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  1. That's too much, you can find much nicer stuff if you're going to shop in that price range.
  2. Just re-read the rest of the post and realized I never replied back to the issue I had. Ended up being a cracked solder point somewhere inside, cost me about $80 to get fixed. Went to a guy here in Denver, Dr. Dan's Audio Repair, super nice guy and can't recommend him enough if you are local and need help with any issues.
  3. Not me either, went a little higher than I expected.
  4. Can trash half of that stuff, the Lascalas alone would be worth the trouble. Gotta get a bid in...
  5. I'd say anything around 110 decibels would be concert level.
  6. I'd suggest a 70's era reciever from Marantz, Yamaha, Sansui or Harman Kardon. I'm using an HK 730 and it sounds better than any other thing I've tried including tube amps. You don't need to spend a fortune either.
  7. Took it to a guy here in Denver "Dr Dan", fixed a crack in some solder joint, all is great again. Anyone that needs repairs in Denver this guy is great, super friendly and very reasonable.
  8. Headphones plus bass shakers might work. I use them in my couch for movies, adds to the effect.
  9. The guy has them listed in the furniture section... https://denver.craigslist.org/fuo/d/denver-pair-klipsch-klipschorn-speakers/7272696110.html
  10. I have that exact setup in my living room. Got the Yamaha 801 from Crutchfield when they 1st came out, using them with Cornwall I's from 1977. I think it's a great pairing, I've tried the 801 with my La Scalas and Khorns and to me it mates the best with the Cornwalls. Been using it for a few years now and have no plans to change it, really like the variable loudness too.
  11. This is quoted from Critesspeakers.com........ Q: How about break in time for drivers or new driver diaphragms? A: Yes, and depends on the size of the driver. Tweeter diaphragm probably break-in at a matter of seconds. They are very low mass and move very little, so any break in would happen almost instantly. Probably happened when the factory tested the diaphragm after manufacture. Midrange are a bit bigger and have a bit more mass. Break-in is probably on the order of minutes with these. Woofers would take the longest. I think that break-in on a 12 to 15 inch woofer would be less than an hour played at pretty good volume using music with a lot of low frequency content.
  12. I asked the same question. That's what I have too, so what is best? Honestly would really like to know.
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