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  1. Are these original Heresy II woofers?

    Looks like he has some interesting speakers in the backround too...what are they?
  2. This was my experience, if you use risers you will definitely need subs. The bass disappears when you raise them
  3. Cornwalls- Denver

    Not mine.... https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cornwalls/6547674035.html
  4. Monoprice hybrid tube amp

    I tried the same one a few years back and it blew one channel the instant I turned it on, returned it the next day. Never even had a chance to hear it once. Hopefully your luck is better and I just had a faulty amp.
  5. New VTA ST-70

    So I just bought a brand new VTA ST 70 fully assembled and have about 2 hrs on it so far. I got the volume control so right now I'm using it without a pre amp. Right now I'm using it with a pair of Lascalas and the clarity and detail are a major step up from where I've been. I am a little disappointed with the bass so far, do I need more hours on the tubes to break in? Bob suggested the el34's for heritage speakers so that's what I went with. Any thoughts on that?
  6. La Scala's

    I was thinking the same thing...seems low. Don't really see them for sale very much.
  7. La Scala unfinished cabinets w/o drivers

    Take a look here for everything you need... https://critesspeakers.com/
  8. OK to split Pre-Out?

    Run pre outs to new slave amp first, then pre outs from slave amp to sub, maybe that would work.
  9. It's ok to pay an amount that is considered "too much" if you are considering it to be artwork in your opinion. As long as you don't want to turn around and re-sell it who cares. Just realize you may never get anyone else to pay that amount if you decide to go a different direction down the road.
  10. Passive attenuator...

    Would this work? http://www.schiit.com/products/sys
  11. Some basic Scott 299C Questions

    I was looking at this exact model today, new they are about $1500 and he offers some customizing for not much more money. I'm curious how you are liking the amp. I'd be using mine to power my Khorns or Lascalas. I'm unsure if I'll get the bottom end I love with so few watts. What are your latest thoughts?
  12. 4 cornscala's Maine (pic has Jubs as well)

    Those Cornscalas look badass stacked up like that.
  13. WTB Klipsch Quartets

    Thanks. No nothing else on the chopping block for now wish I could keep it all.
  14. WTB Klipsch Quartets

    Yes timing is everything.......and mine just sold on CL before I could get an ad up here in the garage sale section.
  15. WTB Klipsch Quartets

    Saw this thread and thought I'd post here first before I put my ad up. I have Quartets that I'm going to list here soon and on CL as well. I'm on east side of Denver if there is any interest before I get an ad together let me know. Speakers say QUR 00 for type and they have sequential serial #s, date of 8-31-90. Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks John