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  1. I'd give it a try. it all looked very good.
  2. the place in Santa Ana is always packed ... day or night. my first time there alone, I was hoping that I'd get a number one thru 10 (since that is as high as I can count in Spanish). I end up with 267 or something. So, the first number they called (in Spanish), I walked up and handed the gal my ticket. She laughed and shook her head no. Then when my order was ready, she just pointed at me. Works every time. The chef would take this huge hunk of meat and had a cleaver in each hand, he's do a drum roll and cut it up -- then he'd drop a huge, made onsite, flour tortilla on top of the pile of meat and scoop up two large handfuls -- that's the amount that went into your burrito. They were shorthanded one day at lunch, and the cook kept looking up at me and apologizing for the wait. I kept telling him that it's cool take his time. When I got my burrito, it was the hugest thing ever ... my buddy, that grew up in that neighborhood, told me that the chef was rewarding me because I patient and polite and not griping like others do. They had the best Birria there.
  3. This Rooster place is the best Mexican food that I've ever had. If you're ever in SoCal -- it's worth a stop. https://www.gallogiro.com/about.html
  4. still have a day to go. doesn't look like I'm getting a party this year either.
  5. BigStewMan


    yeah and when the point guard hit that grand slam right through the goal posts, I just about went nuts. great win .... team.
  6. I am scared of the weather in that part of the country and the virus creeps me out still too. When the doctor looked my brother in the eye and said, "If you get this virus -- you die." that puts extra pressure on me since my brother & I live in the same house. Bringing the virus home to him is not something that my conscience would ever let me forget. Besides, knowing you guys, you'd give me the wrong dates and I'd show up and be the only one there.
  7. shouldn't you guys be out shopping for my birthday present? HInt: I love Bourbon and Tequila -- and wouldn't object to another BMW.
  8. you're right dude. all I understand are tasty waves and a cool buzz.
  9. I am a huge fan of curling.
  10. as jerry Seinfeld once said, "Kids are only here to replace us."
  11. the last Raider game that I went to in Oakland, (according to the newspaper) there were 27 arrests in the parking lot before the game even started.
  12. if I'm in Canada, there is a rather beautiful gal that I'd rather spend time with than watching a hockey game. if she wanted me to go to a game with her, then I would for sure. nothing wrong with hockey, just saying that I could never get interested in it ... just like soccer -- been to a game and still don't like watching it. you're right though, in SoCal, it was basketball, baseball, and football when I was growing up.
  13. just have a top three anymore, then list gets blurred. YES, Pink Floyd, Queen.
  14. and he ate his Quaker Oats.
  15. yes, that is correct ... but that doesn't make them good either. They're like the horse that finished in the middle of the pack ... they weren't the worst, but they didn't win either. a lot of people like them though and good for them.
  16. that's a sport that I never could get interested in. been to a hockey game and still didn't generate any excitement. glad those of you that enjoy it have it -- but, I don't get the appeal.
  17. Not here ... on this forum?
  18. don't apologize to them ... they've been living off the false narrative that they are one of the best rock bands. If Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen weren't hogging up so much space, I'd have The Who on my most overrated list. I'll take the "Guess Who" over "the Who" any day.
  19. as long as you bring enough Bourbon or Tequila for the both of us.
  20. No surgery ever (if I have my way). pain is an everyday thing for me, but one gets used to it.
  21. '76 Fender Telecaster, Thinline, Semi-Hollowbody.
  22. one afternoon, I had the music blaring, standing on my balcony drinking a cold beer. a couple walks by and I decided to be sociable (a rarity) and I say hi and then the a new song comes on ... I hear these voices singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes ...." I raced inside to stop this ... turns out my daughter had downloaded some kids music for my granddaughter when she was staying with me. She didn't tell me and wasn't the best way to find out.
  23. I've never fallen off a ladder and yet I have four herniated disks ... two in my neck and two in my back. the ones in the neck are particularly painful.
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