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  1. True Also I do not listen as loud anymore. For me digital hardware and poorly mastered software have been my roof causes of listener fatigue.
  2. With Chorus II efficiency a H H Scott LK48 PP tube integrated was amazing to me 18 years ago. Bass was shy compared to VRDs but soundstage and instrumental realism was top shelf.
  3. Audio Flynn


    NOS Valves a pretty Frsnkenscsla.
  4. I do not play it often but the soundtrack to Last of the Mohicans is interesting. Blind Boys of Alabama singing with Ben Harper. Peter Gabriel New Blood orchestra.
  5. The Crown was cool in the day. Three decades since I heard one. An upgraded Crown would be interesting to hear.
  6. Go White! My long wall room has a 4 foot halway in the back left and 10 foot open wall on the back right to the open dining room. Third house as of 2010 was the charm for minimizing reflections.
  7. I was tired. Never liked the Air Force. Like a population of musicians, really talented but too strange for my tastes.
  8. Unlikely. Digital and SS gear can be money losers. Except for the maybe RB5s my Klipsch speakers have all held their value the past 20 years.
  9. That had to be impressive. I have seen Eric And Steve separately but together? Wow
  10. Very cool story. Tough room to be certain.
  11. Intellectual property piracy, counterfeit / out of spec components and materials. What could go wrong? In 2018 I was personally involved in identifying counterfeit plastic in an automotive air bag system from China. What could go wrong?
  12. In my 20 years of recent listening to tube phono sections the Scott implementation of 12ax7 is impressive for its day. Unless you visualize analog circuits at a high level and do not mind the risk of ruining the amp....get in line at NOS Valves for a rebuild from a technician with few equals.
  13. Yikes! Some guys downplay WAF. I do so at my own peril after 36 years of an occasional poor choice. Good luck in the sale.
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