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  1. At the risk of sounding obnoxious (some say a specialty of mine) and repeating myself, go with a tube preamp and keep your solid state amp. You will get the best of both worlds. The tube preamp in my experience will flesh out the vocals, smooth out the midrange and give more of a sweetness to the treble. The solid state amp will still provide the drive you need for the woofer. Depending on e bass characteristics of the tube preamp you may or may not get a fuller bass.
  2. Enjoy those Chorus II. They look great! The titanium diaphragms and crossover refresh are definitely worth it.
  3. I have Chorus II. I would run a tube preamp with solid state amp. That is what I'm doing now and have done in the past. The better you get upstream, the better better the sound IMHO. As to tube preamp recommendations, that depends on your budget, desired features, and sound preferences. Different tube types do sound different so which preamp to choose based on sound is a whole other ball game. Have fun!
  4. Glad t you got the speaker out and things are sounding better. That's what I meant, speaker terminal cup (darn autocorrect)! There was no foam on the bottom of Chorus II's either.
  5. If it's still not cooperating, with the speaker on its side, remove the six screws from the terminal cup and carefully pull the cup out and let it hang. There should be a little slack in the wires. Reach in with your fingers until you feel a part of the woofer basket and give it a little push out on the basket, not the cone, ready to catch it as it pops out. I just did this a little while ago when I installed Crites crossovers.
  6. +1 to what Shiva and Khornukopia said. It sounds like you're sitting in a bass null area. Speaker as well as listening seat position can go a long way to fix the problem. As stated before, with bass heavy music playing (I usually find a part of piece of music that has this quality and put my CD player on a-b repeat of the passage) move around the room until find the spot with more bass. This may seem silly, but do you have an office chair with wheels that won't scratch your nice floors where you can scoot around the room while seated to do this? This will keep your ears closer to listening height. Sometimes the nulls and peaks are present at different heights also.
  7. Sounds like it could be a room issue. Bass traps made a huge difference in my room that also sucks the life out of certain frequencies. I have two GIK corner traps behind my Chorus and although it seems counterintuitive to have a rear passive radiator firing into a bass trap, it makes a difference. Before the GIK I used ASC tube traps and they were also very effective. The ASC are very expensive but I bought them used and sold them when I found a pair of GIK locally very cheap. A lot of people build their own. It may be worth considering. I'll take a picture and add it too the post.
  8. I'm still doing system(s) consolidation and sold my Bryston integrated amplifier which I also used as stated above but never sold one of my other Bryston power amps. So.....after hearing some LTA gear at my friend's house and at their shop in Maryland I decided to give LTA a try. It is the best sounding piece of gear I have owned and I don't say that lightly as I also love my Quicksilver integrated. I wanted to put some solid state power to my Chorus II but still have some tube influence. I'm not a heavy headphone user but my headphones sounded great. Where I think the MZ2 shines is as a preamp. It is incredibly transparent, quiet, and revealing without being the least bit edgy. Bass is tight and focused. Midrange is very open and clear. The treble is very good but I think my Quicksilver's treble was a little smoother and sweeter. The soundstage is big but not exaggerated and there is fantastic separation of instruments in space and you get a good sense of the space in which the recording was made. It is also sounds "fast" for lack of a better word. I also tried it as in integrated with the Chorus II but it is only 1/2 watt into 8 ohms and while at low levels in my room it sounded great, it just ran out of steam at higher levels. With very efficient speakers in a small room it would be fine. In short, the LTA/Bryston combination has my Chorus II sounding better than ever!
  9. veloceleste

    Never Forget

    I can't let go of my anger......hope that's not considered "political". I did not say hate.
  10. Hi, Is your receiver's front speaker setting set to full range? I also have Chorus II and a characteristic of the speaker is extremely clean bass that is not at all boomy, has no mid bass hump that I notice, and as you know a prominent midrange. Your receiver has more an enough power @ 125 wpc so a more powerful amp may or may not improve bass output. Do you have or have you considered a subwoofer? That may give you more of what you are looking for in bass output.
  11. Don't all us old guys remember when our wives looked and dressed like that occasionally? I don't either......
  12. No affiliation https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/ele/d/gaithersburg-klipsch-belle-speakers/6969268763.html
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