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  1. Looks to be in the $350.00 range, what do you guys think? Might go take a look.
  2. I have no problem helping out if I can, let me know. John
  3. So bad news, it's the same speaker. I was hoping to make a pair between the 2 listings. The owner is listing the speaker a couple different ways to try and find an interested party. He's a good guy though, I bought Lascalas from him a few years ago, still loving them too.
  4. So I won't need to look for a crossover too? It's already in the bass bin?
  5. There is a complete 904 single for sale here in Denver now this. How hard would it be to find parts to make this a complete 904 to make a pair with the other one? I'd need the horn/driver and a crossover right? What would those parts cost and can they be found without too much trouble? Tempting.
  6. Yea I suppose I should just look a single La Scala, those pop up every now and then. Even a beater La Scala would work really, and just paint it black. It has the B&C made in Italy which is the good driver. Hate to have to pay $1k for another single if I could even find one. I'd love to try a pair of them for sure, I've read your posts and others, I'm sure they are incredible.
  7. I'm using a Cornwall right now between a pair of Khorns for my center channel. There is a KPT 904 for sale locally for $400 which I know is a better speaker and it would allow me to pair up my Cornwalls again so I can either sell them or wait till my kids smarten up and want them. Any thoughts on if this would be a worthwhile move? Price seems a little high for a single, what are the chances of finding another single 904?
  8. I'm thinking about building HD false corners to put in my existing corners. I built my basement room with corners 16ft apart specially just for my Khorns. If I don't use my THT sub I'm still not happy with the bass. I feel like the sheet rock walls are too thin and flimsy to project the bass forward and just absorb the sound, its also a carpeted concrete floor which doesn't transmit the sensation of low frequency through the floor. Do you guys think adding false corners as described in the Dope from Hope would give me a substantial improvement or would enclosing them like a Khorn TSCM is better? Thanks
  9. Tin the wire? I've never heard of that before.
  10. Owned an 06 330i, loved it, the handling and power were perfect. The plastic water pump went out, dealer wanted $1100 to fix it. Ended up buying one online for just under $100 and a friend helped me put it in, took about 2 hours. Sold it not long after that, just too scared of what might be next that I couldn't fix myself.
  11. https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/littleton-klipsch-belles/6780879059.html
  12. https://boulder.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-klf-30-speakers/6760900886.html
  13. Looks pretty much like a thin piece of wood with cutouts for the speakers screwed in on top of the grills....pretty much ruined them. Maybe he's just trying to cover up torn or poor condition grill cloth.
  14. Had Quartets before and they aren't worth anywhere near that much.
  15. That Behringer should easily be enough, wasn't the original amp only 650 watts? What about the Bash below.... https://www.parts-express.com/bash-500s-digital-subwoofer-plate-amplifier-500w-rms--300-752
  16. All of us that have passive subs do it. Anyone who has built a horn loaded sub uses a separate external sub amp. I have a THT LP that is powered by a Bash 300 plate amp that I mounted in a wooden box that I built, it sits off to the side of all my other gear.
  17. Can't you simply buy a decent external sub amp and just run speaker wire into the cabinet and to the driver. Leave the shitty plate amp where it's at, disconnected and fully sealed. You will still have all the controls and way better reliability as long as you have room to add one more piece of equipment.
  18. jvs1670


    How did they compare against the Cornwalls?
  19. Bash 300 is what BFM recommends for Tuba, pretty sure he claims there is nothing to be gained by using more power.
  20. Sounds like the OP has noticed an improvement with the AA crossover versus the AL which he compared pretty much back to back but it doesn't sound like a night and day improvement. Seems everyone here says how awful the AL's are but can anyone really explain the difference? I'm on the fence to replace the AL's in my Lascalas with either AA's or ALK universals. Are we talking like a 20% improvement or is it just some subtleties gained that most people struggle to hear?
  21. jvs1670

    Khorns. Denver

    The ad shows a pic of the crossover...is that crossover missing a bunch of parts or is that how they were back in those days.
  22. Looks like they are being demoed in a hotel room, audio show somewhere.
  23. That's the way to do it. I have the same amp and use it with an Emotiva PT-100 preamp, I get plenty of volume.
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