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  1. Then why did they take them down and add a grand to the price?
  2. The listing was taken down because of an "error" in the ad. He put them back up for $2,700.
  3. The "signature edition" were a special edition of Heresy, with a different front emblem. If I remember correctly, Paul W. Klipsch worked on those himself.
  4. All too young, I agree. I'm not too far off from his age myself, and I will miss bantering with him. I hope he and PWK can chat, somewhere in the universe beyond... My condolences to the Payne family, and our thoughts and well wishes go out to you. He will be missed.
  5. They are actually HWO, Heresy Walnut Oiled. Walnut stained and oil finished. I agree with the pricing model as stated above.
  6. Good call, there. Jim will fix you up with decent prices.
  7. I would hope so. These cost a tenth of your Khorns, brand new.
  8. If you can't measure it, it ain't science - Robert A. Heinlein And another: If it can’t be expressed in figures, it is not science; it is opinion. - Robert A. Heinlein I wish you were closer; I've always wanted to give these a try. And thank you for the paint idea, I now know what the new finish for my Supers will be...
  9. @triceratops I think a little Woolite / water mix applied, let sit, and then rinsed with clear water should take care of a little staining. (Unless there is sun fading...) I would suggest doing both panels so that they look the same afterward. I just pulled the grille off mine to double check, and the frame is all plastic; there should be no problem getting them wet.
  10. No problem at all:
  11. @lumper The banana plugs will fit properly. If you look closely at the tips, you will notice that they are hollow, with the sides being leaf springs. This allows them to fit snugly in holes of any close size. Just make sure that you screw the binding posts all the way in before inserting the plugs. You don't want to bend or break anything.
  12. I hope you get to walk that aisle one day. Jim is one of the most laid back, humble, and selfless guys you could ever meet. And he has quite a few good stories after 40 years of being on the road with Al. *<;o)
  13. ...Jim West, best known for his guitar work with Weird Al. Talk about a guy that can play anything, in any style. His personal passion is for Hawaiian Slack Key, and he just won the Grammy for best album in the "New Age" category. The odd thing about Slack Key is the weird tunings, because guitars were left behind on the islands after the early explorers visited, and no one really new how to play them. So the indigenous people tuned their instruments differently than anyone else, which means completely different chords. Different hand shapes. I could never master a guitar with the "normal" tuning and the myriad chord shapes. Then add on a dozen major tunings from all the different islands and styles. Mind boggling.
  14. I was mainly making a joke. Other people got it. But not everyone is the same, I guess.
  15. I think it was all of the brass screws and washers looking random on the motor board. It just looks sloppy to my eye. On the back they "countersunk" screws without actually using the proper techniques. Just ram them home, as deep as you can with a drill. Nothing looks aligned properly in my opinion. I'm sure it's functional, but it would bother my OCD.
  16. That's a very cool piece. I find the tiny CRT just adorable. *<:o)
  17. Good move. Snap it up before it goes away.
  18. I wonder how much he would be asking on the reel-to-reel. *<;o) For posterity, in case the Craigslist ad gets deleted:
  19. That's one of the better "half round" added trim pieces I've seen.
  20. Congratulations. A quad party sounds like a lot of fun... A little bondo, some self adhesive veneer, a few new caps, and voila!
  21. Oicu812


    If you follow the instructions in my signature, it makes hosting pictures easy and free. I don't really care to set a man's price for him, so post some pics and a ballpark figure you want for them.
  22. Rarer than unicorn poo they are...
  23. They are home built cabinets. And the blind carpenter that built them should be flogged before the keelhauling.
  24. Ahem. FTFY. $12,000 is quite the error.
  25. The insides are clean! $400 is actually a good price on these, especially if they have the soldered K-55's:
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