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  1. veloceleste

    What Solid State Amps don't sound good with Klipsch Speakers?

    I'm going to have to try my Luxman R1120 on my Forte III. . . .
  2. veloceleste

    The MicroZOTL MZ3 is a one-watt Speaker Amp!

    LTA is located close to Baltimore and Washington DC. They have a showroom. My friend and I made an appointment. He wanted to listen to one of their amps and I wanted to hear Spatial Audio speakers they had on display. The LTA guys were very accommodating, knowledgable, and friendly. LTA offers a trial/return period if you are interested in their equipment. I think it is a little pricey too and other than saying I was listening in an unfamiliar place, it sounded good. Pure speculation on my part, but maybe they have to pay a licensing fee to Berning which accounts for some of the higher cost. Also hand built in the U.S. does cost more....
  3. veloceleste

    FS: Bryston 2.5BSST2 Pro Amplifier

  4. veloceleste

    Forte II Amplification

    Bryston B60R, used though, too pricey otherwise.
  5. veloceleste

    Klipsch Forte III Initial Impressions

    "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"
  6. veloceleste

    Klipsch Forte III Initial Impressions

    I did this with forte II and found my original post from 13 years ago. Can't believe its been that long! Spiked my Forte II's last night with Parts Express 3/8" speaker cabinet toe spike set (part # 240-725). It just so happened that the spike inset fit into the circular hole cut into the bottom of the plastic triangular corner supports on the base of the Forte II. The teeth just managed to grab the inside of the hole so I also glued it in with some Gorilla Glue. Spike depth measured to 18mm from inset to tip of spike and voila, spikes with no drilling. Everything is well fastened. Listened this morning and the midrange seems clearer and the bass is tighter also. Did I say NO DRILLING?! I was thinking of spiking my Forte III. As Glens said it depends on the floor. Spike on concrete, isolate vibrations with something that dampens vibration if speakers are on a floor that is supported from below and may transmit vibration.
  7. veloceleste

    Recc. Tube PreAmp to go with Forte IIs.

    I used an AES AE3 with Forte and Chorus II driving a Bryston 2b-lip years ago and liked the combination very much. I sold the AE3 and had a bit of seller's remorse so several years later I bought an AE3 MK II. I liked the original AE3 better. It had more of a traditional tube sound, fantastic, full midrange, great treble and a slightly warm but big bass response. Everything was fleshed out nicely. The MKII was much leaner and just not as involving. The original AE3 was factory built and had two factory installed upgrades; paper in oil caps and hexfred diodes. How it differed in sound from a stock AE3 I could not tell you.
  8. veloceleste

    Seeking advice about 3 channel LaScala setup.

    One of my favorite albums!
  9. veloceleste

    I Retired Yesterday!

    Congratulations! I told my wife when I retire I will be glad to drive her to work everyday.
  10. veloceleste


    Getting ready to go out, my wife spent an hour making herself look beautifulI. I told her she only needed 50 minutes....
  11. Agree about vibration but I was commenting about speaker finish protection first and vibration control second. If it was me, I wouldn't put the amp on the speaker but maybe I'll consider some glass to protect my FIII's!
  12. How about a nice, heavy piece of glass cut to size with some sort of vibration control feet/ device between the glass and speaker. Maybe a little pricey but will protect everything....
  13. veloceleste

    Opinions On New Production Tubes....

    Thank you. My Quicksilver integrated came with the regular Sovtek el84. May be my first tube roll with this amp although I am extremely pleased with the way it sounds.
  14. veloceleste

    Forte III and not exactly a newbie

    " The question is what would you sacrifice to get valve power, bearing in mind our 'disco' level fetish when the mood takes!" I have FIII in a room approximately the same size as yours and drive them with a 20wpc Quicksilver tube integrated. I found aiming the speakers straight ahead or with very minimal toe-in gave the best midrange clarity. The Fortes are very balanced top to bottom and you will have more than enough to drive the speakers to extreme levels. That being said, the Cornwalls will give you lower bass and more thump but may not be as smooth sounding with the Anthem amp as Fortes with the tube amp. Can you audition both in the same room with the same equipment to make a direct comparison?
  15. veloceleste

    Can You Identify This

    I was going to guess chastity belt