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  1. Audio Flynn

    Turntable Advice

    If I only worked 40 hour weeks I would rebuild the Empire with new arm board and Cuuent technology tone arm. VPI Graham or Regs.
  2. Audio Flynn

    Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2019 nominees

    Rungren was great in hits of his own and some producing like Grand Funk. Stevie for sure. Still disgusted J Giels Band is not in. Not enough LP sales but a 3 hour live show that most hall of fame recipients could not keep up with.
  3. Audio Flynn

    SkyStream frustration

    My wife brought it and it works good up to the point I try media center. Works 25 percent of the time to get s movie. Anyone know a good forum for help on this unit?
  4. Audio Flynn

    Belle: an unrequited love...

    You only gave them a week? Did you post a picture of the new configuration? I would have part of left Belle covering the brick and toed in. Have other speaker covering the structure to the right and toed in. You seem to be taking lightly the results of capacitor changes.
  5. Audio Flynn

    Desktop near-field listening with flea power tube amps

    To fiance VRDs when I was paying allot of college tuition for wife and daughter.
  6. I paid retail for mine the first month they came out. Still have them for a mini road system. Lead filled spiked stands!
  7. Audio Flynn

    Desktop near-field listening with flea power tube amps

    I work out of the home and could do the flea powered office system. Another regret of selling my H H Scott LK48.
  8. Audio Flynn

    Belle: an unrequited love...

    Do I really need new crossovers? Or drivers? Or horns? I love “all original”, and these are all original. 1982. AA crossovers. ..................................... Yes you need new crossover components. I listened to my belles for 1.5 years and then changed the crossovers 10 years ago. Serious improvement! Agree with FRZ comment about spacing and toeing in.
  9. Audio Flynn

    Keepers of the Sound Video Series

    My daughter is a drummer and a huge fan of Butch Walker. Nice video not to short and not too long. Good marketing to get to the younger folks! I sent her the link and posted to FB.
  10. Audio Flynn

    Jupiter AA circuits... SOLD

    Late winter is my upgrade time or I would jump on these. Too many fall financial commitments.
  11. Audio Flynn

    Which Tubes do you run in VRD's & why ?

    If I ever get a H H Scott 130 or LC 21 preamp I will use the tone controls. 🙂
  12. Audio Flynn


    Very cool. Hard to find a better tube amp at that price. I would not sell my H H Scott for $ 700. LOL
  13. Audio Flynn

    Which Tubes do you run in VRD's & why ?

    The Penta Labs KT88SC works fine for me. Never felt the need to change the small tubes. Craig did some upgrades to my CJ preamp that were all positive.
  14. Audio Flynn

    Full Circle, VRD in the house again

    Good information here! Thanks. Allo seems like an interesting company. after going DAC mad for many years I settled on the MSB Link III with Channel Islands modded. In the recent year I came up with the Channel Islands DAC. Both are very low jitter fatigue to me. I do use the AQ Dragonfly with a PC for Spotify. Found the laptop sounds better running off the battery rather than plugged in. Small radio station 2 miles down the road seems to use the AC cord as an antenna or something. With Digital everything makes a difference. I was going to upgrade the OP Amps in my Link III but may just spend some money on an Allo solution. Odd that Allo does not use metal cases for shielding..... Been thinking about ROON for a few years. Most informative thread for my interest in some time. https://www.monoandstereo.com/2014/08/sparkos-labs-discrete-op-amps-review.html
  15. Audio Flynn

    New in my Life Raising Chickens

    https://adorstore.com/ Put this made in the USA large door on my coop for the geese and ducks 5 days ago and I am very impressed.