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  1. One thing these manufacturers have is balls.....
  2. http://www.milliondollarstereos.com/speakerlist.php?category=amps
  3. About this drive-in's demise. 😜 “Relief is less than a month away for those Clifton Heights and Drexel Hill residents who have complained in the past about sexually-explicit films being shown at the Family Drive-In. On Labor Day, the theatre management will present the last picture show. Soon thereafter, ground will be broken on the drive-in site for a K-Mart department store.” From a local 1978 newspaper report.
  4. I didn't drive in to the last drive-in I attended, I climbed in and walked out. Still have a slight scar as a reminder! Ah, teen-age shenanigans....
  5. No affiliation other than having met the owner. Nice guy and knowledgeable. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ele/d/springfield-klipsch-cornscala-typed/6926627015.html
  6. Agree but it still has to be taught. There are events in history that should never be forgotten; especially the events that illustrate human evil and its potential to be repeated. Hopefully "truth and reconciliation" can be a part of that lesson. It is the only way to remember and move forward as humans.
  7. veloceleste


    Would you rather use a girl from Kentucky or a girl who uses KY? Depends how old you or she is...... I apologize.....
  8. I believe "Never Forget" is collective for all humanity. Depending on who is in power and the political climate it can easily happen again to another group. It is wise for all to never forget.
  9. My boss is 26; it's ok because I trained, excuse me, mentored him. Anyway, he didn't know who Mel Brooks is nor had heard of any of his movies. So now I make him watch You Tube clips of "vintage" comedy.....
  10. You know you're getting old when you know what a proctologist is......which reminds me..... How do you tell the proctologist at a cocktail party? He's the one with the brown ring around his eye.....
  11. I'm now off the gear-go-round. Unless something breaks and it isn't worth repairing because of age, I think I'm done and very satisfied with what I have. It only took forty -five years! It feels good to "gear down" so to speak.
  12. The Crites titanium diaphragms will help with the treble brightness. They are much smoother and not as bright imo. I just put them in my Chorus II along with new crossovers from Crites. The crossovers smooth out the midrange too but I find the change to be more subtle than the tweeter change. Also to help reduce the brightness, what works for me is to make sure the speakers aren't aimed directly at your listening position. Mine are angled in so that they cross a couple of feet in front of my listening position. I get a nice stereo image and a little bit of depth.
  13. You are exactly where I recently was. I decided to change direction with my system and simplify. My choice was to go high efficiency speakers and after trying a few other makes I came back to Klipsch in general. Years ago at different times I owned Forte I and II, Chorus II and KLF20 so I was familiar with the "house" sound. I bought Forte III which I like a lot but had the opportunity to try Cornscala D in my room for a while. The D were too wide for my space but I loved the bass. The mids were good but I didn't care for the treble. The Cornscalas got me thinking about Chorus II again and I came across a mechanically sound but cosmetically challenged pair at a good price. I replaced the tweeter diaghram with titanium ones and replaced the crossovers with Crites crossovers and I'm working on the cosmetics. Compared to the Forte III, I gain bass clarity and definition, loose a tiny bit of midrange sharpness and consider the treble just about equal. These will be my keepers and probably last main rig speaker. A long time ago I auditioned RF7II in a store but didn't care for them but that's just my taste. You may prefer the 7's over the Chorus II. I truly feel I'm done chasing stuff now and out of the hunt. Have fun deciding!
  14. Did you get a chance to listen to the QS with your speakers?
  15. Strange that an address is in the CL ad. Sounds fishy.....
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