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  1. I agree. They would be beautiful cleaned up. Not a bad price either.
  2. Flipping gear is not necessarily a bad thing. We could all do without the story of the wife and the new house. The seller’s need to make up a story like that speaks for their credibility.
  3. I agree with Yukon888. I also went back to the K77s. I found these very difficult to listen to.
  4. The prices and availability of vintage Klipsh speakers varies greatly depending on location, as we know. I read of members commenting on picking up Heresys for $400 and less or LaScalas and Cornwall’s for $1,000 or less and I’m envious. I’m located in Maryland’s eastern shore and those prices are unheard of. I have several pairs of vintage Klipsh and I would have several more (including these) if I could find them locally at the prices I see in the Alerts. Most of you are fortunate to live in areas where they are apparently more plentiful and affordable.
  5. I realize this post is about 18 years old, but has some great information still relevant today. Very informative, I enjoyed reading it (twice).
  6. So the ALK CSW is the ALK Universal Economy Network, correct?
  7. Thanks for clarifying, the ALK website led me to believe that the Universal Economy Network could be used in a stock Cornwall.
  8. Where are you located? Would you be willing to ship?
  9. Would these be a suitable replacement for any version of a Type B without additional modifications?
  10. I can’t help but feel bad for the OP’s painful experience. Overpaying for the speakers initially and then having them immediately depreciate to a fraction of the purchase price had to hurt. To have them in his home as a constant reminder must have only made a painful experience even worse. I hope his next audio purchase is more enjoyable.
  11. Thank you both for your replies. This forum is very fortunate to have members with such an abundance of knowledge and willingness to take the time to share with it with others. My questions have been answered. thanks again!
  12. I bought a pair of 1983 Cornwalls (CFB). The seller had them for many years and said the cabinets were a black finish when he got them used. The seller had previously stripped the black paint and applied a clear finish on the bare Wood. Only one of the cabinet backs has a partial label intact. The cabinets have consecutive serial numbers stamped in the wood. The back with the label matches the serial number stamped on the back of the corresponding cabinet.The cabinets are definitely book matched Walnut, not Fir that I’m quite sure is original to the cabinets from wear and patina and shows no signs of ever being added or replaced. My first question is why would a CFB have walnut veneer under the black finish from the factory? My next question is why would the label have K-43-E hand written on the label? These Cornwalls should have been supplied with K-33-E correct? The cabinets had no woofers in them when I got them and I have since installed vintage K-33-E. Was an option available to order the standard Cornwall with K-43-E woofers? The balance of components in both cabinets look to be original as far as I can tell; Type B-3 networks, K-77-M tweeters, and K-52-K mids. Thanks in advance for any help with this mystery.
  13. Congrats to new owner. Beautiful set of speakers and I’m sure they sound as good as they look.
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