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  1. Garyrc had an excellent historical focus. It was awesome!
  2. 1977 or so. Buying a pair of Heresy HIP for an acoustic band I was doing sound for. Demo as some pro audio store in Ann Arbor Michigan. Klipsch MCM Crown amps TASCAM mixer Open reel deck of some sort. 1812 Overture I was not much into classical music at 17 but I was floored. Klipsch sound to me is like sitting with your legs dangling over the lip of the orchestra pit. Dome tweeter speakers are like sitting in the last row of the balcony.
  3. I do not get concerned about the DAC in an AVR, it is all the other ICs, EMI and RFI running around. Jitter abounds!
  4. A buyer beware for Tidal. After 1.5 years with Tidal I got a message from Blu OS on Android phone I needed to update my billing information on January 7 2022 for Tidal. I did the process as requested and am now being billed twice a month. Tidal has NO PHONE NUMBER. For two weeks all I get is an automated reply to my e mail and no resolution. Filed a dispute with AMEX today. NAD M32 and Blu OS seem like a good synergy to my ears. No CDs or LP clutter in the living room pleases my wife of 39 years. I knew the ownership of Tidal was questionable folks but the phone number thing is extremely unprofessional.
  5. Baylor seems to have earned the number 4 ranking. MSU could not match up in the second half.
  6. Fair price. Tough location for pick up. LOL Great country of course. Listing the tubes may help sell. Good luck. Rick
  7. Poor performance on assists, FT shooting percent and of course turnovers. Rebounding OK. Bingham had a good game in only about 20 minutes I recall.
  8. I got stitches in the head in a forestry accident on Sunday. Need to get extra sleep since the black out. Did Christie play OK?
  9. I use lead filled Sanus stands with my RB-5 in the garage. I used them years ago before the Chorus II and the Belle as my mains with a 12 inch sealed front firing sub. Spend a little money on stands. Not the tippy wooden ones. I replaced the bi wire plates with speaker wire. I am a plastics engineer. The grill pins were not designed by me. A few different design tweaks would have made them more robust. ****** them up if you find a pair!
  10. I can use the Bluetooth just fine. I bought a WIFI dongle to go in the USB port but cannot find any instructions to get it to link to the Klipsch app I installed on my tablet. I use Spotify with Bluetooth but would like to use Tidal by WIFI like I use with my NAD M32 with the Belles in my main room. The Three II is in the sun room.
  11. Agreed. I add zinc and vitamin K as well. These treatments are not experimental.
  12. Evil culls the herd at their discretion through wars and disease throughout history. 800,000 children go missing every year. Virus is more important than missing children?
  13. I will not get into the microns of virus size. The mask can increase bacteriological pneumonia. Masks are historically worn by slaves. A doctors analogy I heard three months ago. Wearing a mask to prevent a virus infection is like putting chicken wire over your bedroom window to prevent mosquitos. Virologists wear rubber suits. Pathologists at the hospital my son works at never wear a mask.
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