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  1. Voted 100% but would like to simplify/downsize without compromise.
  2. http://www.thehistoryofrecording.com/Manuals/DynaCo/Dynakit_Mark_II_Manual.pdf page 2 has specs.
  3. I want to hear theForte IV. I had III’s but preferred and kept Chorus II before ultimately moving those on also. Maybe the Forte IV will have the best characteristics I preferred from both the Forte III and Chorus II.
  4. Dynaco MK II’s are50 wpc mono-blocks. I think a tube preamp will give you more bang for your buck and with some tube rolling (if you are one to do that) will allow you to tailor the sound a bit if you feel the need. The big question is which pre-amp. You will get lots of suggestions here! I’ve almost always used a tube preamp with a solid state amp. It’s the best of both worlds imho.
  5. I mixed up Forte IV for CWIV. $6000 is a lot of money and you should get what you paid for. I would take B stock CW IV for $4500 also if I had the space.
  6. I wish Klipsch would do a highboy version of he Cornwall IV. I bet they would sell a boatload. Rectilinear did well with their highboy and lowboy versions of the III.
  7. Not trying to stir the pot, but, if you paid full price and did not receive what was advertised, I would ask for at the minimum, B stock pricing. If you ever sell, your re-sale value will be lower. If the dealer is good they will give you the adjusted price and he can then fight with Klipsch for his credit. $4500.00 is a lot of money and you should get what you paid for.
  8. The cat is out of the bag early! In the true spirit of many Klipsch Forum members: Will there be an upgrade kit for all the Forte III out there?😜
  9. Heh, heh, heh.......should I? Or should I keep them in original, unmolested condition?
  10. Congratulations on your acquiring the Leben. I have RP-160’s and play them through a Quicksilver Integrated which is also an el-84 amp. It is a great combination. I also listened to the Quicksilver with Heresy III, Forte III and Chorus II and all sounded wonderful. Enjoy your new amp!
  11. You got two 20’s for a 10? No, how about two 5’s for 10?
  12. The cost of designing, manufacturing and selling an item affects the performance level and price point. Disregarding profit, vehicles, even high performance vehicles, are designed within parameters that will allow them to operate without breaking as long as the operator doesn’t exceed the manufacture’s recommended parameters or specifications to a point. Tweaking will change the characteristics and nature of the vehicle but not the fundamental identity of the vehicle. I think the same can be said for anything. If a manufacturer designed and built the best, no cost limit product then maybe an argument could be made that change for changes sake is the goal of the person making the alterations. Tube rolling, capacitor, wiring, driver changes, etc. don’t change the original design goals, they just personalize the design.
  13. No affiliation. Maybe someone’s on Klipsch Forums? https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/ele/d/ambler-mcintosh-gear-and-more-for-sale/7255833046.html
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