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  1. Thanks, I reached out to that guy on Facebook. He posted them in a Klipsch Owners group and he never responded. Not sure why I have a set number in my head, but I'm holding out for one at $100. I guess that's the number where if I spend more than that I have too much in the speakers and it makes more sense to part them out, rather than owning them for more than $675. The cabinets are a little rough and they are v2, so they are barely worth the $575 I paid for them. If I didn't have a pair of Cornwall II's and Tekton Double Impacts already set up in my listening area it would be different.
  2. appreciate the feedback. I'm still at the chasing stage of this journey. I have always had a love of music but focused on the kids the last 21 years and hadn't purchased any gear since I did my home theater surround set up back in 2000, other than to upgrade the AV receiver, obviously the Yamaha from 2000 didn't have the inputs necessary for today. It was pre HDMI. But I'm still running my reference series towers and surrounds, but the sub died a few years ago and I replaced it with a hand me down Mirage sub. I started working on a 2 channel set up 2 years ago and have been going through receivers/amps and turntables and speakers. I will get there eventually and will know I'm there when I hear it. I'm just happy there is a robust resale market so I can buy and sell stuff until I get it right.
  3. Don't tell me its the CF-3's. Please, even if it is, lie to me. LOL. Now I have to get a replacement woofer before I decide to part them out. I may hook up the good one and put it next to the cornwall and do a side by side with just one speaker.
  4. I missed out on them. I emailed the guy and offered him $200 for 2. He said no... After seeing how quickly he sold the woofers, crossovers and horns I might be parting mine out. I have 3 good woofers, and the horns and crossovers are fine. Based on that guys prices, it will cover the $575 I paid for the speakers. Even if I bring them back to life, I cant imagine listening to the CF-3 over my Cornwall II's. Plus I am officially out of room. Still trying to figure out if I can put both my 2 channel setups along with my surround sound set up in the same space.
  5. I check ebay all the time, not sure how I missed that listing.
  6. Just curious if anyone has already tried using a woofer from a KG for their CF? I was think about buying 2 KG's just to keep it balanced and replacing a woofer in each speaker. Thoughts?
  7. On a side note I picked up a pair of Cornwall II's that sound amazing. I needed to do it to get over the sadness of getting beat out of $575 for the Epic CF-3's.
  8. From different sources I have spoken with it is not possible for some reason with the woofers in the Epic series. I'm still stuck on what to do with these things... A quote from Crites Speakers, I figured if anyone would really know, it would be them, "Unfortunately, there are no replacement woofers that I am aware of for the CF-3. The entire CF series are orphans pretty much and there are no diaphragms for the HF driver and no replacement woofers. I can't even build new crossovers for them, only rebuild the originals. They are great sounding speakers when they work, but an absolute nightmare when they do not".
  9. It sounds scratchy... I am going to drop these things off to see if I can get them repaired and then move on from them. I have a pair of Cornwall II's that I am interested in. I also added a pair of Tekton Double Impacts to the collection. The first pair of none Klipsch speakers I purchased in over 20 years.
  10. so 3 of the woofers read 6.2 or 6.3 and the 4th one reads 5.2. Does this mean anything?
  11. Update... I lost out on the Pioneer, and decided to pull the trigger on a bigger Kenwood. Hooked up a KR9400 that puts out 120wpc to see how they made the CF-3's sing. Well I ended up disappointed. The distortion came back, and even if I adjust my bass, mid, treble, the best I can do is 4.5 before the speakers completely break down. In the process of putting a meter on the woofers to see if they are OK. The first two I tested came up as 6.3 and 5.2 on the multimeter. Going to pull the other two now. Curious if those readings are OK? from the videos I watched on line they seem to be within reason. And the hockey pucks under the spikes work great.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. After looking around on-line a little I decided to do what any hockey player would do in this situation. Grab 8 pucks to place under the spikes. Not sure why it took me so long to think of it... And I would be very leery of an SX-1050 for $300. I am second in line on the one I want to check it out. its local to me and he is asking $1,400, but has it couples with an equalizer that I am not interested in. We use the same shop and I already confirmed it was recently in and gone over and checked out.
  13. It was the 1st thing I checked after reading posts about that issue on here.
  14. It crossed my mind... I was thinking of replacing 2, but thought it would make more sense to part them out, rather than spend more on them. One of the people I reached out to recommended an Infinity driver that was close to the original.
  15. I was planning on driving up up to Lansdale, Pa this morning to drop off the woofer, but for the heck of it took all the woofers out, cleaned up the contacts, moved the woofers around to different spots, and that helped. Funny enough when I reconnected that woofer in another spot it still sounded bad, for some reason I decided to just screw them all back in and test everything one more time. I hooked them up to my Kenwood KR-7400 and a newer Marantz SR5008. Ran both my turntables and connected a cd player to the Marantz and played a few CDs. I don't get it, but they sound better. There is still a little distortion there, but not like it was was when I first hooked them up. I think I am going to hold off for now and focus on a couple of other things, like a silver faced receiver with at least 120WPC to see how they sound. There is a Pioneer SX 1050 local that I am going to check out. At that point I will make a decision on the woofer. I also need rubber feet or something to put under the spikes the speaker came with. Right now they are sitting on the floor.
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