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  1. Audio Flynn

    New in my Life Raising Chickens

    https://adorstore.com/ Put this made in the USA large door on my coop for the geese and ducks 5 days ago and I am very impressed.
  2. Audio Flynn

    Matching Heresy II's with a tube amp

    The 25 model looks OK but lacks the bias meter the 40 model has. The auto bias function can be many different things. I prefer the simplicity of manual bias.
  3. Audio Flynn

    Arena concerts?

    Clapton, Doobies, Rondsdtat, Still and Young, Crosby and Nash, rocking James Taylor. I forget allot. Just remembering the first time I saw B B King was at Pine Knob when I was too young to appreciate the privilege!
  4. Audio Flynn

    Volcanic action in Hawaii.

    Guatemala detonation with no notice from the science community and the lava still flows. Ring of fire staying busy. Pathetic media coverage.
  5. Audio Flynn

    Arena concerts?

    Glad I did not drive 2.5 hours each way and get a hotel to see Hall and Oates. Better to buy fine wine and cheese and watch reruns of Darryl Halls House! Diz you need to drive out and check out 30 Monroe in Grand Rapids Michigan.
  6. 8088 sweet the simple days when analog world still dominated.
  7. Audio Flynn

    ALK universal crossover

    You believe everything you read?😎
  8. Audio Flynn

    ALK universal crossover

    What year are you using? Older networks and caps in particular I would not perceive an advantage to return to.
  9. Audio Flynn

    Klipschorn listening distance

    Hunter is a quiet confident engineer. I infer PWK really liked him.
  10. Audio Flynn

    Listened to Forte III's. Wow but got me thinking.

    Thinking longer I would go K Horns since there are theoretically more available. Must do 3\4 inch birch plymood false walls of course.
  11. Audio Flynn

    Arena concerts?

    Pine Knob always sounded better than any Detroit arena. Worst concert sound with the best performance was Tull 1980 (?) at The Olympia in Detroit before they demolished it.
  12. Audio Flynn

    Listened to Forte III's. Wow but got me thinking.

    I really appreciate the Chorus II. I will never part with them. After Dean replaced the network components they were so good I was disappointed in the stock design. The grill was better build quality than the networks. If I could find both k Horns and LS II close to home I would probably sell off the Belle's and go with LS II just for simplicity of room placement.
  13. Audio Flynn

    Greatest Albums of All Time

    Rock, well written songs, harmonies and a Joni Mitchell cover.
  14. Audio Flynn

    Greatest Albums of All Time

    http://www.insound.com/mozart-schubert-brahms-j-strauss-wagner-r-strauss-1951-1960.html Great buy on Warner CD. Not DG but got this 2 months ago and am very impressed.
  15. Audio Flynn

    Volcanic action in Hawaii.

    It seems Krakatoa was documented well. Sleeping Lady outside of Mexico City not so much or the Spaniards trampled the history in their quest for mineral wealth. I saw a small detonation of Popo in Mexico and it was a humbling experience. Volcanoes are not to be trifled with. Hopefully this Hawaii situation calms down.