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  1. OK, start being nice. We'll see how long you can keep it up. I'm thinking 4 hours max with help.
  2. @Chad would be the one to make that happen.
  3. I can hear what it does to the room but that's about it. People that can hear (not feel) infrasonics have to be few and far between. I've never met one but not going to argue over what you can and can't hear. I can tell when infrasonics play but only by pressure and whats going on in the room.
  4. The only ice around here gets magically turned into slushies.
  5. I plan on being around a while. Doubt you could keep up the act that long.
  6. @Ceptorman don't let him talk smack. Go get your LSIs.
  7. You can't hear 18 Hz. Convince me I'm wrong.
  8. No LSIs in my will for you anymore.
  9. OK, good. I get things all the time that try to direct me to pay pal or amazon and it's not really them.
  10. Did the e-mail supply the number to call? Has he actually gone to his pay pal account and see the pending charge there?
  11. Before you replace any parts loosen and tighten all the screws on the crossover.
  12. Back to normal here. 99% RH this morning.
  13. It has 2 tape loops. I wonder if one of those could be used as an audio out.
  14. CECAA850


    Spoiler alert!!! By the end of the movie, nothing is green.
  15. You'd just end up as an indentured servant laying blocks the rest of your live at casa del Lewis.
  16. Works for me. Not sure where we'll end up this year but we're currently tossing ideas around.
  17. Only place I've ever stopped there is Naamans bbq at their new location and then the liquor store next doors.
  18. CECAA850


    We enjoyed it. Glad you liked it too.
  19. After looking at that picture, I don't know if i have the patience. LOL. OP, there should be easy to interpret diagrams that came with your speakers and your receiver. I suggest taking a look at them. If you have neither manual, they can be found online.
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