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  1. Quicksilver. Not often mentioned here but excellent gear. You can find mini mono'and mid mono amps very reasonably if you want to stay with your preamp or they make an excellent integrated amp. Full disclosure, I own the integrated.
  2. Maybe. I just got a pretty good price on a pair of RP160M from Crutchfield. I lucked out in that they were in the outlet, but they have new, sealed pairs also.
  3. I suspect only irrational reasons and the accompanying attempts at justification.
  4. Crutchfield has a good deal on RP160M (predecessor to RP600M). I just bought a pair and they sound very good.
  5. No longer for sale. I'm glad there wasn't interest! Bought a pair of RP160M from Crutchfield and it is a great combination. You're loss is my gain 😀😀!
  6. Will it be a CWIV vs Spatial shoot-out, winner stays?
  7. This discussion reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQKrmDLvijo
  8. 200, 400 or 700? It's been 40 years but I had an original 400 that was great and issue free. Upgraded to a 700 Series II and I had a lot of issues, so many that PL sent me a replacement. The new replacement had a slight hum so I got rid of it immediately. My brother had a 700B that was excellent and issue free. If you do go PL, I recommend using it with 8ohm nominal speakers. Also there is a company called White Oak that offers highly regarded rebuilds that address the known problem areas with PL amps. Here is one for sale now from Music Technology in Virginia. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/ele/d/crofton-highly-modified-phase-linear/7154297553.html
  9. Bump. Now &1495.00 plus shipping. Box is 18”x14”x10”, weight 41 lbs. ships from 19702.
  10. Different parts of my body are different ages. Fortunately my state of mind (not mental capacity, that has aged significantly)) is still around 12-14. If not for that I would be a cynical, sarcastic curmudgeon. Oh wait......
  11. My lawn goes through three phases every year; green, weeds, brown.
  12. Shameless plug for Quicksilver Integrated. Used it with Forte III and Chorus II. Sounded wonderful.
  13. veloceleste


    Did Archie and Edith sing "Gee the old LaScala sounded great!" ?
  14. veloceleste

    KLF20 (4)

    No affiliation https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/ele/d/wayne-4x-klipsch-klf-20-floorstanding/7145886527.html
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