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  1. Wow! Great looking speakers at a bargain price. These shouldn’t last long.
  2. PM sent. I’m interested if OP or Jimbo does not take them.
  3. I bought a pair of Cornwall 1s with the same issue. They were in a garage and the bottom ports were very inviting to mice. The panels in your pic should work good. I used an acoustical wool rug pad attached with staples with good results.
  4. I bought a pair of these new in the late 80s. They were my first pair of Klipsh. I regret the day I sold them. They will not disappoint the new owner as the sound is jaw dropping. Great price for a speaker that rarely shows up for sale. They would be mine if they were closer.
  5. Whenever I am considering the purchase of preowned equipment, I always insist upon seeing the receipts for annual cleaning. If the seller can not produce the receipts, I will either decline or adjust my offer accordingly,
  6. Excellent advise, all of it!
  7. Thanks for the input pcbiz. I’ve been searching for a pair of LSBR in my area at a realistic price.There is another pair currently on eBay that are located in Annapolis. They are about the same price as these but they have type AA crossover and K 55 mids. They look to be in a little better shape, $1300 is about what I was thinking for these but it’s so far from the asking price, I didn’t want to offend the seller. I’ll give it some time and see if he drops the price. In the meantime I’ll keep looking
  8. I’m reasonably close to these but the price was so high that I didn’t bother to look or make an offer. What would be a fair price to pay for these?
  9. Nice of you to offer these items. Hope someone will make good use of them.
  10. Apparently there is no pricing. I guess you call the seller and make an offer, then the seller will get back to you eventually.
  11. Has anyone seen any pictures of any of these speakers yet?
  12. I’m no longer looking for a pie slice badge. Thanks Chris for your kind offer and generosity!
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