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  1. Although I am only using the COAX and OPT inputs of my Topping D70, it is the best DAC of 7 I have owned in the past 18 years. Vocal Harmonies, acoustic guitar, snare, ride cymbal, Piano attack, massed strings / brass from orchestra. All my toughest challenges to PCM 16 / 44 digital seem to be no issue for this DAC. I interviewed for a position with Asahi Kasai AKM microdevices in recent months and was impressed by the company. I wanted to make sure I had the best in AK chips in the new DAC. The implementation of the two AK4497 chips was beyond my expectations. For $ 550 USD with BT ten years ago you could not gfet these functions and would have had to spend at least 4 times this much on a DAC of comparable performance. On the down side owners manual is too small and does not address BT pairing. I have not tried USB yet. Having too much fun playing all my CDs again. For example Simon and garfunkle early LP glockenspiel or similar instrument sounded more cohesive in the soundstage instead of just background filler.
  2. Have you found instructions or used BT mode? I cannot recall if BT is offered on the DX7.
  3. Audio Science review made a big impression on my wife and I. After 37 years of putting up with me and my passions I let her make the final choice. In her early years she played flute, bassoon, organ and a bit of piano. After playing 40 or so CDs through the Topping D70 it is amazingly better than my perhaps in need of repair MSB LinkIII with monolithic power supply of the Channel Islands. No jitter fatigue at all. Easy to locate vocals and instruments in space. Paul Simon, EC, Stills and NY Martin guitars sound spot on. Snare and ride cymbal sound realistic but not edgy. Piano note attack is close to well mastered analog. Best 500 USD I have spent on audio since my dearly departed H H Scott LK48 17 years ago. The Chi Fi D70 is an option to be considered for OPT and COAX PCM. I have yet to try BT, USB or DSD performance. BT pairing instructions are not clear.
  4. Amir and the site are quite the read. Topping D70 was ordered by my wife. Keep everyone posted.
  5. The power supply on my Channel Islands seems to have died. It was about 11 years old. Using my old MSB Link III with Monlithic power supply with non functioning sampling board. It is 16 years old. Both have Burr Brown chips. For a job interview I studied AKM DAC chips. Certainly a Mytek or Benchmark would be great but pricey due to my forced early retirement after 25 years. Still looking for a job at 59. My wonderful bride of 37 years said I can spend 500 USD or so on new DAC. The Chi Fi phenomena has passionate folks on both sides pro and con. The Topping D70 seems to have good AKM components. What others should I consider?
  6. As you can see by my signature I am a tube guy. AARTO one of the respected members if this forum has had excellent comments about the Masters Series from NAD. Should do well for low maintenance in an office. FORTE 3 if you have the room. Best book shelf on lead filled stands with a sealed sub ic room location is an issue.
  7. Being fortunate to be a VRD owner for many years the only brand that would get me crazy if I had cash to burn would be Luxman.
  8. Post script......the Chorus IIs are waiting in storage for a man cave concept in late 2020 or 2021. Since my phono and digital are performing exceptional it seems time to consider Belles upgrades but I am only capable of rough carpentry not cabinet modifications. Kind of a chicken in that regard.
  9. Wow Almas Hi Fi perhaps in Dearborn? That is where I got my used Chorus IIs in 2000 I think. Since downsizing to the farm I have stayed with the Belles. I do have a very long wall in the living room I never had before. I have avoided upgrade its for over s decade since my Dean network upgrades. I would like to try tweeter and mid horn upgrades to the Belles. I wonder what a Chorus II would sound like with a CW 4 mid horn? Great posts everyone!
  10. How can you contact him? I would like to "rehorn" my Belles in 202o mid year.
  11. Olympia was interesting. I saw Jethro Tull there just months before it was torn down. Ian was awesome. Barrimore Barlow and Martin Barre were equally as good. Being a west Michigan guy now Meijer Garden is fairly priced.
  12. Supply and demand shows these prices can hold up. I will not buy them. For $600 I can buy lots of LPs, great dinner out and an awesome bottle of wine. My wife would prefer a weekend away or some new Amish Mission style furniture.
  13. Yikes! Downsizing is tough. My Chorus IIs have been in storage since 2012. I prefer the simplicity of tube separates or integrated. Tube receivers are complex and not many techs enjoy working on them. Although I have never owned RF7s, I never disliked listening to them. Cornwall and KLF 30 and oddly K Horns were the only poor sounding Klipsch demos I have heard in 40 years. The RB75 I always considered with my 12 inch sealed sub. From a historical standpoint PWK being involved in the design of the Chorus II would lean me in that direction. Scott has my favorite phono section of any vintage tube amp, although k have never heard a pilot. Fisher being a distant second place. No wrong decision here as long as you get the crossovers rebuilt. Good luck. Rick
  14. That was Fifteen plus years ago. Doing great now.
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