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  1. Yes, I figured Klipsch wouldn’t sell the parts yet until the next model comes out. You can buy replacement tweeters for the previous RP series for around $80.00/pair from re-sellers. I don’t want to buy another pair of speakers just to experiment though.
  2. Just thinking out loud, it seems the crossovers are the same and the vented RP600M tweeter is purportedly smoother. It seems like it would be an easy change. Any thoughts and comments are welcome unless they are derogatory✌️😜.
  3. Yes to the Bianchis! First one was a Veloce that was Bianchi’s signature color, celeste. The two words combined so nicely into one I decided to create that as my handle. My second Bianchi, which I just sold this past summer was a fantastic Freccia Celeste, which at the time was Bianchi’s top frame, the EV3. I’m down to two bikes now, an all-roads bike and a folding bike. I don’t ride as much as I used to and now the most important part of my ride is where do we stop to eat! Back to audio now…..
  4. What about your system is no longer wowing you—that is the question once answered that will lead you to your answer. Hopefully it is not change for changes sake. You have some nice gear there.
  5. Enjoy the Audiolab! I feel the same about the AVA. I’m very content with it. It is about as basic as it gets, sounds great, hopefully it is maintenance free, and that is what I wanted.
  6. https://avahifi.com/products/set-120-control-amplifier Might this work for you? I just got one while on my quest to simplify and it sounds very good. It is a 60wpc single ended transistor amp with a four input passive preamp and a headphone jack that doesn’t switch off the speakers when a headphone jack is inserted. There is a switch on the back of the amp to turn off the speakers. It sounds very good. Fast, articulate, detailed, and solid bass. It replaced my Quicksilver Integrated which I liked a lot too but I wanted to get away from tubes because I’m in the frame of mind that if something happens to me I know no one in my family would ever want to be bothered with tube gear! Anyway, read about it if you are inclined.
  7. veloceleste


    Brilliant!! Great idea!!
  8. We had a 1989 Taurus wagon with the optional fold down third row rear facing seat to make it a 7 seater. The kids called it the secret seat. L trim which was the lowest level, didn’t even have power windows! This is 1990 but essentially unchanged from 1989.
  9. I love wagons. We almost pulled the trigger on a Buick Regal TourX wagon but didn’t because we didn’t really need it. I have a Golf Sportwagen and my wife drives an awd Regal and it is a very nice vehicle, thus the desire for a Regal Tourx. It’s too bad this country rejected wagons in favor of SUV’s and CUV’s. The last generation of Regals are rebadged Opels and have a European driving feel. The sun sets on the last American badged wagon.😪
  10. South Jersey. !https://southjersey.craigslist.org/ele/d/swedesboro-vintage-klipsch-klipschorns/7374620468.html Only pair I see even somewhat close to New York.
  11. Let’s get this thread back on track!! Morticia!
  12. Mrs. Howell could have given them both a run for their money in her youth:
  13. Industrial split La Scala. $800.00 for the pair.
  14. Kensington section of Philly has been rough for decades. Everything is more out in the open now, less in the shadows and no doubt drug use/addiction is now at epidemic levels. On a lighter note one of my former college teammates from Kensington used to say “Kensington, where men are men and women are too!” and also “Don’t none of you guys worry, I don’t steal from nobody I know!”
  15. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/ele/d/bethesda-klipsch-la-scala-industrial/7391750935.html
  16. Thanks. The QS is a tough one for me to let go because it sounds so good but for the speakers I decided to keep and the volume I sometimes like to listen at, it isn’t quite enough power. It is a great sounding integrated.
  17. My experience has been that the preamp is the more important and all things being equal, has more of an impact on the total sound than the amplifier as long as the amplifier can drive the speakers properly. I also prefer an active preamp over a passive unit. The passive preamps I have heard always sounded a bit lifeless and lacked impact.
  18. It’s a little more than a nick, more like a crushed corner and what I would call moderate to severe damage. Price seems ok if you have the skill to repair correctly.
  19. A few more questions to add to the original post are: “How do you you listen?” Is the system for background music or do you listen intently? Do you listen at low, moderate or loud volume? What is your “musical” experience; are you a concert attendee, a musician or casual listener? How important is bass prominence when listening? These and several more qualifying questions will allow for a recommendation that may suit the customer.
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