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  1. haven't seen these cats on the forum; but I've known them for a LONG time.
  2. nice chatting with you gentlemen ... time to go play some guitar before it gets too late. Peace.
  3. I've already passed age 60 so some think of me as old and some don't think of me at all.
  4. I think it happens to all of us. I was talking to a guy on the phone and he was telling me about a scheduled event. I asked him what day the event was. He said he'd have to check his calendar and for me to hold on .... I hear him getting agitated and then he says, "I can't find my cell phone, I must have left it at work." I calmly asked, "Is it the phone that you're talking on now?" he was so upset, he considered making a doctor's appointment.
  5. Don't feel bad .. a few years ago, I was leaving work. Got in my truck and headed out. When I got to the far end of the parking lot, I saw a truck identical to mine. I panicked and said to myself, "I don't remember parking all the way out here, who moved my truck?" then I realized that I was driving my truck at the time. oh well ...
  6. would you believe that I still wear clogs and black & white striped bell bottoms and pork pie hats?
  7. I did the research and offer the following: How do I become a wordsmith? Become a Wordsmith 1. Use a simple word rather than a fussy word or a word cluster. Example: "She will assist you presently" or "He is not available at this time." 2. Be thoughtful in your use of adverbs and adjectives. Is the word repeating something that is already evident? 3. Little qualifiers weaken a sentence.
  8. I heard someone say that when they were 18 they were shocked at how dumb his parents were, and when he was 25 he was amazed at how much they'd learned in such a short time.
  9. Bruce ... does your bride miss the Philippines? Any plan on returning there? My buddy, whose story is similar to yours, has already bought a house there and they plan to split their time between USA and there. He retires in about five years.
  10. believe it or not, I do not own any genesis music. I can't even name a single song of theirs.
  11. yeah, I passed the course and didn't get any points on my driving record.
  12. smart household you have there. actually, I'm not a fan of crunchy most of the time. I can handle crunchy if I'm eating chips or something; but mostly I'm not a fan of the crunch. Lady I worked with loved crunchy French fries ... I hate them. Soft & wimpy fries dipped in ketchup and horseradish mixture -- love it. I rarely eat peanut butter; but I prefer creamy. Maybe that's why I'm so SMOOTHE.
  13. I sometimes get comments on my attire, which I admit some of the items still think it's 1970; but I spent eight hours in traffic school sitting next to this cute gal that looked to be about 20 or so. At the end of the day, we're waiting for the course completion certificates and she says to me, "I like your style ... most men your age, oh, I meant most men older than me ..." I laughed and told her that she's already called me old.
  14. sounds like a life-changing trip ... everyone needs hope.
  15. yeah, I do the same. my jar or not ... joking, it's only my jar.
  16. what I find even worse is that so many people view that and other horrible topics as "entertainment." Why would a person want to till their mind with such horrible stuff? odd way to spend one's leisure time.
  17. that is a nice looking pad ... too bad it is in Portland. 161 more days and I can shake the dust of this place off my shoes forever.
  18. don't tell me you're a double dipper.
  19. Nice to meet you Jesus.
  20. yeah; but why would you want to? isn't the man losing his career and his reputation and all of that affecting his wife and children enough ... has he not suffered until he feels scorn on a public forum? I take no joy in the downfall of any person. They may be the vilest of people; but it is still a shame and I find no joy in celebrating that.
  21. but why not form the wall downfield and let your return guy run an extra 10 or 20 yards before encountering those trying to stop him? I suspect teams would regularly have better field position than letting their return guy get nailed at the 10 yard line. Seems to me that the return team is surrendering ground needlessly.
  22. Given the option, I'll take bread (although I honestly can't recall the last time I ate a piece of bread ... been close to two years I'll bet -- flour tortillas replaced bread, any food you can wrap in a tortilla is a good meal). not a cracker guy either. Yeah, I'm kinda boring.
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