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  1. yeah, but he could go on that new television show about the doctors that treat people with weird feet issues. I mean, if I'm going to be embarrassed on television, I should be compensated -- fame alone doesn't pay the bills.
  2. My children are able to distinguish between advice and a joke.
  3. Most Vegas Blackjack tables still paying 3:2 though.
  4. BigStewMan

    Carona Virus

    There was some heated discussion in a thread a few years ago regarding the Ebola virus.
  5. are you open to any vehicle?
  6. BigStewMan

    Carona Virus

    You all are so naive ...
  7. jack up the battery and put a new truck under it.
  8. was going to go to Panda Express for lunch ... better rethink that now. 😀
  9. BigStewMan


    that is pretty drastic ... mine isn't that bad. Besides, I'm old-fashioned ... My generation worked hard, ate fatty foods, and died of a heart attack in their 50s -- and liked it.
  10. BigStewMan


    I have Asthma and it's no joke -- highly offensive post. not really. I do have asthma and it is no joke, but I'm not offended so go ahead and joke, I won't be offended ... or vegan. I tried to be vegan once but they wouldn't take me because I wouldn't go to any of the meetings. I also have sleep apnea (for reals), but refuse to use a cpap machine -- tried and couldn't tolerate it. At the sleep study, the doc said that I slept for 45 minutes the entire night that I wore that contraption. I'm totally okay with dying in my sleep ... just like my grandfather, not like the screaming passengers that were riding in the car with him.
  11. if I wasn't mostly Portuguese (well, Azorean if we want to be snobbish) and then American, I'd want to be Canadian (or British as long as I wouldn't have to bow to the queen -- nothing against her, she's fine gal, just that I'm not all that proper).
  12. just a rumor ... never trust the internet.
  13. Alex Trebrek;'s favorite stooge is Shemp -- and he has a tv show ... so there!
  14. BigStewMan

    What I Got Today!

    none are obsessed as I am -- one grandson is though.
  15. Thought I'd class this place up a bit. My favorite Stooge.
  16. what I coincidence -- you're the only other forum member that I know of that listens to them. I really like them. I love Ghost Moon Orchestra. Both of the female singers they have had have beautiful haunting voices.
  17. I can imagine that was very loud ... and that's the way to listen to good music.
  18. not spinning anything tonight ... battle an Asthma flare-up and it had just sucked all motivation out of me. If you've not heard Mostly Autumn give them a whirl ... they're the newest of the ones that I listed and some of their stuff is very good,.
  19. BigStewMan

    What I Got Today!

    I was living in Los Angeles at the time -- atmospheric conditions there can be simply brutal. One time, I forgot my sunglasses and the drive home was torture.
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