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  1. I use one of these for my RV, as long as you have the ability to plug it in this might work for you. It really cranks and if you want to you can link another with it, all wireless. https://mackie.com/en/products/loudspeakers/thump-series-2022/thump215xt.html
  2. Costco is selling it for $250. Seriously considering it, if it sucks they have a great return policy. Wish there were some reviews.
  3. Well the badge is on, CWOReilly was kind enough to offer it to me for free with the only rule to pay it forward. It looks great and is much appreciated, thank you Sir.
  4. Marvel not seeing a link with the info
  5. Are you able to post the instructions on how to do that? I have 4 of them that I use for my side and rear surrounds.
  6. The speaker spent it's life at a school, had a hard life getting banged around for the last 40 years or so. It really is the perfect center for the Khorns, movies are now at the next level compared to anything else I've tried. I've tried a Cornwall, Chorus II, Heresy, and an Academy, none were up to the job compared to this one.
  7. This thing was visually trashed but it sounded just fine, just a little work and some Duratex made it presentable again. I'm looking for a Klipsch copper badge for the front, anyone looking to sell a single badge?
  8. jvs1670


    I'm located on the east side of the Metro area in SE Aurora. If you'd like to talk more about it please PM me and we can exchange #'s so we can call or text whatever you prefer. Thanks John
  9. jvs1670


    Oiled Oak Academy, sounds great. Upgraded to titanium tweeter diaphragm from Crites. Cabinet is solid as it should be, there are flaws to some edges and corners as shown in the pictures. Grill is free of tears and looks good. Speaker is located on east side of Denver. Asking $250. Gonna try to sell locally if I can, shipping could be tough as this is very heavy for it's size. Thanks John
  10. jvs1670


    I bought my current single Chorus II a couple years ago from the original owner, so far I've only used it as a center channel between Khorns. I really like it and it's in almost perfect condition almost not a mark on it. I also have the riser but I had to take it off to clear my TV. My plan is to find another Chorus II and make a pair or trade for a single LaScala which I think would be an even better match. I won't be heartbroken if this ends up staying my center channel, it does great. Let me know what you have.
  11. That's too much, you can find much nicer stuff if you're going to shop in that price range.
  12. Just re-read the rest of the post and realized I never replied back to the issue I had. Ended up being a cracked solder point somewhere inside, cost me about $80 to get fixed. Went to a guy here in Denver, Dr. Dan's Audio Repair, super nice guy and can't recommend him enough if you are local and need help with any issues.
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