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  1. So what’s this I read about warming up your tube gear before you use it?
  2. Even at concert volume, it still needs to sound like I’m at a concert.
  3. Found folks like that on motorcycle forums as well. I guess most folks are just nice like that.
  4. The more I read about him and his Dynacos, the more intrigued I become. I live in Escondido, CA...just north of San Diego.
  5. Well see, that's the thing, man...I have a pair of Cornwalls. Maybe "rock out volume" should be handled differently? I dunno. We will definitely see.
  6. Reading up on the Bob Latino kits. Hmmm... Ok, I'm in a holding pattern until December 1, when the Jolida gets here. Then I'm in another holding pattern for another couple of weeks while the tubes open up.
  7. So you have to pay stupid money to get decent wattage (over 10 wpc) on a SET amp?
  8. Ok, now I know the difference between an SCA and an ST. Are all these Dynacos SET?
  9. Omg I stayed up late reading forum arguments about tubes, and am happy to discover that no one agrees on which tube is better for anything...unless I want to spend twice the value of my amp on some 1965 NOS General Electric 6550s or New Jersey Tung-Sols. So I won’t have to spend more money on upgrading the Russian Tung-Sols that come with my amp. You know, if I decide to keep it. Oh Christ, I’m starting to sound like one of you crazy Tube People.
  10. 1) What’s the difference between an SCA and an ST? 2) Who’s Dave Gillespie? 3) efb? 4) what difference do the output boards make? 5) What are output boards? Do I really need to know how to build an amp before I can enjoy it?
  11. One thing I have noticed about the adding the Parasound: while it sounds richer and fuller and more detailed, the soundstage is less distinct without it. With the Marantz alone, the soundstage seemed wider and deeper. Instruments in good recordings had a more distinct location in 3d space. I’m hoping the Jolida will remedy that. i also just discovered that it takes a good 300 HOURS for tubes to break in and open up! Wow! How much of a difference should I expect to hear?
  12. Wow, now here's a surprise. I was doing random searches on Ebay for Magnavox amps, and I came across the stereo that started it all. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Magnavox-2ST294-AM-FM-Micromatic-Turntable-Stereo-Tube-Console-1961-Mid-Century/203128583550?hash=item2f4b68357e:g:INMAAOSwP2VfHNnT Six years old with one ear planted firmly in a speaker grille of one of these, listening to Whole Lotta Love from Led Zeppelin II. in This is ridiculous. I remember every detail of this console (mostly because I was all of 30" tall when we met). I remember the weave of that grille fabric, the black flecks the finish, the feel of the doors on top when you slid them across their runners, the shape of the knobs, the word "STEREOPHONIC" on the controls...that tonearm. Man, everything is there. Weird.
  13. Thanks, BB..I'm good. I admit, I'm a bit shocked at my sudden mania about the whole subject. It seems I'm on a mission. I mean, these are pretty high quality problems, right? Finding something that rewards my listening even more than it is now? A worthwhile pursuit. But yeah, it's kind of grabbed me, hasn't it? LOL
  14. Perhaps I should simply get the Reisong too and see what all the fuss is about. Wish I knew an audiophile nearby...:D
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