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  1. Agreed. I add zinc and vitamin K as well. These treatments are not experimental.
  2. Evil culls the herd at their discretion through wars and disease throughout history. 800,000 children go missing every year. Virus is more important than missing children?
  3. I will not get into the microns of virus size. The mask can increase bacteriological pneumonia. Masks are historically worn by slaves. A doctors analogy I heard three months ago. Wearing a mask to prevent a virus infection is like putting chicken wire over your bedroom window to prevent mosquitos. Virologists wear rubber suits. Pathologists at the hospital my son works at never wear a mask.
  4. Correct A great Operation Mockingbird project to make people afraid. Fear is the mind killer.
  5. The nightmare is due to Operation Mockingbird making you fearful your entire life.
  6. EXACTLY May void your life insurance taking an experimental treatment. Big Pharma have immunity from prosecution. mRNA technology used for the first time that we know of. Why do we not have homeless people stacked up like cord wood? The virus is not that lethal for those under 70 years with a well cared for immune system. If you eat poorly you are certainly at risk for all sorts of ailments. My analogy.....do you answer a number you do not know on your cell phone? mRNA is sending a message from someone you do not know. My mother in laws best friend was cancer free in 12-2020 and had been cancer free for 5 years. Got the two jabs in February. Died last week from cancer in her entire body. Coincidence? Maybe. HCQ, Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin K2 will cure a healthy person.
  7. Since I have built dozens of tower case computers it does not bother me to do the work. What is bothersome is the reviews I have read including Stereophile do not mention any struggle with the firmware and software upgrades. If you could not run ethernet cable in your home and expected WIFI to be plug and play after buying a $ 3000-5000 amplifier streamer you would be pretty upset with a significant obstacle. The M32 works exceptionally well now but I cannot ever see using WIFI for it. Seems like many of the audio manufacturers are stumbling over each other to introduce these designs. The new McIntosh to me is ridiculous. 10 analog inputs? Whatever would a listener need 10 analog inputs for ? Betamax, VHS, Video disc, Cassette, R to R, Phono, Outboard DAC and I am still not to 10. https://www.mcintoshlabs.com/products/integrated-amplifiers/MA12000
  8. I knew there would be a couple of obstacles with firmware updates. M32 in my mind needed to be updated first by USB drive file. Once downloaded on a Windows 10 PC and copied to a very stylish and steel USB supplied by NAD, the USB was easily read with a "cold boot" of the M32. From an audio quality standpoint the M32 should always be in standby mode when not playing. BLU OS 2i card is updated in a separate and completely different set of instructions. I wrote NAD a service ticket. Trying to update the card by WiFi was fruitless. I started programming in HS in 1977 and keep current. NAD seems to be indifferent to the Wi-Fi problems but it is 2020 and tech service was only available by e mail.I ran through the basement 90 feet of Ethernet cable which was about a 2 hour project based upon a recommendation form Arto. Once hardwired all software updated quickly. I am using the BLU OS application on an Android tablet primarily but it runs fine on I Phone or Android phone. Tune In for internet radio within the BLU OS is quite easy to search and use. I see the M32, in order, integrated amplifier, computer, DAC and Streamer. The BLU OS card was a must for me. This is the Belle living room system I want my wife to find easy to use. We both like Tidal at age 60 for me to find recordings I have never heard or rarely heard. I cannot own everything in music software. Impressive technology and lifestyle improvement. More to come next week.
  9. I will post an initial review mid next week after 10 weeks of listening. First amp change in 14 years. Plug and play with hardwired Ethernet connection. MM phono section can be digitally outputted for archiving out of print records from 1950s and 1960s. Inference is the M32 was engineered with Tidal and MQA in mind. Previously, I was not interested in MQA. In 45 years of audio I have never owned an amp that ran this cool. BLU OS application from my android tablet runs well. https://www.stereophile.com/content/nad-masters-series-m32-directdigital-da-integrated-amplifier
  10. I kind of went off the rails into the realm of all things digital. My thought is to put a review in for my new NAD M32 integrated with BLU OS 2i card on a forum but which one?. Definitely not in Talking tubes or Solid State. Could it be time for a Digital or Digital Amplification sub forum?
  11. This could come under the title, "a cry for help". I could do this, I think.....
  12. Kittens to mittens....in my case I can make them barn cats for the duration of their existence.
  13. Good thread! My Chorus IIs come back on line in early 2021 in a new recreation room after being stored for 8 years. Dean updated the crossovers about 11 years ago. I am thinking about getting Crites tweeters but am not sure what the last mid horn upgrade should be or get a bigger crazy horn mid to sit on top. Thanks again, Rick
  14. Very cool. THis is a great thread!
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