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  1. How often would you say I need to do the Danish Oil refinish? Any reason I would apply with steel wool over just rubbing on with a cloth, would the steel wool not scratch the veneer?
  2. I bought them at Audio Connection in Burlington, they have a listening room with Cornwall's set up. I have Cornwall I's so I knew I wanted the IV's
  3. Well in good news I decided to crush a walnut and rub the oil into it, it seemed to improve the look by about 75%! I will see if this holds
  4. Good to know thank you. Would you say a marker style or a wax style pen is better? Do you know of any good ones for the new walnut veneer they are using now?
  5. Thank you, so if I grab a touch up pen in Walnut and a bottle of mineral spirits I should be good to go? These 2 products? https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/minwax-blend-fil-pencil-0495106p.html https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/solvable-mineral-spirits-946-ml-0491017p.html
  6. Yes I am mainly looking for something that can blend into the veneer to make it looks less noticeable. I wouldn't be trying any actual wood repairs.
  7. Whole moving my basement around to make room and a better listening position for my Cornwall IV's (only 2 weeks old) I stupidly moved a shelf without taking out the shelves and one fell and bounced and damaged the corner as seen here. I pushed/rubbed the area and it looks better than it did initially, but as you can see there is still damage. Is there anything I can do to help make this look better?
  8. Hi all, thanks for the advice. I ended up going with a Parasound Newclassic 200 integrated amp from the dealer I got my speakers from. He knocked $400 off the price to bring it down to about $1600 all in. It seems to get great reviews and checks all my boxes for features I was looking for. Perhaps one day down the line I will get into the mono blocks and separates, but for now I hope this will do!
  9. Thank you, I will have a listen with my current amps for a while as I research what is out there. I might even see if I can have my main 2 amps I listed serviced and re-capped locally.
  10. Good to know, yes I do find the lack of features on modern amps somewhat boring. I tend to run flat, but I do like to subtly adjust the eq when needed, and I like the Yamaha style variable loudness control.
  11. Thank you for the recommendations, I will have a look into those amps
  12. Thank you for the welcome and reply. I will certainly try them out with the amps I have on hand, I might even see what it costs to have them serviced and re-caped at a local hifi shop. Thank you foe the thread link I will have a read there!
  13. I am about to take the plunge and get a set of Cornwall IV's here in Canada. We recently had an MSRP increase to $9400+ tax. I found a dealer who is still giving the old price and a bit of a discount so I decided now is the time to buy. I do have experience with Cornwall's as I have a "1.5" model from 1983 I currently use. I have powered it using only vintage receivers a Kenwood KR-6600 and a Yamaha CR-800. I would like to get a modern amp to match my modern speakers. Ideally I am looking for an integrated, probably solid state in the $2000-3000 CAD price range. All the amps I have seen in reviews that state they are great with the Cornwall's are quite pricey, stuff like the Pass Labs INT-25 come up a lot, but at $7600 USD (probably $10k Canadian) this is just out of my range. I primarily listen to vinyl and some CD (Maybe 85/15 split) so having a good built in phono pre amp is a good feature I'd like to look at. I am no opposed to separates, but I would love to know if there is a good powerful clean sounding all in 1 with a phono preamp in it for around $2-3K Canadian? I can maybe stretch it a bit further if need be.
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