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  1. very underrated band -- many people have never heard of them.
  2. thanks for the tip ... I will give those Chile pequins a whirl. I do cook the peppers for salsa.
  3. yeah, I guess these InstantPots have all kinds of safety features built into them. They specially say "don't put your face over the pot when removing the lid." This one has a locking lid and if the pressure hasn't been sufficiently released, you can't open the lid. Once I get it figured out, I'll be fine. People swear by these things, and after one use, I can understand why. My isn't the largest model, mine is only a six quart one; but I've read that it will hold a five-pound whole chicken ... so maybe once I get adept at using it, I'll try that. I actually have one of those old fashioned ones that I acquired from my Aunt. this one was made before the days of thinking safety. it does have that plug that you spoke of.
  4. I bought some gloves said specifically for food prep; but they weren't tight fitting ... so nitrile ones can be used to handle food? my doc told me "you know, if you just wash your hands and the counter, you'll be fine." problem is that I can't wash my hands without splashing all over myself. OCD is not a laughing matter anymore. it's pretty destructive. thanks for the tip ... I'd like to learn to cook; but I've got to get past all of this anxiety. My sister asked me once "what happened? You never were this way before."
  5. Portland burns every night -- nobody would have even noticed if my place was on fire.
  6. thanks; but you wouldn't say that if you watched me. I'm a nut and I'm ascared of raw meat, so handling raw bacon and raw pork was a challenge.
  7. Personally, I find their song LAZY to be their best work. it's a work of art.
  8. alright gentlemen, I sure hope you'll be proud of me ... I cooked dinner -- no fires either. I bought an InstantPot. wrapped two pork tenderloins in bacon and used the pressure cooker function. weird how much faster things cook in a pressure cooker; but it came out tender and juicy. they didn't include a manual with it, so I had to look up on the internet to get a head start. today was basically a successful experiment. the internet was it's usually self ... see recipes saying sear both sides for about four minutes, set switch to pressure cooker. one recipe said put on high and cook for one minute. another said five minutes. two said 10 minutes. one said 20 minutes and another said 30 minutes. I set it for 10 minutes at high pressure ... the meat is cooking as it heats up and as the steam slowly releases after the cooking time has expired. I think next time, I go 10 minutes; but leave it in the pot with the lid still sealed for a couple minutes longer. my brother liked it and he's a pretty picky eater. So, I guess there's no denying it ... I'm now an IRON CHEF. Watch out Bobby Flay ... there's a new chef in town.
  9. interesting. I was watching a cooking video last night and this Mexican lady said her mother had told her that exact thing about the lines on the pepper indicating that it's hot.
  10. First recorded version is slower than what they put on the LP ... I like this version better.
  11. I had my second Pfizer two weeks ago and I had that same ache ... except it was when I noticed that I had ran out of Ketchup. it was hard to throw that food away; but it was the right thing to do.
  12. let's see ... two think that Bill Gates is having microchips implanted in them and that the government wants to track their location. I don't know why the other two aren't. I don't call people out on things -- it's their lives. The most I'll do is ask them what makes them so important that the government needs to know their whereabouts ... particularly when they can already by tracked through their cell phones. Or, when posed with concerns about the safety, I'll point out that there are reactions to everything ... waiting for a vaccine that is guaranteed to be 100% effective and that nobody will have a negative reaction is not logical. I have a couple of drug allergies ... the drugs are safe for most people -- I have a negative reaction. Just the way my body reacts to those drugs, not that the drugs are unsafe. I worked with a guy that if he ate a walnut, you'd better call 911. Just the way his body was. But, I respect people's decisions, I just think there is as much paranoia about the vaccine as some had about the virus. That said, with my mental health struggles, I'm not about to laugh at someone else's fears.
  13. whew! Glad I adopted a 61 foot bubble around me. people laughed; but I told them 61 feet were necessary.
  14. was going to post a photo; but updated my laptop and now some features have changed. now I gotta figure out how to operate this thing again. sometimes you gotta say screw technology.
  15. I thought it was a combo of earth, wind, and fire. that must be for the soul peppers.
  16. some are saying that we'll need annual covid booster shots ... much like the annual flu shot. I have several relatives that aren't getting vaccinated. I guess their long term plan is to use the cross their finger method for the rest of their life.
  17. my concoction of chili, refried beans, cheese, hot sauce, and cajun sausage wrapped in a tortilla was a real gut bomb. I hope I survive today's meal.
  18. BigStewMan


    crap ... I turn off the radio when parallel parking ... oh man, I'm officially old.
  19. I liked watching Stevie Ray play that guitar. Dude would spin that thing behind his back and keep jamming just as good as before.
  20. in your opinon, what is the tastiest pepper? doesn't necessarily have to be super hot; but something that you feel enhances the taste of a dish. Many love the taste of habenero, some Ancho. my interest lies mainly in making salsa. at the grocery store, I see jalapeño, Serrano, Anaheims readily available. I've used them all. But, looking for something with a kick; but also a dynamite taste. any suggestions?
  21. BigStewMan

    What I Got Today!

    nice looking lodging there.
  22. sipping on a glass of Avion tequila. mighty tasty. I will soon be ready to rock-N-roll. peace fellas!
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