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  1. Audio Flynn

    Replica Badges for my K-Horns - score!

    Go White Neck of a game yesterday. I like this team better than last year. Even with Langford not playing.
  2. Audio Flynn

    Are You Strictly Tubes or Solid State?

    How do you stay warm? 🙂 For phono and pre I am a 12AX7 guy. VRD and KT88 guy for power. I am past the amp rolling phase of my life. If I won the lotto Ihave would try Channel Islands class D or Accuphase SS.
  3. Audio Flynn

    Replica Badges for my K-Horns - score!

    I still spend a weekend in Detroit every now and then. Keep me "posted". LOL
  4. Since I moved to the tiny house on the farm 7 years ago the Dean modded Chorus IIs have been in storage. In 2019 they will get back in play once an addition is complete. I have only heard stock RF 7. The Chorus II is a piece of history being said it was the last speaker design PWK was actively involved in. No wrong answer here. If I never found the Chorus IIs and bought RF 7 which were under consideration I probably would have sold them in the downsizing process.
  5. Audio Flynn

    What's everyone using for power conditioners?

    I plug everything into the Furman Elite 15 except TV. Live on a hill and get nasty near by lightening strikes every 2 years
  6. Audio Flynn

    Help with Integrated Amp under $1,000

    I am cursed to be affected by the jitter fatigue and edgy highs of any preamp with DACs in it. Cymbals and piano just sound horrible.
  7. Audio Flynn

    Help with Integrated Amp under $1,000

    Even though it was bass shy compared to my Scott 208 Power amp I do miss my Scott LK-48. Attack, decay, instumental realism and wide soundstage. The first time I heard The Band sing The Weight on the LK-48 with my Chorus IIs was the beginning of the end of my interest in Home Theater.
  8. Audio Flynn

    Woods vs. Mickelson

    Do not know anything about it but would be cool if it was a short course with nasty dog legs. I would rather see their skill on a nasty 6500 course than the orchestrated 7200 years courses. Like to see them humbled by a Donald Ross course of another built before 1950 or 1970.
  9. Audio Flynn

    Inexpensive DAC Recommendations

    I have never heard the Schiit but read countless good reviews. They get a little confusing with all permutations of models. I will buy one someday if I do not save up for a Benchmark.
  10. Audio Flynn

    considering trying a tube amp

    If you listen to mostly records HH Scott integrated phono sections are my favorite of that era. Guys that repurpose old organ amps into power amps are a good gateway tube experience.
  11. Audio Flynn

    College football 2018

    I can take the injuries but the Tight Ends are horrible. Sokol missing the corner blitz was horrific.
  12. Audio Flynn

    Inexpensive DAC Recommendations

    After years of Upgrading MSB Link II and III DACs I found a used Channel Islands Audio VDA 2 with power supply for 400 USD. Great attack, decay and non fatigueing. Jitter that makes for poor cymbals and share drum is exceptional. I do like Burr Brown chips.
  13. Audio Flynn

    Chorus ii v Heresy iii

    1 inch Baltic Birch! Awesome! Fortunately I have been able to make space to optimize placement. I heard the MCMs in 1977 I think. The band I was doing sound for was just a three piece acoustic group. Band bought Heresy Industrial. Traveled easier than MCM. Lol Memories fade from 40 years ago but not the 1812 Overture demo on the MCMs.
  14. Audio Flynn

    Chorus ii v Heresy iii

    No contest. That is why you rarely see Chorus IIs for sale. I bought mine 4 years before the Belles. They are in storage for my future man cave. Belles in the Living Room. Great bass and mid horn at ear level in my seating positions in the past. Very poor quality crossover components that can easily be remedied.
  15. Audio Flynn

    College football 2018

    Mark D should have started Rocky against Michigan. Lewerke shoulder was a bad decision. Watched the M game from my hotel in Tokyo live. 13 hour difference was tiring. Good to be back at the farm!