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  1. From the ludicrous to the sanctimonious. What more could you ask for?
  2. discern: to perceive or recognize; make out clearly I'd say he's right on the money.
  3. Please try to refrain from using logic in the future. It has no place in this discussion.
  4. If you were you probably would have named it Old Fart.
  5. 100% agree with this. I use them because I'm trying new gear and moving things around.
  6. How can you not believe someone who refers to his soldering with this quote? Just always remember this fellas: " The bigger the glob, the better the job ." That's money right there.
  7. The internet has a bunch. You can pick whatever sine wave frequency you want and there will be a test tone on you tube or the like.
  8. I've read good things about them also but have never used them.
  9. Don't forget a half pound blob of mil spec solder to hold it all together plebe.
  10. Don't know anything about those. I just rewired my entire garage stereo and used 30+ of the Nakamichis. I'm sold.
  11. If those are the Monoprice ones, the end seems to magically loosen on them also. See the Nakamichi ones I referenced above. You'll be a fan once you use them.
  12. Nakamichi makes some of the best that I've used. The banana end fits extremely tightly. The wire is secured with 2 set screws also. You can find vendors all over the web. (Not the plastic bodied ones) http://www.nakamichiplug.com/
  13. Makes more sense than anything else. I've heard that before. A dried driver to horn gasket will make noise too or loose driver to horn.
  14. I was actually living in upstate New York at the time.
  15. I'm jealous thebes. I was 11 at the time.
  16. Post a picture of the label. Those are Cornwalls.
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