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  1. https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=166615.0 No affiliation. Mentions possible trade for Klipsch so I thought some of the pro guys may be interested.
  2. Agree about the Spatials. My friend and I first heard the Spatials (and LTA for that matter) at The 2018 Capital Audio Fest. We both thought it was one of the best sounding rooms at the show. My friend bought a pair of M3TM's and I had a chance to borrow them. They did not work well in my difficult room and my friend ultimately preferred his Zu Driuds. However, as I said before, it was also the first time we heard LTA and began exploring their gear. There seems to be great synergy between LTA and Klipsch and my friend has replaced his Zu speakers with Heresy III driven by LTA. He has to listen at low volume and the Klipsch/LTA combo has a fuller more balanced sound but gives up a bit of detail and image precision.
  3. I don't care if if people like or don't like what I own. Only I have to like it. It seems though that his statement is a blanket condemnation of a design.
  4. Perhaps Jeffery hasn't researched ZOTL design. While OTL, it is a different implementation. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/551c5a82e4b0c1e6d1556b74/t/554d0ae7e4b09cd39ca4ac18/1431112423789/Berning+Patent.pdf
  5. For the most part I am not concerned with the technology that reproduces the music that I listen to as long as it is well made, reliable and sounds good to me. I own a Linear Tube Audio MZ2S and use it as a preamp and as preamp it is the best sounding piece of gear I have ever owned. I use it with a Bryston 2.5BSST2 amplifier to drive a pair of Chorus II. I also own and use a Quicksilver Audio tube integrated amplifier and that is driving a pair of Bryston Mini T speakers in another system in a small room. So there you have it, I own ZOTL, solid state, tube, horns and dynamic speakers. As an integrated amplifier the MZ2S .75wpc into 8 ohms isn't enough for the Chorus II and at anything but low to moderate levels the Chorus II sound a bit constrained. However, driving a pair of Heresy II to moderate and slightly loud levels, MZ2S sounds very, very good. It comes down to system matching, the room, and personal taste. Before dissing a design topology I suggest you listen to it first.
  6. You're a better man than me and probably a lot younger!
  7. I pull out too when there is lack of interest.....
  8. Filter on: Some of the people I have to work with. I'm loathe to call them co-workers because they hardly work. Filter off: Nope, better leave the filter on.....
  9. At my limit. If interested I have a few more pictures.
  10. Pictures to follow. 1988 build. Thought I could do some re-arranging but that isn't going to happen. $495.00 cash and pick up in Delaware. Convenient to Philadelphia, New Jersey, Baltimore and Washington DC. Will audition for respective buyers.
  11. Strictly anecdotal: When I had my Forte III I was selling some room treatments to another owner of Forte III who was driving them with Emotiva amps. When he heard my Fortes powered by my tubed Quicksilver integrated (no room treatments involved) he couldn't believe the difference and said his Emotivas sounded harsh, flat and congested in comparison. Try and borrow a tube integrated or a tube amp run from your preamp out to see if it makes a difference.
  12. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?s=f21dfd348af6c3e66c25bc775137a665&act=idx Everything you want to find out regarding AR, Allison and other "east coast" speakers. Excellent source of information.
  13. Thanks for posting. I enjoy reading the old hifi magazines. My favorite quote from the wife article: "....for a hifi set is never quite perfect in the eyes of its creator." Also, the Sunbeam Talbot was gorgeous IMHO. And finally, maybe today's A/V industry needs some big name musicians to promote product!
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