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  1. few would. sorry didn't notice the auto-correct changing right to wrong. it's the azore islands not azure.
  2. well if you ever make it to the azore islands ... tell my relatives that I said "hey."
  3. sounds like you've travelled a lot -- pleasure trips or was it business?
  4. BigStewMan


    Some jumper cables walk into a bar and the bartender says "you better not try to start anything." An angry cowboy dog came limping into a Wild West saloon. HIs leg was bandaged and he limps up to the bar, and orders a drink. The bartender asks if he's from around here and the dog says "No, I'm just looking for the guy that shot my paw." Yeah they were cheesy jokes; but better than the sad story of the dyslectic guy that walked into the bra.
  5. read my stuff carefully -- it's fascinating!
  6. I worry about that because I never wore sun screen and in my younger days, I was outside all the time. I'm fortunate to have an olive complexion and I just get real tan instead of burnt. But, as I age, I see some spots appear. So far the doctor has said none of them are bad and she used to work at a skin cancer clinic in Phoenix so she's seen her share of cancer.
  7. I hear you on that one. I may take someone's advice about a speaker or an amp's performance from this forum, but political or moral matters -- sorry guys, not looking here for wisdom or direction. I know people get spun up about politics; but sadly they don't say why they ensconce themselves in it to the point of ending or damaging friendships. I've asked and not a one has ever answered. Sometimes I get sucked into one of those discussions here, but I'd be perfectly happy if those threads didn't exist. I come to the forum as an escape from life, hoping to laugh some and see how you folks are doing -- if I want to see the crappy world, I'll look out my window.
  8. when I lived in the desert I worked outside. The morning we'd do the roofing and the afternoon would be inside or underneath the residence. I'd soak my shirt & hat and work until the dried, then go back to the water cooler and wet them again. Even been on the aluminum roof of a mobile home when it's 110 degrees outside? Not only very bright; but very hot.
  9. I saw a couple of threads locked -- is that what you mean? If you could care less, you should. Sorry couldn't resist that, it's a slow night after a rough day.
  10. I have seen extremes in my life ... hottest I recall has been 115 and the coldest minus 27. (not on the same day). I remember years ago when I was living in the High Desert of California, they said on the news that we had something like 100 CONSECUTIVE days of 90+ degrees.
  11. in my aging years, my body doesn't like the extreme heat. Whenever I'm in the desert and it's super hot, I stay inside with the A/C. But, I will tell you nothing beats a hot sumner desert night. Staying outside all night, no shirt, wearing shorts and never getting the slightest bit chilly. When the low is 75, you just enjoy it because you know by 10 the next morning, it's going to be 25-30 degrees warmer. I miss it.
  12. I'd like to try having that problem. I love the stuff -- raw or seared, doesn't matter -- it's just good eats.
  13. not sure what you’re asking specifically -- are you looking for a suggested retailer?
  14. i haven’t had that in years ... sounds really good. i’m a huge potato guy. actually, i’m the type of guy that likes to just mix everything together and slap it on a piece of bread. i can’t cook chicken on account of me being afraid of raw chicken meat. if i tried, i’d have to disinfect the counters and take two showers. I can touch raw beef (not hamburger) and fish; but hamburger, chicken, and pork scare me. yeah, i’m strange.
  15. very true. knew a guy once that kept eating some cookies saying that he couldn’t feel anything. later that night he went to the emergency room. The indica gummies do wonders for my sleep...i normally wake up every hour or so. i got a couple new boxes of them, so should sleep well tonight (haven’t had any for over two months because i haven’t wanted to go visit the dispensary during this pandemic). Did someone a solid and in return they went and bought me some -- along with a 12-pack of Modelo.
  16. RIP Mr. Priest. Steve was the bassist for the band The Sweet. 75% of that band have now passed away. The guitarist is the only one left.
  17. you did the right thing by leaving them alone. this lady once said she couldn’t go anywhere because her cat was pregnant and might need a c-section (she was serious). I remember my Mom asking, “how did cats manage to have kittens before this lady was born?” The animals know what they’re doing.
  18. Due to lung disease, i don’t smoke at all. I will eat a gummy and that is for sleep. Back in the 70s, i smoked pot all day, every day. Once bought an ounce from a neighbor. Went back the next day for another -- he was shocked that i was out. Now, i didn’t smoke it all to myself; but if there was a hall of fame, i would have been voted in unanimously. So, since i’m out of loop anymore, i understand the stuff today is so much more potent. Is there a such thing as the Columbian that we used to get back in the 70s or is that kind of stuff gone for good? I guess these days it is probably cheaper to buy the powerful stuff and just take one hit than buy low potency stuff and smoke more of it.
  19. i've felt that it wasn’t deadly enough to be a biological weapon. Just speculating here ... what if the govt didn’t learn of the accidental leak immediately and when they did, it was already spreading rapidly? This wouldn’t be the first time that someone kept quiet for fear or getting into trouble. That doesn’t explain their horrible irresponsible initial reaction though -- but again, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was just them not being willing to take ownership of this mishap. Deny, deny, deny and don’t do anything to make the world suspect them ... at any cost. i really don’t know and at this point, i just want someone to find an effective treatment and vaccine so deaths from this virus will be as low as possible in the future.
  20. Both my folks died when i was eight years old ... now over a half century later, relatives occasionally “find” things that belonged to them and give them to me. I have several boxes of 78’s all in what looks like photo albums. There was some promo card (or something like that) from a singing group called The Hi-Lo’s -- it was autographed and addressed to my Mom (who apparently worked in a record shop before i was born).
  21. This looks just like my very first guitar. i miss it.
  22. That wouldn’t surprise me at all. I never thought it was released intentionally, but accidentally and a denial seems plausible.
  23. let me see if i understand you ... go out, effectively a suicide mission with this virus if i want a clean house? I guess i can go out and look for a new place to live because if you let these cornwalls breathe while you clean -- i’m sure i’ll get an eviction notice.
  24. you guys are way off base ... the question is "Will it take off?"
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