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  1. Pre pro. HT receiver without the amplifier section. Pre amp. A 2 channel receiver without the amplifier section. Both require separate amplifiers.
  2. CECAA850

    What I Got Today!

    You found one with small fingers?
  3. Great reference! Loved that show.
  4. What's so ironic about that? I used to own Klipsch speakers, now they own me.
  5. None of that really matters.....................................
  6. I've had an Anthem D2 for over a decade. ARC room correction is incredible. The pre/pro has been absolutely flawless, never once needing a firmware update or reset. I also have a 2 channel preamp that I've had just as long and it has been equally trouble free and great sounding.
  7. Just google imaged them. The 9040 horn is much bigger than what I have so it must be the 904.
  8. Not sure. I suppose I can look at the crossover and see how it's wired if there isn't a stamp on the horn.
  9. Pretty sure you can get one for free in China too whether you want one or not.
  10. I think I get it Bruce, thanks. My confusion was due to the fact that the jumper is on the input panel and not the "crossover" itself. I'm just looking at the schematic and the crossover is at home. Thanks again.
  11. Can someone look at the schematic and tell me what's happening at the "jumper" (circled points 3 and 5). It looks as if they're paralleled but I don't understand why they call it a jumper as opposed to just wiring it normally.
  12. CECAA850


    Hi Amy! We've missed you around here. Glad that you're doing well.
  13. Oaks pull so much water out of the ground also. They don't leave much for the grass.
  14. I've experienced just the opposite (with pro amps). To me it's evident when you start to push them a bit.
  15. You might try Edwards Electronics on e-bay. I haven't personally used them but several forum members have with good luck.
  16. Kill it all and start over with sod if you don't want to use chemicals. Cover it with clear plastic and the sun will kill everything then resod.
  17. Welcome to the forum. Amps crapping out on Klipsch subs is a common issue, yes.
  18. Yes, it's fine with the stock driver. If you go aftermarket with a driver that has more excursion or a thinner gasket then you'd need a spacer.
  19. I put all my caps on a board and ran wires from the crossover to the caps. Deans way is more elegant (because that's how he rolls) but mine wasn't too difficult.
  20. I think that's what @Tarheel uses when he's allowed phone time.
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