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  1. ???? What kinda post is this? you did the same kinda thing on another one.....
  2. Sorry yea I guess he said he'd use acoustic bass traps to create false corners, in my mind that still sounds like a variation from the version built by PWK. Maybe that'd be fine.
  3. I can't see how Khorns would work at all in that room, you need corners or you'll need to build false corners. It won't sound right if they aren't used the way they are designed to be used.
  4. Klipschorn = Toe In 45 degrees...I think a little bit of thought went into that.
  5. Maybe 950-1200 depending on the finish and of course the condition.
  6. Wow Quartets are really going for that kind of money?! Had a couple pairs in the past and wasn't overly impressed especially for that kind of money. Make sure you hear them first before buying.
  7. JBL is selling factory refurbished 530's for $279.00 right now, bought a pair today...2 day shipping included for free.
  8. What is the Make and Model of the 15" powered sub? More pics?
  9. Could be as simple as that, they should destroy those little JBL's with no problem.
  10. Considering they are still worth about that much and you could get almost all your money back you really spent nothing...just tied your money up for a bit.
  11. Love to hear a review and how you feel about the change. Been contemplating the same move, I have LS with AL crossovers and wonder if the difference is dramatic enough to spend the money. Let's hear what you think. Thanks John
  12. That info was here somewhere at one time...I'd like to know too.
  13. I used one in my THT LP, dimmensions of the cabinet is 18"x18"x60". BFM plans, it sounds awesome.
  14. You mentioned that the Heresy's aren't that far behind the Cornwall's on the bottom end, seems like something must be wrong with them, that's really hard to imagine.
  15. jvs1670

    Uneasy Feeling

    Sounds like you're about to be scammed. That's a classic set up on CL. Did he even ask any questions? Use bad grammar in his communications?
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