Many and all thoughts much appreciated!
  11. Great video. Love my Crites Chirus ii’s! BTW, do u mind sharing the songs title in the video???
  12. Interested in the H90 from Hegel. Anybody here using it or the H80 for 2 channel???
  13. I have a new Cambridge CXR120. To me the more I listen I like the music much more with Direct “Off.”
  14. I just received my new Meridian Explorer 2 DAC and can now unfold MQA files to get the full Monty. question 1: I’m going into my receivers analog input instead of using the digital Toslink input. Is this the right thing to do. I’m thinking this keeps it from going thru my receivers DAC. Question 2: there seems to be a huge difference in my Direct Mode while listening to MQA files. Is this normal. When listening in Direct Mode the music is brighter and wider with much less low end. I really like to feel the music so I like some bass in 2 channel. Is this normal??
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