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  1. Sounds like it may be worth the wait.
  2. Why does it have to be at the OPPOSITE CORNER OF THE COUNTRY?
  3. Well, keep in mind that the Marantz is a $2200 receiver, and it should sound good. Also, that the Jolida 3502P is not a high-end tube amp. Looking forward to the arrival of these new tubes to see what happens.
  4. After doing a bit of research and calling a few tube stores and talking to Jolida--I'm going to try replacing the preamp and power driver tubes (12AX7/12AT/7) with Genalex Gold Lion gold pins...now, they aren't Telefunkens, or NOS Mullards, or Tunsgrams, but they seem to be pretty close, and since I'm ordering them via Amazon, I have 30 days to return them. If these don't make a difference, it's time to sell the Jolida and keep hunting. Maybe that Decware IS the way to go.
  5. I used to have an AVR510. I’ve often thought of picking up another HK receiver. The 70s vintage receivers are ridiculously unaffordable at the moment.
  6. There is a pristine McCormack DNA-1 for sale on Ebay right now...
  7. I don’t dislike it. I was fully expecting to be blown away. Nope. But... I decided to use my Marantz SR7013 receiver for movies only, and the Jolida Fusion 3502P for music, fed by the pre-outs from the Marantz. In this capacity, the SR7013 is being used as a DAC and a preamp. I’ve installed an A/B switch—the front left and right speaker outputs of the Marantz int the A channel, the outputs of the Jolida into the B channel. The switch’s output feeds into my Cornwalls. This allows me to switch between the outputs instantaneously. And I have to say, the Marantz receiver, by itself, has a more detailed soundstage, with better definition between instruments, tighter bass, and slightly higher volume and more punch than the Jolida. The Jolida has more detailed upper frequencies— more “sparkle”—but it’s bass is looser and a bit boomy. It has a smooth, unpunchy quality. This had Jared at Jolida blaming the A/B switch. Not sure what adding a yard and a half of copper wire into the signal path is doing. He also suggested not toeing in my speakers. This led me to chase the theory that maybe I had the wrong tubes by reading everything I could about them for a week. I could spend hundreds on new tubes, then wait a month for them to break in to see if maybe yeah, it was the tubes...or maybe I could just start by replacing the preamp stage tubes, the 12AX7s...which led me to a phone call with Sean at Upscale Audio, who thought my problems could be solved with a pair of Tungsrams...for only $140...apiece. Hm. Not like you can return tubes if you don’t like them. But maybe I have gimpy tubes? DO tube amps sound better than good solid state amps? Or maybe I prefer SS to tubes? It’s frustrating. I remember listening to the Parasound 2250 (the one I just sold), thinking “This sounds amazing. I’m satisfied...but how can I be satisfied when it’s common knowledge that a good tube amp would sound even better?” Hence, the purchase of the Jolida. I’ve put about 300 hours on it, so it’s broken in...but it feels like my quest for great sound has taken a (small) step backward. I’m not sure what to do next.
  8. Picked up a Jolida Fusion 3502P in November, to augment the music output of my Marantz SR7013. Now that it’s broken in, the truth is, switching back and forth, I can’t hear that much of a difference. Maybe a more defined soundstage on the Marantz alone. I mean, it sounds great either way. But of course, I want it to sound “better.” 😁 So I had some questions: 1) Would it make sense to replace the 6550s that came with the amp with Genalex Gold Lion KT-77s? I’ve read WAY TOO MUCH about tubes, and these seem like the way to go. 2) The 3502P is switchable, allowing the use of either 6550 or EL34 output tubes. Which category do the KT-77s fall into? 3) would it make sense to upgrade the two 12AXA7 preamp tubes in the Jolida? These are currently Tung-Sols as well. I’m looking for a bit more detail and punch in the mids and bass, and a more defined soundstage. Overall, I’m seeking more clarity and presence. Thanks in advance.
  9. My thoughts after four months with the Jolida Fusion 3502P. It sounds good...slightly warmer than my Marantz receiver. But the soundstage isn't as well-defined. I spoke to Jolida, and they suggested I leave it on for a couple of weeks to really break the tubes in. So I did. It helped a bit, but the soundstage still isn't up to the Marantz. I've set up an A/B amp switch for movies and music. I use the receiver alone for movies, but it gets relegated to dac/preamp duty for music. I hate to say it, but honestly, I can't hear that much of a difference when I switch between the two on high-resolution music files. Here's the signal path right now: Cat6 from my router into my receiver, a Marantz SR7013. That's a AKM AK4458 DAC, controlled by Sound United's Heos, running Amazon Music HD and Ultra HD files, stereo line outs into the switch box, pre-outs into the Jolida. Switch Box outs to my Cornwalls. A sensible person would just sell the amp and be happy. That would make sense. So being me, now I'm thinking...new tubes? Currently the Jolida is running: 4x Tung-Sol 6550s 2x Electro-Harmonix 12AT7s 2x Tung-Sol 12AX7s Was thinking about replacing the 6550s with a quad of Gold Lion KT77s and the preamp tubes with Gold Lions as well. Or should I just sell the damned Jolida?
  10. Does anyone know the specs for the RB-5 II crossovers?
  11. Thanks for the PMs. Found a pair of RB-5IIs in Cherry locally yesterday, for $200.
  12. Happy New Year, y'all. Hey, I'm looking for a pair of RB-5s (or RB-35s), but I'm only willing to spend $200 max, including shipping. Cosmetics don't matter, as long as they function. So if you've got an old pair you just want to get rid of, please let me know, thanks.
  13. Yeah, this is the ad that started this thread. While I've gone with the Jolida...I just offered him $50 for it. I doubt he'll take me up on it, but if he does, it'll be only another $130 for tubes. Or someone could get a sweet deal on a Decware Zen Triode!
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