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  1. In my signature is the easiest way to add more pics!
  2. And neither Cornwalls nor a $1,000 outlay would be easy to hide from my Mrs.
  3. I feel you. Even if I had won them at $600, one third on top of that gets me near a grand on a pair of speakers I couldn't test.
  4. I wish I had. Honey do's took over my life on Saturday.
  5. Measure the tube at the bottom. If it is roughly 5.5", it's considered version 1. If the tube is shorter, 2.
  6. Whewiiiie. The Buyers Premium is 25% on top of the state tax as well. Call it 32% over the hammer price.
  7. I think I will be bidding on these...
  8. I scored a minty pair of 1977 laser tagged HWO "Heresy E" (Export) just over a year ago. $380 in Tampa. My wife is a musician, and makes comments all the time how good those sound as our bedroom system.
  9. Congratulations!@ Everyone should be so lucky.
  10. Congratulations! If my wife ever mentions my "speaker problem" again, I will show her this pic. Thank you for posting!
  11. So you tried something similar to what was suggesting at first. Good, I'm glad you love it! Now you can put the smaller units side and back, and have an incredible surround experience. Just until you find some more 3's. *<;o)
  12. Here are my thoughts on it. The 4's handle more power, and therefore push more SPL. They should towards the outside, toed inward. The 3's (on the other hand) will handle nearly the same amount of power, and should mate well together, joined together as your 'single' center channel. This type of setup will melt you. If you can find another single 3, use that as your center, the 4's on the front L/R, and your pair of 3's as either your sides or back L/R units. This should be a lot of fun to play around with. I'm doing something kinda similar with some Klipsch Pro speakers in my office, and setting the surround system to use all speakers to play their side of the stereo mix. This builds an audio soundstage in my 10' x 12' office where I am in the middle of the stage, amongst the band members. Ann Wilson is slightly to my left, and Nancy to the right. It's like I'm there. One of the most interesting and amazing sound setups I've ever built. Each of these pro speakers are no more than 2-3 feet from my head. It's a 7.1 NEARFIELD setup, and I could not be happier (although the neighbors can hear it an acre away with my windows closed, when I get upwards of 70% power!). Tinnitus be damned, I am going to enjoy this until I become deaf.
  13. I have an idea that I wanted to pass on for the new Jubes. I was looking at the pictures where Roy took off the magnetic grilles, and they were stood leaning against a wall. That's what gave me a thought... Why not put pairs of magnets on each of the back sides, where you could hang your grilles safely out of sight (and danger) when not in use? I'm sure the owners would appreciate that detail. @Chief bonehead
  14. That's a good question. Got any others? Seriously though, the USB might not be getting enough bandwidth to keep a clean signal going. Especially if your iMac is an older machine. It would be better to use an optical cable (first choice), or a 3.5mm to RCA splitter cable (second choice). USB bandwidth is iffy for a continuous, perfect signal. Too many "unknowns" about your machine, hardware level, OS and patching revisions, etc. @odonnell1521
  15. You should be able to now. I think that you must post 5 times before that feature is enabled for you. Gee, I wonder where my other post went? Is someone deleting posts if we have an issue with another board member that likes to play the know~it~all? Even though his goal is to artificially boost his post count by parroting information already posted in a thread?
  16. The more headroom you can give them, the better it will be. Even something like a Bryston 400W RMS amp would not go amiss. My CF3's loved it, and they will run you out of the room long before you are in any danger of overpowering them.
  17. Simply post 3 more times ("quality posts"), and then you will be able to PM, @Edgeivi.
  18. This is a very true statement. An item is only worth what someone will offer you, and not a penny more.
  19. Try the picture hosting in my signature. Easy and unlimited!
  20. If you would, please try the hosting method in my signature. You can upload as many pics as you like, at whatever size. @Iteachstem
  21. They are fantastic subs, especially for $200 each. I have a couple of these cabinets that were mostly stripped, and I "rebuilt" them for garage speakers. Don't walk, run!
  22. https://richmond.craigslist.org/ele/d/crewe-klipschorn-khorn-single-factory/7403726867.html
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