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  1. i agree that looked great. specifically, i was thinking about those that want grilled onions over raw onions on a burger or hot dog or sandwich. I like the taste of onions and i think there is more flavor in a raw onion.
  2. so, what’s the big fuss about grilled onions? Personally, i LOVE onions; but raw. i’ve had grilled onions; but i don’t know why some go ga-ga over them. what am i missing?
  3. supposedly it helps keep the cost down; but the downside is that we can only buy what the state purchaser does.
  4. i help people ... that’s what i do.
  5. sadly, i live in oregon ... a state controlled liquor state ... we get only what they want us to have.
  6. in case you haven’t seen the movie -- my reference occurs at about the 43 second mark.
  7. 50 and cloudy ... light rain earlier.
  8. about 11 (apologies to the monty python flying circus for ripping off that reply).
  9. I’ll soon be able to tell you another story about something crazy that i said during a job interview. After nearly five weeks, i’d given up on that job with the City. Today, i get an email asking me to come interview. Over 200 applicants and i made the top dozen or so. Hour long interviews and they’re only doing interviews for two days, so with lunch, can’t see them doing more than six or seven each day. So, i’m top five percent on paper. guess i’ll have to go buy some nice duds ... all of my business attire is packed away and there is no way that i’m going to the storage unit and digging through boxes to find a nice shirt.
  10. exactly the way i feel about yogurt and cottage cheese.
  11. i used to get the best burritos at this joint where all the employees spoke Spanish. I was able to order and was given a number (i was ordering to go). I was hoping for a number 1 -10 because i know those in Spanish; but i ended up something 147. So, the very next number that they called, i walked up and gave the lady my ticket. She looks at it and laughs, shaking her head “no.” My ex thought i was stupid; but i told her that when our order was ready they’d tell us instead of calling a number. Sure enough, when my order was ready, she just pointed at me. That worked every time. Used to get the best Birria there.
  12. i can’t go to IHOP -- I don’t speak a foreign language.
  13. 51 and clear here in the Pacific Northwest. but dang ... i miss the desert. nothing better than a hot desert night.
  14. sorry to hear the weather isn’t cooperating with your plans.
  15. The place I was getting transferred to was geographically where the admiral’s office was. It was a large place with several different command sharing the base. I just didn’t want that particular assignment; but, my life began down the road in Oakland so “going home” was of interest. Moot point anyway -- i ended up getting a promotion a few weeks later and the assignment officer in Washington DC told me to pick between Boston or Long Beach, CA. After pleading for San Francisco and then San Diego, and i kept getting the same reply “Boston or Long Beach” I figured i’d better chose while i still had a choice -- I chose Long Beach.
  16. i was tempted to buy a prepared turkey dinner from the grocery store; but never did. i don’t know if they are any good or not. I know back in SoCal, the big grocery stores (Albertsons, Ralphs) would advertise that you could order a complete turkey dinner and pick it up on Thanksgiving Day. Don’t know if they do that up here in the northern regions.
  17. who do you think i am the next food network star? I bought some eggs in those milk cartoons and poured it in a skillet that was on high. I read the label and it said serving size was 10 -- although I can’t see how that would feed 10. I threw some ham in the skillet at the same time. some of the eggs looked cooked but there was still a lot of liquid in the pan so some eggs turned brown. I was craving a breakfast burrito, so i also bought these hash brown patties and tried to cook them ... until the smoke alarm went off. I couldn’t even wrap the thing properly -- large tortilla was too full of eggs, ham, hash browns and cheese that i couldn't get a tight seal on my wrap. tried to pick it up and it came apart. oh yeah, and my non-stick miracle pan that you can burn things in and just wipe it off and nothing will stick ... it stuck to the pan. Lying commercials! And we won’t even talk about the mess! I’ve just accepted that i’m probably not a very good cook.
  18. I remember one time getting a call from the Pacific Area Commander’s aide. He says, “I heard that you’re tour complete. would you like to come here and be the Admiral’s driver?" Now, I have no idea how my name even came before the Admiral as I was currently stationed over 2000 miles away -- but somehow they knew who i was. I didn’t bother getting into the “do you know who i am?" ... I was the most unmilitary person in the outfit, if it was MASH, i’d be living in the swamp and peers with Hawkeye and Trapper. But, i just told him no that i already had orders to San Francisco and was happy with them. He said, “I’m sure the Admiral can have those changed; but only if you want.” I said thanks but no thanks. From what the E8 that i worked for told me, I made the right decision. Imagine me going to all these high-society gigs with the Admiral. Always got marked high in the performance of duty categories and marked low in Military Bearing and appearance (get a haircut, shave, introduce your uniform to an iron). For some reason, in a crisis, they suddenly liked the guy with the wrinkled shirt and playing practical jokes.
  19. asked my brother if he was going home to california for the holidays and he said no. So, unless he changes his mind, he’ll probably cook a turkey. He’s a very good cook. if he changes his mind and travels ... i’ll go to whatever fast food place is open or go to my standby -- frozen burrito and can of chili. Or I’ll go to WillyBob’s ... that menu looks good.
  20. you really know how to compliment a woman about her cooking don’t you? Lucky she didn’t throw the pan at you! i attempted to make scrambled eggs last night for dinner. It was a world-class disaster. I have no idea how i can screw up scrambled eggs. whatever it was that came out of the pan, i too, tossed it into a tortilla and poured ketchup and hot sauce all over it. wonder if that’s why i woke up feeling like i’m just coming out of anesthesia.
  21. i had a co-worker say that he could clear out my closet and open a 70s clothing store.
  22. i did the same with my phone ... british female voice giving me instruction/information.
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