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  1. turn it up so I can hear it from here.
  2. don't get me wrong, I appreciate that you are trying to eliminate verbal attacks on the forum. I'm certainly not advocating for vicious arguments or insults to be allowed. I would say it is an exercise in futility only if you ignore that probably the most posted thing for decades on this forum is the phrase "In before the lock." People are going to say that anyway, I just don't think statements like that guarantee the thread will become a cesspool of opinions. Some threads will, some won't. There are some world class jerks that are members of this forum; but there are also some that feel that they have to walk on eggshells for fear of being misinterpreted and forevermore being viewed with scrutiny. One of my favorite quotes is from C. S. Lewis "Suspicion often creates what it suspects." okay, my other favorite is "don't blame a clown for acting like a clown, ask yourself why you keep going to the circus." I don't know who gets credit for that one. Maybe you and I just don't agree how to deal with this topic and that's okay -- I just don't want you to look for things that you think may take a bad turn. that has to be as frustrating for you as it is for us. I worry that we're heading in the direction of that sci-fi flick The Minority Report where people are predicting crimes BEFORE they even happen. Dealing with the offenders, well I have made it known that I think the best way is to deal with the offenders vice locking threads; however, I also don't think that anything has been posted that can't be forgiven. someone that blatantly states that they will NOT comply with any rules is a different matter; but I doubt we're dealing with that. That's all I have to say and I'm sad to believe that writing this was an exercise in futility. I hope I'm wrong; but I'm not a gear head that must talk audio all the time. I first came here seeking information, got that information; but made some friends along the way. When I can't communicate with them on this forum because they've grown weary and left or feel that they are persona non grata, then there will be no reason to come back.
  3. BigStewMan


    I love fish too. I miss the days of going off the SoCal coast and fishing for Yellowtail. I also enjoy trout fishing.
  4. Not saying we can take anything the media says to the bank; but I read this morning that those crossing the southern border into Texas were given the rapid test and 108 tested positive. The city of Brownsville said that they don't have the authority to prevent them from traveling across the US and merely advised them to quarantine, wear masks, and social distance. Poor timing since I also hear Texas is ending the mask mandate this week. I know that my opinion doesn't matter Travis; but I respectfully suggest that you may want to ask yourself if you've become hyper-focused on looking for violations of the TOS. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with what this person posted, so why fight a battle that isn't there? True it may come in the future; but deal with "what is" and not "what if." the old adage "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it" has some merit. doing that may ease the tension in your and our forum experiences. Peace. ☮️
  5. I'd worry if that was Barney's date that said that. Deputy Fife, now that's a guy that knew what time it was. that kind of talk, he'd nip it in the bud.
  6. it was shipped via fedex yesterday from Indiana.
  7. I like some stuff that others don't. I like these cats. maybe @Full Range and @Thaddeus Smith have heard of them ... Perpetual Change.
  8. So my last grocery order, they were out of the beer that I ordered and offered a substitute. never heard of it; but figured that I'd give it a whirl. it's called Voodoo Ranger American Haze. Just popped open a can and not sure that I like it. For one, it is too citrusy ... and it smells like marijuana. You know that skunk smell. I won't buy it again. Glad that I also bought some Guinness Draught. I've realized that I don't like fruity beer. I really can't imagine them creating this and thinking "oh yes, this is it."
  9. @Marvel Hi Bruce ... Black Beauty's weren't originally three pickups, right? I know Frampton's underwent a modification; but I don't know if a third pickup was part of it. Rumor has it that he initially didn't like the black beauty; but when this fan let him play his that was mod'ed, Frampton loved it.
  10. geez, the first headphones shown cost nearly $1,500 ... I'm not responsible enough to have those! I'll use my brothers for a while and if I get my own, I'll get a cheap pair as these will only be used for the guitar headphone amp. I tried to listen to music with over the ear headphones while wearing my hearing aids and the hearing aids went crazy and kept beeping and trying to make some adjustment.
