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  1. Not easy for a clumsy guy like me to pour ... I've tried and frankly, enjoyed the MANY mistakes I made when learning how to pour this.
  2. maybe there are other names; but the places I've been call them black & tan. What is a traditional Black and Tan beer? A so-called “Black and Tan” is just a combination of Guinness and Bass Ale (though you can use other pale ales or lagers, Bass is traditional). The beers aren't just thrown together, they're layered, with the ale going in first, and quickly—creating a sturdy head on this beer will help you with the layering.
  3. makes me think ... I haven't had a black & tan in a couple of years.
  4. as long as it isn't citrusy. I'm so disappointed when I try a new beer and find out it has that fruity taste, which for some reason seems to be popular.
  5. haven't been to a costume party since 2001.
  6. ok, you win. I give up. Pardon my previous comment -- my reaction is a good indication that I shouldn't be here anyway.
  7. Never had kangaroo. Alligator, Frog legs, quail, buffalo, rattlesnake, deer, elk, ostrich, dove, rabbit ... who knows what else. My brother and I used to get together for Exotic Meat Day. But, you won't catch me eating no Taco Bell.
  8. I did a stint in scouts. we were in the "UN" patrol because the scoutmaster said we were Unhelpful, unfriendly, unkind, etc.... Not sure we had a camping trip that lasted more than one night ... some didn't even last that long before the scoutmaster called it quits. Let's see ... we wanted a party with the fundraiser money, so the scoutmaster bought cooking gear for the troop. First campout, one of the guys puts all the cooking gear into a rowboat, rows out to the middle of the lake and throws it all overboard. One time our troop was disqualified from a big jamboree for using a lighter during the fire building competition. we went on a 50 mile hike in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and four of us took off and left the scoutmaster and the other guys behind. Our Boy Scout careers didn't last long.
  9. never heard of that stuff Randy.
  10. you and I think alike. I've had my share of encounters with rattlers ... mostly Mojave Greens. I've eaten rattlesnake too.
  11. definitely no college football. The Olympic Trials semi-finals for the Team USA Curling Mixed Doubles was on tv today. The best semi-final is tomorrow morning. Go Jamie Sinclair (and whoever that guy is that is your teammate).
  12. college football? The Olympic Trials semi-finals for the Team USA Curling Mixed Doubles was on tv today. The best semi-final is tomorrow morning. Go Jamie Sinclair (and whoever that guy is that is your teammate).
  13. not much gets past me Dave. Well, my ex-wife would disagree ... I came home one evening and she asked if I liked the couch where it was. I said it was fine. She asked if I liked the tv where it was. I said it was fine. Then I asked why she was asking me. She then said sarcastically, "when you left this morning, the couch was over there and the chair was over there and the tv was over there ...." she had spent the day rearranging furniture and I didn't even notice. Guys if you want to stay married ... take notice of your bride's efforts. Not saying that led to the divorce, could have been the time I broke her cedar chest because I jumped on it and was running in place because I wanted the football player on tv to run faster. Or the time, when she was ready to give birth to our first child, and I got rid of our truck and bought a two seater sports car. Hmmm, where is the car seat gonna go?
  14. in your state, next spring; but still six or seven hour drive from your area. don't set yourself up for disappointment. but why did you create this persona with very real pains? life is kicking the crap out of me -- and it hurts. oh yeah, unlike the infamous Sylvester penned, I treat my guitars very well.
  15. I don't view Los Angeles as any more dangerous than most places that I've lived. Over 50 years in the greater Los Angeles area ... twice my car was broken into (the only thing stolen was a machete and yes, I had to explain to the cops why I had a machete and a sawed off baseball bat behind the seat of my car. I told him "I'm from Oakland." He said he understood; but stuff like that make cops nervous). Only one encounter with a group of lawless individuals too and even that was decades ago. I've found it easy to mind my own business. I know where the trouble generally is and stay away from those area. Plus I have a good sense of when any situation is going in the wrong direction so I've been able to leave safely before anything gets too wild. there aren't shootouts on every corner like some think. you just have to be aware, be observant, and don't look at anyone too long. If you can mind your own business, chances are you're going to be fine. I admit, I have made a wrong turn and ended up in an area that I knew were dangerous; but sticking to the main streets is advisable for a person unfamiliar with the area.
  16. Take her to Hawaii Bruce ... they have these very helpful workers at stores that, for a few bucks, will help you get a real pearl from an oyster.
  17. never was a big fan of halloween. I did the trick or treat thing when I was a kid like everyone else and likely ate candy while walking around and not waiting for my parent's to "inspect" it, which I don't recall them ever doing anyway. We didn't use no plastic jack o lanterns -- we filled pillow cases and had the intel going about which houses had the "good candy."
  18. @babadono enjoy the fruits of your labor young man.
  19. Can I rock out to this one here? Takes me back to my childhood and I always liked the red album.
  20. nice story Dave. I had a friend that was a drummer for a Hall of Fame rock band (albeit BEFORE the guitarist formed the HOF band ... come to think of it, this happened to him twice; but not sure if the second guy was a HOF'er). Anyway, very nice guy. His drum kit was at this pad I used to hang out with and one afternoon I was sitting at the drums and this guy, who I'd never met before, comes in and gives me the "thumb" sign to GET OFF his gear. I did without comment. We soon became friends and one night he says, "Remember the day I met you and kicked you off my drums? Well, you can play my drum set whenever you want." Had a HUGE, HUGE wildfire one year and smoke was in the air in our town quite heavily. This dude calls me up and asks me how I was doing because he had a dream that the smoke was making it hard for me to breathe due to my Asthma. Kind gesture of him to check up on me. Sadly, I pulled one of my, it's time to move and never look back acts and have lost contact with the guy and literally every other person from that era that I spent ALL of my waking hours with. Probably why I bore you folks with my stories because I can't reminisce with my old partners -- I know where some of them are now; but after all these years, it would be too weird talking to them now. I'm not the social butterfly that I once was and even back then I wasn't a social butterfly.
  21. That's who I feared it was. Roger was friendly to me. RIP.
  22. I know many first names; but not a lot of member's last names. what was Rogers user name on the forum. I have an idea who it may be; but am not sure. Thanks.
  23. happy whatever today was. a holiday is a good thing.
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