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  1. RickFL

    Happy New Year

    may all your hi-fi dreams come true in 2020
  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  3. RickFL


    Watch out(no pun intended) as the horology bug can bite hard. My habit started when my grandfather died and i inherited his 1950's gold Juvenia watch. Now it needed service and speaking with the local watchmaker i was drawn into the world of vintage watches which i started to collect back in the 70's. After a long stint in broadcasting i moved south and turned my hobby into my profession selling Patek, Rolex and other fine watches for one of the top jewelry stores in south Florida. Music and horology are passions of mine. Both my watches and music equipment are arcane technology that i love and collect.
  4. Vintage Yamaha CR-2040 is a monster receiver and offers 120w per channel. Excellent condition with unmarked face but some marks on case. Yes it works but some lamps are out so i would recommend a service. Due to massive size and weight pick up only. Located in the West Palm Beach FL area. Was $850. Price reduced to $750.
  5. RickFL


    Best wishes from Florida for a happy and healthy new year.
  6. Merry Christmas from south Florida
  7. RickFL

    Merry Christmas

    To you and yours.
  8. WTF? https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/ele/d/custom-one-of-kind-pioneer/6737506410.html
  9. My best moment was finding my first Klipsch speakers(Klipschorns) at an estate sale for $200. in mint condition.
  10. I am tempted by their beauty and rarity and location but already have a matched set of walnut oiled Klipschorns and Cornwalls. Dig the stands. No affiliation. https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/ele/d/vintage-klipsch-cornwall-1/6660020943.html
  11. RickFL

    Happy Fathers Day

    Enjoying my fathers day gift(which i picked out myself)Crites DE120 tweeters i installed last night. They sound great! Really opens up the sound. What did you get?
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