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  1. Very nice! Could you please detail how you anchored the shelves to the wall? Thanks!
  2. I ran a Fisher X100B (7868 output tubes) and a Fisher FM50B tuner with Fortes 1 and II’s as well as Chorus II’s and they were all great together. Fantastic midrange and good bass and treble. It was completely un-restored but was dead quiet and fully functional. I can only imagine how much better it would sound updated.
  3. Have you tried classic speaker pages for advice? Lots of very knowledgeable AR people there.http://classicspeakerpages.net/. There was an AR11B version also. My brother had 10pi for decades (bought when they first came out) and now has a beautiful pair of 3a’s he restored. I had a nice pair of AR11’s for a while also although I was more of an Allison fan and owned a pair of Allison One for years and it is still one of my all time favorite speakers. Good luck with your search.
  4. I’ll try and answer that question; when your farts no longer smell and you get out of bed several times in the middle of the night and waddle to the toilet to pee.
  5. veloceleste


    Years ago I bi-amped a system using an HK730 and an A402. Preamp out of the 730 into Y’s back into 730 amp and into the amp section of the A402. Great sound and an option for someone looking to bi-amp with matched amplifier sections. GLWS!
  6. veloceleste

    What Is Wrong

    Ha! I didn’t stock up on toilet paper, I reduced my intake. My grocery, water bill and sewer bills went down too!
  7. veloceleste

    What Is Wrong

    Put a mask on her instead of a bag over her head, may be just enough……My filters, my filters, I’m losing my filters………Maybe it’s the lack of oxygen from the mask I’m wearing in my own home…….
  8. Buy with confidence from @Vectra. Great communication and immediate shipping. Thanks!
  9. I’d rather put mustard on my fries!
  10. I know, it’s catsup……
  11. Cynacism aside, most everyone that participates in these forums likes and respects the Klipsch products that they themselves own or they wouldn’t have acquired them. Any changes someone makes for whatever reason is just personalization to taste. When you eat at a restaurant, do you sometimes add additional seasoning or ask for a specific type of preparation? I like my beef rare, almost mooing, my wife likes her beef well done and dry. We are still both eating beef and both enjoying it in our own way. So, how do you insult a chef? Ask for ketchup. Enjoy your Klipsch any way you want!
  12. All you modified, upgraded, tweaked, renewed former Klipsch speaker owners better rip your Klipsch badges off the grills as well as the serial number/model identifier tags….What do you do when you’re unbranded and you’re a speaker…… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uV-7D4io1Rs
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