  11. I was just looking on the Klipsch website and couldn't find any over the ear headphones ... are those a thing of the past? I have some, in a box somewhere, and I just purchased a headphone amp with my new guitar. My brother has a spare set of headphones that I can use; but was surprised that it's all earbuds these days.
  12. Neil do you participate in the march madness brackets? we did those at work and they sure were fun. one year, I won $150.
  13. for the time being, I'll just use a VOX headphone amp (if you're unfamiliar, it's just a device that you plug the guitar into and your headphone into it as well). they used to be painful because it can be quite loud; but my hearing is easily 85% gone ... according to the audiologist I don't hear until 70db. but this little VOX has some nice features ... delay, reverb, chorus. I'm having them send me a blues one, the one I have now is the VOX AC30; but I have so much stuff in storage or boxes and there is no way I'm digging through it to find the amp and cords, so I just told them to send me a new one and another cable. it's tough at home now because my brother can't go back to work and he just hates any noise that he's not making. So, playing through an amp would just drive him nuts and then I'll end up getting mad too. Seriously considering buying a place when I move back to California then I can have enough room to make some noise.
  14. to be honest, I don't really like the look with the third pickup. I think it probably has a push/pull pot where you can adjust the middle pickup to blend with the others. using just the middle is done by some; but not as common. My Strat has three pickups and a five way switch. Fender has a nice diagram to explain it. https://www.fender.com/articles/tech-talk/sounds-aplenty-the-stratocaster-pickup-selector-switch
  15. BigStewMan


    I do my best electrical work in the shower.
  16. I've seen many people that I think should wear a mask all the time. oops, please don't cancel me. I meant that everyone is beautiful.
  17. Bridge, Middle, and Neck pickups. Middle is a matter of taste, there are some that do not like the tone of a middle pickup. was Framptom's black beauty the one that a fan gifted to him a long time ago? There is a fan of his that didn't like his guitar and "loaned" it to Frampton when he met him. Peter loved the guitar and the fan gave it to him. He still has it as far as I know and uses it often.
  18. do you suddenly have a craving for vegetable oil?
  19. yes. great company to do business with. they just told me that they have an open box one that they'll knock 10% off the price and they'll ship it now. I told them that as long as there are no major blemishes then that is acceptable; but if it has noticeable flaws then I'll wait for one fresh from the factory. also picked up a new VOX headphone amp and cord since all of my stuff is either in storage or still in boxes and there is no way that I'm digging through boxes for a $50 headphone amp and a $15 cord.
  20. I wish ... Peter plays a black beauty if I recall and that would be a more desirable one in my opinion. But, I only paid a couple of grand, for this one and a black beauty is probably $5K or more. but it's official, I just notified my rep that it's a go. Ofcourse, none are in stock and I have to wait about a week for it to be delivered to the store from Gibson; and then another week for Fedex to get it here; but it will soon be here amongst many of it's brothers and sisters. actually this is only number 10. silly me ... I had a list of guitars that were candidates to be my next one ... and I don't know if a les Paul was even on the list. Okay, the Duesenberg is next ... for reals!
  21. @Ceptorman Bill ... I may have just bought a Les Paul Classic. Really nice looking, black gloss. Doesn't have gold hardware which I'd prefer; but still a nice guitar. I contacted my rep at the store and told him that I'm interested in it. I never thought that I'd buy a les Paul ... they are so darned heavy. however, it's really just the older standards that are super heavy, these newer ones are chambered and that takes a lot of the weight out of it. My Gretcsh is also chambered.
  22. once again I must come to Professor Bourbon with another question. Since there are far more gas stations than oil companies, where does Kroger get their gas? Are oil companies like fast food joints that have "dollar menus" and Kroger buys from the dollar menu while chevron buys from the regular menu?
  23. several years ago in Los Angeles, gas prices were ridiculous ... approaching $4 per gallon. I was filling up my chevy Silverado and stopped at $99 because I just couldn't put $100 of gas in the truck ... something inside of me said "don't allow three digits" left of the decimal point.
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