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  1. I'll trade you for it. I'll give you a roll of toilet paper.
  2. Hmmmm. I had a Triumph GT6+ that was an absolute blast to drive as it handled like a go cart. 87 Grand National was fun too but more so in a straight line. My current M2 is a combination of both of those so I would probably pick it.
  3. Dumbass (me) I meant March.
  4. I remember the first time I saw someone drinking bottled water. I couldn't believe that anyone would actually pay for a bottle of water.
  5. I'm talking about tax refunds. We submitted ours electronically in March, got a confirmation that they received it then nothing. There's no one you can call to check on it either.
  6. I never drink bottled water for a couple reasons. First, I have an issue paying for water when I already pay for it at home. We have an RO filter and that totally eliminates the need to purchase water. At work I use the fountain and it's not bad at all. Another large issue I have with bottled water is the enormous amount of plastic waste it produces. I don't have the exact tonnage figure to give you but I recall an article about it and it was staggering. That's the same reason I'll never own a Keurig. On a side note Richard, have you seen extended delays in getting your tax returns this year when submitted electronically?
  7. OK, I figured if I could find out how to disable my PM maybe you could do the opposite to enable yours. Do you have an envelope next to your username and icon at the top right of the page? It'll be just to the left of the icon. Click that and at the bottom of that box there should be an icon that you can click to "Go to Inbox". Once you click that you should see a list of conversations. Just below that box there is a link that says "Disable my Messenger". If I click that I'll be in the same boat as you. Yours may say "Enable my Messenger" (hopefully).
  8. When you go to your inbox, do you see a tab that says "Compose New"?
  9. Try going into your profile then look under notification settings.
  10. CECAA850


    That appears to currently be happening.
  11. Congrats! Pension? That word is foreign to me. Lol. I have a self funded 401k. Thats about it.
  12. Have you called the Klipsch parts department?
  13. The new ones are pretty small but I'd never pull the old caps apart. There's nasty stuff in there.
  14. As long as they're not directly exposed to the elements (sun, rain, snow, etc) they'll be fine.
  15. Who determines if it's coincidental or causal?
  16. Plodding along. Made it to under 2 years till I retire, that's if I go out on my terms. Still finding and grabbing the occasional hard to find bottle of bourbon. I've made a conscious effort to stop buying bottles but it's hard to break the habit. I've got about a 5 year supply at the house now, LOL. I tell my wife that it's for when I retire and my disposable income is gone. Other than that it's status quo.
  17. One American dollar! For sale items normally are priced. It'll save you the headaches of the above type offers.
  18. He registered by phone. How could he opt for something he never heard of?
  19. How ironic. From the article: "Now, the same groups are blaming patients’ coincidental medical problems on covid shots, even when it’s clear that age or underlying health conditions are to blame, Hotez said." That's the same things that some claimed was happening when deaths were attributed to the virus when people died that had underlying conditions.
  20. A while back I commented that I thought it would get bad there from a combination of poverty, density of population and questionable sanitary conditions. Im surprised it took this long to get this bad.
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