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  1. LOL...more like, buy some longer screws and some washers until I can get one.
  2. Hi all--I just took delivery of a pair of RB-5 IIs in Cherry--cabinets have some wear, but that's salvageable. Both tweeters work. Both drivers work, but one looks like it took an impact. Cracked plastic on all four screw mounts. The driver fell out. So if you have an extra laying around, I'd love to buy it from you. I think they used these in the RS-7s, too. (Ironically, the grills were flawless)
  3. I know it's been over three years...but did you ever sell this KV2?
  4. That thing's gorgeous. Love my 430--won't ever get rid of it.
  5. Looks like they're gone.
  6. Cherry, $4500, Tehachapi, CA.
  7. Here's the shitty part--those are the first LSIIs to show up for sale within driving distance of me in, well...forever. Don't remember it ever happening. And I just bought a pair of '85 La Scalas locally because those never come up for sale around here...and Dean is making my new crossovers THIS WEEKEND. ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!
  8. Here’s a link to the seller
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1742722662620198/permalink/3846279058931204/?sale_post_id=3846279058931204
  10. https://www.estatesales.net/TX/Tyler/75703/3246492/119374548
  11. I think I’m done searching for a while.
  12. Thanks. It’s a great amp, and was my entre into the world of tubes. But then I discovered single-ended. Sure wish my new Dennis Had amp looked as nice as this does!
  13. 85 watt Class A/B amplifier. $1200, I’ll include the following: - 4 Genalec Gold Lion KT88 output tubes - 2 12ax7 input tubes of your choice, from my vintage stash. Brands include: RCA Telefunken Mullard JJ Matsushita Raytheon Sylvania GE - 2 12at7 preamp tubes from the same, or similar, brands. For local buyers, free to audition and choose your favorite combination. Includes original user manual, and factory three-box packaging. Shipping from Chicago to San Diego ran about $100 when I purchased it last year(Facebook shipping rates won’t apply, as the amp weighs about 65lbs.) https://www.jolida.com/product/fusion-3502-p
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