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  1. i know of a person in Canada that bought an old chapel and renovated it into her home. I love the place in the video. I’d live there --if it wasn’t in Ohio. Now, if it was on a West Coast beach ... i’m interested.
  2. maybe she heard someone yell, “isn’t that Steve?” i guess next time i shouldn’t yell it so loud.
  3. nah ... i was wearing a t-shirt with The Monkees logo. hours later and still baffled.
  4. Strangest thing happened to me today. I go to this place in the next town over to get some food -- never been there before. I’m ordering takeout. Gal doesn’t ask my name and i pay in cash. When my order is ready, a different gal walks towards me and says, “Order for Steve.” I guess the jig is up ... I have to move now.
  5. i think @thebes was the only one at Woodstock. All the pictures that i’ve seen are of Thebes and the coolest hippie of all .. Wavy Gravy ... wait, could Marty be the infamous Wavy Gravy?
  6. BigStewMan

    What I Got Today!

    you had me for a second ... i saw the word Teles and, being a guitar player my mind went to Fender Telecaster ... and well, i still haven’t forgiven myself for letting go a 76 tele, thin line, semi hollow body. I guess everyone has their thing that they let “get away” and wish they could get it back.
  7. i think there are more Texans on this forum than representing anywhere else. I’ve driven through Texas; but, didn’t spend the night or even eat there ... probably stopped for gas. I did see a bunch of Cadillacs noses into the ground ... wherever that is. Yes @DizRotus, i know where the ground is, i just don’t know where the ground where the caddies are buried is. Excuse my writing ... I’ve been practicing for when you & I go to Tip A Few. If Carl keeps buying that Unicorn Bourbon, i may have to take a road trip one of these days!
  8. and i would indulge most definitely ... except i’m a bachelor that NEVER cooks and i’m not about to get in a car and drive anywhere at this point. But you’re right!
  9. you’re right ... gas money is the least of my worries. Technically, i don’t even know if i’m allowed in Texas yet ... or was it New Mexico?
  10. was in the 80s today ... currently 77. Been this way most of the past month.
  11. CORRECTION: That’s three Molsons and FOUR Tequilas now. That will be it for me tonight though ... as a retiree, this is a busy time of year for me. I need to get up in the morning and do whatever I want ... again.
  12. how bout for me ... i want to raid your bourbon locker. Took a nice gulp of the Weller last night. Initially, it has a very good taste, then a peppery sting. Tonight, was a couple of Molson Canadians and a shot of the La Fortaleza tequila. I’m SO a Tequila guy, just love that stuff. Although it has a very long cork and i guess i wasn’t being too careful and twisted the top off and broke the cork -- just pushed the stuck part into the bottle and took my shot.
  13. Two iced cold Molson Canadians and a shot of La Fortaleza Tequila ... Yes’ Close to Edge playing and Bonanza on the television. Mostly, a fine good evening to all who enter.
  14. got some molson canadian chilling in the fridge.
  15. i don’t watch college ball ... those kids should be in class studying.
  16. i’ve been to a couple of them (Hawaii and California) ... just like any other place in my opinion. Not bad; but didn’t blow my doors off either. I’d eat there again; but, wouldn’t go out of my way for it.
  17. you’re not alone there ... i think the same thing.
  18. you always feed kids ... i think it’s a law or something.
  19. me neither. I’ve been to clubs; but, that was never my scene. I’d rather hang out at someone’s house and party--and preferably if the owner’s aren’t home. just joking. That happened years ago when i was a teen. This girl was house sitting and she decided to throw a party. Well, i’m not sure if it was one of those tv movie things; but, that place was PACKED full of people. Suddenly, someone’s yelling ... the home owner’s came home a day early. I bet that didn’t sit well when they couldn’t find a spot to park on their street, then see a hundred or more people in their house!
  20. i’m very proud to report that i have NEVER heard Miley Cyrus and couldn’t even name one of her songs. Funny thing, years ago, i saw a tv show called Rock Star INXS, where they were looking for a new singer. One episode, they gave this guy a Britney Spears song that he had to perform. He was allowed to make changes to the song. I was watching with my wife and daughters and i was a bit embarrassed to tell them that i liked this guy’s version of the song. Then Dave Navarro (the host) basically said the same thing ... he said he loved it. oh yeah, that’s the only Britney Spears song that i’m aware of too.
  21. once upon a time, i was a huge diet coke drinker. Before that it was Dr. Pepper. About 25 years ago, i drastically cut sugar intake. Then about six years ago, i gave the heave ho to caffeine. These days it’s Diet 7-Up or the occasional Ginger Ale (which i love). Coke has had such a stranglehold on the market that it has survived some serious gaffes. I think it’s like sports fans ... you love one team unconditionally and hate the other. Taste tests are interesting; but, personally i don’t care about your tastes ... i care about mine. The taste of the public is highly revolting ... i mean Budweiser, Taco Bell, Miley Cyrus ... i’m often glad that i’m a bit different.
  22. BigStewMan

    The Cola Wars

    Watched The Cola Wars ... not a heck of a lot that i didn’t already know; but, still a good watch. I’ve studied the cola wars before ... fascinated by it. Some loyal consumers out there.
  23. everyone with sea time gets head of the line privileges.
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