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  1. Audio Flynn

    Tube Preamp Opinion with Khorns Please

    For phono stage perhaps. In my limited experience I never met a SS phono stage I was crazy about.
  2. Audio Flynn

    Klipsch Chorus II's and KG4's for sale

    I gladly paid $800 for my Chorus IIs in black nearly 20 years ago. They remain in storage looking for their own room in late 2019.
  3. Audio Flynn

    Tube Preamp Opinion with Khorns Please

    I sold my ARC SP14 last year. It was ok but as a hybrid with a 6DJ8 as I recall it was amazingly quiet but a little cold. Bought a top of the line Furman with the proceeds. Conrad Johnson PV is quiet and just a little warm. Much better soundstage ,attack and decay. I am just a 12AX7 guy. Maybe someday I find a HH Scott preamp for s reasonable price. Recent prices are a bit over the top.
  4. Audio Flynn

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    Awesome with electricity the last 8 days and no ice storms. Mild winds...lows in the balmy minus 5 at the worst. The mosquitos are all dead.
  5. Audio Flynn

    Power Pop

    When you only see the sun two days a month in Michigan 6 months out of the year you have to listen to perky music. Elvis Costello Romantic s B 52 s Dick Dale Rockpile Brian Setzer Can be a broad genre. But what about new power pop go invigorate a cold dark night with your best friend of 36 years ? Going out on a limb.... KEITH URBAN. The Fighter with Carrie Underwood. What is your idea on 201X power pop?
  6. Audio Flynn

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    The Pioneer is interesting. NAD or Marantz PM5005 would be interesting. I have not owned z Marantz since the 1980s.
  7. Very fair price and terms. Moving Belles is a major undertaking.
  8. Audio Flynn

    Prayers for west Michigan

    40 homes left! Electric monopoly is going to take some criticism. The easement that was affecting our lost power was completely overgrown with 80 foot trees. Should have been thinned out sometime in the past 30 years.
  9. Audio Flynn

    Prayers for west Michigan

    Power back on late last night. A long five days. Next storm starts in 4 hours! Yee Haa.
  10. Audio Flynn

    Prayers for west Michigan

    Repair crews coming from 5 states. May have power Monday night. The cold is nasty but we do not have hills and mountains like Tennessee. Some swamps are tough to repair the power lines. Thanks to all. Rick
  11. Audio Flynn

    Prayers for west Michigan

    It is complicated and took us two days to optimize. We are having fun with it as best we can. Carefully charged Chrome Book and tablets with Verizon 4G.
  12. Audio Flynn

    Prayers for west Michigan

    Consumers Power outages I am prepped but off electric since Wednesday morning 3:00 AM , like the album title. Not much news coverage. In the last two weeks we went from super cold to snow to thaw to flooding to two ice storms to 45 mph winds today. We will not have electric until Monday night. Cast iron wood stove in the living room is exceptional. WION Ionia Michigan has a great diverse set list by battery powered tiny boom box. Keep the less fortunate of the tens of thousands in your prayers. Regards to PWK nation; Rick
  13. Audio Flynn

    Spartan Game Changers

    And in his first NBA finals Kareem was out injured and Magic played center as I recall.
  14. Audio Flynn

    Spartan Game Changers

    Magic and the other legacy players are tight to the school more than most universities. Adrenaline and confidence and teaching moments. Go Green!
  15. Audio Flynn

    MQA (round two)

    Schu You disparage yourself by getting snarky with aarto. Just short of 20 years of quality contributions here. Personally I would never mess with a bass player from Chicago. Kingston Mines rocks!