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  1. A pirate captain walks into a bar with a wooden leg, a hook and an eye patch. The bartender asks him "What happened captain, you were in perfect trim before this last voyage." "Arrr" replied the captain, "It 'twas a rough voyage" to which the bartender replies "What happened to your leg?" "Arrr I was on deck doing battle and a mast was hit with cannon fire, broke and came down on my leg shattering me bones. So they took it off an' gave me this here wooden leg." "That's terrible" said the bartender, "What happened to you're hand?" " Arrr, later in voyage we faced a great storm and the crew lashed me to the wheel so I wouldn't be blown overboard. A monster swell took the ship's rudder, spun the wheel and ripped me hand off. Arrrr, so they gave me this here hook." "Terrible, terrible" gasped the bartender, "What happened to your eye?" "Arrrr, I was on deck and 'twas a fair, warm day, a gentle wind aloft, so I lifted my face to the sky and a gull shat in me eye." "That wouldn't take your eye captain" replied the bartender. "Arrrrr", said the captain, It was the first day with me hook"........
  2. Hi. Do you close he door behind the right speaker? That might reflect some bass back into the room from the passive. Also I went from aiming my FIII straight ahead to having them toed in to where they now cross well in front of my listening position. I gained a little more image depth while still having a decently wide sweet spot. Toeing in more will also pull the passive away from the front wall a little more and may enhance your bass. The FIII's are very balanced speakers and the bass will not be a predominant sonic attribute.
  3. The Klipsch buttons have three small prongs. They pried out easily.
  4. No discretion needed. The speaker is not placed, just moved out of the way. I remove the slides when the speakers are placed in position for listening.
  5. Or another pricey audiophile option: https://herbiesaudiolab.com/collections/loudspeaker-rack-decoupling-and-isolation/products/little-fat-glider
  6. Lowes also sells Super Sliders (Home depot has knock offs a little cheaper). I use the super sliders to move my speakers about when necessary. Here's a pick of one under a Cornscala. They come in different sizes and for hard surfaces or carpet.
  7. I just purchased these at Lowes for a chair but I think may be ideal. You would have to flip the speaker (difficult) and remove the buttons (easy--I did it on my Forte III while investigating spikes). The slide has an hard nylon base and very dense felt for contact with the floor and a small circular "nail" to tap into the base.
  8. Soma FM. Two of their channels I enjoy are west coast 70's and Illinois Street Lounge. I also like Radio Paradise and Partyvibe.com for Reggae.
  9. veloceleste

    What I Got Today!

    Look great! Did you try using a vacuum cleaner to gently pull out the dent or duct tape?
  10. veloceleste


    My wife categorized my attempts at humor this way: 1. Funny. 2. Not funny. 3. Attention seeking. My daughter added a dagger with a fourth, most hurtful category; predictable. Ouch....
  11. Nice grab and logistical coordination. I take you didn't get the electronics. I owned a Nikko Gamma I tuner when they first came out in 1977. It is a nice tuner and I only sold it to help finance other equipment many years later.
  12. Asked the same question but got an answer. $450.00 for the lambs wool grills from he factory. I'll pass at that price.
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