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  1. Yes it seems like the 2200 is the sweet spot, has a better pre amp than the 1200 and some better parts inside, the 3200 is out of my price range
  2. I have very limited ability to play with placement other than toe in, but I have added 2'X4' GIK 244 panels either side of the speakers at first reflection points and to act as a bit of bass absorption (6" thick panels)
  3. Tried a basic Reisong A10 amp with both my original Cornwall's and the IV's. Didn't enjoy it, but I know it's a very low end unit. I am mainly concerned about reliability and having to replace tubes over time (and with the situation in Russia and China, will we be able to get tubes for the next few decades?) But I am interested in Cayin tube amps
  4. I have owned my pair of Cornwall IV's for about 2 years now. It wasy first step into higher end speakers as well and buying something new. Previously I had only bought used and mostly vintage. I still have a pair of original Cornwall's from 1983. With my new Cornwall's I decided to get all new gear to go with it. I ended up with a Parasound newclassic 2125v2 amp, Parasound newclassic 200pre preamp, Parasound zphono, pro-ject x2 (with at540ml cart) and a Rotel cd11 tribute. I have had it in my mind that I am not getting enough of their full potential with my pre/amp section. I started looking into nice integrated units. I have sort of narrowed it down to 2 maybe 3 units. The main 2 I am looking at are the Yamaha A-S2200 and the Bryston b135 cubed (used), the third is the Parasound halo hint 6. I am mainly leaning towards the Bryston b135 cubed. Am I realistically going to notice a big increase in sound quality going to something like this? Power wise it's 135wpc compared to 150wpc I'm running now, and the Cornwall's don't need a ton of power. Keeping within this range is okay for me. So am I chasing a dragon in futility, or are there real sonic gains to be made by going into something more high end like the Bryston? I know they seem to have many proponents and as many naysayers, but I am very attracted to the build quality and made in Canada 20 year warranty as well.
  5. How often would you say I need to do the Danish Oil refinish? Any reason I would apply with steel wool over just rubbing on with a cloth, would the steel wool not scratch the veneer?
  6. I bought them at Audio Connection in Burlington, they have a listening room with Cornwall's set up. I have Cornwall I's so I knew I wanted the IV's
  7. Well in good news I decided to crush a walnut and rub the oil into it, it seemed to improve the look by about 75%! I will see if this holds
  8. Good to know thank you. Would you say a marker style or a wax style pen is better? Do you know of any good ones for the new walnut veneer they are using now?
  9. Thank you, so if I grab a touch up pen in Walnut and a bottle of mineral spirits I should be good to go? These 2 products? https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/minwax-blend-fil-pencil-0495106p.html https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/solvable-mineral-spirits-946-ml-0491017p.html
  10. Yes I am mainly looking for something that can blend into the veneer to make it looks less noticeable. I wouldn't be trying any actual wood repairs.
  11. Whole moving my basement around to make room and a better listening position for my Cornwall IV's (only 2 weeks old) I stupidly moved a shelf without taking out the shelves and one fell and bounced and damaged the corner as seen here. I pushed/rubbed the area and it looks better than it did initially, but as you can see there is still damage. Is there anything I can do to help make this look better?
  12. Hi all, thanks for the advice. I ended up going with a Parasound Newclassic 200 integrated amp from the dealer I got my speakers from. He knocked $400 off the price to bring it down to about $1600 all in. It seems to get great reviews and checks all my boxes for features I was looking for. Perhaps one day down the line I will get into the mono blocks and separates, but for now I hope this will do!
  13. Thank you, I will have a listen with my current amps for a while as I research what is out there. I might even see if I can have my main 2 amps I listed serviced and re-capped locally.
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