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    Klipsch Rocks!
    Denon AVR 7200WA
    Oppo 203
    Epson 5040UB
    130" Seymour AT Screen
    Klipsch KPT 904s (LCR)
    Klipsch KT SW
    Monoprice Monolith 15” Sub
    Klipsch CDT 5800 W ii sides
    Klipsch CDT 5800 C ii top front/rear
    Klipsch KG .5 rear surrounds
    Clark Synthesis Tactile Transducers (2)

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  1. I'm currently running a 7.2.4 system through a Denon 7200WA that is powering KPT-904s for my LCR. There's an opportunity to purchase a pair of Crown XLS 2000's. I would run the 904s off the two Crowns. Looking for suggestions/input/comments on this opportunity. TIA, RG T
  2. I have the 203 and love it. Beautiful machine and performance.
  3. I purchased the Klipsch enclosures for my 5800s. Fireproofing is a nice touch for the enclosures plus help sound from getting from my basement to my main floor.
  4. I am using 5800s in my set up and you won't be disappointed.
  5. I used the 5800Cs for my Atmos set up in my 7.2.4. I run KPT904s for my LCR.
  6. KG4s - Sold SW8 - traded in to get Chorus IIs Academy (2) - traded in to get Chorus IIs (dumb move on my part!) Quartets - Sold Chorus IIs - sold to get KT-THX package (really dumb move on my part!) KT-THX package - still own. For sale or I'll pass it along to our kids KSP C6 and pair of S6 surrounds - sold Quartets - still own another pair KPT - 904s - (3) LCRs in home theater 5800s - 2 in wall for surrounds 5800s - 4 in ceiling for Atmos KG .5s - rears in home theater
  7. Dolby Atmos for my car? Awesome! Would be even better to get Klipsch speakers for my cars.
  8. I have three 904's for my LCR in my home theater. Love them!
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