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  1. CECAA850

    NFL 2019

    Lead the division. What are they, 7 and 7 or something?
  2. I would have beenshocked if I actually won. Good luck isn't exactly my thing.
  3. You'll need to find a pre amp with rca inputs and outputs. That's assuming that the speakers have rca inputs.
  4. I agree 100%. I'll only do top load conventional washers also for the same reasons.
  5. There's a difference when purchasing things you crave vs things you need.
  6. That's what most sane people do.
  7. Replace the power cord with a hospital grade one. It's AMAZING. Picks up more dirt, puts less dust in the air. compacts the dirt so you don't have to empty as often and uses less electricity. You can believe me because I said so.
  8. We have a Dyson for spot vacuuming and cleaning the sun room where we don't let the robot go. It's amazing. It'll trap the most minute bit of dust yet the only actual filters are on the exhaust side and they barely get dirty.
  9. It's not a Robot either. I'm currently at work and guess what's happening at my house right now? It's being vacuumed. When I get home tonight I'll dump the bin and blow the filter and housing out with compressed air. It can't get much easier than that. We also have a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. It's one of the biggest time savers I have. I don't know why anyone would lug a conventional vacuum around your house of clean our pool the old way anymore. It just doesn't make sense.
  10. Yes! Now we need a robot to clean that machine.
  11. The Lascalas we're referring to are speakers. This is the wrong forum for dishes.
  12. Yep. Probably 35s. Definitely not 5s.
  13. I have no issue arguing with him, it's fun. However he's right occasionally.
  14. You're both right. Dean is referencing the fact that the wires should make a mechanical bond that will carry current on it's own prior to your inter metallic bond occurs during the soldering process.
  15. Put the url at the top of the first page in your favorites.
  16. (1) wrong (2) wrong again (3) clean after use. It's not that hard to understand, or I guess maybe it is. Read the complaints about the company AND the vacuum cleaner in the link above. PT Barnum would certainly endorse Rainbow products. Vacuum cleaners are like speakers and electronics. There's no one absolute. Each type have their pluses and minuses.
  17. That's because i already had run the maintenance man down to find an outlet and strung the extension cord by the time you came outside.
  18. Vacuum cleaner technology has come a long way since 1988, of course if I spent 3k on a vacuum cleaner I'd tell myself it was the best thing since sliced bread too.
  19. 4 is definitely the way to go if you can. 1 in the middle of each wall for smoothest coverage or one in each corner for best extension and output. There's a harman white paper on this as well.
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