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  1. Ooh welding could cause a warp or distortion. Just brainstorming. My nemisis is a steel bolt into aluminum. V6 Ford T Bird accessory drive bolt into aluminum cylinder head about 12 years ago. MAPP gas for heat if possible. Propane just does not get hot enough sometimes. Good luck. Rick
  2. Yikes! Heat and beat is no fun. PB Blaster in my barn. My dad liked the CRC products. Knock er loose is the current name. Never used the other one.
  3. Kenny Loggins is a very underappreciated guitar player. I saw Elvis Costello at the Heat Wave outdoor festival north of Toronto in 1981 I think. Not a great guitar player at that time but songs and stage presence were off the charts.
  4. Life is complex but simpler if you see the innumerous bell curves we experience. Bad plumbers, great plumbers. Bad car mechanic, great car mechanic. Politicians, law enforcement....all bell curves. Revoking the licenses of the bad actors seems broke in allot of situations.
  5. Still thinking double bottom between Q2 earnings reports and election day. Probably August 2020. Discretionary spending is going to publish unprecedented losses. Apologies for the cynicism.
  6. Forgot I saw Luther Allison in the 70s and 80s at a basement bar called Lizards in East Lansing countless times from very close. Duke Tomatoe frequently played in East Lansing.
  7. A few I forgot. Ron Wood and Keith Richards Ted Nugent and he nailed Jimmy covers. Steve Winwood plays organ as well as he plays guitar. Wondering how Stevie Wonder plays guitar? B B King is in a class by himself. Saw him seven times. The exceptional space between the notes.
  8. I did like Steve Hackett! Wow you saw Chet Atkins!
  9. I have wanted to make a Platt list of all the Rodand Stewart's songs Jeff Beck played on.
  10. B B King is at a level all his own. Think I saw him 7 times.
  11. I have seen quite a few of the aforementioned. A few to consider. Dave Davies Dave Mason Tuck Andress Dave Edmunds Tom Johnston Pete Townsend Joe Walsh and Don Felder Mike Campbell J. GEILS Clapton was only average when I saw him. Seen Stills countless times. Santana at Cobo Hall in Detroit for hours on end in the 70s. Neil Young countless times, Rust Never Sleeps, ill fated Long May You Run tour
  12. I have the stereo as well. Awesome but seriously heavy amp. $ 4500 seems fair.
  13. My college friends and I in the 1978 to 1983 used to make fun of USSR propaganda. Communists kicking it up in the current day!
  14. Gain of function studies and creeping around in bat caves and other remote environments as a virus hunter I find to be ethically bizarre. Playing god with DNA I infer creates catastrophic unintended consequences. Humans doing stupid stuff.
  15. You made my case for restrictions on immigration. Family size of USA born citizens is reducing. The 90 million increase in USA population came from elsewhere.
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