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  1. Did you change the stainless steel "button" feet?
  2. In the past several months I came to the conclusion that the Chorus II is an orphaned design. Mine traveled a bit doing wedding DJ for kids short on funds. Grading the design aspects.... Grill...A Box...A Drivers...B+ Passive radiator protection....D Riser integrity....D+ Feet....E Network....B- .... comparatively speaking my Type AA in my Belles is a robust design, Chorus II is smallish and fragile, definitely not creating customer confidence. They are black and definitely do not look nice compared to the walnut oil Belles. I have a furniture restorer lined up to reveneer in either maple, cherry or bubinga. We will add more structure to the riser and better feet. Maybe a small amount of internal bracing and a protective cover for the passive radiator. Design contradictions are strange. A great grill but weak riser and feet. Good network design but fragile circuit board instead of point to point wired. I infer somewhere in the design and prototype process there was a more expensive to manufacturer and robust design iteration. Just a retired MSME pontificating....😎
  3. Questions and clarifications I bought my first Klipsch Heresy Industrial Ported in 1977 as I recall and have not sold any speakers or components in over ten years. You may be thinking Audio Flynn is an odd moniker to assign to ones self. Dancing ladies nicknamed me and made me a tee shirt when I was doing sound for Detroit rock bands from 1976-1983. Still a goofy name but it is what I picked in 2000 when I joined the forum. What equipment and speakers are people interested in? Include shipping in price or separate? Preferred carriers? UPS, FedEx or other Popular methods of payment? Embellish on what I liked and did not like about the component? My idea is the 6-8 components i respected well I am not going to use anymore I will test for 4-6 weeks before offering for sale. Thanks for reading. Rick
  4. Logically, cable reviews of any kind prove bias at least. Of course there is wining and dining by manufacturers like there used to be in the pharmaceutical and auto industries. I am in recent weeks going through 30 years of cables. Six DACs over 20 years with Blue Jean and two quality levels of Audioquest without hearing any difference. I purposely use pretty basic speaker cable. Home Depot, Parts Express and Mogami. I may have tricked myself into thinking Mogami was better than Home Depot with Belles. If a reviewer gets too animated about cables, I find that disingenuous and his or her other reviews suspect.
  5. I have owned this amp for over 15 years using it with RB-5 and Chorus II. After many farm projects and new recreation room/ listening room completed in December 2023 I finally have time to listen to components and make certain they are running well. The LK85 has powered the Chorus II the past six weeks until I had my VRD ready. 63 wpc into 8 ohms Designed and built in Scotland Includes power cord Includes unique speaker connectors which I infer most eBay sales do not include. Pedestrian black stucco like finish. http://www.audioreview.com/product/amplification/amplifiers/linn/lk-85.html $385.00 delivered to Continental USA I have been packaging and shipping audio equipment for over 25 years with no issues. Pictures to follow.
  6. I was going to Deoxit and check all the fuses before turning on. It is a beast.
  7. I have the CI DAC. Good two box performance.
  8. I am not much of an SS guy the past twenty years. At an AK show in Detroit I picked up this receiver I could never afford in the seventies thinking that my adult son who repairs computers would be interested in audio gear. Unfortunately, he is that sound bar and subwoofer generation. I have never turned it on and expect it is inoperable. Should I sell as parts only? The wood case is exceptional for the age. Can I find a technician knowledgeable about the SX-828? What would you do?
  9. Class D is a deep rabbit hole. NAD M32 with my Belles is not my VRD with CJ PV 12B, but it is uncomplicated software wise.
  10. Woofers and Teeters is temporarily in forum incarceration. He can respond to private messages.
  11. The Duke was always an enjoyable read. If I ever find an old Crown....
  12. For me deciding on Chorus II and Belles as my speakers over 20 years ago was easy. DACs, power filter, phono cartridges and amplification are a more challenging investigation. I spent a weekend listening to RF-7 at the Audio Karma show in Detroit 20 years ago. Analogy...... a different flavor of ice cream from a great dairy.
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