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  1. Welcome to the forum Brian. If you can’t find one, I’ll mail one to you. Let me know.
  2. Sorry for your loss wuzzzer and everyone who has had to say goodbye to their best friend. Unfortunately, if you love dogs and you live long enough, you'll have to say goodbye too many times. For me, each time hurt more than the one before, and each time I swear I’ll never put myself through it again. They all put tears in my eyes when they passed, but they all put at least one smile on my face every day they were here. life is better with a dog in it.
  3. Apparently the seller had a time machine that enabled him to purchase 1980 Cornwalls in 1977.
  4. These LaScalas look better than most I’ve seen in this price range. If these were closer, they would be mine.
  5. Agreed, very similar wording to scam ads I’ve seen before.
  6. I’m changing the wiring from crossovers to drivers in several speakers to 12AWG. I’m using PE 095-672 gold crimp (and soldered) terminal 14-12 AWG #8 at the crossover (good fit). The 12AWG fits the holes in the K33 and K22 and can be soldered without need of a connector. The K55V with push pins will accept the 12AWG (tinned). Anyway, my issues are with the K55V and K51V (both soldered terminals) and the K77s. The holes on the terminals are too small to accept the larger wire and too delicate to attempt enlarging the holes. Did you use additional connectors at these points to accommodate the 10AWG? Thanks
  7. Sorry I can’t help, but I am interested as well.
  8. R.I.P. Gary. What a great band with such a long impressive list of members. Thanks Procol Harum for your music and for introducing me to Robin Trower.
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