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  1. Benjie

    FS: Luxman R-117 w/Remote Reduced!

    Final Price Drop. $699 Shipped.
  2. Benjie

    Integrated amp + DAC for forte 3's.

    I have a Cambridge CXA60 for sale that would work great! I just plug my Chromecast Audio ($15$) in and my Sonos Connect and I’m done. Just FYI.
  3. Benjie

    FS: Luxman R-117 w/Remote Reduced!

    Price Drop to $750
  4. Just got this Luxman R-117 “Monster” out of the shop. I had it completely gone over just for this sale. The technician flushed the controls/ replaced speaker relays/ tested. All lights work and also buttons. If you’re reading this you know all about this beast! It makes my Klipsch Chorus ii’s sing. I’ve had it on non-stop for 24 hours. Playing all my fav’s thru it. Like they say it’s sound is a bit warm and tube like. Fully functioning remote RR-117 included with new batteries. $699Shipped and Insured Final PRICE DROP! Please checkout You tube video
  5. SOLD I just bought this here on the garage sale 2 weeks ago: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/180464-sold/ i absolutely live love this thing. I also have found out how much I like Cambridge Audio. I’m moving up the chain and staying with Cambridge. Just ordered a new unit and this one has to go. Makes my Chorus ii’s sing. I live the sound. Im taking a small loss and offering this like new in original shipping box (very nice). $475 Shipped
  6. I bought this from Amazon 08-26-2018. I can provide a receipt if requested. It is in great condition and was hardly used. Will ship in original box and packing. will ship for $35.00 UPS SOLD
  7. Looking for advice. Im a newby and have now acquired a Luxman R-117 "Monster" receiver and a new Cambridge CXA60 Integrated amp. The Luxman is being rebuilt or I would just give this a try. I love the warm unique sound of the Luxman, but also really like the modern day backside and connections of the CXA60. My question is it possible to combine these two and have one lovely warm sounding setup with a great preamp that is modern day??? Would the CXA preamp neutralize the sweet sound of the old Luxman amp? Does this make sense?
  8. Benjie

    Hi-Res Source via Tidal

    Using the toslink optical
  9. I’m just wanting to figure out what my Cambridge CXA60 is outputting as a final file. I want to ensure that I get everything out of Tidal HIFI that I can. I just installed a Chromecast Audio last night. I read directly from Cambridge Audio that they are not supporting MQA. Here is current snapshot of what’s playing now. Mainly I want to know if I’m streaming higher than CD quality. It sounds amazing.
  10. Benjie

    Help with Integrated Amp under $1,000

    I am using the Cambridge Audio CXA60 I bought last week. I absolutely love it. Plenty of power and rock solid construction. Nothing fancy just: Tidal HIFI + CXA60 + Chorus ii’s couldn’t be happier for not a lot of dough!
  11. Benjie

    Luxman just arrived/No Sound

    Thanks Bill got it working by using a pair of RCA cables for a temporary fix. Next problem left speaker cuts out and I hear static when moving volume knob. I looked up how to clean the volume pot and ordered a bottle of Deoxit D5. Seems like a simple fix. I’m actually taking it to a guy here in Little Rock Monday. Gonna have him take a look at it.
  12. Benjie


    PM sent
  13. Benjie

    Luxman just arrived/No Sound

    No jumpers in place.
  14. Benjie

    Luxman just arrived/No Sound

    Good 100% 2802 very responsive. Said it was working when it left.
  15. Benjie

    Luxman just arrived/No Sound

    Like it says. Just arrived in good condition from eBay seller. Everything lights up and clicks. I’ve tried A and B speaker terminals. Also headphone jack doesn’t work. Any thoughts before I send it back??